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A Boy's Transformation - Published on Lulu

For ease of reading, I have published the entire story on Lulu. Price $6.50. 

A Boy's Transformation - XLI

This ends the story for now. There may be sequels.


"Time to rearrange your room, Brandy," Miss Katie declares with a smug smile.

Charged with supervision of the hermaphroditic household servant, Miss Katie takes Brandy by the hand. Sister Evelyn has prettified as on every afternoon. And Brandy will be given a reprieve from the exhausting hours of dance and stretching under sister Joan.

Climbing the stairs, the bells attached to Brandy’s boy pussy ring sonorously, bringing another smile from Miss Katie.

"You’ve got a lot of stuff in there you’ll no longer need. Have to make more room for stuff I think you’ll enjoy more."

The bedroom door yields to the key of the Medco lock. Brandy enters, alarmed to see the bed has been removed, further alarmed to note there has been some ‘redecoration’.

"You like the panorama?"

Brandy is both horrified and intrigued in gaping at new wall decorations. Someone has taken the time to unbind his many issues of ‘Girls in Distress’ magazine. Framed, the many full page photographs have been mounted on the walls. Much time, much effort, Brandy’s bedroom is now a gallery of smutty photos... girls... limited attire... all in bindings or about to be bound... many in suggestive poses... all hinting of, if not outright evidencing, sadomasochistic endeavors.

"We need to rid of much stuff, Brandy. Make more room. You see this girl here... straddling a horse, wrists and ankles bound to the legs, her little butt begging for attention?" Miss Katie leading to a lurid full page photo of a young girl about to undergo a paddling.

Brandy nods.

"Well I have acquired a padded horse just like it... to be placed here in your room."

Brandy quakes. Miss Katie smiles in noting the reaction... a quiver of dread... fear... or a quiver of excitement? Of arousal?

"And I’m sure this one has been particularly stimulating for you," Miss Katie taking Brandy’s hand and stepping to the right.

Within a frame of wood, a girl dangles. Donning the elaborate rope bindings of Shibari, hogtied, she helplessly hangs from a single thick cord, unseen feet and hands secured behind her back, appearing almost comfortable as the envisioned long and slow torment of suspension bondage begins.

"This one I am sure brought forth many furtive strokes of your little penis," Miss Katie mocks, pausing to let Brandy excogitate.

Ironically it did, a somber Brandy recalls. Miss Katie seems to be so much aware of the nature of his former sexuality.

"And this one...soooo nasty," stepping again to the right.

Brandy peers anew. A particularly buxom girl, wrists tightly secured behind her back, forcing a most prominent display of her breasts, has been garnished with clothes pins about her torso. Brandy knows it to be the ultimate picture in a montage, photos snapped one after another as an unseen hand slowly applied pin after pin, culminating with excruciating, judging from the girl’s face, clothes pins to the nipples...

"You’ll count thirty photos, Brandy. Spent lots of money getting them framed for you. Also spent lots for equipment. Every item of bondage depicted in these photos I have acquired and will be accessed here... in your former bedroom. So each day of the month, after you’re finished with the household chores, you’ll be placed in equivalent distress. Yes lots of rope, benches, wooden frames, chairs... the clothes pins were easy... and certainly not to be overlooked," Miss Katie reaching to tweak a pink ribboned breast.

Brandy squeals, the commanding touch bringing delight despite the introduction of such disquieting thoughts.

"Now let’s go empty that closet shall we? All those clothes! And pants! Cute little girls don’t wear pants. And whatever is a girly girl ever going to do with a baseball glove and bat? Hm? And all these horrid computer games? I don’t think little girls like playing with stuff like that..."


"It is time to move onward, Ms. Jensen."

The matriarch of the household is saddened but understanding.

"You do such wonderful work, Lu. Brandy is such a treasure... so eager to help... so eager to please."
Miss Lu beams with pride.

"Katie will continue the process. She is truly one of us. But she greatly appreciates the funds to purchase some things... for Brandy’s room. It will help with her... with Brandy’s continued subjugation. It is best for boys transformed to girls."

Ms. Jensen nods.

"A good investment I am sure."

"This boy Todd, the ‘entertainer’ at Joan’s party. Joan suggested that he call the house. He’s taken a liking to Brandy. I understand he enjoyed watching Brandy dance," Miss Lu informs.

Ms. Jensen smiles. Never involved in the sexual hijinks, there comes a look of Schadenfreude in ruminating over the bastard child, the fate of his conniving convict father, and now over the incongruence of a potential relationship with Todd. Though contrived, Brandy’s father will find consternation when indeed it is time for him to buy his son his first beer.

"And where will you be going, Lu?"

"To California. A family in great need. A son who has a penchant for setting things afire and masturbating to the flames."

"A pyromaniac?"

"So it would seem. But he’ll not long take pleasure in it... the proclivity for enjoying things which burn will end... when I emblazon my initials into his buttocks. Branding can be wonderfully traumatic... and
therapeutic... it sends a strong message... and one of permanency."

Ms. Jensen smiles warmly.

"You’ll not feminize?

"Too old. At that age branding along with a heavy and elaborate set of irons and shackles will disavow of any notion to play with matches."

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A Boy's Transformation - XL

"You’re so eager to be fanny fucked this evening, Brandy."

Lying supine, Brandy did indeed prance to the changing table, lie back and assume the knees to chest position with notable enthusiasm. He/she patiently awaits as Miss Lu gathers her large feather and double dildo.

