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Chapter Twenty Two

Part Two

Brandy’s Story

Chapter Twenty Two

We finished lunch and I took Madam Soong on a tour of our facilities. She was impressed with the deep correction room and very much approved of Erma’s selection of equipment. The padded whipping bench with broad fur lined cuffs and a thick waist belt drew her attention.

“Comfort is essential for good flagellation,” she noted. “The agony of the whip is so much better felt.”

She selected a nasty single tailed whip and with the simplest motion of her arm and wrist created an ear splitting crack. The wry smile reappeared.

“I’ll need to test aptitude before any final selection,” she hinted.

“The correction room will be at your disposal Madam Soong,” I replied, anticipating her request.

“I like the coolness that comes with the depth of the room and the thickness of the concrete. It provides a wonderful contrast during lengthy sessions, the cool air wafting over the heated skin. Makes the whip feel even hotter.”

I made a note to observe the Madam while she worked a boy. She seemed truly passionate about exercising her dominion over the male gender. I supposed that in a culture such as that in Chessu she was taught to use the whip at a very young age.

I next led her to the medical facility and she immediately appreciated the uses for the gynecological examination chair. She was amused to see a Gomco clamp which Mom kept handy for circumcisions.

“We prefer a more traumatic cut,” was her simple observation.

The dormer was the next. After morning exercise and tongue training Erma kept the boys isolated in their rooms. At Dr. Ann’s suggestion those not undergoing specific training such as Hector, were kept well bound and blindfolded in a rudimentary form of sensory deprivation.

“They’ll be so much happier when a girl selects them and individualized training begins,” explained the gifted psychologist.

And over the months I found her to be correct. Whenever I lined up my naked herd for selection each was begging to be chosen in order to end the daily monotony.

The one way mirrors allowed Madam Soong to peer into each room and visually examine the boys. We were nearly at full capacity with ten boys and I was expecting three clients to visit for the weekend. Business was good.

She came to the masturbator’s room and paused.

“He’s old.”

The randy lad had not ‘entertained’ in weeks and Erma had him hogtied and lying on the floor blindfolded, as stated. With his ankles cuffed and drawn up to the back of his waist, the size of his organs were not only accentuated but he laid with an enormous erection pointing directly at the one way glass. The masturbator had grown over the months and his penis was some seven to eight inches. Whenever Erma harnessed him for prandial amusement, he climaxed like a cannon shot.

“I’d like to work him tonight..., in the correction room. He could be a good worker depending on his proclivity for the whip.”

Madam politely looked over the entire herd, then Erma appeared leading Hector. Her left hand held the leash and her right bore a thin cane. She was tapping his dangling testicles with the tip as Hector crawled on all fours, encouraging proper deportment, to which Hector responded with alacrity. His penis was partially erect, as was becoming his reaction when being led about on a leash by the female gender.

Again Madam displayed one of her rare smiles. I quickly explained that Hector had been purchased and was in a long range training program for one of our clients.

“Very encouraging to see that a girl in this country has the proper attitude towards males.”

Erma stopped and I introduced Madam Soong. As we chatted the regal Asian leaned down and the slim but strong hands gathered up Hector’s reddened free hanging scrotum. She palmed the sizable eggs then kneaded with her thumb..., as I had seen Mom and Nurse Annika do so many times.

“He’s good sized. Thick with well developed sperm ducts.”

Her fingers slid upwards and brushed the perineum.

“The prostate is swollen. It’s good to see you’ve kept him chaste.”

I leaned over and turned my head to see that Hector’s penis began to harden even more with the brusque examination. He flushed with the embarrassment of having his precious parts examined by unknown fingers.

“But he’s intact. Any planned alterations?”

I tactfully led Madam Soong away before replying, not wanting Hector to know that his days as a normally functioning male were numbered. When I detailed Jackie’s plans for her toy Madam Soong had an interesting reaction.

“The women of Chessu prefer artificial insemination to penetration by the male phallus. But I suppose as long as your client is in control it can be an acceptable form of gratification.”

We strolled to the stables as Madam, seemingly mellowed by the warmth that the ranch offered to the dominant female, waxed about life in Chessu. How the aging Emperor was the progenitor for all offspring, in his youth giving up his seed to daily masturbation by a bevy of specially trained servants selected by the Empress. How in old age the young Empress laughed as the penis of the only functioning male in the region struggled to tumefy. She described the special procedures utilized to procure sperm from a reluctant subjugated septuagenarian..., to be stored for the insemination of Chessu’s females.

“The Empress has been fervent in developing a large inventory. If the Emperor were to die today she has enough of his essence to inseminate every nubile female in Chessu for several years.”

Her fascinating oratory was interrupted by Dolly. Energetic as always, she greeted us as we approached the door to the stables. It was my turn to speak. I explained Dolly’s training and her important function at The Anguished E.

“I must participate in tomorrow’s run,” Madam Soong suggested as we paused near my latest acquisition.., a tall white stallion which Jackie enjoyed riding with a large phallus attached to the special saddle.

