Friday, December 31, 2010

A Boy's Transformation - XXXII

"Lots of homework, Katie. Can you supervise Brandy for awhile. Give me a head start on all these assignments."

Katie needs not a second invitation, nodding with enthusiasm, gleefully accepting the remote control for the electrified anal probe.

"You’ve taught her how to dance. I’ll just watch."

Katie responds as the duo step into the kitchen where Brandy finishes cleaning the floor. Once again the swinging pink ribbon draws the eyes of the governing female, the pouch of flesh veiling the tiny braceleted penis.

"I think your sister is getting smaller and smaller there, Joan," both girls repressing giggles with the sight of plump girlish buttocks and the empty scrotal sac below.

Joan nods in agreement.

"Lu says it’s the hormones and other stuff in her food. Makes the male organs continuously shrink. She calls it his... rather her... clitoris."

The girls laugh, bringing their object of discussion, Brandy, to pout in dismay.

"See you later," Joan bids adieu.

Brandy begins to stand, the cleaning completed, scrub bucket to be emptied. His need is dire, so much water consumed throughout the day, both use of the bathroom and basin denied. The shifting of position brings renewed stress to his bladder. In righting himself and bending to pick up the bucket, the urge becomes overwhelming. He draws strongly on his pubo coccygeus muscles, his cute buttocks clenching. A closely observing Miss Katie takes note.

"Do you have to go potty, Brandy?"

"Yes, Miss Katie," Brandy sheepishly nodding, the ribbons of his pigtails flopping about.

"Well how do good little girls ask permission?"

"Miss Katie, my I use the bathroom please?" the words haltingly offered, Brandy’s discomfort with the imposing friend of sister Joan evident.

Standing in a commanding pose, arms akimbo, Katie smiles with the humble beseeching words.

"You’re to be supervised when emptying yourself, Brandy. You’re not allowed to touch yourself... down there."

"Yes ma’am."

"So how can I help you? All the bathrooms are locked."

"Well... Miss Lu, my sisters... mom... they make me go in a bowl."

The words are difficult, admitting to this outsider that sans diaper, Brandy must seek assistance. But such are the rules of the house.

"And how do they help?"

"They hold it for me. Make sure I am neat. Make sure I don’t play."

"Like you used to do when looking at your magazines?"

The mention of the sordid material brings an inner stab of guilt... ‘Girls in Distress’. Such nastiness. So much discrete viewing. Now seeming so sinful... so wasteful.

Miss Katie approaches, standing most proximate. A large hand moves to the tummy, the finger gently pressing to add stress to a bulging bladder and bring forth a rush of urgency.

"Please, Miss Katie, I am bursting."

The pleaful reaction brings a sardonic chortle.

"Empty the bucket, Brandy. It’s not too cold outside. We’ll go there."

Puny, flabby arms struggle to lift to the sink. The sound of the gushing water adds mental duress to the physical.

"No, not outside, please."

"Oh Brandy, so shy about your nakedness. It’s the middle of the afternoon. Who’s going to see a cute little naked girl squatting to pee."

From somewhere a ‘D’ clip finds the ring of Brandy’s left wrist bracelet. By rote Brandy knows to push his/her hands behind him where Miss Kate connects right and left to immobilize the arms.

"You be a good girl."

The earlobe once again serves as a convenient handle, Miss Katie both pinching and lifting to establish her authority.

"Come outside. Best place to go. You’ll not be sloppy in the house."

Brandy is shocked when the brash girl marches him to the back door, opens and tugs him into the mid afternoon sun of a bright Spring day. Brandy hesitates with concern. The property is fenced, but the adjacent houses of neighbors are close by. Fortunately the yard has nooks and crannies where a boy/girl can conceal his/her nakedness. But such is not to be utilized, Miss Katie leading to swing set in the very center of the expansive lawn.

"Girls squat to pee," Miss Katie summarily proclaims in lowering herself onto a swing.

Brandy must follow the controlling tug, bending at the knees as Miss Katie sits, displaying in her free left hand the controlling remote.

"Stay and hold your bladder," Miss Katie commands in releasing the ear.

The right hand moves lower and tweaks the left nipple, the delightful touch adding to the urge to release. Then she bends further, the hand slipping between the thighs to find the clitoris, the once male organ, the sensitive prepuce encircled in harsh steel.

"Such a cute little thing you have, Brandy. I like it small like this. But handling bigger boys can be fun too."

Miss Katie diddles the tip, smiling in feeling it begin to swell.

"Part your knees... further... further. Good girl."

For a squatting Brandy, feeling the ribbons flop about with the cooling wafts of Spring breezes, the warmth of the sun on vulnerable flesh, brings the excitement of potential discovery and not before felt exhilaration. The nipples crinkle, the penis swells, Miss Katie diddles away, his/her full bladder distracts from the onslaught of sensory input.

Finally, Miss Katie, in delaying, maximizing the sense of exposure, gives the command.