"Could it be because you have become stimulated in dancing for all those girls? Joan said you took off your thong... your only covering."

"Yes ma’am," an abashed Brandy responds.

"So you performed... totally naked... doing your dance..."

"Yes, Miss Lu."

"And how did you feel?" a smiling Miss Lu approaches.

Kind hands reach and untie the breast ribbons. Then the fingers work to remove the stretchy rubber cylinders of the tassels, firmly encasing right nipple and left. Brandy giggles, the rush of returning circulation bringing the once male nubs to tingle.

The breast massage begins, the intensity of relaxation brought by the surge of endorphins causing Brandy to lie in stupor. Table and Brandy become one.

"It felt funny."

"Good funny... or bad funny? Your little penis and its steel bracelet must have made quite the impression," Miss Lu softly laughing.

"It felt exciting."

"So you enjoyed dancing for the all the girls, your tassels swinging about... tickling your nipples... bet they got all hard."

Brandy smiles. The colorful feathery baubles proved to be more than decorative. As he/she libidinously performed, the well ingrained footwork of Joan’s choreography devised to project and exhibit all of Brandy’s new found feminine charms... buttocks rolling, breasts flopping, empty sac flinging about... Miss Lu’s devilish baubles brought a most tantalizing sensation. This seemed to incite more exaggerated motion, Brandy's tiny penis thrusting forth along with his/her boy pussy when he/she emulated Todd’s copulating

The girls cheered wildly, the laughter most boisterous, and Brandy found himself/herself even more eager to perform and please.

"Yes, Miss Lu," Brandy’s voice barely audible, the kneading hands so comforting.

"All Joan’s friends now know you have a little clitoris... which is kept well controlled. It must have been incredibly humiliating for you Brandy... dancing with your little thing flopping about."

As she forces the recollection, Miss Lu smiles in noting the reaction. Brandy blushes... a girlish blush... the reminiscence acceptable... pleasantly recalled.

"‘Lick," the command tendered as the double dildo is offered to the accomplished tongue and lips.

As Brandy prepares for penetration by the much sought faux phallus, the caressing hands move lower, bringing forth a muffled sigh as Miss Lu begins to work the boy pussy.

"You see how I do this, Brandy? First I work to increase the circulation by massaging all your new erogenous zones. Then I feather... endlessly... nipples... boy pussy... anus... awakening all your sensuous flesh. And then... if you beg me enough... I may fuck you. So you see... being a girl isn’t all bad. And being a bad girl can be fun."

Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Boy's Transformation - XXXIX

Much laughter, the initial reaction of each arriving girl is to squeal in delight, particularly those few who remember the once troublesome Randy. Katie of course knows of the gender transformation and Brandy can hear whispered comments bringing him/her to blush as word of his alteration spreads. Finally Joan initiates some music and though the gossip continues Brandy’s comfort level rises as he/she prances on high heels from group to group, offering canapes, bowing and humbly dipping.

Having graduated high school after many years of academic drudgery, the girls are festive. As the group acclimates, comfort rising in being served by a nearly naked hermaphrodite, some reach to brazenly pinch the buttocks, Katie beginning with the gesture cascading to many others. At first Brandy is shocked but in having been fondled there so often, the touch of so many hands and fingers becomes oddly acceptable, a girlish giggle is offered in response.

Yes, the basement fills, Brandy dashes up and down the stairs with food, tassels flopping about to bring new found delight to glands brought to heightened sensitivity.

Well into the festivities, Brandy is in the kitchen when the door bell rings again. Emboldened in being accepted by the many girls, the tray is stowed and Brandy bolts to the front door expecting another guest. Opening, Brandy is alarmed to be greeted a tall youthful male!

"I’m Todd. Think I got the right address. A bachelorette party?" the words somewhat falter as the eyes take in the bizarre sight, a pubescent girl, underdeveloped breasts decorated to allure, nipples protruding and tasseled, naked but for the flimsiest of pink cloth patches.

Other than Sir Lancelot, a transformed Brandy as not before been exposed to a male. He/she does not understand her own reaction. She dips, the right foot drawing back, the knees bending, the head bowing in humbleness.

"Yes sir. In the basement. Please come this way."

Brandy curses her own truckling reaction. Todd is a guy! But he’s handsome, virile, young. Thin but muscular. Is there attraction?

What is happening?

Meanwhile Todd visually examines the plumped and uncovered buttocks as he follows to the basement stairs. Something attracts. Dancing for girls, removing his clothing before jeering women has become mundane, his sexual preference obviates any sense of arousal when so entertaining. It is a job... merely a source of income.

But Brandy? What is it that brings the stimulation he has not before felt?

"I’ll need to change. Is there a bathroom?"

"Yes sir, but it is locked and I am not permitted the key."

Entering the kitchen, Joan is present and overhears.

"Hi. I’m Joan, Brandy’s sister. We spoke on the phone. I’m the hostess here and I have the key. Brandy is not to use the bathroom without supervision."

Brandy blushes, his flesh reddening.

Joan leads to a door and unlocks.

"Discipline. It’s good for a girl like Brandy. He... rather she... has special needs. Please lock it behind you. We’re down in the basement when you’re ready to perform for us."

Somewhat bewildered... the denial of bathroom privileges, the verbal slip concerning gender.. Todd, gym bag in hand, steps into the small bathroom. Many months of stripping have not before brought real excitement, his interest in women feigned, the money more welcomed than any feminine attention.

