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Chapter Twenty Two

Part Two

Brandy’s Story

Chapter Twenty Two

We finished lunch and I took Madam Soong on a tour of our facilities. She was impressed with the deep correction room and very much approved of Erma’s selection of equipment. The padded whipping bench with broad fur lined cuffs and a thick waist belt drew her attention.

“Comfort is essential for good flagellation,” she noted. “The agony of the whip is so much better felt.”

She selected a nasty single tailed whip and with the simplest motion of her arm and wrist created an ear splitting crack. The wry smile reappeared.

“I’ll need to test aptitude before any final selection,” she hinted.

“The correction room will be at your disposal Madam Soong,” I replied, anticipating her request.

“I like the coolness that comes with the depth of the room and the thickness of the concrete. It provides a wonderful contrast during lengthy sessions, the cool air wafting over the heated skin. Makes the whip feel even hotter.”

I made a note to observe the Madam while she worked a boy. She seemed truly passionate about exercising her dominion over the male gender. I supposed that in a culture such as that in Chessu she was taught to use the whip at a very young age.

I next led her to the medical facility and she immediately appreciated the uses for the gynecological examination chair. She was amused to see a Gomco clamp which Mom kept handy for circumcisions.

“We prefer a more traumatic cut,” was her simple observation.

The dormer was the next. After morning exercise and tongue training Erma kept the boys isolated in their rooms. At Dr. Ann’s suggestion those not undergoing specific training such as Hector, were kept well bound and blindfolded in a rudimentary form of sensory deprivation.

“They’ll be so much happier when a girl selects them and individualized training begins,” explained the gifted psychologist.

And over the months I found her to be correct. Whenever I lined up my naked herd for selection each was begging to be chosen in order to end the daily monotony.

The one way mirrors allowed Madam Soong to peer into each room and visually examine the boys. We were nearly at full capacity with ten boys and I was expecting three clients to visit for the weekend. Business was good.

She came to the masturbator’s room and paused.

“He’s old.”

The randy lad had not ‘entertained’ in weeks and Erma had him hogtied and lying on the floor blindfolded, as stated. With his ankles cuffed and drawn up to the back of his waist, the size of his organs were not only accentuated but he laid with an enormous erection pointing directly at the one way glass. The masturbator had grown over the months and his penis was some seven to eight inches. Whenever Erma harnessed him for prandial amusement, he climaxed like a cannon shot.

“I’d like to work him tonight..., in the correction room. He could be a good worker depending on his proclivity for the whip.”

Madam politely looked over the entire herd, then Erma appeared leading Hector. Her left hand held the leash and her right bore a thin cane. She was tapping his dangling testicles with the tip as Hector crawled on all fours, encouraging proper deportment, to which Hector responded with alacrity. His penis was partially erect, as was becoming his reaction when being led about on a leash by the female gender.

Again Madam displayed one of her rare smiles. I quickly explained that Hector had been purchased and was in a long range training program for one of our clients.

“Very encouraging to see that a girl in this country has the proper attitude towards males.”

Erma stopped and I introduced Madam Soong. As we chatted the regal Asian leaned down and the slim but strong hands gathered up Hector’s reddened free hanging scrotum. She palmed the sizable eggs then kneaded with her thumb..., as I had seen Mom and Nurse Annika do so many times.

“He’s good sized. Thick with well developed sperm ducts.”

Her fingers slid upwards and brushed the perineum.

“The prostate is swollen. It’s good to see you’ve kept him chaste.”

I leaned over and turned my head to see that Hector’s penis began to harden even more with the brusque examination. He flushed with the embarrassment of having his precious parts examined by unknown fingers.

“But he’s intact. Any planned alterations?”

I tactfully led Madam Soong away before replying, not wanting Hector to know that his days as a normally functioning male were numbered. When I detailed Jackie’s plans for her toy Madam Soong had an interesting reaction.

“The women of Chessu prefer artificial insemination to penetration by the male phallus. But I suppose as long as your client is in control it can be an acceptable form of gratification.”

We strolled to the stables as Madam, seemingly mellowed by the warmth that the ranch offered to the dominant female, waxed about life in Chessu. How the aging Emperor was the progenitor for all offspring, in his youth giving up his seed to daily masturbation by a bevy of specially trained servants selected by the Empress. How in old age the young Empress laughed as the penis of the only functioning male in the region struggled to tumefy. She described the special procedures utilized to procure sperm from a reluctant subjugated septuagenarian..., to be stored for the insemination of Chessu’s females.

“The Empress has been fervent in developing a large inventory. If the Emperor were to die today she has enough of his essence to inseminate every nubile female in Chessu for several years.”

Her fascinating oratory was interrupted by Dolly. Energetic as always, she greeted us as we approached the door to the stables. It was my turn to speak. I explained Dolly’s training and her important function at The Anguished E.

“I must participate in tomorrow’s run,” Madam Soong suggested as we paused near my latest acquisition.., a tall white stallion which Jackie enjoyed riding with a large phallus attached to the special saddle.

“Would you mind if I donated some equipment to your endeavors. In selecting boys, I’ll need to test strength, stamina and, as stated, reaction to the whip. It won’t take up much space and I think some of your clients will also find interest.”

My own interest was piqued, but I just nodded not wishing to appear too exuberant.

We proceeded to the pool area. As I expected, Madam Soong was not the type to spend idle time basking in the sun, whether or not being serviced by a subservient male.

“Other than an invigorating ride, you’ll find that my time is best spent in the correction room.”

Our tour ended. We had talked for hours and the cocktail hour approached. I suggested that Champagne would be served at 5:00 p.m. knowing that Madam Soong would want to shower and change.

“Johnnie is fully trained to assist in the boudoir. You’ll find him to be most obedient.”

After making some phone calls, I too retreated for a shower and change and rang for Tony. Listening to Madam Soong describe life in Chessu, for a good portion of the afternoon my mind had been envisioning deliciously arousing scenes of an entire female dominant society. When I disrobed the scent from my damp panties seemed overwhelming. Tony entered as I stepped out of the last of my garments and my mind flashed to nature films of a bear detecting the smell of food.

I snapped my fingers and pointed toward one of my favorite chairs. Tony knew to close the door and kneel as demanded. He stared intently at my nakedness. I suppose the many adolescent years of lying blindfolded, serving me orally yet denied the opportunity to gaze at the object of his desires, caused the exaggerated reaction.

Now at the ranch he was permitted to view the most beautiful women in the country not only in complete undress but engaging in the most sordid of sexual activities. Yet, he seemed to prefer gaping at me. He looked at me with a curious combination of lust and beseeching..., knowing that I had the power to remove the horrid cruel wire.

But I never did.

I suppose I had become even more calloused since founding the ranch. Whereas I used to enjoy watching him stand for me, with my herd of prepubescent boys constantly displaying cute erections, I had come to leave Tony’s penis permanently entrapped, I suppose not only jaded by the years of watching it tumefy, but also thrilled with my power to keep it imprisoned.

I sat in my chair, lifted my right leg and draped it over the arm of the chair. My scent filled the room and without hesitation Tony gently reached out, spread my outer labia then leaned forward and began.

I had come to find great irony in his muffled groans of anguish. He could never help but become aroused in my presence, particularly when serving my naked wore shorn sex. Thus the sensitive glans would partially engorge and test the tightness of the thin infibulating wire. The agony would cause him to moan which in turn heightened my enjoyment, not only savoring the knowledge that Tony felt delicious pain while I felt pleasure, but also due to the very physical sensation the stifled sounds caused, the vibrations of his voice box transferring from his lips and tongue to my inner labia and clitoris.

So although he violated the ranch’s rule of complete silence for all things male, I never specifically admonished him, instead soaking up the grunts and groans as I would the sensations of a vibrator.

As trained, he lapped away at my right labia, then left, then right, alternating and taking in my wetness. I leaned back, listening to his bells rings and absorbing the pleasure and the power. His tongue began to penetrate, thrusting deeply.., its strength over the years having developed to that of a firm penis, except the trained appendage was much more adroit..., wriggling deliciously and scooping up all it found. Tony’s tongue had grown long and he knew, after slithering it about my vagina, to begin a quick thrusting motion replicating the action of a penetrating phallus. This always turned my organ to a river and Tony knew to take in every drop.

Then his face moved a little higher and I knew to grasp his head. His lips wrapped around my clitoral hood and sucked. My little bud seemed to explode, quick clitoral orgasms causing oscillations which joined the deep vaginal throbs.

And to think it all came from my own kept male.., my plaything..., pierced at my behest..., kept forcibly chaste by my hand..., naked and made to display the jewelry of my choosing.

As the orgasms rolled my hands twisted into Tony’s shoulder length hair. His tongue seemed to become longer and stronger and his lips sucked relentlessly. Over the years Tony fought for my orgasm more than I did, knowing that it was the only one he could experience.

I climaxed, feeling my ejaculate stream forth and feeling Tony dutifully take it all in, like a starving man kneeling before a feast, attentively ensuring that the smallest of crumbs did not escape.

He knew to pause. Trained to remain motionless and not touch my incredibly sensitive clitoris, enlarged with every nerve awakened by the pleasant ordeal. His lips remained surrounding my hood, but like a trained dog he awaited my signal, breathing very slowly so that I could not even feel his breath.

After several minutes I opened my eyes and tapped his head. The shaft of Tony’s penis was stiffened and the engorged tip, thrusting itself against the thin wire, appearing comically deformed. Fluid streamed downward and coated his restrained scrotum.

In my younger years, I would clip his elbow rings together and snip the wire, granting him a modicum of relief. But no longer. Tony would have to learn control.

“I’ll have Johnnie bring in some ice tonight. Your prostate needs stimulation.”

We showered together. Tony sensually applying fragrant soap to my entire body, he treated my satiated genitalia as if his..., the chaste male offering every consideration in hopes for relief.

