Saturday, July 30, 2016

Probation I


Copyright 2016

by Chris Bellows

Bureau Chief Abby Bates reviews the week’s new cases. It’s tedious, mostly involving standard stuff... boys being boys... bar fights, vandalism, open container violations... all misdeeds in which the presiding judge decides jail time is inappropriate, the taxpayer not to be burdened with the cost of incarceration. Thus there comes the need for probation, a given interval of time when boys will be good boys... or its off to the pokey. And therefore the cases come to the Probation Bureau and gain the attention of Abby Bates.

So the cases are reviewed... who is to be assigned to monitor compliance with the judge’s orders. Some can be challenging and those are assigned to the experienced officers. Some involve little effort... assuring that community service is indeed offered. It’s judgmental, but after twenty years with the bureau the judgement of Abby Bates reigns.

File after file, Abby reads quickly then affixes an officer’s name to the routing sheet on the front cover. Alas, there comes a pause... a case of interest!

Indecent exposure! One Peter Delano exhibiting his peter, Abby smiles to herself. This needs careful review, perverts are typically repeat offenders. Is Peter Delano a pervert?

The case files are detailed, every known fact concerning the infraction plus everything there is to know about the defendant, divulged willingly and under oath in attempting to avoid jail time. 

Abby reads more diligently. Peter Delano, age 30, is single, self employed as a financial consultant, apparently a gifted investor. Ivy league education, MBA from the University of Chicago, lives in a modest bungalow but the stated income is impressive, obviously choosing to keep his lifestyle expenses limited in fear or anticipation of market pressures, client setbacks.

No prior arrests. Traffic tickets here and there, the dates suggesting youthful driving indiscretions while in college.

Physical attributes... he’s slight, 5 foot 5 inches, 135 pounds. His photo... boyish, belying his 30 years. Not the type to be starting fights, bullying, intimidating.

So what happened?

Abby flips to the case section of the file. An inebriated Peter Delano and friends ended a long Friday evening by visiting a local bar. Known as a pick up place, their reasons were obviously prurient. They began talking to some girls. There came a wager within Peter’s group as to who could first score with one particularly cute patron. The girl rebuffed all advances, Peter’s included. This drew the ire of the group and Peter chose unwisely to advance both his proposal and his attributes. To the cheers of his likewise inebriated buddies he pulled out his penis to impress and assure in the fog of alcohol of his sincerity and prowess.

Peter ran into a confluence of events which made his emboldened action particularly foolhardy. First, whereas the girl’s friends were indeed impressed, no doubt infused with alcohol themselves, the targeted girl was dead sober, anointed for the evening as the group’s designated driver. Second, the girl was so designated because she was not old enough to drink... matter of fact deemed a minor under the law. Third, cell phone cameras are ubiquitous. Sobriety enabled the girl to quickly snap Peter’s peter as he drew it from his zipper and to the encouraging shouts of his cheering friends did ‘the lasso’, swinging about a long flaccid appendage as one would a length of rope.         

‘Tsk, tsk,’ Abby finds herself sympathizing. Yet, the lad is fortunate, the judge deciding to suspend the addition of Peter Delano’s name to the sex offender registration list if he maintains good behavior during probation. One year of home confinement, electronic ankle bracelet to be worn at the discretion of the Probation Bureau... other restrictions if deemed appropriate to protect the public.   

Interesting, the Bureau is empowered. Now, who in the Bureau is best to interview Peter Delano and decide on the necessity of electronic monitoring?

Then Abby Bates turns to the final page. It is the photo evidence... a graphic snapshot. With modern technology, the digital photography of even the simplest of cell phone camera’s is incredibly revealing. It shows that nature has compensated Peter Delano for his slight stature, Abby quickly concludes. For his right hand holds his flaccid penis at the base, yet an amazingly long cylinder of flesh is being flipped high in the air at the moment of the photo. Judging from the size of the hand, Abby approximates a full eight inches of penile flesh protrudes beyond the grip.

Abby senses twinges, moisture forming within her loins. Her psyche reverts. Presently in her late forties, a career in law enforcement has stifled certain... predilections. But now such return.

In closing the Peter Delano file, her pen hand moves to the routing sheet atop. The case officer assigned... Bureau Chief Abby Bates.

The imposing woman of size and determination sits back in her large office chair and smiles, imagining the restrictions, fantasizing as long repressed desires return.

Friday, July 29, 2016

New short story

Look tomorrow morning 7/30/16, for the beginning of a new short story. Female dominant /male submissive.

Meanwhile, what safe word does Bill use when frolicking with Hillary? Any one have a guess?