But now there is Brandy...


Joan changes the music, a sultry jazz piece blares. She must speak loudly.

"Ok guys, the afternoon entertainment. Todd will dance for us!"

With that cue, Todd, stripped to nothing more than a jock strap, descends the basement stairs, high stepping to the rhythm of the music. Brandy glares. The form is masculine yet almost pubescent, not a strand of body hair. Smooth, remindful of Brandy’s depilated flesh, a lithe Todd has sinewy muscling... not overly bulging, but apparent. There is graceful masculinity, that denied by the cruel alteration of Miss Lu’s knowing fingers... her emasculation harness... her demanded diet of hormones... a sullen Brandy becomes envious.

All eyes, Brandy’s included, roam over Todd’s form and of course complete the visual inspection at the pubes, the male organs covered in a baby blue pouch of silk, the thin material leaving nothing to the imagination. Strings hold the sole garment in the place, much like Brandy’s limited attire, except the covering strains in veiling virility, sexual puissance... Brandy’s cloaks the feebleness induced by a woman’s whimsical transformation.

The girls become collectively giddy, their sexuality incited. An experienced Todd senses the rising concupiscence and begins suggestive movement, the body language more and more sexual, his hips mimicking forceful copulation. There come cries of ‘take it off’, the brevity of the blue pouch deemed too visually obstructive to that which arouses.

Brandy, tray in hand, feels fingers first pinch his/her right cheek then remain in place. Music loud, he cannot object. And when he feels a finger hook through the string of his thong, he dares not step away, any motion threatening to rip away the sole covering. The digit jostles his only attire and Brandy feels the folds of his boy pussy, neatly tucked under the brief pouch, slip out into view as he turns to view his/her molester.

A cute girl, Brandy vaguely recalls her from a sleepover at the Jensen household years before. The girl steps more proximate, whispering directly in Brandy’s ear to be heard over the music.

"You can take it off too, Brandy. We all know what’s under there... or what’s not under there," the girl sarcastically adds.

The hand, restraining so simply, slips down over the buttocks then between the thighs. There the fingers capture the pink flesh of the empty scrotum, teasingly diddle and gently pull downward to better reveal the remnants of Brandy’s former gender. Exposed!

Simultaneously, Todd responds to the numerous catcalls demanding his total nudity. In a balletic motion, hands roll the waist band down, his feet momentarily press together, and his thong drops to the floor... there to be kicked in the air. A prize for the most aroused attendee, a half dozen girls clamor.

Brandy gawks as does the entire gathering. A mischievously smiling Todd remains dancing, a long penis flopping about most enticingly, his pubes also devoid of hair and found to be most attractive by hormonal teens.

In the raucous milieu, Brandy manages to free himself from the one fingered grip on his thong. But in stepping away he feels the fleshy tufts of his boy pussy flopping about. Holding the tray, hands occupied, he curses the forced display his vestigial maleness. But there is nothing he can do... no place to put down the food and right himself.

Sister Joan notes his/her dilemma stepping to Brandy’s front as the music begins to wind down.

"You’re flashing, Brandy," Joan smiling wickedly.

A feminine hand once again lowers. The fingers first palm the fleshy mass then begin to knead and caress as Joan leans to also whisper in his/her ear.

"Why not just take it off, Brandy. Word is out. The girls know. And you can dance too... just like Todd... just like I taught you. Miss Lu says you are to become more and more of an exhibitionist... showing off for women. And you look so pretty in pink."

The stirring words, the knowing touch, Brandy’s flesh turns anserine with odd delight. The shocking thought, the potential for such humiliation, sexually stimulates. He/she does not want to dance... but something within beckons... there is something which arouses beyond the physically stimulating touch of sister Joan.

"But my thing, Miss Joan..." the steel encased penis of concern.

"It’s so small Brandy. Who’s going to notice?"

The question is answered when Brandy glances Todd’s way. In completing his show, the naked performer gawks, attention focused on where sister Joan toys. Joan follows Brandy’s eyes. She smiles, noting Todd’s interest and steps aside, her hand cupping to more fully expose the boy pussy.

Todd smiles... for the first time, a lascivious smile.

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A Boy's Transformation - XXXVIII

"Oh Brandy, stop pouting. It will just be us girls," sister Joan admonishes. "Plus the dancer, but he doesn’t count. So don’t ruin my party."

A sullen Brandy has been told of his/her duties. With the main party site to be the basement, someone needs to bring refreshments from the kitchen and make sure all guests are properly served. Mother Jensen has found an excuse not to be home. With most of the girls attaining age eighteen, it is time to trust and let girls be girls. Thus the hiring of a male stripper.

Ms. Jensen’s initial reaction to the libidinous form of planned entertainment was negative.

‘Oh mom, most of them are bisexual to the point of being outright gay. Nothing will happen’, Joan, in response, explaining the preferences of males who strip. Added was the notion that all festivities would be in a private home, and the dancer... gay, straight or in between... would be greatly outnumbered. Permission granted.

Yes, Mother Jensen conceded, but only for a late afternoon party. The antics were not to go into the night.

"And you’ll get to wear clothes, Brandy! Doesn’t that excite?" Joan notes with enthusiasm in holding up the brief garment.