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Chapter Twenty One

Part Two

Brandy’s Story

Chapter Twenty One

Well, The Anguished E had its first graduate and first satisfied customer. Melanie was very pleased with her altered subservient plaything. Her career began to blossom and the sixteen year beauty would never again need to stoop to the unwanted attention of grotesque males for gratification. Dr. Ann’s counseling rapidly molded Shorty’s psyche to where he sought to imbue Melanie with pleasure more than she did herself..., and he had become completely ambivalent to his own..., his limited ability to achieve satiation having taken a psychological toll.

Hector was growing nicely and with the daily bath in the depilating solution, his journey into puberty could not be judged by the growth of hair. Instead it had to be ascertained by the growth of his penis and testicles and the abundant amount of smegma Nurse Annika had to remove with her weekly inspections.

Dr. Ann formulated a program of dog training. Hector’s meals were ground up into an indistinguishable mush and served in a bowl on the floor. Erma began collar and lead training, releasing him from his single glove so he could crawl about on all fours, reacting to the tugs of a leash. Pat purchased thick knee pads to ensure that the ever lengthening sessions did not have to be curtailed due to rawness of skin. And Jackie relished leading Hector to the pool on all fours when she visited for a weekend of recreation.

“I cannot wait until I show him off to the film crew,” she emoted more
than once.

The masturbator proved to be very entertaining from time to time, but his age obviated indoctrination and sale to a customer. Therefore I still was not sure what to do with him.

But then I had contact with a most curious woman. Claiming to be a 'businesswoman’ from Taiwan, Madame Soong had learned of The Anguished E and our efforts to supply women of substance with boys of subservience at the beauty parlor where Johnnie and Tony visited during off hours. She called and introduced herself, wishing to visit during the week. Since our guest rooms were empty at the time, mostly occupied during weekends, her request was ideal.

“I shall be very particular with my demands but am in a position to pay top dollar.”

Her voice was firm and monotonous with only a hint of an Asian accent. Since we were progressing nicely financially but had not yet achieved break even, my own business instincts told me to learn more, despite the mystery surrounding her ‘demands’.

When a chauffeur driven Rolls Royce arrived at the front gate, I knew I had made the right decision. I watched from my office as a woman projecting great self confidence stepped out into the noon day desert sun. She had short black hair, appeared to be Chinese, as she described herself, and was obviously very athletic. She projected an air of royalty, calmly waiting while the driver closed the door and opened the trunk.

Tony shuffled from the porch to retrieve luggage, walking as quickly as his chain permitted. I pressed the release for the gate, knowing that Dolly had finished running the boys and they were undergoing tongue training. And I knew that my obedient, naked and chained servant was unlikely to bolt into the searing emptiness of the Mojave desert.

The chauffeur emptied the trunk of several suitcases, bowed deeply to the regal Madam Soong and returned to the car. Curiously, the naked and well bound Tony did not make an impression. My visitor did not blink as the swarthy, bejeweled form picked up her luggage and humbly turned to show the woman to the porch and front door. I moved from my office to greet her. And stood on the porch with my well practiced professional smile as they approached.

“Welcome to The Anguished E, Madam Soong.”

The somber woman shook my extended hand and unburdened a thought spurred by Tony’s struggling form as the stairs presented an obstacle unknown to those without ankle chains.

“Where I come from he would be castrated and well whipped.”

My smile broadened. Madam Soong would easily become acclimated to the ambience of the ranch, I thought to myself.

Tony eventually reached the top of the stairs and continued on to the guest room assigned to Madam Soong. I accompanied her into my office to learn more about the intriguing woman.

“I’ve taken the liberty of having sandwiches brought in while we talk, Madam Soong. I trust you had no difficulty finding our facility.”

The dour woman nodded her head and immediately ended the small talk.

“I am here to procure boys. Size does not matter. Young age with the obstinance to resist submission are key.”

A serendipitous tap on the door enabled me to pause before replying to her blunt introductory statement.

Johnnie entered with a tray of finger sandwiches and a pitcher of iced tea. As always he appeared most effeminate with coiffed hair, painted nails, and full make up. His breasts had grown to the size where they actually had begun to jiggle with each step. His chastity belt was well polished, completely disguising his true gender. His high steel neck collar kept his head wonderfully immobile.

Madam Soong smiled when I introduced Johnnie.

“The girls at the beauty parlor told me about him. Such fetishes provide amusement, I am sure. But again, in my province Caucasian males either work under the whip or for more delicate duties are made genderless. We do not dabble with such subterfuges.”

“In Taiwan?” I could not help inquiring.

“Actually my office is in Taiwan. I am originally from a remote province of China..., near Mongolia. So remote that the Communist government really never established full authority. There is little there in which to have interest, you see. The local economy is agrarian, just able to sustain its own needs with little else available for export.

“The few roads leading to the outside world are long and practically impassable. There are certainly no railroads. A small landing strip is really the only way in or out and we keep it inaccessible. Barriers block the runway..., to be removed only for the landing of designated aircraft.”

She paused to light up a small aromatic cigar. Her hands were well manicured, effeminate but at the same time radiated a peculiar power..., like a razor sharp stiletto, stylish but deadly.

“So the Communist authorities have basically ceded governance to the Empress whose family has reigned over the region for centuries.”

Johnnie leaned over to pour iced tea. Madam Soong casually tapped on the portion of strong steel covering his pubes.

“In Chessu this would not offer much protection. As a lark the Empress would have it burned off with a torch just to see what remained beneath. Males display everything there. We do not allow such modesty.”

For the first time a slight smile came to Madam Soong’s face. I smiled also, amused that anyone would think the nasty chastity belt was worn for protection.

“To be frank with you, Chessu and the surrounding area have been dominated by the female gender for decades. I am sure you’re aware that in most of China there is a cultural preference for male children. Well, it is the opposite in Chessu. And one of the economic factors that has allowed my people to trade with the outside world is that we gladly put our new born males up for adoption..., for sale actually. Provides us with hard currency to buy things we cannot make within the province.”

The Madam paused to sip iced tea. I assumed she was not overly hungry and without further delay reached for a sandwich of thinly sliced lamb with delicious basil dressing.

“You may go, Johnnie. Have some of this lamb ground up for Hector’s bowl.”

Madam Chang watched the girlish buttocks move toward the door.

“You’re light with the whip here.”

Before I could reply she resumed.

“So I’ll come to the point. We need labor to work the fields. Do the heavy work such as pulling ploughs and carts. Since our own males are sold at an early age, we began a program of importing adolescent males. After experimenting with a variety of ethnical groups, the girls at home prefer working the Caucasian. Large, strong and most with a belligerent attitude that invites the whip..., and if there is one favorite past time in the Chessu region its excoriating the straining buttocks of the naked male.”

I noted Madam’s demanding look and realized she needed an ashtray. I pushed one toward her and she crushed out her cigar.

Grasping a sandwich she continued.

“Of course we cannot endanger the purity of our culture, having virile Caucasians running about naked amongst our female population. So the Empress has mandated that purchased males be altered before arrival. That’s why I took an interest in your ranch. I understand you have a system for procuring young males and..., shall we say..., imbuing them with certain desirable attributes.”

I smiled and made a point to remember such a delicately phrased manner for describing the emasculation of young males.

“Well, it is The Anguished E, Madam Soong. With the seclusion here in the desert, not too many people inquire about the derivation of the ‘E’. But since you’re already aware of our activities you should know that we’re equipped for both the physical and mental emasculation of boys. I think we can be of service.”

“Penectomy is an old Chinese torment, Brandy. With such an alteration, the hormones flow but copulation and masturbation are impossible. This keeps the male strong and restless for sex. But in Chessu we offer relief only by way of exhausting physical labor and the sting of the whip. You’d be amazed at how over time many come to savor the latter.”

Madam Soong paused with a look of Schadenfreude, obviously picturing a straining male in harness with a young Chessu girl applying crisp snaps of a whip to his buttocks.

“You can do good clean cuts here? Urinary infections affect productivity.”

I briefly described our modest but adequate operating facility and Mom’s credentials in the medical field, fully knowing that the likes of Madam Soong would be performing her own due diligence.

“Good. I believe we can do business. I’ll want the most truculent young males available. The girls in Chessu enjoy challenges. If I understand your business, those are probably the ones that are not suitable for your regular clientele.”

I had to nod in agreement. Dr. Ann had told me there would be incorrigible boys whose behavior would be completely beyond our ability to transform to subservient pets. Essentially, Madam Soong wanted our rejects.

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Chapter Twenty

For those who are just tuning in, the story begins here....

with the September 10 posting.


Part Two

Brandy’s Story

Chapter Twenty

Shorty spent four more weeks at the ranch being indoctrinated to his new role of servant.

Melanie resumed visiting on weekends and she had come to so much enjoy the sight of a huge inflated scrotum that she insisted Mom continue to infuse him. With his newly shortened appendage, the inflated bag of pinkness just about made the remaining stub disappear, with only his new gold ring denoting that there was something left. Shorty was most humiliated.

Because of his alteration he no longer had to be blindfolded when serving around the pool and he flushed with embarrassment realizing that his minuscule penis and huge balloon like scrotum was the center of much female attention. For first time he was able to not only gaze at the sublime naked form of Melanie but that of Jackie, Pat and me also. This caused the little stub to rise with arousal and at his young age, with hormones flowing, his looks of lustful adoration were amusing.

I was aroused knowing he could do nothing to satisfy his desires other than to humbly lick and suck between Melanie’s fine thighs. All other gratification was taken by a woman’s skillful hand and sharp knife.

