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Chapter Seven

The Anguished E

Tony’s Story

Chapter Seven

As graduation time neared my hair grew to shoulder length. Nurse Annika spent much time teaching me how to brush it and keep it neat and with the beautiful earrings I developed a very effeminate appearance. No boy in school would come near me. Girls just whispered when they saw me and giggled.

So I was happy to graduate. My grades were excellent. Being chaste since puberty I had none of the normal teenaged diversions. Other than serving Brandy with lips and tongue, it seemed most of my free time had been spent reading and studying.

Dr. Stella nicely planned a pool party to celebrate and at first I was excited. But when I learned that the household rule of strict nudity would remain enforced despite all the guests, I was most apprehensive. Who would attend?

The party was scheduled for a Saturday. On the Sunday before Dr. Stella again ‘invited’ me to an examination room. I was beginning to dislike Sundays for I was once more strapped onto the examination table with the low flame of the alcohol lamp doing its eerie dance.

Dr. Stella cut my infibulating wire and watched my penis engorge.

“Brandy has more presents, Tony.”

The callousness which the Doctor displayed never ceased to amaze me. I felt like a pin cushion as searing hot needles penetrated the most sensitive of places. Each nipple was skewered and most painfully my septum. Despite my screams of protest she worked without delay, ignoring all entreaties. She twisted the cooling rods of thin steel while showing me more golden rings..., in color exactly matching those encircling my testicles and hanging from my ears.

“Brandy wants them to be permanent. I’m going to solder them closed. Cut them off and there will be a penalty to be paid.

“And she wants these added.”

Dr. Stella held up another pair of diamond pendants with bells. These matched the ones dangling below my scrotum and within minutes my newly pierced nipples were ringed with another set of bells to chime with the slightest of my movements.

Thankfully, my nose piercing only received a ring. I assumed a pendant and bell in that location would interfere with Brandy’s favorite use of me. And the constant sound would have been most distracting.

Soldering to close the rings caused more agony and the Doctor commented that I was getting harder with each application of the painful soldering iron. She watched my penis lurch, but noted afterwards that it stood taller then before.

“You’re an interesting boy, Tony. There are people you will enjoy meeting on Saturday.”

Released and with penis wired, I sheepishly joined Brandy at the pool. Earrings, nipple rings, testicle rings, nose ring..., with the attached diamonds and bells my benefactress had thousands of dollars invested in my adornment and was quite proud. I too felt a certain appreciation..., like a well pampered show dog.

Dr. Stella joined us by the pool. She rarely did so, but the occasion served to remind me how attractive a woman she was. Brandy had obviously received the best of the available gene pools. Even in her early forties, Dr. Stella had not given one iota to the onslaught of the approaching middle aged years. She was trim with full breasts and a delightful curvature below her waist. Funny how being the object of such torments I had not before noticed.

I waited on the two women, bringing refreshments and fruit. Brandy seemed to enjoy basking in the sun, knowing by the sound of my bells that I was nearby. She was constantly sending me to fetch things. I suppose with the furtive oral service obviated by her Mother’s presence, it was an alternatively amusing way to spend the afternoon.

Later she took to throwing things to the bottom of the pool and demanding that I fetch them back. By the end of the afternoon I was quite well exercised. I enjoyed being of service.

Brandy had Pat drive me to the beauty parlor on the following Saturday morning. Though I had started to learn to drive while Mom was alive, Dr. Stella quickly curtailed any further lessons. For transportation I was dependent on being a passenger in Brandy’s yellow Ferrari or having Pat occasionally drive me on Brandy’s orders.

The girls at the parlor were nice in coiffing my hair and they adored my earrings and nose ring. Pat suggested, quite firmly, that I show them the rest. I demurred but was soon being relieved of my clothing. Dr. Stella had laid out the simplest of garments for the trip thus Pat had little difficulty stripping me so that the girls could examine the matching diamonds on nipple and testicle rings.

The bells also made an impression and the tinkling brought many smiles. One girl became somewhat giddy and began applying lipstick and rouge. Others joined in and Pat just stood by as my nipples were colored an alluring red to match my lips.