Contrived by Miss Lu, the planned covering is simply a thong, nothing more then a set of strings with a small patch to cover the braceleted penis-turned-clitoris. It will serve to hold in place the anal probe and is intended to allay questions. Brandy’s male mammary glands are passable as the undeveloped breasts of a girl. And if the empty scrotal sac peeks out of the thong?.. so be it. The male stripper should divert most roving female eyes.

So the kitchen is filled with catered food, covered trays of hors d’oeuvres waiting to be served. Sister Evelyn spent hours coiffing, applying makeup, manicuring, pedicuring, Brandy has never looked more alluring. And he/she did spend some mirror time smiling in self adulation. But then came the realization... the entire world will be at the Jensen home!

The thought of exposure... to so many... totally naked... but for the thin set of strings which is really not more than the string harness he/she dons daily!

"Your tassels are cute. How does they make your nipples feel?" Joan bluntly inquires.

Added to the ribbons forcing the plumping male breasts to prominence, Miss Lu spent inordinate time on the nipples, pulling each pink nub into a small and tight stretchy cone of rubber bringing such to greatly protrude. The very tips of the compressed nipples are forced through the open ends. In constricting the circulation such appear as bright red cherries. Attached and dangling from the cylinders are bejeweled colorful feathery plumes, swinging about and gently teasing the otherwise useless once male nipples, brought to great sensitivity by abundant hormones.

"They tickle," Brandy bashfully replies, knowing that the wickedly tantalizing baubles have forced the nubs to crinkle in constant arousal.

"Makes you look very pretty... and sultry," sister Joan compliments pinching the well exposed buttocks. "Do you want to wear your bells?.. down there?"

Gratefully Brandy has been given a reprieve from donning the recently added scrotal bells, the less attention drawn to once male tidbits the better. He/she shakes her head vigorously, the shame of appearing attired in nothing but a thong before so many considered to be challenge enough.

"You’ll hear the guests arrive, Brandy. Most don’t know I once had a brother, so just be the girl you’ve become... and bow your head and curtsy when you serve. A nice little subservient dip at the knees when you offer food or drink," dancer Joan gracefully mimicking the demanded gesture.

Joan steps back to admire brother turned sister. The breasts are particularly attractive, the body of each gland encircled in pink as always but the yellow and crimson feathery tassels appear to be cherries perched on deliciously edible mounds of flesh. The ornamentation is intended to distract... and it does. Only the most promiscuous set of eyes will overly wander to the pubes where the tiny braceleted penis/clitoris rests beneath a brief patch of pink.

The door bell rings, the first guest arriving, ending the brief visual inspection.

Brandy’s afternoon of the ultimate mental torment begins.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Boy's Transformation - XXXVII

"Your sister is graduating, pretty girl," Miss Lu reaching to playfully tap the nose of her naked charge. "And she has a birthday coming. 18 years old. Party time. I hope you’ll be a good girl and help."

Brandy giggles and nods, then becomes concerned in thought.

"A party?" the timbre of the voice remaining prepubescent with the constant deluge of hormones.

"Yes, a girl’s stag party. It’s the new thing. Much more fun without worrying about the attention of guys... either getting it or avoiding it."

Miss Lu’s hands knead the breasts as Brandy lies on the changing table, feet high and parted.

"Feel good?" the fingers of both hands tenderly tweaking each nipple.

"Yes, thank you, Miss Lu," a polite and meek Brandy indeed enjoyably absorbing the commanding maternal touch.

"Help? How?"

"There will be lots of guests... from school. They’ll need refreshments... need to be served."

Brandy ruminates.

"Other people?"

"Of course. Many of her classmates. They are graduating. A combined party. Everyone will be in a festive mood."

Miss Lu gathers a mass of flesh at the left mammary gland, significantly larger than when her daily massage began months before, and ties a frilly pink ribbon. She works the right then deftly ties there as well.

"What about clothing?" Brandy finally blurts as the hands lower to apply equally diligent care and massage to the ‘boy pussy’.

"Girls like you feel much better on display, Brandy. Deep within you know that by now."

Yes, there does come a bizarre brisance of delight when made to exhibit in complete undress. Realized... but not fully understood.

Though concerned, Brandy smiles as Miss Lu expertly works the newly developed erogenous zone, the loose pink flesh at the pubes which once was a symbol of developing maleness. Her tendance feels good, pulling, as she does each and every morning, to assure the nerve filled pouch does not wither. Brandy peers downward to note that, as always, a watchful commanding feminine eye observes the reaction of his encased penis... his/her clitoris. Miss Lu is mindful, gauging the reaction, any undue swelling countered with an increase in the estrogen dosage... any outright attempt to harden countered with a liberal infusion of cyproterone acetate.

On this morning she diligently works to smooth her fingers along the hairless thin epidermis and segments the sac into two tufts, left and right, parting at the seam, where during gestation what would otherwise be vaginal lips closed to form the male scrotum. Then come two shorter pink ribbons and a set of small spherical bells. Miss Lu threads one thin strip of cloth through the loop of a small bell. The sphere of some one inch in diameter peels as the right tuft is captured, ribbon tied and the task is completed, encircling the right portion of the flushed sac, the circulation rushing in response to inordinate feminine attention. The left side is similarly entwined, the second small bell likewise peeling to announce itself.

"Now you not only look pretty, but you sound pretty too," a finger jostling the bells to bring forth a continuous shrill chiming.

Anal probe, string harness, shoes, Brandy never dresses herself. Just as she does not feed herself.

