Friday, December 31, 2010

A Boy's Transformation - XXXII

"Lots of homework, Katie. Can you supervise Brandy for awhile. Give me a head start on all these assignments."

Katie needs not a second invitation, nodding with enthusiasm, gleefully accepting the remote control for the electrified anal probe.

"You’ve taught her how to dance. I’ll just watch."

Katie responds as the duo step into the kitchen where Brandy finishes cleaning the floor. Once again the swinging pink ribbon draws the eyes of the governing female, the pouch of flesh veiling the tiny braceleted penis.

"I think your sister is getting smaller and smaller there, Joan," both girls repressing giggles with the sight of plump girlish buttocks and the empty scrotal sac below.

Joan nods in agreement.

"Lu says it’s the hormones and other stuff in her food. Makes the male organs continuously shrink. She calls it his... rather her... clitoris."

The girls laugh, bringing their object of discussion, Brandy, to pout in dismay.

"See you later," Joan bids adieu.

Brandy begins to stand, the cleaning completed, scrub bucket to be emptied. His need is dire, so much water consumed throughout the day, both use of the bathroom and basin denied. The shifting of position brings renewed stress to his bladder. In righting himself and bending to pick up the bucket, the urge becomes overwhelming. He draws strongly on his pubo coccygeus muscles, his cute buttocks clenching. A closely observing Miss Katie takes note.

"Do you have to go potty, Brandy?"

"Yes, Miss Katie," Brandy sheepishly nodding, the ribbons of his pigtails flopping about.

"Well how do good little girls ask permission?"

"Miss Katie, my I use the bathroom please?" the words haltingly offered, Brandy’s discomfort with the imposing friend of sister Joan evident.

Standing in a commanding pose, arms akimbo, Katie smiles with the humble beseeching words.

"You’re to be supervised when emptying yourself, Brandy. You’re not allowed to touch yourself... down there."

"Yes ma’am."

"So how can I help you? All the bathrooms are locked."

"Well... Miss Lu, my sisters... mom... they make me go in a bowl."

The words are difficult, admitting to this outsider that sans diaper, Brandy must seek assistance. But such are the rules of the house.

"And how do they help?"

"They hold it for me. Make sure I am neat. Make sure I don’t play."

"Like you used to do when looking at your magazines?"

The mention of the sordid material brings an inner stab of guilt... ‘Girls in Distress’. Such nastiness. So much discrete viewing. Now seeming so sinful... so wasteful.

Miss Katie approaches, standing most proximate. A large hand moves to the tummy, the finger gently pressing to add stress to a bulging bladder and bring forth a rush of urgency.

"Please, Miss Katie, I am bursting."

The pleaful reaction brings a sardonic chortle.

"Empty the bucket, Brandy. It’s not too cold outside. We’ll go there."

Puny, flabby arms struggle to lift to the sink. The sound of the gushing water adds mental duress to the physical.

"No, not outside, please."

"Oh Brandy, so shy about your nakedness. It’s the middle of the afternoon. Who’s going to see a cute little naked girl squatting to pee."

From somewhere a ‘D’ clip finds the ring of Brandy’s left wrist bracelet. By rote Brandy knows to push his/her hands behind him where Miss Kate connects right and left to immobilize the arms.

"You be a good girl."

The earlobe once again serves as a convenient handle, Miss Katie both pinching and lifting to establish her authority.

"Come outside. Best place to go. You’ll not be sloppy in the house."

Brandy is shocked when the brash girl marches him to the back door, opens and tugs him into the mid afternoon sun of a bright Spring day. Brandy hesitates with concern. The property is fenced, but the adjacent houses of neighbors are close by. Fortunately the yard has nooks and crannies where a boy/girl can conceal his/her nakedness. But such is not to be utilized, Miss Katie leading to swing set in the very center of the expansive lawn.

"Girls squat to pee," Miss Katie summarily proclaims in lowering herself onto a swing.

Brandy must follow the controlling tug, bending at the knees as Miss Katie sits, displaying in her free left hand the controlling remote.

"Stay and hold your bladder," Miss Katie commands in releasing the ear.

The right hand moves lower and tweaks the left nipple, the delightful touch adding to the urge to release. Then she bends further, the hand slipping between the thighs to find the clitoris, the once male organ, the sensitive prepuce encircled in harsh steel.

"Such a cute little thing you have, Brandy. I like it small like this. But handling bigger boys can be fun too."

Miss Katie diddles the tip, smiling in feeling it begin to swell.

"Part your knees... further... further. Good girl."

For a squatting Brandy, feeling the ribbons flop about with the cooling wafts of Spring breezes, the warmth of the sun on vulnerable flesh, brings the excitement of potential discovery and not before felt exhilaration. The nipples crinkle, the penis swells, Miss Katie diddles away, his/her full bladder distracts from the onslaught of sensory input.

Finally, Miss Katie, in delaying, maximizing the sense of exposure, gives the command.

"You may urinate for me."

Brandy has no inclination to disobey, feeling Miss Katie’s thumb and forefinger move to hold the enshrouding cylinder of metal and direct. Squatting, outdoors, possibly under the eyes of curious neighbors, a naked Brandy concentrates and his/her flow begins.

Miss Katie chuckles, her manner surprisingly confident despite the potential for intervention. It is not she who will bear the brunt of shocked gawking eyes if the duo is discovered.

Instead, her hand directs, moving the tiny organ left and right as Brandy’s full bladder produces a streaming flow, the lawn absorbing.

"I think you enjoy being outdoors, Brandy. The excitement of possible unknown eyes peering at your feminine nakedness, made to perform by a woman, those cute ribbons fluttering in the breeze... yes I can feel the swelling... in your clitoris."

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