Friday, January 30, 2015

New Story

Tomorrow I will post the first segment/chapter of a Female Dominant/male submissive story, 'Ownership'.

I am well into it, yet it is unfinished so I will not promise anything. But since the blog has been silent for a month, I feel obligated to post something.

Comments as always are welcomed and appreciated.

I will suggest that sorting out the comments from 'Anonymous' can be confusing when there appear to be numerous persons 'sailing' under such colors. So if you expect a specific reply/response from me, do consider utilizing a 'nom de guerre'.




EDWARD said...

I look forward to reading a new story from you.I know it will be wild and erotic.Not to mention I will learn the meaning of some word I have never seen before,Thanks for the schooling and erotic Writing.

Anonymous said...

I too am looking forward to reading a new story from you.
I do like the idea of filing the teeth!

A Smooth Cut Man in Chastity.