Lastly comes the sample jar. Brandy now has resolve. There are no longer verbal protests as the penis is aligned, the controlling remote pressed and with raucous peeling of the new bells, plus an uncontrollable shriek of pain, a sample of prostatic fluid is paroxysmally forced from his loins. Clear, not a trace of spermatozoa, Miss Lu smiles in satisfaction.

Finally Miss Lu lifts from the table and with a swat to the buttocks sends Brandy on her way to begin the household chores. With each step, he/she can feel the sonorous spheres dangling between his thighs, causing to wonder if the sensation is similar to having a set of balls.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Boy's Transformation - XXXVI

Ok. This segment of the story has been finished, to be posted over the next few days and leaving open some sequels.


"Please no, Miss Lu."

Having watched from the playpen in dire envy as Sir Lancelot lanced away, with Miss Lu once again demonstrating the athletic somewhat acrobatic roll, gaining top position and thereafter controlling all penetration, Brandy receives the command to lie on the changing table.

"Still so shy, Brandy," Miss Lu offering a full view of her nakedness as she approaches the playpen.

Her bronzed form is moist with perspiration, her fragrance reeking of steamy copulation as she lifts her bound charge from the enclosure, releasing the high heels. Brandy feels a brisance of joy as his nakedness abrades hers. She is hot!

"To the changing table. Be a good girl for Miss Lu."

"Not with him, please Miss Lu."

"Oh Brandy, I promised you a taste. And I think it’s a good challenge for that nimble tongue of yours. I can feel the seed all so deeply implanted. Lance, you hit my fornix again you big boy," Miss Lu complimenting as she assists Brandy to the table.

Placed supine, Brandy knows the position. So humiliating yet so ingrained... knees to chest, high heels to the ceiling... feet well parted.

"You’ve got some cleaning to do. Men like having their penises cleaned by a pair of docile obsequious lips. And you’ll have a little taste of me as well."

Lance knows to move to the head of the changing table. Miss Lu pushes, sliding her charge until Brandy’s head and face approach the edge. Lance offers his wet semi flaccid organ, well frictioned by Miss Lu’s love nest. It also reeks, the musty smell of intense and heated copulation even stronger.

"Lick, lick, lick. Be a good girl."

Miss Lu looks on with a degree of pride as her transformed, once troubled girly boy opens to invite the worn manhood. Lance looks down gloatingly, the tender wet warmth found to be quite soothing after enduring Miss Lu’s fervent riding of his joystick.

"Now take your time and get my knight nice and hard again, Brandy. Lance can perform for you as well."

Brandy can no longer offer words of protest, mouth filled, the Prince Albert ring pressed into the depths. In being orally penetrated upside down, the massive shaft seems to much more easily slide toward his gullet. Yes, lying supine with Lance standing over him facilitates the deep throating men are known to covet.

"No gagging Brandy. Control, control, control."

He/she does not indeed, Miss Lu so often invading his oral cavity with a long and stout dildo. Even Sir Lancelot is impressed. Brandy has acquired a knack for deep throating.

"You do wonderful work, Lu. And I do believe he’s enjoying," a laughing Lance observes.

"You mean she’s enjoying. Brandy is now more female than male... and more whore than lady."

The words annoy. But of more concern... Miss Lu removes the string harness holding in place the disciplining electrical probe.

"Push it out for me, Brandy... make room for Sir Lancelot," tenderly kneading the pink ribboned boy pussy to encourage.


"Lord, he’s tight as an alter boy," a heretical Sir Lancelot declares.

Cleansing completed, Miss Lu deems the shaft firm enough and lubricated enough for seconds... for her bisexual lover.

Just as when Miss Lu fanny fucks, Brandy’s calves press against Sir Lancelot’s shoulders, his/her high heels removed, feet remaining pointed to the ceiling. The ringed penis first smooths up and down the gluteal cleft bringing an unintended girlish giggle of joy. Then when it finds the puckered portal, the ringed tip begins to thrust in earnest.

"Remember how I taught you Brandy, tighten. Make your mate happy. You’re here to please."

Thus Sir Lancelot’s crass observation, pressing into a rectum trained ad infinitum to tighten with each inward thrust, then loosen for release to both welcome and challenge for another go and certainly more depth.

Initial impalement completed, Brandy learns first hand of the intent of the large ring Miss Lu had mounted on her stud lover’s cock. He/she feels it deeply, seeming to invade the viscera. And when Sir Lancelot withdraws completely, the muscling of the sphincter closes, tightening to again challenge. With a second thrust, the purse string muscle loses the joust of course, but in so doing maximizes the pleasure of the pistoning manhood, evidenced by the grunts and moans of delectation offered with each renewed thrust.

Miss Lu stands and observes, reveling in the glory of another conquest... another complete transformation. From juvenile delinquent to cute and cuddly harlot. She knows that any protestations merely veil the bizarre level of delight she has suffused.

In, out, in, out, the fucking is brisk, the virility impressive for the well muscled lover. Miss Lu has selected her bull stud well. Finally she feels her own concupiscence renewed.

"I promised you a share of his seed," Miss Lu proclaims.

Brandy’s sensory input becomes overwhelmed. In a most graceful move, his/her idol mounts the table, straddles his form and then lowers herself to sit facing the standing and anally copulating Sir Lancelot.

"Such divine decadence. But it’s the best form of menage a trois, wouldn’t you agree Brandy?"