When finished, Pat picked up my shorts and shirt, the only garments I had, and walked to the side door.

“The limo’s in the alley, Tony. Come.”

I departed naked to the sound of ringing bells and laughing beauticians.

I was happy to be alone in the back of the limousine. The windows were deeply tinted. I felt myself strangely aroused by my experience of being exposed to so many unfamiliar women. I was shocked to look into a small vanity mirror mounted on the partition between driver’s seat and the passenger section. The girls had created a stunningly attractive dark skinned hermaphrodite. I became even more aroused and it hurt. Dr. Stella’s simple chastity piercing was admirably effective.

In arriving home, Nurse Annika greeted me. She was amazingly attractive without her starched white uniform. She was evidently invited to my party and had arrived early to assist.

“You look very pretty, Tony. To the office, now please. Brandy wants some minor modifications for your guests.”

My guests? I could truly reply that I did not know anyone.

But I had learned over the years that Nurse Annika did not make suggestions, only directives, and when she swatted my naked backside, the smack felt psychologically comforting on a day of great anxiety. I ran to the office area with bells ringing.

For some reason I just sat on the examining table and put my feet into the stirrups. There seemed to be no point in awaiting the command. Well spread with my genitals exposed was how the nurse and doctor preferred me. When Nurse Annika followed me with a large jewelry box she was pleased with my obedience.

“Just some decorative items for the party Tony. Expensive and somewhat delicate but I know you’ll be careful.”

The box contained many feet of fine golden chain among other items and I was heartened when Nurse Annika cut my thin infibulating wire.

“Don’t get excited. You’re to remain infibulated. Brandy wants something that’s more presentable that’s all.”

I indeed started to tumefy, as always. But experienced fingers stopped the reaction by gathering up my foreskin and threading a thin gold ring through the holes in my prepuce vacated by the wire. She pinched it closed with pliers.

Familiar fingers lubricated my rectum. I was heartened to see a regular butt plug appear, not inflatable and skilled fingers slid the stout ball of rubber well into me.

Then she removed several golden bands from the box.

She worked quickly, begging the question of how often she adorned a naked male with such trinkets. The circular bands opened and were placed around my ankles and thighs then snapped shut in a perfect fit. A large band encircled my waist and was likewise snapped closed. Then several sections of gold chain were unraveled and tiny hooks were used to attach the lengths to my rings and the newly attached bands. One length ran from right earring through the nose ring to the left earring. Another ran from right nipple ring through the nose ring to the left nipple ring. A third directly from right nipple ring to left. A fourth from right nipple ring through the new penis ring and back up to the left nipple ring. Another from the waist band through the penis ring and back up to the waist band. Then left scrotal ring to left thigh band. Likewise from right scrotal ring to right thigh band. Then right scrotal ring between my thighs, through a ring on the butt plug and between my buttocks to the rear of the waist band. Another from the left scrotal ring through the butt plug to the rear of the waist band.

All were decorative and, as Nurse Annika stated, in no way intended to restrain me. But the mirror reflected a naked body, bronzed through daily exposure to the sun, adorned with precious jewels and crisscrossed with foot after foot of fine golden chain.

Nurse Annika released me and I knew she was pleased. When I stood I felt sensuous tension on my testicles, penis, nipples, nose and ears and within my rectum. In short every imaginable erogenous zone.

“This one is functional, Tony. You’re going to have to walk carefully.”

A gold chain of considerable gauge was attached from right ankle band to left. It was only 18 inches long but strong. I was hobbled and the nurse laughed uproariously at my attempts to walk.

“You’re going to have a long day. Be careful carrying the hors d’oeuvres. And be silent”

She again slapped my posterior and directed me to the kitchen. There was much work to be done but each step I took was incredibly arousing. The gold infibulation ring was not as painful as the thin wire, but it still performed its function. My penis head was still entrapped. Tumescence was impossible despite all the sensuous sensations. And despite all the new faux restraints, my bells rang freely.

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