During the week Erma continued the painful swats applied to his testicles but also she and Pat began to teach Shorty how to be of service to a woman. With months of training and strengthening, his tongue was more than adequate. But Shorty was also taught massage, how to groom hair, apply nail polish, how to help a woman dress and most importantly..., bathing. There is nothing more relaxing for a girl than to have an altered subservient male assisting while spending idle time in an oversized tub of warm soothing water..., having trained hands gently cleansing the most intimate areas..., knowing that alteration precludes anything more than attention to the task at hand.

But it was the subsequent psychological counseling that was most critical.

The office I had installed for Dr. Ann’s good efforts was small, austere and just as with the boys’ tiny bedrooms, had a one way mirror. I could not stop myself from observing the initial session after the removal of a major portion of Shorty’s precious penis. Dr. Ann was so much in control and Shorty, having received a taste of our earnest efforts, was most humble.

I found a comfortable chair and decided to watch and listen while Dr. Ann plied her craft. Erma led the naked and gloved boy into the office. Dr. Ann, neatly dressed in a business suit, sat behind a modest desk.

“Good morning, Shorty. Erma, would you please see that he is properly seated..., and I believe the glove is no longer required.”

A simple stool rested some four feet in front of the desk..., simple except for one feature, a phallus of stainless steel protruding straight upwards from the center.

Erma guided Shorty’s naked backside to the waiting stool. It was evident that she had applied lubricant where Shorty would most need it for she lined up his buttocks and gruffly pulled downward on his glove. Shorty was instantly impaled with a look of helpless submission. Deft hands unbuckled the single length of leather and for the first time in months, other than during morning baths, Shorty’s hands and arms were freed.

“Spread your knees for me, hands on head.”

Erma left as I peered at our first alteration. Shorty’s two inch penis ended with the unremarkable smoothness of a small cigar, the gold ring serving to glimmer and call attention to an otherwise unnoticeable length of skin.

Dr. Ann smiled coyly as the steel plug performed its magic. Shorty’s truncated manhood slowly engorged and the sagacious psychologist merely sat and watched as Shorty squirmed with both the physical and mental discomfort.

“Something’s missing, Shorty. If you’ve lost something perhaps I can help you find it.”

Dr. Ann laughed unctuously with her sarcastic observation. Shorty bowed his head in shame.

“Tell me what happened. You have my permission to speak”

“Ms. Melanie had my thing cut off.”

“Not entirely, Shorty. I can still see a little of it. She very nicely left you with some. You should be grateful.”

Shorty nodded.

“Let’s see, there was something in the drawer here. Where was that?”

Dr. Ann slid open a small drawer and retrieved a glass jar. It contained what Mom had so meticulously removed. She casually waved it in front of Shorty.

“Is this it, Shorty? Is this what Melanie had cut off?”

Shorty looked at the jar with a combination of shock and remorse. I marveled at Dr. Ann’s ability to establish psychological control, callously brandishing what Shorty so much wished to stroke for one last time, the sensitive penis tip with its myriad of nerve endings. I so much admired the Doctor’s technique. Shorty humbly looked on as the dominant woman handled with aloofness what he once held as so precious.

“Not much to it, Shorty. It’s so small I think Melanie did you a favor. You can now concentrate on other things rather than thinking about sneaking your hand below your waist and toying with this. You’ll no longer have to waste time seeking your own pleasure. You can focus on Melanie’s..., unless of course you want to continue trying to masturbate.

“Would you like to try? Hmm. Want to show Dr. Ann how you play with yourself? Let’s see..., how long has it been.”

Manicured fingers flipped open a file.

“Yes, according to this you’ve been kept chaste here for over three months. Well with your hands finally freed and the cozy feeling of my special plug filling your bottom I bet you’d like to show off for me, wouldn’t you? A well trained boy sitting naked before a fully clothed grown woman..., the image must spur certain desires.”

Dr. Ann rose from behind the desk and retrieved a tube of lubricant from a cabinet.

“Give me your hand.”

Spoken softly but firmly, Shorty complied. She squeezed out a dollop of unguent and Shorty looked at his palm with apprehension.

“Go ahead. Show Dr. Ann what naughty boys like to do. You have my permission.”

I had to smile when Shorty, for the first time in months, grasped his manhood, or at least the abbreviated length that escaped Mom’s scalpel. He could barely get two fingers around it and of course there could be very little feeling in response. The sensitive portion sat on Dr. Ann’s desk seeming to peer back at him.

Dr. Ann stood over Shorty’s left shoulder gazing down as the boy fervently worked the desensitized stub. After months of chastity, with the lips of Johnny teasingly bringing him to erection for Erma’s entertainment and sessions of ‘penis control’, he so much wanted to bring himself to orgasm. The two inch shaft stood with the gold ring prominently displayed, but the look on Shorty’s face slowly turned to dejection as Dr. Ann’s became festive.

Shorty was discovering that with the removal of the tip of his penis went most of his nerve endings. It was obvious there was little satiation if any as his hand kept sliding off the end, not accustomed to the shortness of the shaft.

“What’s the matter Shorty? I would think you’d want to show off for me. Most boys enjoy the opportunity to be naughty.”

Dr. Ann snickered with her taunt. She then leaned over and sensually caressed Shorty’s left nipple while blowing into his left ear. Goose bumps formed but Shorty found his manipulation to be futile.

“I think you need some help.”

Dr. Ann retrieved a small remote control device from her pocket.

“This controls that plug upon which I had Miss Erma sit you. It can do many things and I’ve found that naughty boys take great pleasure in riding on it.”

She pressed with her thumb and Shorty jolted in surprise.

“Think about that Shorty. I can make something deeply inserted and pressing against your curious little male gland move for your enjoyment. So even with your hands free of the glove a woman can maintain control.

“Let’s see..., it can vibrate..., how about this?”

Her thumb pressed, changing the action of the device. Shorty stirred again.

“That makes it rotate and wriggle. Better?

“Maybe some heat?”

Another press and Dr. Ann paused to watch Shorty’s hand action increase.

“Yes, that seems to be to your liking.”

Dr. Ann moved to stand directly in front of Shorty, arms akimbo, leaving the heating device vibrating, rotating, and wriggling. The effect was obvious. Though Shorty had lost to the knife most of the dendrites needed to stimulate his pleasure center, the prostate gland embraced a new set of stimuli, courtesy of a stainless steel electronic dildo..., controlled by the dominant female psychologist.

“Well, well Shorty. I think I pressed the right buttons. Look at that hand of yours work!

“I trust you’re going to ejaculate for me. A nice big explosion of semen for Dr. Ann. Hmm. Show off that newly developed masculinity. Perhaps soil my skirt, Hmm?”

Shorty lowered his head in shame, but his hand did not stop. The hormones, built up after three months of chastity, mandated that Shorty work for release.

Dr. Ann reached to Shorty’s chin, pulling it upwards, forcing him to look directly into her eyes.

“Well if you want to come, then come. You not only have my permission, I want to see you unload all that nasty male essence that has been accumulating.

“Come for me.”

Dr. Ann’s demeanor and the tenor of her voice were exquisite, sounding like a young mother encouraging a toddler during potty training.

With her command, Shorty’s white goo began to ooze and drip to the carpet. With the removal of most of his penis, the various male parts needed for the climactic release of sperm were gone.

He could not ejaculate!

Dr. Ann laughed.

“That’s it? That’s all your going to do for me?”

A steady stream pusillanimously dripped to the carpet. Tears began to join the dribbles of Shorty’s male essence, Dr. Ann continuing to hold up his face to look directly into his weeping eyes.

It was obvious he had been anticipating for months the feeling of ecstasy that accompanies the release of semen. For the first time, Shorty realized that such sensitivity had been surgically removed. A dominant woman had taken that from him. He just drooled with very little sensation of pleasure.

“I think you’re better off participating in Melanie’s pleasure rather than attempting to experience your own, Shorty. It’s humiliating is it not, having your male organ drool like an infant at feeding time.”

Dr. Ann pressed some buttons, ending the mechanical assistance afforded by the clever metal plug.

She stepped to the desk and brought out a leather neck collar with a light chain attached.

“We’ll talk some more over the next few weeks. Meanwhile, the glove is no longer necessary but I want you to wear something for me.”

Dr. Ann attached the leather collar and clicked closed a lock. She drew the chain down and locked the end onto Shorty’s penis ring, holding the reddened, semi flaccid remnant upwards.

She stepped back to survey her efforts.

“It very nicely draws attention to your stub and highlights that marvelous scrotum, Shorty. At least you’ll look virile.”

That ended the session. I needed to find Tony and feel his tongue gather up the wetness that soaked my panties.

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Chapter Nineteen

Part Two

Brandy’s Story

Chapter Nineteen

For the next few months we made much progress at the ranch. Through Dr. Ann’s efforts our dormer filled with pre pubescent but truculent boys whom, with the mere stroke of a pen, the Judge sentenced to a life of servitude.

As remuneration, the Judge visited during the week when there were few visitors. Stepping into the living room, he merely wriggled his finger at Johnnie who would then follow the gray haired jurist to a guest room. There the only other key to Johnnie’s chastity belt would be put to use.

After the Judge left Erma would drag a reluctant Johnnie into the large bathroom for a thorough enema. He always walked rather gingerly after one of the Judge’s visits.

My allusions about Hector being fattened for slaughter at a sexual feast became a recurring fantasy. To think that almost a dozen sets of male genitals were growing and ripening for no other purpose than to be sacrificed to the whims of the dominant female aroused me constantly.

I was very happy to have Tony available at all times and a routine developed after breakfast where he nicely knelt under my desk while I tended to paperwork and phone calls. His tongue, if not becoming longer, was growing in dexterity. It was almost as if he could not only feel my orgasm but also derive pleasure from it. Dr. Ann had long theorized that such would happen to the life-long chaste male and I believe Tony proved her point.