There is no opportunity to reply as the fine love nest of Miss Lu smothers Brandy’s mouth, her fingers first removing the breast ribbons then beginning a most sensuous massage.

"Lance, do work her little boy pussy."

Brandy is surprised to feel the gentleness of his/her lover’s fingers where there has been developed new found sensitivity... the empty scrotum.

Yes, senses overwhelmed, Brandy’s lips purse about the labia, the tongue work begins by rote. He is orally servicing she who is adored. Once again Sir Lancelot’s seed is difficult to harvest, but Miss Lu’s daily lengthening and strengthening become apparent as every drop of spending is eventually consumed.

"And Brandy, your little clitoris is not swelling one bit. How telling."

Monday, January 3, 2011

Author's note - A break

There will be a few days delay before the next segment is posted.

Though I am working several days ahead I want to assure a cohesive, entertaining ending. Therefore I will finish the story then post rather than screw things up and have to edit backwards. 

A Boy's Transformation - XXXV

"Sir Lancelot is visiting again, Brandy. Remember to be polite... just as I have trained you."

Brandy can look. But on this evening not touch. Not yet. Yes, once again he is placed in his playpen, wrists secured, high heels connected, anus stuffed, electrified railing set to offer a debilitating jolt should he attempt escape. Kneeling, he looks on with envy and frustration as his idol exits the bathroom. She lets her robe slip away to fully display her puissant feminine charms. He would so much like to suckle the breasts, to have those powerful thighs clench his head as he laboriously and endlessly services her...

Sister Evelyn spent inordinate time before dinner assuring his/her prettiness. Finished, Brandy pridefully gazed into a mirror, very much aware of his/her youthful allure... very much satisfied... his psyche so thoroughly feminine.

As Miss Lu applies her own make up, only moderate prinking before beginning the many hours of unbridled sex, there comes a brawny knock on the bedroom door.

"Sir Lancelot, babe," the manly voice announces once again.

Covering deemed an annoyance for what Brandy knows to be a lustful tryst, there comes in reply the unabashed command to enter despite Miss Lu’s nudity.

"Come in by all means. I’m eager and will want it real deep tonight, Lance. Tongue work from a pretty sissy boy is good, but an occasional firm cock offers friction where even my little oral servant can’t please," the frolicking words offered in an inviting sultry voice.

"At your service, my lady," soft laughter resonating as Miss Lu’s bull stud steps within.

"And how are you to greet my gentleman friend, Brandy?"

Kneeling upright, well placed on display, shyness returns, exhibiting his/her transformed charms to a man... a real man. It appalls.

"Do I need to use the remote?" Miss Lu forewarns.

Brandy bows her head. The greeting, ingrained for many days, finally comes.

"Good evening, sir. May I suck your penis for you?"

The humble words bring forth raucous laughter.

"So, a little trollop," Lance proclaims, his hand moving to his zipper.

"I’ve had her practicing. You know that boys made to think like girls offer the best fellatio, fully aware of where the tongue best pleases."

"Never pass up the opportunity," a smiling Lance responds in stepping to the playpen railing.

Sir Lancelot rummages within his zipper. The hand withdraws, the enormous brown ‘lance’ of Miss Lu’s vaunted knight already beginning to firm.

"Crawl a little closer, pretty baby girl. I’m long but not that long," a large pair of hands extending to grasp Brandy’s well coiffed head.

A reluctant Brandy obeys, shuffling his/her knees as the engorging organ is pressed through the wooden bars of the playpen. There is disgust... there is envy... to understand that this wholly intact male will be bedding she who Brandy so much adores brings despondence. Why is it not she to offer the desired deep penetration. If only Miss Lu had not altered... not diapered... not forced the heaping spoonfuls of that which slowly transforms...

By rote Brandy accepts the offering. Warm, relative softness rapidly metamorphosing to rigid hardness... somewhat mindful of that which Brandy at one time stroked in ogling his magazines... Brandy’s tongue extends to teasingly flutter just below the Prince Albert ring. Yes, the underside of the tip. Miss Lu never has to explain where to impart the most joy. Brandy knows. That segment of each lesson was brief...

Miss Lu arises from the dressing table to watch. There is pride, there is a subtle but devilish level of enjoyment observing the results of many months of tutelage... of supreme governance. Forcing change... physical... mental... emotional... on the otherwise recalcitrant male. She senses the warmth of revenge... ‘Girls in Distress’... triumph over such nastiness.

She begins to undress her beau as Brandy presses forth her face, lips engulfing, Lance grunting with the surge of pleasure as the tip of his manhood is thrust to the back of the throat... the warmth... the slippery smoothness... the depraved joy of being served by a subjugated male...

"Naked, baby. All the way," a playful Miss Lu tossing aside a shirt.

The sizable Prince Albert ring greets the very back of the throat to prompt slight choking, ironically increasing Lance’s delight, a well practiced Brandy quickly bringing his/her reaction under control.

"Don’t bring him to climax, Brandy. You’ll share later in his seed. On that, I have first bidding."

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Boy's Transformation - XXXIV

Katie stays for dinner. Having watched with gleeful eye as Brandy practiced her dance, the sizable friend of Joan joins the family in pinching Brandy’s rounded well exposed buttocks as she labors to serve the commanding women of the house.

"She so much enjoys her servitude," Miss Katie observes over coffee.

