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Low on Ammo, drawing from reserves

I posted this story many years ago on the Eunuch Archive. The age interaction made it unpublishable.

I apologize to those who have before read it.

If acceptable I will post more. So let me know.


The Anguished E

Copyright 2002

by Chris Bellows

Part One

Tony’s Story

Chapter One

As convenient as it was to have a doctor living next door before my father died, the presence of Dr. Stella Robertson later came as a great relief to Mom after Dad was gone. By necessity I spent endless hours at Dr. Stella’s house. For though Dad had left behind a beautiful house and some life insurance, Mom found she needed to work in order to pay the bills and ensure I could eventually go to college. In so doing I was not to be left on my own after school and thus returned each day to Dr. Stella’s house where along with her Nurse Annika there was more than adequate adult supervision.

And..., there was Brandy.

Dr. Stella’s daughter was three years older than I. Even at age 12 she was attractive in an adult sort of way and everyone seemed to recognize the potential of the budding beauty. Blonde with blue eyes, the attention she received from admiring adults became somewhat disconcerting to me over time. As much as I liked Brandy, loved her I suppose, standing to the side and listening to all the ingratiating comments and compliments while I was completely ignored gave rise to some degree of irritation, and I guess an odd level of envy.

Even boys need some form of attention.

Our initial introductions to Dr. Stella’s patients seemed to become repetitive over time. After minutes of exchanging hyperboles concerning Brandy’s pulchritude, Dr. Stella would nod and suggest that indeed Brandy had done some modeling and there was more to come.

“I am told the call backs are the important indicator, and Brandy always gets called back.”

Then as an aside, Dr. Stella would turn and introduce me. The dark skinned ‘boy next door’.

“This is Tony. We watch over him while his Mom works.”

She was gracious and as a proud mother did not realize the slight that I felt. And since I was shy I just smiled at the visitor and politely said hello.

Occasionally, there would be a tangential comment about my coloring.

“He’s nicely tanned,” a patient would aphoristically observe, sometimes with a sarcastic snicker.

Dad was from Morocco. Mom’s family emigrated years before from Mexico. So with much time spent frolicking about Dr. Stella’s pool, the sun triggered the genealogical pigmentation of my skin and turned it to a rich golden brown. And when standing near the alabaster Brandy, it was quite a contrast, spurring the comments, whether well intended or not.

Though I was only 9, I remember thinking to myself, ‘if the visitor only knew that the tan covered every inch of my young body’.

Yes, when lounging about the pool bathing attire was deemed superfluous by Nurse Annika. Completely surrounded by Dr. Stella’s sprawling ranch style house, the pool was secluded from the prying eyes of neighbors, and well away from the office area where patients came and went.

So the Swedish nurse, with a cynical attitude toward the puritanically American de rigeur for covering, directed that I would sun bathe completely nude.

But not Brandy, of course. She wore very fashionable bathing suits and was carefully coated with the strongest of sun screening.

“The modeling agency insists, Annika. Brandy’s coloring should not change between assignments,” directed Dr. Stella.

So every afternoon after school I reported to Dr. Stella’s home and office, where invariably the California sun afforded another opportunity to romp about the pool. Nurse Annika escorted me to an examination room. There she assisted me in undressing, clutched my clothing and after a firm but playful slap to my buttocks sent me scampering to the pool. Meanwhile, Dr. Stella put Brandy into her bathing suit and assured that the sun protection was adequately applied.

In the first few weeks of Dr. Stella’s ‘day care’ I learned there was an ulterior motive to Nurse Annika’s insistence that she take control of my clothing. One afternoon coming indoors for a drink I overheard a brief telephone conversation between Nurse Annika and my Mom.

“Don’t worry Mrs. Fatiqua, when you get home Tony will be here. He has every reason to stay near the pool and not wander off anywhere,” the nurse explained, stifling a laugh.

How true. Nurse Annika had my clothes! Lest I parade about the neighborhood naked, I was destined to play around the pool. But with Brandy as a companion, I was not wont to leave.