“Would you mind if I donated some equipment to your endeavors. In selecting boys, I’ll need to test strength, stamina and, as stated, reaction to the whip. It won’t take up much space and I think some of your clients will also find interest.”

My own interest was piqued, but I just nodded not wishing to appear too exuberant.

We proceeded to the pool area. As I expected, Madam Soong was not the type to spend idle time basking in the sun, whether or not being serviced by a subservient male.

“Other than an invigorating ride, you’ll find that my time is best spent in the correction room.”

Our tour ended. We had talked for hours and the cocktail hour approached. I suggested that Champagne would be served at 5:00 p.m. knowing that Madam Soong would want to shower and change.

“Johnnie is fully trained to assist in the boudoir. You’ll find him to be most obedient.”

After making some phone calls, I too retreated for a shower and change and rang for Tony. Listening to Madam Soong describe life in Chessu, for a good portion of the afternoon my mind had been envisioning deliciously arousing scenes of an entire female dominant society. When I disrobed the scent from my damp panties seemed overwhelming. Tony entered as I stepped out of the last of my garments and my mind flashed to nature films of a bear detecting the smell of food.

I snapped my fingers and pointed toward one of my favorite chairs. Tony knew to close the door and kneel as demanded. He stared intently at my nakedness. I suppose the many adolescent years of lying blindfolded, serving me orally yet denied the opportunity to gaze at the object of his desires, caused the exaggerated reaction.

Now at the ranch he was permitted to view the most beautiful women in the country not only in complete undress but engaging in the most sordid of sexual activities. Yet, he seemed to prefer gaping at me. He looked at me with a curious combination of lust and beseeching..., knowing that I had the power to remove the horrid cruel wire.

But I never did.

I suppose I had become even more calloused since founding the ranch. Whereas I used to enjoy watching him stand for me, with my herd of prepubescent boys constantly displaying cute erections, I had come to leave Tony’s penis permanently entrapped, I suppose not only jaded by the years of watching it tumefy, but also thrilled with my power to keep it imprisoned.

I sat in my chair, lifted my right leg and draped it over the arm of the chair. My scent filled the room and without hesitation Tony gently reached out, spread my outer labia then leaned forward and began.

I had come to find great irony in his muffled groans of anguish. He could never help but become aroused in my presence, particularly when serving my naked wore shorn sex. Thus the sensitive glans would partially engorge and test the tightness of the thin infibulating wire. The agony would cause him to moan which in turn heightened my enjoyment, not only savoring the knowledge that Tony felt delicious pain while I felt pleasure, but also due to the very physical sensation the stifled sounds caused, the vibrations of his voice box transferring from his lips and tongue to my inner labia and clitoris.

So although he violated the ranch’s rule of complete silence for all things male, I never specifically admonished him, instead soaking up the grunts and groans as I would the sensations of a vibrator.

As trained, he lapped away at my right labia, then left, then right, alternating and taking in my wetness. I leaned back, listening to his bells rings and absorbing the pleasure and the power. His tongue began to penetrate, thrusting deeply.., its strength over the years having developed to that of a firm penis, except the trained appendage was much more adroit..., wriggling deliciously and scooping up all it found. Tony’s tongue had grown long and he knew, after slithering it about my vagina, to begin a quick thrusting motion replicating the action of a penetrating phallus. This always turned my organ to a river and Tony knew to take in every drop.

Then his face moved a little higher and I knew to grasp his head. His lips wrapped around my clitoral hood and sucked. My little bud seemed to explode, quick clitoral orgasms causing oscillations which joined the deep vaginal throbs.

And to think it all came from my own kept male.., my plaything..., pierced at my behest..., kept forcibly chaste by my hand..., naked and made to display the jewelry of my choosing.

As the orgasms rolled my hands twisted into Tony’s shoulder length hair. His tongue seemed to become longer and stronger and his lips sucked relentlessly. Over the years Tony fought for my orgasm more than I did, knowing that it was the only one he could experience.

I climaxed, feeling my ejaculate stream forth and feeling Tony dutifully take it all in, like a starving man kneeling before a feast, attentively ensuring that the smallest of crumbs did not escape.

He knew to pause. Trained to remain motionless and not touch my incredibly sensitive clitoris, enlarged with every nerve awakened by the pleasant ordeal. His lips remained surrounding my hood, but like a trained dog he awaited my signal, breathing very slowly so that I could not even feel his breath.

After several minutes I opened my eyes and tapped his head. The shaft of Tony’s penis was stiffened and the engorged tip, thrusting itself against the thin wire, appearing comically deformed. Fluid streamed downward and coated his restrained scrotum.

In my younger years, I would clip his elbow rings together and snip the wire, granting him a modicum of relief. But no longer. Tony would have to learn control.

“I’ll have Johnnie bring in some ice tonight. Your prostate needs stimulation.”

We showered together. Tony sensually applying fragrant soap to my entire body, he treated my satiated genitalia as if his..., the chaste male offering every consideration in hopes for relief.

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