Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Boy's Transformation - XXXIV

Katie stays for dinner. Having watched with gleeful eye as Brandy practiced her dance, the sizable friend of Joan joins the family in pinching Brandy’s rounded well exposed buttocks as she labors to serve the commanding women of the house.

"She so much enjoys her servitude," Miss Katie observes over coffee.

Yes, it becomes evident as Brandy’s transformation progresses, the mind and body deluged with hormones, that she shakes her cute butt and deliberately brings her pink ribbons to flutter in attracting attention. The giggling is telling, the playful pinches apparently more than welcomed.

Yes, Brandy serves in complete deshabille, his/her only covering, other than her ribbons, the string harness which veils nothing but serves to assure the electric anal probe cannot facilely be expelled. She’s in heels, by now moving quite adeptly, somewhat pridefully strutting about, aware that the audacious pink footwear offers girlishly alluring shape to her calves.

The penis teeth bracelet remains in place. Though full erection is highly unlikely, probably impossible, it serves as a reminder... that certain naughty thoughts can bring swelling which... if not abridged at some point... leads to pain where the once male form derived so much pleasure.

"Katie, do you have time for a visit with Brandy and me?" Miss Lu inquires.

Katie, her unwavering eyes merrily surveying either Brandy’s penis and ribboned boy pussy in approach, or the soft girlish buttocks in exodus to the kitchen, nods enthusiastically.

Dishes cleared, it is homework time for sisters Evelyn and Joan, quiet time for Ms. Jensen, and normally ‘bonding’ time for Brandy and Miss Lu.

"Come Brandy, I think you need to go potty."

She does. And Brandy is usually eager to accompany Miss Lu to the master bedroom where such delightful antics ensue... the bonding. But with Miss Katie?

Brandy is expecting to assume the diaper position and be feathered... anus and boy pussy. Then perhaps, given Miss Lu’s mood and if Brandy responds acceptably, she will be finger fucked... better... perhaps even a full fanny fucking... offering his governess the joy of his/her well trained sphincter as she rhythmically squeezes to maximize tension and pleasure at Miss Lu’s end of the clever double dildo.

But with Miss Katie watching?

Humiliating enough to have been guided to the backyard and commanded to urinate. But to be placed on display while he/she is forced once again to revel in her new found sexuality?

The notion disturbs!

"No, please Miss Lu. Just us. Not in front of Miss Katie!"

Miss Lu wriggles her finger. A pouting Brandy approaches. Her wrists are quickly brought behind her and clipped together. As the hands are encumbered, Miss Lu leans to whisper.

"You will perform for me when and how I want, little girl."

It is then Miss Katie’s meaty hand which grasps an earlobe, Miss Lu’s words bringing a smirk. The two women of authority march Brandy to the stairs, then up, then into the master bedroom, once considered by Brandy as sanctuary, a place to frolic alone in Miss Lu’s company.

But now there is Miss Katie!

"There is a basin in the bathroom, Katie," Miss Lu notes, suggesting that she supervise Brandy’s excretions.

"She’ll perform for you on the changing table," Miss Lu adds as she moves to a dresser drawer.

A reluctant Brandy knows to position himself/herself, with wrists secured allowing the powerful hands of Miss Katie to lift and assist. When Brandy lies back, knees to chest, high heels to the ceiling, feet well parted, Miss Kate outright laughs.

"I’ve trained her to assume what I term the diaper position," Miss Lu notes. "It mandates complete exposure, forcing Brandy to offer herself for examination. Brings forth a sense of vulnerability. It places her in an innately submissive pose... that in which she was changed as an infant."

As Miss Lu explains, Miss Katie retrieves the basin and aligns, her free hand moving to again control the once male organ by its emasculating cylinder of steel.

"Now there are many things to learn, Katie. Girley boys like Brandy need special care, right down to a good firm breast massage. The glands will never naturally shape as well as a woman’s, but in each day kneading and enhancing the circulation, the sensitivity is heightened. And should we ever decide to undertake implants, the flesh will be supple and more easily accept the augmentation."

A chagrined Brandy endures. Though bashful, the massage is welcomed as always. And when the equally strong hands of Katie join, the naked, plumped hermaphroditic form basks in the firm kneading grasps of both.

And then comes the feather, forcefully bringing forth squeals of delight as Miss Lu lectures, explaining the new erogenous zones of the altered male... the rectum... the empty scrotal sac. Brandy soon begins to beg... just as she does when alone with Miss Lu and is permitted to gaze at the puissant uncovered sculpture of his succubus.

Not in front of Miss Katie... please... he mentally pleads. But he also mentally pleads for more... and he gets it... Miss Lu momentarily slips away to return with a dildo.

"A nice fanny fucking for Brandy..." she teasingly coos as Brandy notes the look of rapt fascination on Miss Katie’s face.

"Put your fingers here Katie and you’ll feel what a dry orgasm is like... Brandy is no longer pleasured as a male..."


Anonymous said...


You write well.

I believe you have said this is a story whose end has not been written yet.

My suggested direction is that you transform every character in this story into age of majority people and stop writing stuff that involves minors.


Chris Bellows said...

Sorry you're not enjoying.

As noted, for the most part, the blog is where I offer stuff that cannot be main stream published, so by definition the material here will be outside publisher's guidelines and be extreme.

But no one gets killed in my stories (except for 'The Humbled', a PF book in which really nasty guys meet their end) and to my knowledge I have not impaired national security.