It is interesting to reflect back on how a twelve year old girl interacted with a naked nine year old boy. Initially, Brandy was oblivious to my body with its ‘strange’ dangling male part. I suppose she was beforehand counseled by her mother about proper deportment. But over time, realizing that we were left alone while Dr. Stella and Nurse Annika tended to patients, her curiosity overcame her and many times she stared and giggled.

I blushed. It was not fair to be so exposed to her but she not to me. But the ostensible unfairness was mitigated by the pleasing warmth of the California sun on my completely exposed flesh and the delight of being proximate to this budding young ‘starlet’ whose perfection I came to esteem more and more each day.

In hindsight, I believe a young Brandy had before been exposed to the adult male genitals, perhaps to Dr. Stella’s ex husband as he exited the shower or took a late night skinny deep in the pool. For many times as she stared below my waist she seemed to be comparing me to another of the male gender, asking why my uncircumcised penis pointed like a pencil and where my jewels were.

Yes, that’s how she referred to my undeveloped gonads, at that age still tightly encased in a puff of skin below my penis and practically invisible.

One day she became insistent and being naive, I lifted my sun darkened appendage to show her that the ‘jewels’ were indeed there, just hard to find.

This brought much giggling and a taunt that she still couldn’t see them.

“Let me feel,” she challenged.

Well, I had been exposed to her daily for many weeks. What harm could there be?

And I would postulate that even at age 9 the touch of soft feminine hands had a certain enchantment. And so before I could formulate an objection, I guess I let Brandy’s young hands reach out, her left lifting the thin and pencil pointed penis and the fingers of her right brushing the soft scrotal sac to feel the ‘two peas in their pod’, as she girlishly described my precious parts.

Her demeanor was that of a child petting a cat or dog. And in reflection, I suppose that had that in fact been the case, I would be purring or wagging my tail. Her fingers felt good, not only on my sensitive hidden scrotum but also on my prepuce which inadvertently slid about as she held it upwards.

I felt a certain twinge. I recall it as my first erotic sensation. And as opposed to most youths who discover such a feeling in early forms of masturbation, mine came at the hands of a beautiful yet prepubescent girl.

Brandy released my organs, but my penis began to engorge just as it sometimes did when I awoke in the morning. My dark brown foreskin began to draw back and the pink and moist head peeked out and shone shockingly in contrast to my sun baked shaft.

Brandy stepped back, in mock surprise.

“So that’s where it hides.”

Yes, the mature looking 12 year old blonde had definitely been exposed to other phalli, and years later in recollecting her initial ‘introduction’ to my little appendage, I realized that unlike mine those she had previously seen were circumcised.

Well reader, that started a game. For some reason, as young and naive as we were, we knew to conceal our interaction from nurse and doctor. So without their knowledge we played about on many afternoons. Brandy was constantly requesting, probably more demanding, to see if my ‘two peas’ were becoming easier to find. And that started my tumescence. My young shaft would begin to point with the pink tip exposing itself to the bright California sun.

Brandy was mesmerized by the process of male arousal and she developed a rather precocious sense of timing. She was able to bring me to erection when she knew her mom and Nurse Annika to be involved with a patient and somehow was able to anticipate the timing of the two or three daily trips the tall blonde nurse made to check on us or to bring lemonade or snacks.

That’s when she assertively suggested that I jump into the pool. I did not need to hear her command twice, wishing to avoid the ire of the demanding Swede.

We inherently understood that in the mind of the stern Scandinavian, nudity was one thing..., immodest youthful exploration something completely different.

Our surreptitious play continued for a few months with Brandy finding great joy in watching me walk about the pool with a tiny erection, though it certainly did not feel tiny to me. The brown shaft tipped in moist pink, sometimes turning purple if Brandy’s examination was extensive, was a source of wonderment for a girl rapidly approaching puberty. And her search for my ‘peas’ sometimes took several minutes if Brandy was in a devilish mood and her mom and Nurse Annika were known to be engaged in a complicated procedure.