"You may urinate for me."

Brandy has no inclination to disobey, feeling Miss Katie’s thumb and forefinger move to hold the enshrouding cylinder of metal and direct. Squatting, outdoors, possibly under the eyes of curious neighbors, a naked Brandy concentrates and his/her flow begins.

Miss Katie chuckles, her manner surprisingly confident despite the potential for intervention. It is not she who will bear the brunt of shocked gawking eyes if the duo is discovered.

Instead, her hand directs, moving the tiny organ left and right as Brandy’s full bladder produces a streaming flow, the lawn absorbing.

"I think you enjoy being outdoors, Brandy. The excitement of possible unknown eyes peering at your feminine nakedness, made to perform by a woman, those cute ribbons fluttering in the breeze... yes I can feel the swelling... in your clitoris."

Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Boy's Transformation - XXXI

"I like having my little altered boys clean me like that. Did you enjoy Lance’s taste? He spends quite abundantly does he not?"

Added to the physically disgusting act, there follows Miss Lu’s psychological barrage over a breakfast of estrogen laced oatmeal. Her words drive home the dichotomy of the prior evening’s sexual feast... the deep manly penetration, performed under her exacting auspices... the humble oral service... Brandy’s strengthened and nimble tongue able to thrust well into her vagina and capture the spendings of Sir Lancelot’s sword.

It felt good to be once again welcomed to Miss Lu’s bed, Brandy’s plumped nakedness grazing against the soft yet firm warmth of Miss Lu’s amazing mass of flesh. But the circumstances!..

Another heaping spoonful and Miss Lu finds it necessary to elicit Brandy’s feelings.

"Your little clitoris swelled. I could feel it."

Brandy once again curses himself, his encapsulated penis revealing the demented joy experienced in orally serving she who had just engaged in such torrid copulation. Miss Lu was coated with sweat, partially dried, making her entire form sticky. After a third orgasm, spawned by a well trained and altered tongue, she pushed away his head, desiring stillness in absorbing the glow, immersed in the narcotic of deep satiation. But instead of humble retreat, he/she servilely began to lick her saltiness, knowing full well that much of the moisture of her body had been exchanged with Sir Lancelot, that he/she was once again partaking in his taste.

Brandy’s tongue laved her entire slumbering body, exhaustion finally finding her with face wedged between well cleansed and suckled breasts.

The morning realization brings thoughts... of disgust... but also of pride. He pleased.

"I liked being with you, Miss Lu," comes a lingering response.

"Yes, it’s such a curious bond, is it not? And all because you no longer have functioning balls," Miss Lu offers with a beaming smile.

"I’m going to water you well and I have told your mother to deny use of the basin. Joan’s friend Katie is coming later. She’s taken quite a turn for you, Brandy. Seems she enjoys the company of boys transformed to girls. And she wants to govern your bathroom needs."

Large and imposing, much like Miss Lu, Miss Katie’s irritating and mocking laugh replays. She watched him/her dance with particularly lustful glee. Brandy shudders with the thought of exhibiting herself once again.

"Can I lie on the table for you Miss Lu?"

"For me? Or for you. You want to be finger fucked?"

"I like it better the other way," Brandy smiling bashfully.

"You mean fanny fucked, Brandy. No. I will decide when you get that treat. I am tired this morning. I think I will just feather you and leave it at that."


A fidgety Brandy actually finds himself/herself looking forward to the visit of the annoying Miss Katie. Having been well watered, Ms. Jensen has denied both bathroom privileges and use of the basin for the entire day. And so Brandy’s concentration is distracted by the intense need and the demand he puts on himself to not heedlessly urinate, soil the floor and endure some unseemly punishment.

But the more he/she thinks about it, the more the need seems to grow.

Scrubbing the kitchen floor, Miss Lu steps into the kitchen to check. Normally she relaxes on afternoons when Brandy is placed under the supervision of first Ms. Jensen and later Joan and Evelyn.

She notes the pink ribbon of the boy pussy teasingly shifting about between the soft thighs as Brandy, on hands and knees, scrubs. She leans, not able to resist, the bright strip of color so alluring to she who has altered. Brandy lurches as fingers caress, gently tugging at the male remnants, draping beneath the perineum between the cords of the string harness.

It feels good! The touch so tender yet so soothingly commanding. Brandy giggles.

"Do you have to go potty?" the hand shifting to palpate the abdomen.

"Yes, please Miss Lu. I am filled."

"Good. It’s good for your concentration," two fingers pressing the tummy to advance the intense need.

"Don’t you wish you were diapered?"

He does.

"Katie will be here soon. School time is almost over."

With that, Miss Lu slaps the buttocks, noting the deep resounding tone of the splat and the resulting jiggle of fat layers, flesh she has also chosen to transform, chuckling as she steps away.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Boy's Transformation - XXX

Was it fellatio?