Yes, it becomes evident as Brandy’s transformation progresses, the mind and body deluged with hormones, that she shakes her cute butt and deliberately brings her pink ribbons to flutter in attracting attention. The giggling is telling, the playful pinches apparently more than welcomed.

Yes, Brandy serves in complete deshabille, his/her only covering, other than her ribbons, the string harness which veils nothing but serves to assure the electric anal probe cannot facilely be expelled. She’s in heels, by now moving quite adeptly, somewhat pridefully strutting about, aware that the audacious pink footwear offers girlishly alluring shape to her calves.

The penis teeth bracelet remains in place. Though full erection is highly unlikely, probably impossible, it serves as a reminder... that certain naughty thoughts can bring swelling which... if not abridged at some point... leads to pain where the once male form derived so much pleasure.

"Katie, do you have time for a visit with Brandy and me?" Miss Lu inquires.

Katie, her unwavering eyes merrily surveying either Brandy’s penis and ribboned boy pussy in approach, or the soft girlish buttocks in exodus to the kitchen, nods enthusiastically.

Dishes cleared, it is homework time for sisters Evelyn and Joan, quiet time for Ms. Jensen, and normally ‘bonding’ time for Brandy and Miss Lu.

"Come Brandy, I think you need to go potty."

She does. And Brandy is usually eager to accompany Miss Lu to the master bedroom where such delightful antics ensue... the bonding. But with Miss Katie?

Brandy is expecting to assume the diaper position and be feathered... anus and boy pussy. Then perhaps, given Miss Lu’s mood and if Brandy responds acceptably, she will be finger fucked... better... perhaps even a full fanny fucking... offering his governess the joy of his/her well trained sphincter as she rhythmically squeezes to maximize tension and pleasure at Miss Lu’s end of the clever double dildo.

But with Miss Katie watching?

Humiliating enough to have been guided to the backyard and commanded to urinate. But to be placed on display while he/she is forced once again to revel in her new found sexuality?

The notion disturbs!

"No, please Miss Lu. Just us. Not in front of Miss Katie!"

Miss Lu wriggles her finger. A pouting Brandy approaches. Her wrists are quickly brought behind her and clipped together. As the hands are encumbered, Miss Lu leans to whisper.

"You will perform for me when and how I want, little girl."

It is then Miss Katie’s meaty hand which grasps an earlobe, Miss Lu’s words bringing a smirk. The two women of authority march Brandy to the stairs, then up, then into the master bedroom, once considered by Brandy as sanctuary, a place to frolic alone in Miss Lu’s company.

But now there is Miss Katie!

"There is a basin in the bathroom, Katie," Miss Lu notes, suggesting that she supervise Brandy’s excretions.

"She’ll perform for you on the changing table," Miss Lu adds as she moves to a dresser drawer.

A reluctant Brandy knows to position himself/herself, with wrists secured allowing the powerful hands of Miss Katie to lift and assist. When Brandy lies back, knees to chest, high heels to the ceiling, feet well parted, Miss Kate outright laughs.

"I’ve trained her to assume what I term the diaper position," Miss Lu notes. "It mandates complete exposure, forcing Brandy to offer herself for examination. Brings forth a sense of vulnerability. It places her in an innately submissive pose... that in which she was changed as an infant."

As Miss Lu explains, Miss Katie retrieves the basin and aligns, her free hand moving to again control the once male organ by its emasculating cylinder of steel.

"Now there are many things to learn, Katie. Girley boys like Brandy need special care, right down to a good firm breast massage. The glands will never naturally shape as well as a woman’s, but in each day kneading and enhancing the circulation, the sensitivity is heightened. And should we ever decide to undertake implants, the flesh will be supple and more easily accept the augmentation."

A chagrined Brandy endures. Though bashful, the massage is welcomed as always. And when the equally strong hands of Katie join, the naked, plumped hermaphroditic form basks in the firm kneading grasps of both.

And then comes the feather, forcefully bringing forth squeals of delight as Miss Lu lectures, explaining the new erogenous zones of the altered male... the rectum... the empty scrotal sac. Brandy soon begins to beg... just as she does when alone with Miss Lu and is permitted to gaze at the puissant uncovered sculpture of his succubus.

Not in front of Miss Katie... please... he mentally pleads. But he also mentally pleads for more... and he gets it... Miss Lu momentarily slips away to return with a dildo.

"A nice fanny fucking for Brandy..." she teasingly coos as Brandy notes the look of rapt fascination on Miss Katie’s face.

"Put your fingers here Katie and you’ll feel what a dry orgasm is like... Brandy is no longer pleasured as a male..."

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Boy's Transformation - XXXIII

Happy New Year to all.


"So you danced for Miss Katie?" Miss Lu inquires making conversation as she lifts Brandy into her playpen.

"Yes, Miss Lu."

"And how did you feel, dancing for a stranger, without your sister Joan supervising?"

"It was... it was strange."

"Strange good... or strange bad?"

Having transformed so many, Miss Lu is well aware of the propensity, as acclimatization sets in, to develop exhibitionist tendencies. Brandy is pretty and cute... and she is beginning to not only enjoy being pretty and cute, but under certain circumstances to offer herself for display as well.

Though Brandy was initially quite shy with her visitor, Sir Lancelot, there came a telling level of comfort by evening’s end. And so Miss Lu needs to elicit Brandy’s thoughts concerning Miss Katie... being made to dance naked for her... to perform... for a woman outside the protective zone of comfort in which Brandy has been enveloped.

