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Chapter Twenty

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Part Two

Brandy’s Story

Chapter Twenty

Shorty spent four more weeks at the ranch being indoctrinated to his new role of servant.

Melanie resumed visiting on weekends and she had come to so much enjoy the sight of a huge inflated scrotum that she insisted Mom continue to infuse him. With his newly shortened appendage, the inflated bag of pinkness just about made the remaining stub disappear, with only his new gold ring denoting that there was something left. Shorty was most humiliated.

Because of his alteration he no longer had to be blindfolded when serving around the pool and he flushed with embarrassment realizing that his minuscule penis and huge balloon like scrotum was the center of much female attention. For first time he was able to not only gaze at the sublime naked form of Melanie but that of Jackie, Pat and me also. This caused the little stub to rise with arousal and at his young age, with hormones flowing, his looks of lustful adoration were amusing.

I was aroused knowing he could do nothing to satisfy his desires other than to humbly lick and suck between Melanie’s fine thighs. All other gratification was taken by a woman’s skillful hand and sharp knife.

During the week Erma continued the painful swats applied to his testicles but also she and Pat began to teach Shorty how to be of service to a woman. With months of training and strengthening, his tongue was more than adequate. But Shorty was also taught massage, how to groom hair, apply nail polish, how to help a woman dress and most importantly..., bathing. There is nothing more relaxing for a girl than to have an altered subservient male assisting while spending idle time in an oversized tub of warm soothing water..., having trained hands gently cleansing the most intimate areas..., knowing that alteration precludes anything more than attention to the task at hand.

But it was the subsequent psychological counseling that was most critical.

The office I had installed for Dr. Ann’s good efforts was small, austere and just as with the boys’ tiny bedrooms, had a one way mirror. I could not stop myself from observing the initial session after the removal of a major portion of Shorty’s precious penis. Dr. Ann was so much in control and Shorty, having received a taste of our earnest efforts, was most humble.

I found a comfortable chair and decided to watch and listen while Dr. Ann plied her craft. Erma led the naked and gloved boy into the office. Dr. Ann, neatly dressed in a business suit, sat behind a modest desk.

“Good morning, Shorty. Erma, would you please see that he is properly seated..., and I believe the glove is no longer required.”

A simple stool rested some four feet in front of the desk..., simple except for one feature, a phallus of stainless steel protruding straight upwards from the center.

Erma guided Shorty’s naked backside to the waiting stool. It was evident that she had applied lubricant where Shorty would most need it for she lined up his buttocks and gruffly pulled downward on his glove. Shorty was instantly impaled with a look of helpless submission. Deft hands unbuckled the single length of leather and for the first time in months, other than during morning baths, Shorty’s hands and arms were freed.

“Spread your knees for me, hands on head.”

Erma left as I peered at our first alteration. Shorty’s two inch penis ended with the unremarkable smoothness of a small cigar, the gold ring serving to glimmer and call attention to an otherwise unnoticeable length of skin.

Dr. Ann smiled coyly as the steel plug performed its magic. Shorty’s truncated manhood slowly engorged and the sagacious psychologist merely sat and watched as Shorty squirmed with both the physical and mental discomfort.

“Something’s missing, Shorty. If you’ve lost something perhaps I can help you find it.”

Dr. Ann laughed unctuously with her sarcastic observation. Shorty bowed his head in shame.

“Tell me what happened. You have my permission to speak”

“Ms. Melanie had my thing cut off.”

“Not entirely, Shorty. I can still see a little of it. She very nicely left you with some. You should be grateful.”

Shorty nodded.

“Let’s see, there was something in the drawer here. Where was that?”

Dr. Ann slid open a small drawer and retrieved a glass jar. It contained what Mom had so meticulously removed. She casually waved it in front of Shorty.

“Is this it, Shorty? Is this what Melanie had cut off?”

Shorty looked at the jar with a combination of shock and remorse. I marveled at Dr. Ann’s ability to establish psychological control, callously brandishing what Shorty so much wished to stroke for one last time, the sensitive penis tip with its myriad of nerve endings. I so much admired the Doctor’s technique. Shorty humbly looked on as the dominant woman handled with aloofness what he once held as so precious.

“Not much to it, Shorty. It’s so small I think Melanie did you a favor. You can now concentrate on other things rather than thinking about sneaking your hand below your waist and toying with this. You’ll no longer have to waste time seeking your own pleasure. You can focus on Melanie’s..., unless of course you want to continue trying to masturbate.

“Would you like to try? Hmm. Want to show Dr. Ann how you play with yourself? Let’s see..., how long has it been.”

Manicured fingers flipped open a file.

“Yes, according to this you’ve been kept chaste here for over three months. Well with your hands finally freed and the cozy feeling of my special plug filling your bottom I bet you’d like to show off for me, wouldn’t you? A well trained boy sitting naked before a fully clothed grown woman..., the image must spur certain desires.”

