Sunday, October 25, 2009

From the sequel to Milking Male Essence.

From a sequel which may never be completed.

Roger is returned to prison. Comments please.


"What do you think? I always think of Max as a sort of gift... from my friends at the U. S. Attorney’s office."

Roger shudders in looking at the bizarre form idly hanging in Warden Harper’s office. Stripped naked, the form sits in a sizable cylindrical cage of vertical gleaming steel bars which curve at the top and join. There, a large hook, held by an overhead chain, holds the enclosure some five feet above the floor of Warden Harper’s vast office. At the bottom, a second set of shorter horizontal bars form a base... a platform upon which the form sits, huddled on buttocks, knees pressed to the chest in the tight confinement.

A mammoth pair of testicles and a long flaccid penis protrude through the bottom bars, either well shaven or depilated, presenting the virile male package as a centerpiece, as one would display an elegant bouquet.

Yet, the ineluctability of the hardened steel is not what brings Roger to quake. The young male has no hands or feet! Plus, neatly encircling the well exposed genitals, encircling both the base of the penis above and scrotum below is a band of nylon. It is the only covering. Wires within lead to a small black box, pressing against the flesh above the pubes.

Warden Harper notes the reaction of great apprehension.

"Yes, rather frightening isn’t it. Well, Max did not lose his extremities here, I can assure you. His brethren in the Mafia took umbrage with his conduct and Max paid a rather heavy penalty for committing not one infamnia, but a few."

Warden Harper steps closer, reaches forth and gently cups the huge low hanging scrotal sac.

"He was caught on FBI surveillance tapes fornicating with the wife of his underboss. Not considered appropriate decorum, as you can imagine. The Bureau used the information to turn him. So FBI informant Max compounded his rather daunting escapades by next wearing a wire and ratting out his compatriots. Not good form. And to top off Max’s brazen behavior, it seems his sexual antics have few bounds. While working with the FBI, he had the temerity to continue certain trysts with young males... of questionable age. Just one incident of such conduct is precarious for a man about to be ‘made’, as the Mafia inaguration ceremony is termed. But when combined, the mob takes notice.... prefers to set examples rather than undertake the normal quiet removal... a single gunshot and trip to the docks."

Warden Harper releases the weighty male organs. As the pink plum sized spheres sway, she smiles and in turn pushes against the cage to cause it to swing, further highlighting Max’s helplessness and the presentation of his well restrained virility.

"Thus the extensive... shall we term it surgery?"

Roger gulps. He finally finds words, his high pitched voice inquiring.

"But how?.."

Warden Harper cuts him off.

"It’s the mob. We’ll never know who, where or how. Probably taken out of the country and placed under the ‘care’ of some unscrupulous foreign doctor. Max isn’t talking."

As Warden Harper speaks, she retrieves a small black box from her pocket and presses a button. Max spasms. His forehead instantly rises and strange sounds gush from his mouth.

"You see, also altered were his vocal cords. Another message for the masses. Think they were trying to get him to sing like a canary. The mob has a very dark sense of humor."

Roger stares at the black box.

"Oh. I had him wired. It aids in making an impression on new prisoners. You can only imagine the reaction of a recent arrival as, with the press of a button, I can have Max sing for me. About 40 volts to the balls does the trick. And the new girls leave impressed with my authority. Cuts down on discipline problems.

"Welcome to Bedford Hills, Roger."

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Contract Signed

Contract has been signed for 'Milking Male Essence'. To be published November-December. Book number 32 on Pink Flamingo. Snippets will be removed at that time.