"I think she liked it... looking at me."

"That was not the question, Brandy. Girls like Katie always enjoy having control over altered, feminized boys like you, making them show off. How did you feel?"

As Miss Lu speaks she reaches into a dresser drawer, retrieving a moderate sized dildo. She then approaches with a cloth in hand.

"It was okay. It felt good after a while... I suppose."

Miss Lu nods.

"That’s because you were pleasing her... and you now enjoy pleasing a woman of authority."

Brandy nods in thought as Miss Lu wriggles her finger, gesturing to step to the railing. Brandy knows what is to come.

"Please no, Miss Lu, I’ve been good. I will obey."

Miss Lu just smiles, lowers the cloth to the penis then presses the button on the controlling remote. Brandy cries out with the sudden surge, momentarily lurching as once again the anal probe jolts and his penis involuntarily gives up an offering of fluid.

"Good girls don’t want any of this icky stuff inside them," Miss Lu flippantly proclaims capturing the limited resulting splatter with the cloth.

Calmness ensues, a drained Brandy becoming even more complacent.

"Now, whatever would you like me to do with this?" Miss Lu mockingly inquires in holding up the dildo.

An accustomed Brandy recovers from the second of his mandatory twice daily electrical jolt and draining. She smiles coyly. Then replies.

"I’d like to lick and suck it.... and then you can..."

Bashfulness inhibits the completion of the thought.

"And why is that Brandy?"

"Because it will please you, Miss Lu."

"Good girl," Miss Lu kindly offers as the long, specially strengthened tongue extends and begins to flutter at the underside of the faux penis tip.

"You altered boys make the very best cocksuckers. I never have to explain where the friction and warm wetness is most appreciated."

Yes, a long and meticulous evening of training in fellatio begins.

"Make it nice and moist, Brandy, and then maybe Miss Lu will fanny fuck you," the ultimate completion of Brandy’s thought bringing a giggle.


Miss Lu comes to understand that the physically and mentally imposing ‘Miss Katie’ is ‘one of us’. Not passive in her penchant for governing feminized boys as are, Evelyn, Joan and mother Jensen, but instead quite proactive, actively seeking to spend time with she in pigtails and pink ribbons... often joining Joan in entertaining afternoons of strenuous stretching and humiliating dance.

Knowing that her term as governess is to expire, that Brandy... not only looking and acting like a little girl, but so much enjoying looking and acting like a little girl... will no longer need the constant and intense governance which Ms. Jensen desired to imbue, Miss Lu engages Katie in an exchange of thoughts.

"You are here again Katie, So nice of you to stop by and visit. It is important for Brandy’s development that his new sexuality... er... her new sexuality... be fully unveiled to others."

Katie nods, Miss Lu noting that it is difficult for the large girl to take her eyes off Brandy as Joan has him/her stretching in a most obscene pose... the emaciated penis and tiny empty scrotal sac well offered for viewing.

"I’d like to show you something, Katie, if you can take a moment. Joan, don’t let Brandy go potty until we return," aware of Katie’s penchant of toilet control.

Sister Joan nods and smiles, knowing that Brandy’s full bladder adds a particularly challenging level of stress to the demanded exercises.

Miss Lu leads from the basement. Up to the kitchen and then up the main stairway to Brandy’s well secured room, the key to the Medco lock offering entry.

"We’ve alluded to ‘bad boy’ Randy and his stash, Katie. I think it is important for a girl such as you to delve into the details... to understand what motivates."

Randy’s pile of ‘Girls in Distress’, lurid cover photos spurring a clucking of the female tongue, remains lying on his bed.

"Motivates?" Katie innocently inquires.

"Hopefully what formerly motivates..."

Miss Lu smiles knowingly, picking up one issue. On the cover, a young damsel, barely clad, bends over a padded leather punishment bench. The arm and hand of roguish unseen male is portrayed as about to push aside the frilly undergarments covering her derriere.

"This is what in turn drives women like us, Katie. The need to correct behavior... modify insufferable male desire... such as this," Miss Lu politely smiling in gesturing at the girl’s plight.

"This augurs badly. Imagine if Ms. Jensen had not reached out to me... a young scamp like Randy growing up with sisters when he has this in his heart... his desires... his sexual needs. Imagine the balance of power in this household had I not altered his hormones... instead let male brawn develop. This hand could be Randy’s! And this girl in plight?... Joan... Evelyn?"

Katie nods in understanding.

"You do wonderful work, Miss Lu," the girl compliments.

"A woman must do what a woman can. But it is nearing time that I move onward. There are others needing the guiding hand of a firm woman... along with sizable helpings of estrogen and cyproterone acetate, of course," Miss Lu adds with a mischievous smile.

"I am going to give you the key to this room... once Randy’s domain. It is important that should he be rejoined with his male things... not only this filth, but boy stuff in general... that he/she be permitted to do so only under the auspices of a governing woman. That returning to this world... the male domain of a future sexual reprobate... is not to occur by his determination."

Katie nods in thought, picking up an issue of ‘Girls in Distress’.

"These magazines... such could be useful..."

"Yes, immersion. You’ve read my mind, Katie. You are definitely one of us," Miss Lu smiles wickedly in handing Katie the key to the Medco lock.

"And there are other things to discuss. It is apparent that I have transformed Brandy’s sexuality. I also need to make you aware of certain manifestations I have induced... of how he/she now derives sexual pleasure..."