Dr. Ann rose from behind the desk and retrieved a tube of lubricant from a cabinet.

“Give me your hand.”

Spoken softly but firmly, Shorty complied. She squeezed out a dollop of unguent and Shorty looked at his palm with apprehension.

“Go ahead. Show Dr. Ann what naughty boys like to do. You have my permission.”

I had to smile when Shorty, for the first time in months, grasped his manhood, or at least the abbreviated length that escaped Mom’s scalpel. He could barely get two fingers around it and of course there could be very little feeling in response. The sensitive portion sat on Dr. Ann’s desk seeming to peer back at him.

Dr. Ann stood over Shorty’s left shoulder gazing down as the boy fervently worked the desensitized stub. After months of chastity, with the lips of Johnny teasingly bringing him to erection for Erma’s entertainment and sessions of ‘penis control’, he so much wanted to bring himself to orgasm. The two inch shaft stood with the gold ring prominently displayed, but the look on Shorty’s face slowly turned to dejection as Dr. Ann’s became festive.

Shorty was discovering that with the removal of the tip of his penis went most of his nerve endings. It was obvious there was little satiation if any as his hand kept sliding off the end, not accustomed to the shortness of the shaft.

“What’s the matter Shorty? I would think you’d want to show off for me. Most boys enjoy the opportunity to be naughty.”

Dr. Ann snickered with her taunt. She then leaned over and sensually caressed Shorty’s left nipple while blowing into his left ear. Goose bumps formed but Shorty found his manipulation to be futile.

“I think you need some help.”

Dr. Ann retrieved a small remote control device from her pocket.

“This controls that plug upon which I had Miss Erma sit you. It can do many things and I’ve found that naughty boys take great pleasure in riding on it.”

She pressed with her thumb and Shorty jolted in surprise.

“Think about that Shorty. I can make something deeply inserted and pressing against your curious little male gland move for your enjoyment. So even with your hands free of the glove a woman can maintain control.

“Let’s see..., it can vibrate..., how about this?”

Her thumb pressed, changing the action of the device. Shorty stirred again.

“That makes it rotate and wriggle. Better?

“Maybe some heat?”

Another press and Dr. Ann paused to watch Shorty’s hand action increase.

“Yes, that seems to be to your liking.”

Dr. Ann moved to stand directly in front of Shorty, arms akimbo, leaving the heating device vibrating, rotating, and wriggling. The effect was obvious. Though Shorty had lost to the knife most of the dendrites needed to stimulate his pleasure center, the prostate gland embraced a new set of stimuli, courtesy of a stainless steel electronic dildo..., controlled by the dominant female psychologist.

“Well, well Shorty. I think I pressed the right buttons. Look at that hand of yours work!

“I trust you’re going to ejaculate for me. A nice big explosion of semen for Dr. Ann. Hmm. Show off that newly developed masculinity. Perhaps soil my skirt, Hmm?”

Shorty lowered his head in shame, but his hand did not stop. The hormones, built up after three months of chastity, mandated that Shorty work for release.

Dr. Ann reached to Shorty’s chin, pulling it upwards, forcing him to look directly into her eyes.

“Well if you want to come, then come. You not only have my permission, I want to see you unload all that nasty male essence that has been accumulating.

“Come for me.”

Dr. Ann’s demeanor and the tenor of her voice were exquisite, sounding like a young mother encouraging a toddler during potty training.

With her command, Shorty’s white goo began to ooze and drip to the carpet. With the removal of most of his penis, the various male parts needed for the climactic release of sperm were gone.

He could not ejaculate!

Dr. Ann laughed.

“That’s it? That’s all your going to do for me?”

A steady stream pusillanimously dripped to the carpet. Tears began to join the dribbles of Shorty’s male essence, Dr. Ann continuing to hold up his face to look directly into his weeping eyes.

It was obvious he had been anticipating for months the feeling of ecstasy that accompanies the release of semen. For the first time, Shorty realized that such sensitivity had been surgically removed. A dominant woman had taken that from him. He just drooled with very little sensation of pleasure.

“I think you’re better off participating in Melanie’s pleasure rather than attempting to experience your own, Shorty. It’s humiliating is it not, having your male organ drool like an infant at feeding time.”

Dr. Ann pressed some buttons, ending the mechanical assistance afforded by the clever metal plug.

She stepped to the desk and brought out a leather neck collar with a light chain attached.

“We’ll talk some more over the next few weeks. Meanwhile, the glove is no longer necessary but I want you to wear something for me.”

Dr. Ann attached the leather collar and clicked closed a lock. She drew the chain down and locked the end onto Shorty’s penis ring, holding the reddened, semi flaccid remnant upwards.

She stepped back to survey her efforts.

“It very nicely draws attention to your stub and highlights that marvelous scrotum, Shorty. At least you’ll look virile.”

That ended the session. I needed to find Tony and feel his tongue gather up the wetness that soaked my panties.

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