Friday, February 28, 2014

'A Woman's Servant'

My latest Pink Flamingo/Erotic Book Network effort has been released.

'A Woman's Servant'. Female Dominant / male submissive. Strong stuff.



Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snippet (teaser) from 'The Girl' series

“You’ve angered the Queen. I am sure at this point you’re well aware.”

The prim woman speaks, arms akimbo, unnecessarily assuming a pose of superiority. After all she is fully clothed... and the girl she addresses is naked and bound... well bound.

The girl sniffles, still recovering emotionally from her ordeal... being prepped for incarceration in the Queen’s personal dungeon.

“I did not know... did not...”

“Oh come now,” the woman interrupts. “You fellated the Prince Consort... and were seen doing so. He’s the ranking male in the country. I suppose if a girl finds a dire need to suck on a penis, one of Royalty is not a bad choice. But the Queen is rather possessive of her husband the Prince. Knowing he is given to philander rather boyishly offers her a degree of amusement. But still there is jealously for the young trollops the Prince induces to engage in his priapic pursuits. And so here you are... bearing the golden ring the Prince promised,” the woman snickers as she reaches forth and toys with the well gauged loop of precious metal.

The girl yelps in pain. The Prince’s promised prize for endless fellatio now adorns not her finger but instead her clitoral hood. By order of the Queen it has been cruelly affixed through a newly made pierced opening... the Queen’s blacksmith surprisingly adept in applying hot needles to the nether regions of naked girls.

“And I see the Queen has graciously offered some gold of her own,” referencing the larger golden rings thrust through newly made ankle openings at the Achilles tendon.   

There are also rings with eyelets tightly encircling the thumbs above the first knuckle. Such adornments will serve to bind the girl when she is tortured.

“There is more to come, I am afraid... much more. The blacksmith is preparing your nose binding and after that a matron will remove your hair... cranium included. You’ll be here for many years and in time find your new look... precluding the infestation of lice... to be welcomed.”

“How long? I must be released at some point!”

“Oh... you’ll be released. But my experience suggests you’ll prefer to stay and serve. After three years of torture you are to be branded... the pinnacle of all the daily agony you will endure. In forever bearing the marks of the Queen... in having spent so many years groveling... all pride vanquished... there will be a mental and emotional transition. You and I will bond, my girl. It’s a curious phenomenon, and I have experienced it often. My painful attention will indeed become a soothing narcotic... for you will have nothing else.”

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

'The Girl', new story series on Lulu

I have returned.

Been writing, not posting.

I have published a new series of stories on Lulu. Available only in ebook format.

'The Girl'. Female dominant/female submissive with some maledom action. $2.10

Parts Two and Three are also available. Also $2.10 each. Part Four will be published tomorrow. The final Part Five by week's end.


I will probably not bother publishing this series on Smashwords. Though cheaper, so are the patrons there. No one buys anything.

I should mention again that for those who prefer print, there is my Lulu stuff available exclusively from Quality SM in print. Lots of stuff from eroticbooknetwork as noted.