As our entourage grew, I hired a cook to improve the food and relieve Tony of duties which kept him out of sight of the guests. Instead he became more of a maid and with his infibulated condition, most women were very comfortable bathing and dressing with his assistance. If not, I mandated that the more effeminate Johnnie perform the same role. His breasts had grown to the point that, with chastity belt firmly in place, his true gender could not be determined.

I purchased more horses and Pat had special saddles made to accommodate a woman’s best friend. You’d be amazed at how many guests took to scheduling morning rides when the attachment of their choice was mounted to the front of the saddle. Short skirts with no panties became standard riding wear and whereas most guests preferred a simple rubber phallus, some had elaborate devices designed not only for wondrous penetration but also to thoroughly stimulate the clitoris as their steed trotted along the ranch’s numerous paths.

I found that the timing of many rides coincided with Dolly’s morning run, exercising my growing herd of naked boys. On some weekends it appeared I was hosting a fox hunt, only I had more ‘foxes’ in the form of naked boys, than hounds and mounted hunters.

Another form of recreation developed when Jackie took great pleasure in leaning from the saddle and cropping Hector as he was briskly exercised by way of Dolly’s barks and growls. With a good sized saddle mounted dildo, Jackie prepared herself for a long afternoon at the pool, feeling Hector’s alacritous tongue and gazing at the results of her cropping.

Again, the activities at the ranch seemed to divulge feminine propensities of which I would have never known or guessed. Jackie and I modeled together for many years and I never knew of her penchant for flagellation. Hector’s buttocks were constantly being excoriated and on those weekends when Jackie visited his only respite was when his head was firmly implanted between her thighs.

Meanwhile, Shorty was on a fast track toward his penectomy. Every Saturday he received his scrotal infusion and it became a most comical sight around the pool to see him kneeling with his knees forced well apart to oblige the huge saline filled sac dangling between his thighs as he orally serviced Melanie. And as Mom suggested, the sensitive skin was coated with sun oil for protection. This drew even more attention as the bright pinkness reflected in the sun. The reaction of the newly arrived guests was amusing..., shock turning to giggles and laughter.

But the special treatment was most functional and despite Shorty’s young age, within six weeks the scrotum hung to mid thigh even when not filled with fluid.

I learned that Erma’s efforts justified the need for a sound proofed correction room. Almost daily Shorty was bent over a bar just above the height of his waist. When Erma tethered his ankles well out to the sides the lad was completely off the floor. His single glove was hooked above which forced down his head and provided him with an upside down view of Erma holding a very simple instrument of torment..., a kitchen spatula.

With the scrotal infusions, his low dangling testicles became an easy target and for a good twenty minutes he would serenade Erma with cacophonous howls as she crisply applied swats to his developing organs.

Mom was correct. They swelled from the blows and Shorty’s growing sac seemed to be nicely tailored for the enlarged testicles.

By the third month Shorty was endowed with jewels which rivaled in size that of the most well hung adult male. Melanie was pleased with the size and shape. Shorty’s oral service was more than adequate. Dr. Ann announced that his psychological counseling was on track. A decision was made to go to the final phase..., complete isolation.

Melanie knew it was coming and arranged for other gratification while Shorty was kept alone and blindfolded in his room.

Johnnie spoon fed him under strict orders of silence. Dr. Ann visited and tenderly offered counseling while assisting him in such intimate functions as urinating.

Within three weeks, Dr. Ann announced that the first alteration at The Anguished E ranch should be scheduled.

“He’s overwhelmed and misses Melanie. For a boy his age, the time alone and in darkness seemed like months. And every day when I held his penis while he urinated I explained that with his consent to a simple procedure, he would be with Melanie every day and I ensured he would on occasion be masturbated.”

Yes, we could have the Judge sign papers to mandate the operation. But psychologically breaking the lad to obtain his permission was more challenging and of course..., entertaining. And in his later years, the realization that he had acceded to his own alteration would keep his mind in a wonderfully traumatic yet submissive state. His only time of mental sanctity would be while serving Melanie, the dominant woman who demanded his penis as tribute.

Dr. Ann was a genius.

Early on when developing the ranch’s program we decided that every boy would be conscious to watch his own alteration. Dr. Ann insisted it was the height of submission. Mom concurred that it was easily done. The notion was intriguing.

Thus, Shorty received local anesthetics and was secured upright sitting in a special chair which forced his legs well out to the side. His enlarged gonads, permanently swollen by Erma’s spatula to the size of eggs, hung so vulnerably. He could not only look down to see that upon which Mom so diligently worked..., but we insisted that he do so.

I was told that a normal penectomy is rather simple. But in performing a partial and assuring the ability for the truncated shaft to still stiffen, there was much work.

“The erectile chambers must be shortened and then carefully sutured. Otherwise impotence will result,” Mom lectured as she worked.

Melanie had been most specific that after the operation that she have the ability to observe some reaction of arousal in Shorty.

“But I don’t want enough left so he can use it,” I recall her girlishly giggling in my office.

So, a catheterized Shorty watched while Mom cut his precious manhood to remove not only the sensitive tip but just enough of the shaft to make vaginal penetration frustratingly impossible. Melanie had marked the spot..., about two inches from the base of the scrotum.

I watched in rapt fascination, sanguine with thoughts about the lifetime of agitation Shorty faced. His testicles would not only continue to produce hormones, but at his age the flow would actually increase. Therefore the desire for copulation or masturbation would be constant, yet the ecstatic relief afforded most boys was impossible. His relief would be in servicing Melanie and would be all psychological. There was the prostatic massage which Tony underwent for glandular health. But Mom warranted that Shorty would never again experience the pleasure of normal ejaculation.

“His semen will just ooze,” she assured Melanie. “There will be some degree of satiation in relieving the hormones levels. But henceforth, it is only you who will experience a true orgasm.”

“It will be your pleasure that will drive his needs,” added Dr. Ann.

Mom added a gift from The Anguished E. It was something Melanie did not expect but about which she was thrilled. Just below the sutures which so hideously formed the blunt tip of his newly shortened phallus, Shorty was pierced and a large gold ring was thrust through the opening.

“You can lead him around on a leash,” Dr. Ann suggested.

After smiling throughout the procedure, Melanie’s eyes glazed over in fantasy at that point.

Shorty had earned his sobriquet.

And he had whimpered so delightfully...

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Chapter Eighteen

Part Two

Brandy’s Story

Chapter Eighteen

Saturday morning my guests slept late. Mom and Nurse Annika arrived for the weekly medical exams. The spirited Annika enjoyed lining up the boys and performing an abbreviated inspection of their genitals. Despite the prior evening’s thorough draining, the masturbator slowly rose to greet the experienced hand of the nurse as she gruffly cleansed his foreskin.

Hector found himself in the medical office for a more extensive exam. I had communicated Jackie’s wishes and while I watched Mom examine she voiced preliminary thoughts about the planned alteration.

“Easily done in time. He’s going to be a big one. He’s probably got two or three years until full puberty. If Jackie wants to use his penis I’m going to recommend some exercises for the pelvic muscles and buttocks. In time she’ll have a nice ride atop a boy with muscles specially trained for her pleasure.”

Mom smiled wryly and with a degree of envy. Hector was lying back in the examination chair with his arms restrained behind him in the ubiquitous single glove and feet secured in stirrups. With two women standing over him, one gingerly inspecting his male anatomy, his penis had slowly erected. Ironically, its stiffness allowed Mom to better inspect his testicles. Her gloved hands lifted the sac to display his perineum.

“Right here. A simple incision to divert the urethra. The difficulty will be with the penal implants. The function of the erectile chambers is much more complicated than people think. I’m sure Jackie is aware of the cost?”

I nodded in thought.

I could not help picturing Hector as a hog being fattened for slaughter..., to be fed and trained at the ranch while his organs grew..., later to be served as an offering at a sexual feast for Jackie.

Mom continued.

“This big boy will need two pumps. Normally they’re placed in the groin area. I’ll probably put them back here over the buttocks. He’ll have trouble reaching them, but it will be more important for Jackie to have access...”

A gloved finger slipped into Hector’s anus. A thorough prostate exam ensued with Mom’s knowing hands kneading the boy’s testicles. She noted the paucity of fluid.

“He’s close to adolescence. But Jackie will have to wait.”

Ever since the day Annika let me as a teenager observe Tony’s exam, I enjoyed watching a boy being humbled under the hands of a skilled woman. His most precious organs became objects for the amusement of the female. For me, it epitomized the submission of the male. And to think that in time the penis and testicles would soon serve in a new capacity, one chosen by his new owner, was a deliciously arousing vision.

I could feel myself becoming wet. Happily it was Saturday and I always carved out time for Tony to serve me by the pool.

Hector was freed and Annika led in Shorty.

While Mom inspected, Annika prepared various paraphernalia. By the time Mom was finished a stand was set up with a liter bag of saline solution.

“The file indicates Melanie wants a partial penectomy but prefers a good sized sac. That type of alteration can be done any time. Ann will let us know the best timing psychologically. Meanwhile I’ll do a weekly scrotal infusion to enlarge the scrotum.”

Mom felt about the tiny bag of flesh, selected an appropriate area then callously inserted an intravenous needle. Poor Shorty was forced to lie and take it. He spasmed noticeably when the needle passed through his sensitive flesh. Annika patted his cheek to calm him.

“Just lie there and relax Shorty. We’re going to make those little testicles of yours nice and big. Wouldn’t you like that? Melanie will be pleased.”

Shorty helplessly watched Annika connect the tubes and open a valve. Saline slowly dripped into the underdeveloped scrotum.

“It will take an hour or so. We can do it quicker, but the psychological effect is better when the boy is forced to watch as his little bag slowly grows at the behest of the dominant woman. Melanie likes a boy with big testicles and a nice low hanging bag. That’s why we need to expand it, Shorty. We’ll do this every week for a while until she deems it of suitable size. You want to please her don’t you?”