A disheartened Brandy idly kneels in her playpen as the potent duo engage in love making, though bare assed copulation may be the more apropos term.

Yes, while Miss Lu slowly removed the clothing of her gentleman caller, Brandy was made to lick ‘Sir Lancelot’ to an impressive full erection. Miss Lu insisted as well that he/she covet the massive testicles with his tongue, ‘balls you’ll never have’ she chided, before drawing the well muscled naked lover to her bed.

There she dims the lights, leaving enough illumination for Brandy to watch in envy... and frustration... flustered that it is not he pleasing the woman he/she now holds in such esteem.

"Lord, you’re doing me deep," Miss Lu comments lying in the standard missionary position, the thundering globes of Sir Lancelot pounding like a piston.

Then, with a sigh of pleasure, Miss Lu suddenly presses her right leg well into the air and twists, turning over, impressively remaining locked in a love making embrace, the ‘sword’ remaining sheathed as Miss Lu repositions herself on top.

Brandy notes no resistance from her mate, who immediately calms, submitting his love making to she who emasculates boys. From there, the exhibition becomes even more impressive.

Yes, it is Sir Lancelot who is being fucked, an energetic and forceful Miss Lu seeming to drain him with strong muscular motions of her hips and thighs, the buttocks clenching to offer a tight grip of his manhood, the down thrusts assuring the deepest of gratifying penetration. Sitting astride his hips, her hands reach to the chest and toy with his nipples. As the thrusts become more animated, she twists. Sir Lancelot heaves for breath, Brandy imaging the combination of joy and pain to boggle the mind.

Finally, with an outright clawing, wrenching motion of the clenching hands, a gasping Sir Lancelot is brought to massive climax, Miss Lu crying out in ecstasy to join him in satiation.

A dispirited Brandy merely watches as his succubus is pleasured by another, her torso slumping to lie on the sweaty chest of her lover.

The room silent, Brandy realizes that with certain twinges brought by the ribald exhibition, his encapsulated penis has attempted to engorge. Now noticeable with the stillness, he grimaces, the sharp points serving to remind of his new role, that he/she is to serve and offer joy... only to receive at a woman’s behest.

Both lovers bask in the glow of massive climax as Brandy feels tears begin to flow. Then Miss Lu finally rolls to her right side and the duo snuggle.

"That Prince Albert so perfectly kneads my fornix," Miss Lu notes. "I’m so glad I pierced and ringed you."

There can be heard a prideful chuckle from Sir Lancelot. With a woman of Miss Lu’s ilk, it as close to normal loving making as she will endure, she controlling the process, Brandy’s foreplay included.


Miss Lu stands in her fluffy robe, arms akimbo, as she supervises the cleansing of her lover’s cock. Explicit instructions, instantly obeyed, Brandy curses himself as Sir Lancelot’s penis again receives the attention of his/her tongue.

"I think we’ll next work on full fellatio, Brandy. Every naughty girl enjoys sucking cock... and you certainly like being naughty," Miss Lu quips in noting that the unspoken exchange of power between intact potent male and he/she who has been emasculated causes Brandy to quiver... in anger... in frustration... in lustful enjoyment?

More licking of the balls, and finally Miss Lu proclaims the task to be complete.

"Next month?" Sir Lancelot inquires in donning his shirt.

"Perhaps," Miss Lu coyly replies.

Pants on, shoes tied, Sir Lancelot steps to the playpen and tousles Brandy’s hair.

"Do you think she’s too tight?"

Miss Lu laughs.

"Right now, yes, Lance. But she’s being trained to accommodate. You know how much they come to enjoy, over time, the little sluts."

Brandy turns crimson in shame, Miss Lu so brazenly disclosing Brandy’s new found delight in taking the double dildo.

"Wish I could stay..."

"Brandy’s sisters are preparing for bed. We’ll need quiet in the house."

Lance nods and steps to the door.

"Until next time sweet cheeks," Brandy accepting the words as a forewarning.

Door closing, Miss Lu approaches the playpen. A hand lowers to the kneeling naked feminized form. As finger brushes the wetness of tears from the right cheek.

"Your tears are smearing your sister’s make up, Brandy. You’ll soon learn that pleasing a man at my behest... a real man... will be as gratifying as pleasing me."

With that, she reaches with both arms, her hands pressing under the shoulders to lift.

"Come to bed. I think you will enjoy more of Lance’s taste. He spent quite strongly. I can feel it. My quim is brimming. And I know where you’d like to explore with that tongue."

She carries her charge like an infant. Strangely, Brandy is comforted by the revolting offer.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Boy's Transformation - XXIX

Brandy is disappointed in being summarily placed in his playpen early. Normally after dinner he/she is permitted to crawl about sans shoes. Anal probe removed, no string harness needed to hold it in place, he revels in being not only completely nude, but freed of various controlling and constricting adornments.

