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Chapter Eight

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The Anguished E

Tony’s Story

Chapter Eight

I went to the kitchen with the intention of preparing food. I was surprised to see a staff of caterers busy unwrapping trays of canapes, cold seafood and the largest pile of cracked crab imaginable.

“This must the serving girl,” exclaimed a large Teutonic woman. Then she spied my flaccid penis, the chains holding it upwards so it pointed to the ceiling. She laughed.

“Another California party,” she gushed to a nearby cohort.

“Here girl,” she commanded with sarcasm. “The guests are arriving and we’re told only you are to serve. Get busy!”

I shuffled forward feeling the various tugs on nipples, nose, penis and gonads. She handed me a tray.

“Hurry back,” she laughed again, fully cognizant of the limits to any attempts at celerity.

My bare feet padded to the poolside door, small steps dictated by the short chain. The door swung open and I faced Brandy. She was ravishing..., so casual yet so stylish..., her hair pulled back and wearing a halter top of material so thin that her breasts were perfectly outlined. Her arms and shoulders were bare, accentuating breasts so firm they seemed to be sculpted from marble. Her stomach was uncovered and below she wore a flowing diaphanous skirt that reached her ankles. The sunlight revealed that beneath was a bikini bottom of the same material as her halter and as brief as the one she had worn on that day swimming with Pat. She had once again been bestowed with a garment of high fashion. Her reputation was such that designers freely parted with the most expensive of attire just to have her wear it at social gatherings.

I stood naked..., chained..., infibulated..., and ready to serve food.

I blushed before the woman of my fantasies.

“Oh Tony. You look so pretty..., but you must begin to circulate. People are hungry and eager to meet the new graduate.”

I always felt humbled when Brandy stooped to speak to me. Being effeminately coiffed and adorned with jewelry designed for no other purpose than to highlight my subservient status, my self esteem sunk to new levels.

I couldn’t find words to reply. Instead I carefully stepped out as Brandy held the door. Around the pool were a dozen people of all ages and genders. It was going to be a trying day.

Most of the small crowd collectively turned their heads as I crossed the concrete decking. Nurse Annika had me sun bathing every day for the past week. My skin was an especially golden brown and beautifully complemented all the gold chains and jewelry. My sparkling diamonds and coiffed hair suggested the presence of an alluring young girl. My flaccid and ringed penis suggested otherwise.

Those that did not initially look my way did so when my little bells began to ring. I suppose they expected to see a dog or cat.

I began to tumefy. The attention caused arousal and I felt a strange combination of both pride and humiliation with all the eyes peering at me. Pride in pleasing Brandy by displaying her jewelry. Humiliation is being exposed before so many unknown people.

Dr. Stella stood dressed in a similarly informal but fashionable garment designed for pool parties, the lower portion to be removed for swimming. She was speaking to a man and a woman and called to me. I obediently shuffled her way at the far end of the pool.

The gold ring which replaced the infibulation wire was much less painful and permitted an interesting degree stiffness. I felt my penis become partially erect. I held the tray away from me and looked down to see that the ring was not tight enough to completely trap my glans within the foreskin. Telltale pinkness shown. By the time I reached Dr. Stella, the effect of all the rings and chains on numerous erogenous areas and the pressure of the butt plug had my prostatic fluid flowing.

Nurse Annika had not massaged my prostate in over a week. I thought it was unusual until I realized how wickedly deviant it was for the women to display me while I slowly leaked male essence.

“Tony this is Dr. Ann Simpson, the noted psychologist and her husband Tom. Tony has just graduated high school, Ann and he’s been a wonderful helper around the house over the past year. We’re not completely sure what we’ll have him doing next year. As you can see he’s become rather devoted to Brandy and she’s nicely bought him some jewelry.”

This Doctor Ann stared at me, seeming to both psycho-analyze and enjoy the sight of a feminized and thoroughly submissive male.

After a moment she smiled.

“You look charming, Tony,” she finally commented, reaching for a shrimp. “How do you feel, trussed in such fine bondage. Are you anally plugged, too? So many denied young males enjoy the delights of having the prostate gland manipulated. I’m told chastity serves to accentuate its sensitivity.”

Her smile turned devilish. When she noticed my blushing she laughed.

“You’ve kept his skin nicely colored, Stella. Have you had him whipped? I would think it would be quite a sight and in my experience they become delightfully humble afterwards.

“But I would not suggest it too often. He may learn to enjoy it..., and that would not do.”