I watched in amazement as the skin stretched to accommodate the fluid. It changed to a pink and then deepened to a red. The tension caused the skin to become smooth and shiny under the room lights. Shorty’s scrotum began to look like a small balloon.

“He’ll need sun screen, Brandy. Areas that were well hidden before will be exposed to the ultra violet rays.”

The three of us stood by as the helpless Shorty watched his anatomy slowly change. Mom lectured while the solution flowed.

“It’s temporary. By Monday evening his body will have absorbed the saline and the sac will appear to be almost normal. Except the skin will be stretched and it will be the first step of altering him for Melanie’s amusement. Despite his age, week after week those little gonads will be hanging lower and lower, leaving plenty of room for the next step in the process.”

Mom’s voice turned ominous in referring to the next step.

“That will be Erma’s responsibility...., in the correction room.”

I continued watching. Shorty’s little sac became not so little. Mom poked it with a gloved finger. Despite Shorty’s squirming he would continue receiving solution until she deemed the scrotum full.

“With each application we’ll take him just past the point of discomfort, indicating that the skin is in fact being permanently stretched.”

The solution dripped for many more minutes with Annika wiping tears from Shorty’s eyes. Mom poked again and nodded to Annika who finally turned off the valve.

“Now you’ll have to be careful walking around today, Shorty. You’re going to be carrying some extra weight where you’ll feel it the most.”

We all laughed with Mom’s descriptive warning. Shorty had a large reddish balloon under a penis that was barely visible. It was so large it pressed against his thighs even while the stirrups forced apart his knees.

Mom slid out the needle and swabbed the tiny opening with an alcohol drenched pad. She then palmed the mass of flesh and held it up for display.

“Unfortunately one of the effects of the saline is to dull the nerves here. But it’s a marvelously effective method for imputing the psychological effects of dominance. Shorty will be walking around for a couple days nicely showing off a big scrotum altered by a woman.”

With her words, Mom was playfully poking and caressing with her fingers. The enlarged sac had the consistently of firm Jello and she continued holding it as Annika released Shorty’s ankles from the stirrups. As he slowly swung his feet over and unto the floor Mom followed his movements holding his precious sac. When he finally stood she instructed him to part his feet then released the bulbous bag of saline filled flesh. We all laughed with its appearance, sticking well out to the front and forcing the penis to hide.

Shorty glanced down with a forlorn look.

I just stared in amazement and became wetter. The afternoon would find Tony’s tongue to be very busy, I thought to myself.

Finally Annika swatted Shorty’s buttocks to start him on his way.

“Come Shorty. Let’s show you off to the ladies.”

He obediently followed Nurse Annika, waddling like a duck.

Mom watched with a smile, casually informing me of the next step in the process.

“I’ve given Erma instructions about keeping the testicles agitated. After the saline dissipates she should give the scrotum a half dozen good firm swats every other day. Daily if possible. That will promote swelling which eventually will cause the gonads to permanently enlarge. I’m sure Erma can handle the task.”

I nodded with a smile. Erma would certainly perform as suggested. The only question would be in what position would Shorty be restrained and would Erma stop at just a half dozen.

I was about to retreat to the pool, very much in need of Tony’s attention, when Erma entered with Johnnie in tow.

“I give his belt a cleaning every Saturday,” explained Erma.

“Perhaps you can check him out while it’s being washed.”

Johnnie’s wrists were cuffed before Erma produced one of the only two keys to the formidable polished steel apparatus. She inserted the key and turned. The strip of metal splitting Johnnie’s buttocks sprang loose. When pulled away a good sized butt plug slid out from his rear passage. Erma then inserted the key in another hole and the belt opened at the waist. For the first time, I was able to peer at the hermaphrodite entirely naked.

I gawked as the effeminate boy was strapped to the examination table.

A tiny circumcised penis hung with a metal band encircling the tip. Below was a barely visible scrotum. There was no hair despite the fact that Johnnie’s belt was rarely removed. I concluded he had been depilated to preclude shaving.

“I added the band when I circumcised him. The inside is covered with sharp teeth and the metal actually adhered to the skin as the frenulum healed. The chastity belt is really superfluous. Any attempt to achieve erection will result in incredible pain.”

I could not help but look at the belt after Erma placed it on a nearby counter top. Within the smooth triangle covering the pubes area was a tube which encased the penis when worn. The purpose was to permit urination and direct the flow downward to an opening between Johnnie’s thighs, thus mandating that he squat to relieve himself.

Also welded to the inside of the belt to the left and right of the tube were sizable lumps of steel. Erma noticed my look of curiosity.

“Had those custom installed. They keep Johnnie’s testicles nicely tucked up under his epidermis.”

I looked more closely. Johnnie’s sac was indeed empty! Mother explained.

“One of the earliest and simplest methods for neutering the male, Brandy. The gonads are pushed up under the skin near the pelvic bone. Those bumps within the belt hold them in place under the skin. Over time the body heat destroys the ability to produce sperm. There will come a time for removal of the organs, but meanwhile the constant dull ache keeps Johnnie very subservient. Let’s have a look.”

Mom’s gloved hand pressed against the small scrotum feeling about and apparently locating a duct or vessel which she used to slowly pull. Johnnie squirmed with Mom’s firm fingers poking about where he rarely felt anything. Within a minute his tiny testicles were drawn down and filled the underdeveloped scrotum.

“They’re incredibly withered, Erma. There cannot be any sperm count remaining and I doubt if much testosterone is produced. Their time is near end.”

Erma nodded.

“Yes, but they provide for such wondrous torment.”

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Chapter Seventeen

Part Two

Brandy’s Story

Chapter Seventeen

The table was cleared and the caterer’s matronly waitresses brought coffee. I looked up to see the masturbator struggle to move his head, the tracheal tube and neck collar greatly limiting his mobility. He could hear the people in the room..., the sounds consisting of light conversation and the pleasant effects of continuous oral service.

Erma arose to once again to toy with the hanging boy’s testicles.

“Amazingly soft and absolutely hairless,” she noted.

Her hand moved up and the masturbator felt her fingers testing the firmness of his seven inches. Its hardness surprised even the masturbator. Since he could neither touch nor gaze downward to see it, it was only Erma’s exploring hand that implied to the masturbator the intensity of his erection. It was as if the organ belonged to someone else, and the masturbator merely acted as custodian.

The women enjoyed coffee. They talked. They discussed the curious stiffness of his anatomy. Jackie arose to stand at his side. More fingers were felt. They were bold. Dr. Ann also stood and reconnoitered with the tenderness of a mother examining a child. The masturbator slowly flushed with embarrassment. Naked, restrained, ..., he stayed erect for the group despite his humiliation.

“Goodness, he’s leaking.”

The masturbator heard the tittering laughter of the feminine gathering as the observer noted pre-ejaculatory fluid beading about the purple tip of his manhood.

“The harness does such wonders for the exhibition of the male, does it not ladies?” observed Dr. Ann.

All murmured agreement as a firm hand bent the most steadfast of erections downward, testing its turgidness. The masturbator squirmed attempting to bend his waist to more comfortably adapt to the pressure the Doctor applied.

Erma moved to a nearby buffet and opened a drawer. Within was a set of rubber phalli organized from left to right in increasing sizes. She selected one of moderate size and returned to the hanging masturbator.

Dr. Ann and Jackie sat down. The masturbator felt the familiar firmness of Erma’s touch. She stood out of sight to his left side as her right hand steadied his nearly free swinging form by gripping the thick flesh of his left buttock. Her left cupped the bottom of his scrotum, raising it and drawing the bag of smooth pinkness forward for better viewing.

“This boy is known as the ‘masturbator’. He’s one of our older boys ladies. Though he won’t respond as well to alteration, I’m sure you’ll find the exhibition of his virility to be most entertaining. I’m going to demonstrate the mastery that an assertive woman can attain over the subservient male..., and when Brandy gives me the sign we’ll have the masturbator here spurting for you like a fire hose.”

The room filled with politely restrained laughter. Erma withdrew, leaving the masturbator’s plums swinging before a dozen feminine eyes. The boy closed his eyes in shame. He could hear the consumption of coffee and to the side Erma preparing for the exhibition. The rope attached to his neck collar was jostled.

The masturbator felt a finger gently explore the crevice of his buttocks. It was slippery and when it found his rectum, slid in easily to the second knuckle. Oddly, the masturbator would appreciate the precautionary lubrication. His rear passage was tight and little utilized.

Desert was served and the exhibition began in earnest. I knew suspension had a curious affect on the male anatomy, effecting the nerves and dendrites of the spine so as to make the male organ stiff. Erma commented.

“Interesting is it not ladies? The effect of suspension on the penis. I often wonder how long a male can stay erect like this. There does not seem to be a limit.”

Erma slipped a simple length of polished wood between the masturbator’s knees, forcing apart the thighs. Its very width kept the cleverly designed board in place as the masturbator could not part his knees any further to release it. The addition resulted in the masturbator’s scrotal sac swinging freely below the erect phallus. There was discussion at the table referring to his position as being the picture of submission, Jackie wishing she had a camera.

“Such a photo would be a warming visual memento for a cold winter’s night,” she gushed with a chortle.

For a male’s system to maintain an erection, circulation is essential. The masturbator breathed heavily to draw in the oxygen needed for tumescence. The sound of air rushing through the tracheal tube punctuated the occasional silence.

Erma attached the rubber phallus to her thigh strap. When she turned to approach the naked form swinging at the end of his chain, Melanie gasped. The phallus had a special bump designed to pressure the prostate gland. She had never before seen such a specially crafted cylinder of rubber.

Erma grasped the free end of rope hanging from the pulley above. With her left hand she tugged gently, signaling the masturbator and reminding him of her control. She moved behind him. Her right hand guided the rubber phallus attached to her thigh. The tip slipped between the masturbator’s cheeks.