My curiosity was not to be satisfied in reciprocation. We rode a one way street with Brandy in the driver’s seat. Every time I suggested looking at her hidden charms I was denied.

“No Tony. Good girls don’t do that,” she admonished.

Then I think Brandy attended some basic courses at school concerning male anatomy and reproduction. Those where girls are imparted at a young age with the concerns of pregnancy, for I became a walking specimen upon which she was learning. Meanwhile my requests to see what was under the skimpy triangle of cloth between her thighs, or peer at the perky bumps resting atop growing mounds on her chest, were turned down with growing annoyance.

“If you ask again, I’m going to tell Nurse Annika that you’re running about the pool with your thing sticking out.”

Well that was enough of a threat to temper any thoughts about seeing Brandy’s charms. Nurse Annika had special punishments for boys she deemed ‘naughty’. And over the months I experienced more than my share of incredibly filling enemas for minor infractions of the rules, such as splashing or being noisy. I could not imagine the giant nurse’s reaction and my punishment if she were made aware of our sordid game, though I was never the instigator.

Thus the unfairness mounted. Brandy became more aggressive with her examinations, her fingers massaging my testicles and pulling them downward in a futile attempt to make my manliness blossom quicker. She was more insistent concerning my constant state of turgidness, laughing as the organ stiffened under her touch. She became menacing and often, fully understanding my fear of Nurse Annika, used veiled threats to ensure my compliance, i.e. firm erection, with her whim to watch me shamefully walk about aroused.

And meanwhile, each day she seemed to become more beautiful, developing a radiance that was more that of a woman than a girl. Her breasts become larger and rounder and what she could not deny me was a view of buttocks that were exquisite, though frustratingly covered in bathing attire.

She was devious, astute, and stopped at nothing to develop a peculiar form control over me. She understood that threats would only be effective for so long. So she sagaciously decided to turn me over to Nurse Annika for no other reason than to demonstrate she could do it..., to have me punished at her caprice.

If I recall correctly it was some two years after our daily anatomical dalliances began. Brandy was exiting the pool and the cool water caused her nipples to crinkle underneath a thin and wet bikini top. I stared in wonderment. She was truly beautiful and though she commanded me to stay erect while she swam, I believe her order was not needed. The sight of her breasts, perfectly outlined by their tight confinement, would have had me standing. I did not realize it but I too was developing sexually.

She caught the direction of my intense gaze and smiled with a degree of evilness that made me cower.

“That will cost you.”

She reached down with her right hand and simply diddled the underside of my erect penis. She seemed to know that the small spot, the frenum, was the most sensitive of male erogenous zones and within a minute my penis tip turned purple. I had grown over the year and looked down in amazement to see that her manipulation caused it to rise straight upwards almost to my navel. She looked directly into my eyes while she worked and I just stood there in awe not only of her blossoming beauty, but her growing power and enjoyment thereof.

Then her sense of timing was once again demonstrated. She stepped back, pulled my erection downward then released it to thump up against abdomen...., just as Nurse Annika stepped out of the house with a tray of lemonade. She stepped further back and splashed noisily into the pool, the sound drawing the unwanted attention of the nurse.

The large blond, in her starched white uniform with the obligatory cap, looked up to see me standing with an ‘enormous’ erection looking down at the idol of the household, the ravishing ingenue Brandy, swimming with feigned innocence.

I thought the unexpected scene would bring forth a scream of shock. A verbal reproach of disgust. Perhaps even a firm cuffing.

Instead, Nurse Annika placed the tray on a nearby table and wriggled her finger, motioning for me to come to her.

My fear, my excitement, my embarrassment, would not allow my erection to subside! I had to cross the concrete decking, sheepishly feeling my erect manhood bob with each step, apparently putting on quite the show for the irrate Nurse Annika.

“You’re getting older, Tony. With age boys need to develop discipline and restraint.”

She was smiling. But it was the same smile of diabolism exhibited by the devious Brandy.

“I think I can help you. The Doctor’s last appointment cancelled.”