Miss Lu also is given to prop him before a mirror. There he/she indulges in self adulation, sister Evelyn having worked for much time to prettify for dinner... make up, jewelry, no pigtails but hair styled more rakishly.

So it is with a curious degree of remorse that Brandy finds herself placed in the playpen, wrists bound to preclude thoughts of escape while Miss Lu showers without him. When she steps from the bathroom, only a towel about the waist, Brandy finds herself salivating, so much wanting to suckle the massive breasts, the likes of which he/she shall always want but never have.

"May I lick you, Miss Lu?"

The question, the docile and humble nature of the offer, brings comfort and a smile. Such a difference in attitude...

"No Brandy. Your Miss Lu has a visitor this evening. But in time I will have you work that tongue."

Miss Lu sits before her dressing table, leaving herself tantalizingly exposed as she applies modest make up and prinks. Brandy watches, gazing in adoration... and wonderment... of she who had the power to emasculate... and did so with such glee.

Expecting Miss Lu to dress, curious to view her presentment wearing other than her starched white uniform, Brandy is surprised when there comes a knock on the bedroom door and Miss Lu inquires.

"Who is it?"

"Sir Lancelot, babe."

A male voice!

"Come in my admiring servant. Guinevere awaits... you and your mighty sword."

Brandy is stunned when the door opens, Miss Lu remaining unclothed, a disheveled towel serving as her only covering. It is apparent that there will be limited attire required for her visitor!

Into the room steps a large man of color, both tall and broad. He glances at Brandy, scrambling to cower in a corner of the playpen, for the first time since his emasculation began, showing herself/himself to a man!

"Another one, Lu. How many does this make it?" a large brown hand pointing at a timid Brandy, naked, curled up and no place to hide.

"Think she’s number ten, Lance."

"And just as shy as the rest."

Brandy finds the term ‘shy’ to understate his sense of terror. So many weeks of acclimating to forced nakedness before Miss Lu... then sister Joan... then mother... then sister Evelyn. And now to be placed on display before a man! And so effeminately made up!

"It’s the hormones... and the missing balls. But it’s fun to observe is it not? Some obstreperous boy being so nicely tamed. You never complain, Lance."

Miss Lu stands. She has limited her own make up, no where near the gaudiness which sister Evelyn has bestowed on Brandy. And Brandy is incredulous when her towel drops to reveal all to ‘Sir Lancelot’.

"Beauty and strength... I love it," her companion’s look one of admiration and lust.

The duo embrace... the greeting of two lovers. And Brandy notes the powerful hug, Miss Lu’s arms squeezing with impressive potency. There is not a hint of submission to the male gender, despite the enormity of the man’s size and persona.

"Come here sweet cheeks. I want a better look at you," Sir Lancelot turning and wriggling his finger.

Brandy hesitates. A smiling Miss Lu takes note and admonishes.

"Obey the man, Brandy. Crawl over here immediately... otherwise you’ll get a fanny spanking right now. Makes me sorry I don’t have you plugged with the electrical probe."

Countering Brandy’s fear and bashfulness is the enticing full view of Miss Lu, not only displaying all her feminine charms, but looking most handsome with the modicum of make up applied. With the hug of her lover, her nipples have firmed to evidence a degree of sexual joy, and the firm breasts seem to rise in both pride and thoughts of lust.

Brandy reluctantly crawls upright on his knees. In no longer assuming a protective decupitus position, more of Evelyn’s efforts, an afternoon of girly decorations, come to be seen. Lance laughs, noting the pink ribbons about the breasts, crimson ‘fuck me’ lipstick, eye shadow, mascara.

"Made up to look like a little doll," he notes with a snicker.

Brandy reaches the near railing of the playpen where the impressive Lance stands, observing every roll of the plumped effeminate flesh. A hand reaches and grasps an earlobe.

"Closer little girl," the tone mocking. "Or should I say little boy," the eyes lowering to the tiny penis... the sight of the teeth bracelet and the pink ribbon about the empty scrotal sac broadening his smile.
The left hand lowers, fingers entwining in the long locks. Brandy is disheartened to have sister Evelyn’s styling mussed. Then the fingers of the right hand smooth along the rouge covered cheeks.

"You’ve done his tongue?"

"Couple of weeks ago," Miss Lu divulges, stepping behind her beau to offer another hug.

As Lance continues to inspect, Miss Lu’s hands wrap around his chest to caress. Then they lower and Brandy is shocked to see the fingers brazenly move to lower his zipper.

"It’s nimble and strong. And it’s getting longer and longer each day," Miss Lu offers in licking her own lips in a most sultry fashion.

The fingers demonstrate familiarity. With zipper down, the digits slip within, momentarily fumble about then withdraw, the immense ‘sword’ of Sir Lancelot tenderly drawn into the room light. It is long, golden brown and a sizable Prince Albert ring glistens.

"So little girl, an accomplished tongue, you’ve kept my lady happy?" Lance inquires with a sardonic snort.