“Open nicely for me.”

She increased the tension on the rope. His experience at the ranch told him that Erma would do as she chose. His intention would be to make it as painless as possible for himself.

With a slight forward and upward motion of Erma’s powerful thigh, the black rubber obelisk slithered into the masturbator’s anus. My guests whispered approval.

“Waggle for the ladies, boy. Give them a nice greeting.”

The masturbator could feel the proximity of his ebony tormentress. His inner thighs brushed against her right leg. His upper arms, secured behind him, felt the warmth and firmness of her breasts. She positioned her face over his left shoulder and blew into his ear.

“You’re going to please me today, aren’t you boy. I know how to make you very happy.”

Her left hand pulled. More of the masturbator’s weight was borne by his neck collar. The tracheal tube insured that his supply of oxygen was maintained while Erma playfully demonstrated to my friends the amazing effect of full body suspension with carefully monitored traction of the spine.

The masturbator’s erection moved straight up. Pointing to the ceiling, the tip almost pressed against his stomach. Incredibly, the organ in fact waggled in humble response to Erma’s request. The room erupted in laughter.

The right thigh of the accomplished musturbatrix began to pump. The masturbator was being sodomized before the gathering. He felt shame. He was embarrassed. He was humiliated. But he savored the moment as pure ecstasy.

This was what he had lived for during his weeks of chastity at the ranch. Each day forced to exhibit himself naked, being exercised, washed, inspected..., his constant restraint forbidding masturbatory relief. And now Erma was finally going to allow him to tumefy, to entertain before a group of women..., to feel the powerful touch of the amazingly Dominant black woman..., and in graciously being permitted to spill his seed..., to climax..., for her and before a group of women..., and later to be permitted to kiss her feet in gratitude.

Fluid began to ooze from the masturbator’s penis and streamed down the long shaft. He could not help but squeeze his buttocks and grip the phallus with his sphincter, increasing the friction and the sensation in his prostate. His body surrendered, taking the mammoth object with waves of ecstacy ebbing in his cerebrum.

He had no thoughts of resistance. In fact he tried to pull his own trigger, thrusting forth his hips to end the overwhelming pleasure by ejaculating for the crowd of women. Though he did not want the wondrous sensation to end, he was overwhelmed.

Erma felt his effort.

“No, no. Boy. When I say so. You know my boys here climax only when I wish.”

How true.

The rope tightened. The thigh moved more vigorously. Erma’s right hand circled his right hip and palmed the testicles.

“Notice how the scrotal sac tightens ladies? His system is preparing itself to ejaculate. The various muscles are contracting, getting ready to explode.

“But you’re not going to do that yet, are you boy?”

Erma taunted as her hand moved to the base of the erect manhood. She squeezed with a hand that could crush steel cans, completely blocking the urethra.

The masturbator would not ejaculate prematurely. Nothing would pass while the hand of the ebony giantess maintained its hold.

Several more minutes of pumping ensued. The masturbator squirmed, trying his best to end the agonizing torment of overwhelming but incomplete pleasure. Meanwhile the rope tightened causing the neck collar to bear more and more weight. The sound of air rushing through the tracheal tube evidenced the masturbator’s need. His circulation raced. Erma could feel the intensity of his body heat through her thin latex skirt.

For Erma, knowing that it was by her hand that he heavily breathed and squirmed, fighting to bring himself to that most humiliating moment, brought a rush of satisfaction. Erma had a live puppet with which she played, dangling helplessly impaled on the curious phallus of her choosing. Her wetness flowed. She could feel the moisture of arousal drip down her thighs.

Finally after an interminable period, Erma’s right hand stroked.

Just one stroke..., a tease, bringing her hand up from the bottom to the tip of the erection. The masturbator shuddered and again thrust forward his hips in a futile effort, expecting a down stroke. Instead, Erma removed her hand and the masturbator found his penis thrusting into air. Again the room erupted in laughter.

“I think you’re hinting at something, boy,” a smiling Erma mocked.

“Let’s see now..., you’re completely naked before a room full of women..., you’re helplessly suspended in mid air..., your backside is stuffed with a huge implement doing what to your prostate I can only imagine..., your penis is erect and the color of purple..., and I’ve kept you completely chaste for weeks.

“Now what is it you want?”

Erma paused her hand action, continuing to pump methodically with her thigh.

“I’m going to guess that you’d like to show all these women how much you enjoy ejaculating.”

Erma’s right hand returned. Incredibly, she could stroke the long shaft with enough pressure to make ejaculation impossible. The masturbator had never experienced such a firm grip. And to add to the torment the knowing hand bent the stiff manhood downward, completely eliminating any chance of the masturbator emptying himself before the appointed moment.

The masturbation began.

The left hand lifted more, the right hand stroked, the thigh pumped. The masturbator squirmed in ecstasy trying desperately for the final ignominious act..., to empty himself for Erma and for the pleasure of the fascinated audience of women.

Stroke after stroke, the masturbator tried in vain. Finally Erma looked to me. I smiled, greatly enjoying the display, knowing that my gathering of friends was well entertained.

I nodded. It was the signal Erma awaited.

“Well boy. Would you like to squirt for me? Would you like to soil the table cloth?”

Erma’s grip eased and she stroked faster. She slowly changed the angle of the erect appendage. Her left hand pulled. The chain slackened. The rope attached to the masturbator’s neck collar bore his entire weight.

“Come for me boy. Show the ladies how obedient you are.”

The penis pointed straight forward, Erma stroked. The watching women gasped as a thick jet of white splattered to the white cloth. Another stroke another splatter. Laughter. A third stroke a third load of thickness.

“Good boy. Pump for me. Pull those little ejaculatory muscles.”

The masturbator squirmed in obedience, thrusting and working to give Erma all that his system had to offer. He understood the command to pull, initiating pressure on the male valve deep in his system.

The explosions ended but the penis still exuded fluid.

Erma’s thumb and forefinger pinched the base of the deflating appendage then drew down to the tip, forcing from the organ the last drops of spermatic fluid.

The gathering applauded. The masturbator closed his eyes and remained motionless in a strange reverie of combined shame and elation.

He had been well masturbated, drained of all he had to offer by a woman he would come to idolize..., worship..., revere. I imagined that he wished he had more to give and fantasized being permanently suspended while a firm feminine hand ceaselessly stroked and forced his essence from him in an endless geyser of gelatinous whiteness. He envisioned himself as a fountain of semen, performing continuously for Dominant women and for my pleasure.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Chapter Sixteen

Part Two

Brandy’s Story

Chapter Sixteen

At the ranch, it was interesting how one became better acquainted with people. I mentioned Melanie’s unusual use of Shorty’s tongue, spending a good portion of her time at the pool lying prostrate while the blindfolded lad worked his tongue between her well rounded cheeks.

Well, later that Friday I was surprised to see a silk robed Jackie leading a blindfolded Hector to the pool area. It was not her feminine curves stressing the thin material that caused astonishment. It was the condition of Hector’s buttocks.

Jackie’s initial inspection involved a visit to the correction room where she casually observed while directing a thorough caning of Hector’s posterior. And apparently she was pleased with Erma’s efforts.

“He has a propensity for pain, Brandy. I believe I can build on that.”

When Dr. Ann completed her horseback ride, she joined us at the pool, deeming it to be suitable recreation for the dominant woman..., Tony serving drinks, Shorty lapping away at the anatomical area of Melanie’s choosing and Hector unknowingly displaying well striped young buttocks.

Melanie and Jackie bathed naked, of course, and I joined them in the au natural, sitting under a large umbrella to avoid the sun. Tony’s infibulating wire was put to the test as the scene rivaled that of the Playboy mansion. And Jackie’s breasts were the largest Tony had ever seen. To calm himself, he voluntarily offered Jackie the retrieving stick, which she accommodatively threw into the pool. She laughed as Tony jumped in, dove and grasped the rubber object in his teeth. But at the same time, I could tell the action provoked thought on her part.

A sore Hector eventually found his face between the large soft thighs of Hollywood’s rising ‘X’ rated film star. Even in pre pubescence his precocious organ stiffened. But for his subservient status..., arms bound, blindfolded and well caned..., there could be very few males who would not trade places with him in an instant.

Dr. Ann led an intriguing discussion on sleep deprivation, a subject she had been researching and had included in her offered manual.

“It’s slow and steady and turns the mind to the consistency of clay..., which can then be easily molded, of course.”

Meanwhile, judging from Jackie’s smile, Hector was performing adequately, and the large blonde had Tony repeatedly jumping after the stick to the point of exhaustion.

“I always wanted a puppy,” she noted with a far off look on her face.

She tossed the rubber stick once again and Tony dutifully jumped in again. Dr. Ann picked up on her comment.

“Maybe you can have one now, Jackie. If you control the release of hormones..., you control the male. Manifesting that control is open to many different methods.”

Jackie cruelly reached down and pinched Hector’s left nipple between sharp fingernails.

“Deeper,” she admonished as she contemplated Dr. Ann’s supposition.

Hector’s head seemed to disappear as Jackie laid on her back with her knees bent to provide optimal access.

Tony returned with the stick in his mouth. She snapped her fingers and assertively ordered him to kneel. She then examined all the intricate piercings, rings and chains serving to decoratively restrain and highlight every erogenous area of his body.

“I’ve love to have a nice puppy dog. I get lonely on the longer shoots. Between scenes the gay guys go their own way and I just sit in my trailer. One of them had a boy on a leash. He kept it subtle but the relationship was rather obvious.”

Dr. Ann responded to Jackie’s musings.

“Dog training is prevalent on the gay community, Jackie. But there is no reason you couldn’t implement such a program for Hector. Your dominance can be evidenced in any number of ways. We can formulate procedures to mold him any way you desire.”

Well if there was any doubt in Jackie’s mind concerning her goal for Hector, it disappeared with Dr. Ann’s observation.

