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Ownership - Part I - The Clinic - Acquisition


Part I, The Clinic

Copyright 2014

By Chris Bellows


“We guarantee our work product. Your... ah... companion... will be malleable and most obedient. The variable we most often must address is... do you really desire ownership?”

“Well, I would think my sizable deposit speaks to that.”

“To be refunded if the boy is found to be untrainable... but not if you find the burdens of care and discipline too daunting. You of course realize that typically our clientele are wealthy. For those with daughters coming out it’s become fashionable for the parents of a young debutante to offer a symbol of social status. Fast sports cars have become blase of late. A girl’s hierarchy is deemed better conveyed... more... shall we say convincingly... with a possession. A... plaything... for want of a better term. And many times we find that in the fog of youth the recipient of such parental generosity is not ready. In such a case we offer to recycle... but not at our cost.”

The woman pauses and Kelly Davis mulls the words of warning. She is far from being a young debutante... for years laboring as a nurse. But she is wealthy. At age 32 she has come upon an unexpected inheritance. Who knew that her late Uncle Henry saved and invested so fastidiously?

So she finds herself expending many thousands of dollars on a whim. But it is a whim that has long lingered. And with her inheritance, not only will the tedium of working for food and rent finally be confronted, but the frustration of unfulfilling sex as well. Kelly Davis is heterosexual but has found the company of men to be overbearing. Submitting to the pleasure of gruff males has been objectionable. And penetration... it’s repulsive!

Her thoughts bring a smile as the director of the Clinic patiently awaits a rejoinder. The woman is past middle age... stern... matronly with gray hair rolled into a taut bun. Kelly pictures the woman in the role of headmistress at a boys boarding school. Such canings she would be sure to mete!

“I understand. The funds are forfeited should I renege.”

“I’m sure, based on your relative maturity and background, that won’t be the case. But I am obligated to make our policy clear.”

Kelly Davis nods... policy understood.

“Wherever do you find them?... the boys?”

“We do not divulge that with any degree of specificity,” the director’s words offered in a rote reply. “But in general such are young males... of age, though we reference them as boys... that society will not miss. Miscreants. Males who have transgressed and are in need of correction and guidance. The supply is ample. Our specialty is determining the psychological make up and whether a candidate can be molded into a suitable companion... for a woman of special needs.”

The director slides across her desk a packet.

“Some guidelines for your review, though the protocol here will become self evident. Visit whenever you desire during indoctrination... though, as you will read, lengthy periods of isolation ironically facilitate the ultimate desired bonding.”

Kelly Davis reaches to accept the moderate sized notebook and stuffs it in her purse.

“When indoctrination is completed, and you take your companion to wherever you wish exercise your dominion, you’ll be given his file to augment your control. We suggest tucking it away quite safely.”

“His file?”

“For the most part a duplicate of his FBI criminal record. Expensive to obtain, but thorough. As stated the typical candidate here is a miscreant, a scofflaw... most times petty crimes... but for certain wanted by the authorities somewhere for some misdemeanor. If deemed necessary due to some reversion to past behavior, some ill advised resistance to your authority, with a simple phone call you can have him incarcerated. Certainly not advisable, in view of your investment, but another element of your ultimate control.”
Kelly Davis marvels at the thoroughness of the Clinic. Young rapscallions with diminished life’s options... jail or a stint in the Clinic for dire rehabilitation as a woman’s subordinate. 

“Now if you’re ready, Miss Davis, I’ll take you to your prospective companion. He’s already undergone oral alteration... teeth filed... tongue healing nicely from the lingual frenectomy,” the director rising from her desk.

“Is that standard?”

“The teeth yes. You’d be surprised how even the most well bound boy is given to bite... or attempt to bite. And the frenectomy was performed based on your stated desire for oral prowess. The tongue is so much easier to strengthen and stretch when freed of the frenulum. I’m constantly recommending the procedure to frustrated wives...”

As she explains, the director leads from her office. Into the austere hallway of the Clinic, Kelly Davis is reminded of her many years working in hospitals.