Brandy has never before seen such an appendage. The man’s feet slide forth. The hips thrust and the organ is pressed through the vertical wooden bars of the playpen.

"Can you get Lance nice and hard for me Brandy? Every girl needs good stiff penetration from time to time. Just pretend it’s the dildo you so much enjoy lubricating when I fanny fuck your tight rectum."

Monday, December 27, 2010

A Boy's Transformation - XXVIII

"No diaper today, Brandy. You’re getting to be a big girl," sister Joan sarcastically comments, tweaking Brandy’s right nipple.

Brandy smiles and sheepishly nods.

"So you’ve been all day with mom... completely naked. Lots of laundry to do."

Joan wears her tights, appearing as a thin coating of her fine form, leaving little to imagine. At the pubes, the thin stretchy nylon gathers to perfectly outline her vaginal lips. Firm crinkled nipples protrude at the torso. Brandy looks on with envy, his/her breasts, the flesh bunched by tight pink ribbons, are woefully underdeveloped.

"Let’s start with some stretching," Joan more commands than suggests.

Soft warm hands guide Brandy to the mat. Despite the physical and chemical alteration, there remain male attributes which are a source of trauma and torment, one of which is the inability to replicate Joan’s leg splits, the once male ligaments impeding what Joan insists be accomplished. And so Brandy must endure a long afternoon with Joan insisting that various humiliating poses, most revealing when totally naked, be assumed.

One is to sit upright, legs straight out to the front, then slowly part the feet until, for Joan, the limbs fully extend to the right and left. Brandy cannot achieve the demanded angle of 180 degrees. Yet, Joan works her and works her.

After friend Miss Katie demonstrated that a press of the remote offered more than pain, Joan is given to use it frequently to encourage Brandy’s best efforts, the eruption of prostatic fluid dispensed harmlessly to the rubber exercise mat.

"Wider, wider, push harder," a calloused Joan demands, threateningly waving the remote.

A thumb wriggles, ready to apply an encouraging jolt.

"No please Miss Joan, I am trying."

Legs extended to the maximum... for the once male gender... Joan commands that the pose be held, knowing full well of the slow burning sensation as ligaments are stressed. She then moves to the rear of the sitting Brandy, pulls the pink wrist bracelets behind and clips together.

"Miss Lu says you enjoy bondage... girls in bondage."

The sordid secrets of the sexually precocious Randy seems to be revealed to all! Brandy shyly lowers her head in shame as Joan’s hands smooth over her shoulders then lower to play with both nipples.

"Yes, Miss Lu told us about it. Why mom decided to have you changed."

Joan steps to Brandy’s front and sits most proximate, placing her bare legs over the top of Brandy’s stressed thighs. Her warmth, her smoothness feels good. Then her hands lower and her fingers begin to palpate the tiny penis. More fingers gather the well exposed, ribboned flesh of Brandy’s boy pussy. Brandy senses the familiar twinge, that brought by Miss Lu’s arousing touch.

"I’ve been dating, Brandy. Getting to know boys. This thing of yours is uselessly small. What ever are you going to do when you grow older?"

The fingers tenderly caress about the tip, teasingly working about the encircling metal of the teeth bracelet. Brandy feels more twinges, but the sharp points remind of his/her encapsulation. The torment is deliberate.

Yes, sister Joan indeed knows boys. Despite Miss Lu’s transforming hormones, the deluge of cyproterone acetate, there is arousal. But it is different than when Randy stroked himself viewing the ‘Girls in Distress’ porn.

"You’ve met Miss Katie, Brandy. She’s a little different you know. She very much enjoyed meeting you. Did not give a second thought to having you dance for her... completely naked... and pressing the remote. Said the humiliation of dancing naked for us was good for you... that you enjoyed it."

Brandy lowers her head in shame. It was a horrible afternoon, dancing about, listening to the large girl cackle as he was forced to assume the most revealing poses. But yes, deep within, there came odd satisfaction... he was pleasing... and as Miss Lu explained weeks before, he/she would come to enjoy pleasing others... women of governance.

The burn of the ligaments continues as Joan speaks and Brandy listens in solace. Finally, Joan’s internal timing suggests it is time for another pose... all limbs and as many muscles, tendons and ligaments as possible to endure the imposition of her commands and resulting stress.

"Ok, kneel, bring your legs beneath you," Joan assisting her partially bound sister.

Brandy is so positioned, kneeling upright.

"And down you go."

Hands guide, pressing backwards, pushing Brandy’s upper torso until the back of her head touches the mat. With legs folded beneath, the pose greatly strains the thigh muscles. The burn begins anew... different ligaments.

"Part you knees for me," the calmly uttered words known to be a command.

Joan kneels nearby, greatly amused, rather thrilled with her thorough control and Brandy’s obeisance. Fingers again work the nipples, playfully flicking the pink ribbons which daily serve to offer effeminate shape to the transforming male glands. Brandy can feel the loose flesh of her boy pussy dangling, the remnant of his maleness.