I made a mental note to order a nice dog collar for Hector. A gift from The Anguished E ranch for its newest customer.

The setting sun provided a palette of colors across a panoramic vista of the desert and signaled the time for cocktails.

Melanie, Pat, Erma, Dr. Ann, and Jackie gathered in the ranch house living room while I checked on the caterers. I hired the same group that served at Tony’s graduation party months before in order to truncate questions concerning the prevalence of naked young males scurrying about. I returned to the living room where, over drinks, Jackie detailed for Dr. Ann her preferred modifications for Hector.

“I’m going to keep him viral and for the most part in tact. But I’ll also want his climax to be completely under my control, if I allow him one. Dr. Robertson has a procedure which seems to address my needs. A rerouting of the urethra combined with penal implants seems to be the appropriate modification for me. It will be costly but I get goose bumps thinking about it.”

Dr. Ann nodded in her most professional style.

“You’ll be keeping him erect?”

“No. These implants will be the ones that can be inflated. Hector will be kept flaccid until I want him erect. Brandy’s Mom will insert a little pump under the skin. With a few pushes I’ll have something I can ride when I tire of his tongue.”

Yes. The operation would be interesting and performed after Hector stopped growing. Meanwhile I suspected he’d be eating out of a bowl on the floor for the next few months.

Both women paused to sip their drinks. I looked over to see Erma step away. She offered to supply entertainment during and after dinner and needed to tend to details. I used her departure to suggest that we all change for dinner.

“As suggested ladies, you’ll be more comfortable without undergarments.”

The group dispersed to shower and change. I stopped in the dining room to see if Erma needed assistance. As expected she very much had things under control.

Hanging over the dining table towards one end was the figure of the masturbator. He was in full suspension, naked, and well bound with a high stiff neck collar. Erma had inserted a tracheal tube which served to insure his throat remained open. He hung from a single chain attached to the back of an elaborate suspension harness. A slack rope ran from the neck collar to a pulley hung from the ceiling and down behind him.

The special harness held him in a kneeling position two feet above the table. The stiff neck collar forced him to look straight ahead toward an empty spot on the far wall.

“Will he stay erect for dinner?”

He squirmed deliciously when he heard my voice. Erma smiled.

“He’s been kept chaste for weeks and the harness nicely signals certain male nerves and muscles. Our masturbator is going to put on quite the show for us.”

I looked down to see that Shorty, Hector, Tony and Johnnie were in place under the table along with two of the nameless orphans. All naked, blindfolded and well restrained I pondered whether Tony should have his infibulating wire removed to relieve his suffering.

I decided not and left to change.

I missed having Tony assist me in dressing but his time was better occupied in the dining room waiting to provide a dramatic scene for my guests when called to dinner.

After a shower and some prinking I returned to the living where the girls had reassembled. Champagne was served and all were simply dressed in slipover dresses. Erma as always wore her halter but her brief skirt was of latex. Around the middle of her right thigh was a leather strap, the function of which would become evident. She would have duties to perform and needed to dress functionally.

A stout maid working for the caterer announced dinner and we filed into the dining room where the masturbator helplessly hung naked and erect as before. I felt most sanguine listening to the excited comments of Melanie and Jackie. Even Dr. Ann found it to be a nice touch. I always appreciated compliments on my hospitality.

Then as each girl sat at her assigned place the sounds of girlish giggles began to cascade. The seat of each special chair was notched and filled with the neck of a blindfolded boy. Each girl instinctively knew to raise her skirt before sitting and between each pair of thighs were the lips and mouth of a newly trained cunnilinguist. A half dozen tongues knew to pay homage to the superior sex.

I had Tony. Erma had Johnnie. Melanie and Jackie had Shorty and Hector. Pat and Dr. Ann were trying out the lips and tongues of the orphans. I wondered if the boys would expect the flavor of oranges.

With the Champagne and the arousing sight of the naked masturbator helplessly swaying in his harness with a good sized erection, we all became flushed as a delicious cold soup was served. The sounds of tongues on moist flesh blended with the slurping of soup and though we all laughed, we also felt the thrill of dominance. A half dozen males were humbly serving us where girls most needed to be served.

Just before the main course, Erma arose, walked to the end of the table, reached out and palmed the freely hanging sac of our masturbator.

“He’s very ripe for ejaculation,” commented Erma as she resumed sitting in her chair.

The girls couldn’t wait for coffee and dessert.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Chapter Fifteen

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Part Two

Brandy’s Story

Chapter Fifteen

The buxom blonde Jacqueline played the role of a dizzy nymphomaniac in most of her repetitive triple ‘X’ movies. In person she was an intelligent, demanding woman..., stern and very business minded.

She phoned early on Friday, so excited by my call that she decided to cancel the day’s filming.

Later, when a red Lamborghini pulled up, it could only be Jackie. I stepped onto the porch and pressed the button to open the gate.

She strolled under “The Anguished E” sign, stunningly attractive, as always. With her modeling career in twilight, she had put on weight, actually accentuating her figure and making her amazingly voluptuous. Though not suited for the fashion industry, Jackie’s figure was every man’s dream of a pin up girl.

Jackie stood five foot ten and had a bust line of some 44 inches. As she walked it was evident that whatever cup size she wore, it was inadequate. And I knew for a fact that within it was all natural.

“The boys are in training and will be exercised soon, Jackie. Maybe it’s best that you watch and have a private inspection later if Hector meets your requirements.”

I summoned Tony to take Jackie’s bags and the large woman got her first taste of the ranch. My bejeweled ward clumsily sauntered forth with bells ringing, his step inhibited by the heavy high carbon steel chain running from left ankle band to right. At night while serving in the house I had Tony wear the more decorative gold chain, but around the grounds the steel chain was deemed more practical as it scraped across the course desert soil.

Tony’s infibulated penis was pulled up and hooked to his waist chain and his gonads remained ringed and chained downward to both his thigh bands and behind to the waist band above his buttocks. With the assortment of gold chains attached to his nipples rings, ear rings and nose ring he made quite the impression and Jackie smiled as he struggled to move about.

“Very nice, Brandy. Is he ever freed of the all the restraints. They appear heavy.”

I shook my head.

“It’s all permanent as far I’m concerned. The sun heats the metal during the day, providing a slow torment which keeps him moving. The weight proves to be nicely humbling. He knows his place.”

Jackie’s wry smile indicated she was closely observing, obviously contemplating restraints for Hector or for whomever would be deemed appropriate to serve her.

I led Jackie to the dormer. Erma had the boys lined up in the hallway. She towered over Shorty, the masturbator, or should I refer to him as the former masturbator, Hector and the two others. Johnnie had evidently been busy, for the penis of each boy stood straight up and glistened with remnants of oral service. Hector appeared to be all erection with, as noted, the size of his phallus well out of portion to his developing body.

The boys stood at attention and were engaged in what Erma termed ‘penis control’. She whooshed her cane ready to apply a searing stroke to the first boy who began to exhibit flaccidness.

No introduction was needed for Hector. Jackie gawked at the prodigious organ and knew from my description that it was he. Her stare turned to a smile and then giggle.

“Goodness Brandy. And he’s still growing. My, my.”

“Are you going to run them today, Erma?”

She nodded, staring at her five erections in anticipation of limpness. After a minute, one of the orphans lost it. Erma smiled and stepped closer and diddled the semi erect penis with the tip of her cane.

“Going..., going..., gone.”

As Erma described, the boy could no longer hold it for her.

“The rest of you..., outside. You belong to Dolly for the next hour.”

The four shuffled to the exit door near the end. Johnnie, standing with developing breasts exposed but with shiny chastity belt hiding his true gender, pushed it open for the file of naked boys. Their arms remained in the single glove mandated by Erma’s discipline. Dolly began to bark, eager to take her human herd for a long leisurely run. Jackie and I followed to the sounds of Erma’s cane imbuing the limp lad with better concentration.

I explained the exercise program as Dolly cantered about growling and nipping at the well exposed male organs. The boys carefully followed her canine gesticulations and within a minute, Dolly had them in a perfectly straight line and jogging towards the rear of the property.

A pair of striped buttocks, the results of Erma’s quick caning, flashed by us, the boy knowing that Dolly would be relentless in nipping at him until he joined the herd. Jackie was just as amused as Pat at watching the penises flop about. The more developed testicles of the masturbator also swayed heavily with his footsteps.

“Who’s the belted girl, Brandy. Rather cute.”

I revealed Johnny’s gender. Jackie laughed at her own surprise.

“I assume there’s a set of male genitals under all that steel, Jackie. Though I’ve never seen it.”

Overall, Jackie looked delighted and I knew I had another customer. She wished to discuss terms. We returned to the dormer then headed for my office. Jackie had not yet seen the options available for alteration and until Dolly finished running the boys, the best use of time seemed to be exchanging ideas with Jackie concerning Hector’s fate.

Over coffee, Jackie reviewed my Mom’s notebook on male genital control and alteration. She found the pictures to be fascinating and I detected an interesting cognitive response to the graphic snapshots of penises and testicles being pierced, cut, sutured, restrained, removed and in general altered at the whim of the dominant female.

Jackie found the austere depictions, taken from medical texts, to be arousing!

“Well, it’s difficult to know where to start. I understand the psychological theory that the chaste or altered male will become more orally sensitive. But I must confess, I occasionally enjoy the feel of a large and firm penis, particularly when I’m on top and controlling the penetration. It’s the annoying problem of stamina and avoiding the disgusting spewing of sperm that becomes the problem.”

I nodded in agreement, realizing that Jackie had probably never experienced the tongue and lips of the likes of Tony..., trained before achieving puberty to service the female organ, his cunnilingus was unsurpassed.