“Now I must forewarn... what will appear to be harsh is actually for the best. Remember we must make a boy malleable. We’ve found that is best achieved through restraint... very strict restraint.”  
The director leads past several doors of glossy white, each marked only by a plain black digit. At number 7 she enters, Kelly noting that no knock is offered. Stepping within, Kelly’s eyes rove as the woman steps back to close the door.

Tiled floor, walls of white, metal cabinets align the left side, a sink and plumbing fixtures the right. The chamber is of size and without windows. Centered is what appears to be an operating table. Lying supine thereon is the prospective possession of Miss Kelly Davis... a young male.... naked but for many restraining straps and the most restrictive diaper that Kelly read about when first reviewing the Clinic’s protocols. It is of gruff canvas. Kelly is aware of the soft absorbent material beneath. She is also aware that the garment is locked in place and is lined with wiry metal to preclude cutting by scissors or any handy kitchenware. 

It is more chastity device than sanitary receptacle.

“You’ll need to tolerate some odor. He’s been diapered for many days.”

Kelly Davis nods and steps forth. There comes a tremor... of delight... sexual delight. Within her loins she feels moisture. The scene excites. Any second thoughts of frittering away Uncle Henry’s hard earned fortune dissipate. Ownership brings arousal!

“He cannot hear... and obviously cannot see,” the director offers in encouraging discourse.

Yes, the supine form is hooded, bulges at the sides of the restrained head suggesting the ears are well covered. Straps Kelly knows to be termed the Segufix restraint system encircle the wrists and ankles, such are adhered to the sides of the table, no slack offered. In place of the standard crotch restraint there is instead a band of smooth stainless steel about the waist. It appears to be seamless. It is to this that the front of the canvas diaper is hooked, presumably locked beneath at the back.

“As you can see we use a modified Segufix system. Safe, comfortable, patients easily secured and released.”

Kelly nods and steps forward. It is one thing to read in forewarning, it is another to actually be in the presence of human being reduced to an object.

A metal piece holding open the mouth distracts her inspection. The director notes her look.

“A standard molt gag. His teeth have not only been filed to preclude biting but also so the gag can be wedged in place and not readily ejected. Offers access to the tongue for stretching and exercise... and of course forced hydration.”

From a stanchion at the head of the table there a hangs a drip bag. A thin nozzle is aligned with a mouth forcibly held wide open by the metal of the molt gag. As Kelly peers a droplet slowly oozes at the nozzle’s tip. It grows until gravity takes its course, the clear liquid splashing to an opened mouth. The form gasps, attempts to shake its head in futile defiance of the many restraints, then gulps, ingesting whatever the contents of the bag.

“Water?” Miss Kelly Davis cannot help but ask.

“For now. But we can forcibly ingest whatever we desire. He must swallow or choke. In time he learns to obediently swallow... everything. As you will read in the guidebook, we control all functions. During indoctrination that control will be manifested in you. He will take from you all that you choose to offer... water or otherwise.”

Yes, the moisture of Kelly’s loins turns to what feels like a river.

“Keeps his kidneys active, his bladder full and his diaper nicely messy. He’ll be very grateful at changing time. Your touch... your gracious handling will be most appreciated. In time he will not only accept your ownership but revel in it.”

“How long... for the transition?”

“For however long it requires. Our fee guarantees results. If he needs months of restraint... so be it. But typically it’s more like weeks until he breaks. Our psychological screening is fairly accurate. Deep within they want to be owned. You will see. But you will also find that with ownership comes responsibilities. Once broken... he’s going to need a lifetime of care.”

The director turns to silence letting her client absorb as she watches another droplet slowly ooze forth. With it, the quim of a pleased Kelly ironically oozes as well.

Funds well spent.         

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New Story

Tomorrow I will post the first segment/chapter of a Female Dominant/male submissive story, 'Ownership'.

I am well into it, yet it is unfinished so I will not promise anything. But since the blog has been silent for a month, I feel obligated to post something.

Comments as always are welcomed and appreciated.

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