"So maybe you’d like to spend more time with Miss Katie. When I described to her the magazines you like, she seemed to be intrigued with the thought. She had a wicked little smile."

Again there comes a degree of horripilation. Not only do his sisters know of his deviant reading habits, but the imposing Miss Katie as well!

"Miss Joan, I have to go... go potty," a chagrined Brandy must finally announce, the need conveniently forcing a change of topics.

"Stay," Joan commands in rising.

She returns with a basin. Brandy senses a conspiracy, the receptacle seeming to be waiting so near.

"Miss Lu told me what to do," Joan pridefully proclaims, sliding the basin between the parted thighs.

Joan kneels, her hands reaching forth. Once again fingers grasp the tiny once male appendage. She aligns.

"Miss Lu said she may make it so you have to squat to pee. And I know she likes to alter boys. She suggested something about improving your tongue... that you would now be very good at licking Miss Katie’s feet..."

Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Boy's Transformation - XXVII

Brandy’s only covering... pink high heels and the crisscrossing straps at the calves which secure the footwear in place. There are of course his/her ribbons, forcing the flesh gathered at the breasts to protrude, drawing an amused eye to the boy pussy... the empty scrotum.... and the penis bracelet encircling the overly sensitive tip. Otherwise there is nothing to cloak his effeminate form, slowly being softened and rounded by the devious special diet and hormones.

The anal probe is inserted. Then the set of thin cords which hold it in place encircle the waist and are strung through the gluteal cleft, under and up past the pubes left and right. Miss Lu refers to it as a ‘string harness’, similar in shape and design to the emasculation harness no longer required. Next comes the sample jar and an immediate cruel and calloused press of the controlling remote. Brandy cries out with the surge of electricity and Miss Lu smiles in noting the small amount of perfectly clear fluid extracted.

The jar is capped, the contents to be measured and evaluated.

"Let’s go help your mother," Miss Lu announces, noting Brandy calms as expected.

Out the bedroom door, Miss Lu grasps an earlobe, demonstrating her governance.

"You’ll not soil anything in the house, Brandy. You will need to ask permission to go to the bathroom. Never, ever touch your little thing... your new clitoris. That task is for your sisters, your mother or me. Understand? That little thing no longer belongs to you."

Brandy tries to nod, his head partially immobile due to Miss Lu’s firm grip. Though the diaper has been cast aside, Brandy has been well watered. At his own request, he will have a very challenging day, he now realizes. In reflection, the diaper was rather convenient when his overflowing bladder gave rise to great need.

To the laundry room, Ms. Jensen awaits. She smiles in seeing her new little girl completely nude.

"She asked not to be diapered?" mother Jensen inquires.

Miss Lu nods, releasing the ear.

"Well, you said the time would come," Ms. Jensen seeming to swell with pride.

Such ignominy, being paraded before her mother sans covering. Brandy blushes, his cherubic flesh turning pink as Miss Lu reviews the rules... bathroom privileges to be withheld, only offered at a woman’s whim. Oddly, Brandy feels her tiny penis slightly swell, the spikes of the bracelet suddenly bringing a prickly reminder that flaccidity is mandatory.

What is it that excites?

"Without the diaper in place, just be sure, if you must use the remote, to catch any fluid expelled. There won’t be much as I have forced the morning extraction. But even a little can be messy."

Ms. Jensen nods in understanding and takes Brandy by the hand.

"Come Brandy, lots of clothing to be washed, sorted and folded. Your sisters have some very fine panties that need your attention. And if you’re a good girl, I’ll let you rub your little nub on the silk... though I think that metal thing may be a little constricting..."

The thought brings a curiously pleasant reaction... clothing! Yes, as prognosticated, things smooth, soft and gaily colored seem to attract.

Miss Lu smiles, noting Brandy’s level of enthusiasm. A large hand lowers to playfully pinch her well exposed buttocks, eliciting a girlish giggle.

"And Ms. Jensen, I’m going to have company tonight. That occasional male visitor we discussed a few weeks back. I think it is time... and I need a change."

Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Boy's Transformation - XXVI

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‘Full fanny fucking’... that is what Miss Lu terms the thorough repeated penetration of Brandy’s rectum.

Brandy’s high heeled feet are positioned over Miss Lu’s shoulders, more firmly pressing his thighs to his torso, sister Joan’s daily dance, exercise and stretching apparent as the awkward pose is facilely assumed by a most limber transformed boy. Large brown hands rise, tweaking left nipple and right, bringing forth an initial brisance of joy. Then such lower to position the dildo.

A mesmerized Brandy lies gazing at Miss Lu’s nakedness as the double dildo is aligned. When the tip greets the entrance to her portal Brandy knows to tighten. The many evenings of finger penetration have trained her aperture to close for she who finger fucks, now bearing the dildo, the tightness to greatly enhance Miss Lu’s pleasure. Yes, the female end will oscillate wildly as strong hips press forth to counter the resistance.