She laughed again. I remained silent as Nurse Annika had commanded. Again, I learned over the years that suggestions at Dr. Stella’s house were more than suggestions.

“He has shown a certain penchant for pain, Ann. He tumefies with every piercing.”

Dr. Stella also took a shrimp and I found myself curtsying which brought smiles from the three.

“Follow me, Tony.”

The handsome Dr. Stella moved to a more mature gentlemen speaking to Nurse Annika. I rapidly moved my feet to keep up with her and arrived as the Doctor turned around with a sweeping gesture of her left arm.

“Judge, this is Tony. You signed his papers appointing me as his guardian.”

The white haired gentleman tried to disguise his interest in the sight of a naked subservient male. But one could tell, in his younger days the rakish jurist had an eye for young males.

For a moment he examined me over the top of half lense reading glasses then pulled off the spectacles to more fully inspect. He seemed to recognize Nurse Annika’s handiwork.

“Most fascinating. Have you thought about making the adornments permanent? This is Southern California, after all. The vanilla world would hardly notice.”

He laughed as if making a joke. Dr. Stella and Nurse Annika did not join him. Instead a smiling Doctor responded with a tone of sincerity that raised my concern.

“Funny you should bring up that subject, your honor. Tony will be eighteen next month and under your court order will no longer be my ward. In view of his proclivities, perhaps you would reconsider the matter if I presented a formal petition. Dr. Simpson is working on a psychological profile that will support my recommendation.”

The Judge took a sip from his drink, reached to the gold chain running from my nose ring to my nipple rings. He gently pulled up and down with his fingers. His action diddled my nipples and also served to tension the chain leading from my nipple rings to my penis. I quivered with the unexpected pleasure. Such wicked adornments!

He smiled.

“Your petition will receive my fullest attention. But if I may suggest, isn’t Brandy 21. And though young, she certainly has the financial resources to shepard a ward.”

Dr. Stella nodded in thought then we moved onwards to a tall black woman and her young white companion.

I found the Judge’s comments to be ominously intriguing but concentrated on my footwork.

The woman and girl had just arrived. The woman was in her thirties and attired in a light blouse and short pleated skirt. In her right hand was a leash leading to the polished steel neck collar of her young companion. The girl wore a kimono but her arms were not to be seen.

“Good afternoon, Erma. And how is Johnnie?”


Erma turned and with the rapid motion of a powerful hand slipped off the kimono. ‘Johnnie’ was naked underneath except for a broad steel waist band and crouch piece that matched his neck collar. The bright piece of steel was custom fitted and disappeared between ‘his’ thighs. ‘Johnnie’ had breasts! Small mounds with perky nipples. His hair was shorter than mine but much more elegantly styled. And someone had spent hours on his make up. ‘Johnnie’ appeared to be an incredibly pretty girl.

Erma unhooked the leash.

“See if anyone wants to be serviced,” she sharply commanded.

As the boy scampered toward the Judge I noticed his arms were encased behind his back in a single patent leather glove. His buttocks were exposed and a metal piece ran between his cheeks up to the rear of the shining waist belt, obviously serving to lock in place the formidable band of steel and pierce covering his crouch.

Erma watched the Judge greet the ‘boy’ with an enthusiastic smile than turned to Dr. Stella.

“He’s adapting very well. His breasts are growing with the hormones and he’s stopped complaining about being belted. As you can see I have not had to cane him in a week.

“And the longer he’s kept chaste, the more tactile his tongue becomes. Doctor Ann has always postulated that with proper training the sex drive of the chaste male can be redirected to achieve a woman’s ultimate satisfaction. As usual she is correct.”

“Bring him in for a checkup next week if you’d like, Erma. You know Annika is very good about these situations. And there are male glands that need attention..., by the way this is Tony.”

I again inadvertently curtsied while I extended the tray. Erma looked at me sternly.

“I like the jewelry. Brandy’s creation?”

“Yes, she been watching those Roman slave movies again.”

Both women laughed.

Dr. Stella directed me to serve others while she and Erma continued their conversation. While shuffling from group to group I noticed that the Judge was walking Johnnie to the kitchen door utilizing the top of his single glove as a handle.

Later, Pat arrived bringing with her a bevy of Brandy’s friends from the fashion business. All young, pretty and wearing the skimpiest of bathing attire. Compliments abounded, most delivered to Brandy about my bejeweled naked body.

“So decadently subservient,” observed one of the older girls as she took the time to tenderly swab away my pre ejaculatory fluid with a cocktail napkin.

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