I shuddered. The nurse’s prior punishments were truncated by the need to tend to medical duties. Now it was the end of the day. The Nurse seemed amused by my realization that I was a very delicate fly that had firmly entangled itself in a spider’s web.

“If you like looking like that, showing yourself off to girls, we have ways of making it even more enjoyable...., come.”

I would not become flaccid. What was happening? The adrenaline? The fear? The embarrassment?

I stayed erect for the entire walk through the house to the wing containing Dr. Stella’s office facilities. She took me to an examining room and I found myself helpless to resist as she drew my hands behind my back and wrapped rubber tubing about my wrists, securing them togther. Then it was up onto a gynecological table where large, powerful but strangely sensuous hands examined my testicles and my still erect penis.

“Yes, Tony you’re becoming a man. Something normally to be celebrated, except we can’t have you bothering Brandy. She’s special you know.”

As Nurse Annika spoke I flushed with my tumefied state. Her hands were quite experienced and she herself was a handsome woman, though she made every attempt to hide her femininity under the plain uniform.

She placed my feet in stirrups and snapped on latex gloves. What followed was the most incredibly humiliating experience of my young life. Nurse Annika gave me a thorough prostate examination, probing with first one finger and then two well into my tight rectum.

She actual made my penis bob by pressuring areas she knew to effect my turgid manhood. This brought laughter from her, and a strange liquid from my urethral opening.

“Yes. You’re developing, Tony. We’ll have to keep an eye on you.”

She withdrew her fingers and stepped away. Returning, I felt her insert something into my anus. It was very tight and incredibly I heard the sound of air and felt the large object grow!

To my chagrin, I was to become all too familiar with the inflatable butt plug during my formative years. But the first time, the penetrating object felt both amazingly foreign and strangely arousing.

“Go back and join Brandy. No swimming.”

With plug in place, she released my feet from the stirrups. When I stood she slapped my buttocks with great force which seemed to harden my erection. I ran from the room to the pool area, penis wagging from side to side with each step.

A smiling Brandy was beside herself with not only my state of forced turgidness, but my complete helplessness with wrists secured.

The butt plug pressured my underutilized prostate gland and kept me not only erect, but leaking this stuff I had never before seen.

Brandy toyed with my testicles endlessly, fascinated by the slow stream of pre-ejaculatory fluid.

It was a long afternoon until Mom arrived home.


wistan said...

I'm intrigued by he way you break taboos. For instance using children; is it that you like the image of kids as sexual objects, or is it the breaking of the taboo itself which you like?

Chris Bellows said...


Just picked up your comment.

Two elements when I occasionally have characters under 18.

One, much of our sexuality is developed very early in life. No one turns 18 then suddenly experiences the propensities/penchants of D/s or any other sexual aberrance. Therefore I sometimes find it necessary in character development, depending on the story line, to begin my story early in life. Brandy, for example, grew up 'spoiled', a little Princess, this transferred to her sexuality... as did Tony's desire/need to serve his idol.

Same in 'Billie and Mary', character development at under 18.

Two, yes I do enjoy the shock element and I hope it entertains. But keep in mind that no one dies (rarely?) in a Chris Bellows story. I find it ironic that murder mysteries are probably the best selling genre of fiction. How many under 18 are subjected to macabre in best selling crime novels? Society finds that OK. Just don't have the characters engage in sex!

Only about 10-20% of what I have ever written appears on this blog. (I estimate I have well over 2,000,000 words of published stuff at this writing) And, in general, the blog material is the stuff that is outside the publishing standards of the erotic publishers (such are no bestiality, no incest, no under 18). So the sampling here is skewed. This is where the banned stuff finds a home.

Sorry for the delayed response and thank you for the input.



wistan said...

Thanks for the response. I do enjoy the element of taboo breaking myself... I read Mademoiselle Rules and A Woman's Revenge recently, and I very much enjoyed the idea of a woman Dominating her own son in such a blatantly sexual way. It's the last thing I'd ever have wanted to happen to me in real life, yet I find such fantasies do have a strong appeal to me.

Just out of curiosity, are there places where you would never go, or do you feel anything is open for exploration?