With the slow penetration, Miss Lu smiles... wickedly. There is not only physical delight, but the empowerment brings such a sense of fulfillment, months of training coming to satiating fruition. And of course, as the smooth round bulbous tip enters to abrade the prostate gland, Brandy’s sole functioning male sex gland, there comes equal delight from she being fucked.

Yes, she squeals indeed.

For Brandy there is also the visual joy. Cunnilingus during the morning showers, long and exacting, deprives Brandy of the opportunity to ogle the naked form of his/her idol. Thus Brandy’s gaze is riveted at the breasts, large and firm, perfectly rounded glands which bring adoration leading to envy.

With the first full thrust, the feathery attachments brush Brandy’s male pussy, the empty sac which Miss Lu spent months transforming to develop the sensitivity of a girl’s labia. This brings a giggle, and a wriggling of the hips attempting to enhance the ephemeral joy, motion which in turn enhances the pleasure offered by Miss Lu’s female end.

As Miss Lu slowly withdraws, Brandy relaxes her anus, not a gesture of farewell, but more of an invitation to return and thrust again... and again... and again.

And Miss Lu does.


"Miss Lu, must I always wear the diaper?" Brandy lying on the changing table in wait, undergoing morning inspection and massage.

"You’re naked when with me here in the bedroom. I think you like that."

Brandy nods, crawling about for Miss Lu, feeling her touch and caresses has come to not only thrill but is now more of a sexually addictive narcotic. And of course being permitted to taste her while showering... the pinnacle of delightful nirvana.

"But I mean about the house. It’s childish... and when I wet it hurts."


Brandy nods.

"Well, would you prefer to be naked? Prance about in only your high heels?"

Brandy, hoping to be anointed with clothing, pauses in thought. It seems complete deshabille is the only alternative to be offered. Still, with her constantly filled bladder emptying, forcing her to confront hours of itchiness and chafing, perhaps the embarrassment of nudity is not such an objectionable alternative. After all, sister Joan strips him daily for her dance and stretching exercises. Perhaps being equally displayed before sister Evelyn and mother is tolerable.

"I could wear some clothes," a coy Brandy proffers.

"You have to earn clothing, Brandy. And what will you wear? I will not return you to boy’s clothing, you’re a little girl now. And it will cause you to think bad things... lead to being nasty... like you used to be."

Miss Lu pauses, letting Brandy continue to lie on the changing table, knees to chest, feet parted above, the mandated position of full exposure when being cleaned and diapered.

The ‘full fanny fucking’ not only brought penetrating sexual satiation to Miss Lu, her end of the dildo perfectly shaped for feminine gratification, but Brandy joined her indeed, the prostate manipulation, the frictioning of the anus, eventually led to attaining the dry orgasm intended. Yes, an experienced Miss Lu, having transformed so many, knows... in feeling the twinges... noting the smile of satiation... observing the sudden pause... the glassy mesmerized look of joy... that for Brandy there is a form of climax not felt as a male when she is anally penetrated.

And such can only be achieved performing sexual acts as a female!

Mission accomplished... partially accomplished.

So in the glow of gratification Brandy becomes pensive, thinking about her status, diapered housemaid to the women of the house.

The breasts have been kneaded and massaged and tight pink ribbons force noted protrusion of the once male glands. In silence, an inspecting finger abrades the pubes at the entrance of the inguinal canals, right then left. The testicles are not to reappear, Miss Lu concludes. Now much smaller, sperm production and testosterone production curtailed, the cremaster muscles will forever keep the now useless once male organs out of sight.

The fingers next work the empty scrotum, gently pulling, slightly stretching, such fleshiness not permitted to shrink but instead to always be exhibited, evidencing Brandy’s former gender. Then a pink ribbon is tied about the base, to bring chortling laughter when sister Joan strips him naked for dance.

Finally, as Miss Lu steps away to retrieve the day’s large fluffy absorbent diaper, Brandy speaks up.

"I’ll go without it please, Miss Lu."

Another milestone. Brandy has concluded of his/her own volition that, in being feminine, displaying his/her nakedness to the women of the house is now acceptable protocol.

Friday, December 24, 2010

A Boy's Transformation - XXV

"My goodness, you’re so eager to ride this morning."

Tongue healed, Brandy and Miss Lu showered together, the governess demanding oral attention from the loosened tongue. Adequate, but Miss Lu knows there can be better oral servitude offered.

So as Brandy rides, bucking away, anal plug massaging, manipulating his male gland, Miss Lu prepares an orange, to be savored by her charge whose diet is so bland. She slices to open slits in the peel, four vertical cuts, about two inches long, not penetrating the entire circumference.

"So my little princess, an orange for you. I will feed you as always. And you will need to draw out the pulp and sweet juice through the cuts... utilizing that newly modified tongue."