“If I may make a suggestion, Hector is still growing. In our experience, his penis will probably lengthen by another 2 to 3 inches over the next few years. You may as well let it continue. Meanwhile if he’s deemed acceptable, we can begin not only oral training, but also mold him to your tastes. Our indoctrination techniques are quite flexible and we can soon have young Hector’s impressive organ standing at the mere mention of your name.”

I exaggerated, somewhat. But enticing Jackie into a slow, long term program for Hector would help cover a lot of overhead.

“And I think you’ll enjoy visiting him here at the ranch. The sun shines every day, the swimming pool is large, our correction room is well equipped and..., I’m thinking of adding some equestrian activities.”

We got down to business and discussed numbers. An agreement was reached as the faint barking of Dolly indicated my winded herd was returning from an exhausting five mile run. Jackie signed while I summarized.

“Hector will be psychologically transformed to satisfy your penchants. When ready, we can physically alter him at your whim. Think of the process as growing fruit..., over time Hector’s plums will become quite ripe for your plucking.”

Jackie laughed with my analogy.

“Erma and Johnnie will be washing the boys. If you haven’t seen that before you’ll find it to be entertaining. Afterwards, Hector is yours. Erma will assist if you have any special needs.”

Since I enjoyed giving myself Fridays afternoons off to relax with arriving guests, I stayed in the office making phone calls and tending to paperwork. Melanie would have Shorty at the pool by the end of the day and I enjoyed her company and watching her work Shorty. Dr. Ann Simpson was on her way and I should probably socialize with Jackie, also.

Dinner was being catered. Tony was adequate with simple meals. With two customers and Dr. Ann visiting, the demands were beyond his talents. He would serve otherwise.

I accomplished much before the arrival of Dr. Ann. A humble Tony showed her into my office. For a woman in her mid forties she was quite trim and the riding attire she wore gave her a vigorous athletic look.

“Thought I’d try some riding,” she explained in response to my inquiring look.

Ann was a woman not given to small talk. Years of counseling had imparted her with a tendency to be direct. Her visit to the ranch was a combination of business and pleasure. She desired to dispense with the business part of the day.

“I’ve developed a manual to assist with the psychological aspects of establishing control, Brandy. I would term the nakedness and constant restraint as the meat and potatoes of submission. I’ve suggested some variations which will enhance the process.”

Dr. Ann was such an enthusiastic advisor and supporter of the ranch’s activities. And she charged so little.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Chapter Fourteen

Part Two

Brandy’s Story

Chapter Fourteen

Melanie stayed the weekend. Saturday evening, along with Pat and me, she was served a great dinner with Tony cooking and Johnnie acting as maid. He can be very charming in a French maid’s uniform.

On Sunday morning after inspection and washing, Erma had all the boys performing their mandatory tongue training, which in the early stages comprised of sucking the juice and pulp of an orange through a narrow slit cut into the side. With arms and hands immobilized the chore is quite time consuming and Erma’s cane assured that over the course of the morning each boy sucked in all the juice and a major portion of the pulp. Those with short tongues were granted some degree of assistance through the cutting of a second and third slit. But Erma was unremitting with the 16 year old.

“He’ll learn to take it all through one cut, or have his backside well striped.”

At morning’s end there were four hollow oranges remaining and four tongues with heightened dexterity and strength.

Sunday afternoon, Melanie resumed the process of bonding with Shorty. This time by the pool, a blindfolded Shorty orally served while a naked Melanie cavorted in the desert sun. Her skin darkened rapidly and her tan seemed to accentuate the brightness of her violet eyes.

Johnny was assigned the task of assuring that Shorty’s little penis remained stiff to amuse Melanie. The belted hermaphrodite enthusiastically took to the task without need for close supervision. Sometimes simply rolling the pink tip between thumb and forefinger..., other times lying on his back to engulf in his mouth the entire four inches if the tiny shaft was deemed to be softening too quickly. Being denied access to his own organs for so long seemed to imbue him with an affinity for those of others. With Erma continuing the female hormone treatment, the nipples of Johnnie’s breasts were incredibly sensitive and served as a barometer of his arousal. With his proximity and handling of Shorty’s penis, his pointed nubs indicated the level of his excitement.

I was surprised to see Melanie, for a time, lying on her stomach with Shorty kneeling between her legs and first applying long laps of his tongue to perfectly formed buttocks then being directed to service the hidden grotto between. For a girl of just sixteen, Melanie had acquired what Mom referred to as ‘exotic’ propensities.

At day’s end, Erma arrived at the pool area and granted the physically and emotionally inflamed Shorty his long overdue relief. With lubricant in hand she once again penetrated his anus while Shorty knelt with his head firmly implanted between Melanie’s thighs. As on Saturday afternoon, Erma slowly brought him to a dry orgasm as his tongue danced and later as instructed his lips gathered in Melanie’s clitoral hood and found the precious bud within. As Melanie gasped, ending a pleasurable afternoon of sunshine and cunnilingus, Erma timed Shorty’s response, firmly gripping his diminutive shaft while massaging the prostate. Though incapable of ejaculation, Erma announced for all Shorty’s ecstatic response to the expert manipulation of her hands.

Pat drove Melanie to San Diego early on Monday morning ending the first weekend of accommodation at ‘The Anguished E’. Overall, it went well and Melanie seemed more than happy with her investment.

As noted, Melanie would return to the ranch each weekend where a naked and chaste Shorty eagerly awaited her charms.

“His tongue is getting much stronger,” she noted with delight, the beautiful naked girl spending much time about the pool with her blindfolded protege while having Tony retrieve like a trained puppy.

Meanwhile Dr. Ann kept the Judge’s desk cluttered with paperwork. Within three weeks an Hispanic boy arrived and a giggling Ann called before I could visit the dormer to inspect.

“Wait until you see this one, Brandy,” she exclaimed between snorts of laughter.

Well, after that I made a point to visit and found myself joining in Dr. Ann’s animated reaction. The dark skinned lad, whom Erma took to calling Hector, had a penis that was enormous for a boy of twelve. Erma had him standing when I arrived and referred to it as a third leg. His eight inches stood well above his navel and I do believe the girth was greater than his slim underdeveloped wrists. He was close to the size of Tony yet was 6 years younger, under five feet in height and had many years of growth remaining. And I believe the tiny scrotal sac, his yet to flourish testicles making it appear to be empty, accentuated the size of the phallus.

Dollar signs flashed before my eyes. I knew of just the customer for this one. A rather experienced model whose career was in transition. Jacqueline was in her mid twenties, blond like me but rather heavy set. In her teens she was able to fight the weight problem and her look, that of the large feisty woman, was for a time very fashionable. But just as fashion trends change so does a girl’s ability and willingness to fight the metabolism bestowed by nature. The assignments for Jacqueline to model were dwindling, but her saucy looks and huge jiggling breasts placed her much in demand for the more sordid side of Hollywood. And many times Jackie mentioned to me a need that grew with her new occupation.

“After a long day under lights and camera, rolling around a mattress with some stud with a twelve inch pogo stick, I’m aroused. But did you know most of the guys doing these triple X videos are gay? It’s frustrating and as tempting as it would be to ride one of those for real, I’m not taking the chance of baking a bun for some guy who’d prefer splitting the cheeks of a young boy. I stay away. But I’d really like to have one under my control greeting me at home.”

Well, Jackie I think I have a nice housemate for you.

She immediately returned my message and arranged to visit for the upcoming weekend.

Dr. Ann would also be visiting. She counseled the boys regularly and also enjoyed observing the interaction about the pool and particularly in the deep ‘correction’ room, as the former bomb shelter was coming to be referred.

With Melanie scheduled to visit we had a full house. It would be her final encounter with Shorty before he began his period of neglect, as suggested by Dr. Ann’s regime.

Tony would be very busy with his chores and I made sure Pat knew of the number to be served meals.

Meanwhile Pat was kept busy training another ranch acquisition..., a nice sheep dog.

Erma had pointed out that the boys needed exercise. There was no facility in the house and the pool was deemed to be an unsuitably agreeable area for such endeavors. But there was much property where the former owner ran horses and some trails extended for up to a mile.

So Pat suggested and I concurred that the boys be run a few times per week to ensure their health while undergoing tongue training and awaiting selection. As an aside, there was also the stamina factor to be considered. Good oral service requires breath control. With an aroused girl experiencing the delights of a deep vaginal orgasm sometimes a boy is temporarily deprived of his air supply. Thus building wind could not hurt our overall objectives.

But none us of cared to supervise a gang of naked nymphs running about in the desert heat. So Pat first purchased a beautiful white horse and had fun cropping the collection of buttocks while cantering along ensuring that my bevy of subservients in training were well winded when finished.

By the end of two weeks, Pat found her regular duties were becoming more time consuming as our stable grew. Thus, to alleviate the time spent making sure the boys were well run, she purchased Dolly, a young female sheep dog, and trained the cute canine to herd two legged naked young males instead of four legged ovines.

Unfortunately for our former masturbator, he became the target used to train Dolly. With his genitals smeared with raw hamburger and his arms remaining secured in the single glove, Pat trained Dolly to nip away at the hanging male organs until the boy not only moved but obeyed Dolly’s directional intent. The young canine was amazingly intelligent and though small had sharp little teeth. Therefore it did not require much of a nip for a boy to understand that Dolly was in charge. Within a week the little dog could assure that the boys were properly exercised, trotting along barking and occasionally nipping at a boy deemed to be laggard. Though Pat no longer needed to ride about on horse back, when time permitted she was known to partake in the curious excursion.

“Watching the collection of penises flop about is delightfully amusing,” she noted. “And to see the boys forced to react to a dog is marvelously degrading for them. Dolly is a real taskmaster.”

With her observation I decided to learn to ride and made a point to add equestrienne activities to our brochure. The real stable had room for more horses, though I knew of few girls in my profession who partook in the potentially injurious sport.