Wrists restrained behind, the large dark hand must present the fruit, pressing such to Brandy’s lips. The tongue extends and thrusts pressing into the slit, the skin of the orange, the modest opening, offering a degree of resistance.

"Push harder and harder, Brandy. This is how you will eat oranges... each and every morning until that tongue is strong and sinewy... with much more range. Push inward and swish your tongue about to gather all the juicy pulp. This is how I want you to work that tongue... so I can feel you deep inside me..."

The slits are limited in length and Brandy must labor... but she does so with zeal. The sweet juice, the thought that she will better please, brings enthusiasm.


Many weeks pass under Miss Lu’s tutelage. Brandy is sexually reawakened, probably sexually rearranged a more apt term. Thoughts, the desire to stroke himself/herself, of normal male stimulation, attaining erection, spurting the male seed which Miss Lu and his sisters so ignominiously expunge with a press of the finger, are not to reoccur. Instead Brandy looks forward to his mornings of training... crawling about naked... enema followed by a shower with his idol... extensive oral servitude. Such degradation... but the deeds are not mentally encompassed as such.

Sexual arousal, stimulation, however limited, is attained by way of his anal penetration, gleefully riding on his saddle... and thereafter while lying on the changing table. Yes, before being diapered for the day, Miss Lu feathers and caresses his empty sac and rectum until he begs for the otherwise demeaning finger fucking... the ultimate satiation to be obtained.... the ultimate in humiliation... for the male.

Plus there is acquired great emotional joy in pleasing others... the governing women of the household.
Middays are spent cleaning, performing housework, helping in the kitchen, being a de facto maid for a very appreciative and favorably impressed mother.

After school, Joan strips him/her naked and has him/her dance, on many occasions pressing the controlling remote despite exemplary behavior, laughing as his exposed male remnant spurts the clear, viscous... and useless... fluid still produced by his prostate.

Later, a calmed and well exercised Brandy sits while sister Evelyn prettifies, no longer hearing words of objection as Brandy is turned into an alluring yet sultry tramp. Yes, full make up, gaudy red lipstick and cheap but noticeably coruscating jewelry serve to feminize.

Much mirror time is afforded and Miss Lu smiles knowingly in seeing Brandy adore his/her ravishing presentment, modeling herself before a full length reflection, her footwork long from the ungainly efforts when high heels were first worn.

And so Miss Lu patiently awaits the expected quest. There will come a time when Brandy’s now effeminate mind will find the diaper he/she is forced to wear to be indecorous, distracting from his otherwise pretty girl presentment.

Yes, Brandy is also deemed ready for another step in his transformation. Exiting the shower, the modified tongue having offered assiduous oral pleasure, vaginally and anally, Brandy expects to be dried... the hands of a completely naked Miss Lu coming to offer a thrill as a fluffed towel grazes over all parts pink... and then be placed in his saddle. There to ride while a smiling Miss Lu wickedly absorbs the exhibition of her sexual power.

Instead, Miss Lu dons her robe, quickly dries, picks him up, and carries him with seemingly little effort, directly to the changing table.

"But I want to ride Miss Lu!"

"I don’t think riding is for big girls like you, Brandy."

Supine, Brandy knows to obediently place knees to her chest, lift her ankles and part her feet. Miss Lu smiles in noting the complacent reaction despite the pouting, the many moments of self stimulation afforded by the saddle’s anal probe coming to be a most welcomed diversion.

Miss Lu examines, as on every morning. She massages the developing breasts, gathers huge tufts of flesh, drawing her hands and fingers outward toward the nipples, the milking motion bringing delight, the hormones very much awakening the once male nubs. She knows this to increase the circulation, promoting growth and development. Then her attention lowers. The empty sac receives similar but less aggressive finger work, assuring it continues to be well exposed, enhance the sensitivity and to divulge to all Brandy’s altered status.

Then Brandy smiles as there comes the feather.

Throughout the process, Miss Lu is very deliberate in observing the reaction of the tiny penis, now encircled in the smallest, tightest teeth bracelet, the sharp steel points instantly discouraging any engorgement beyond slight swelling.

And of course it hardens not!

Yes, Brandy demonstrates notable thrill and delight. But with no erection... not any hint of an attempt to achieve erection... his sexual transformation complete!

"I think a big girl like you would prefer something else. Something to make you smile and squeal," the words offered as the feather makes a most tantalizing encirclement of the sensitive pink of the puckered rectum.

"You enjoy penetration here," a teasing finger diddling the sphincter, "and you like having your boy pussy caressed," the thumb and forefinger raising to gently tug the empty sac.

A chagrined Brandy smiles. How can she disagree?

"So I have something... just for you."

Miss Lu briefly steps away, opens a drawer and returns.

"Specially desired for boys who I have turned into girls."

Miss Lu holds up an odd looking cylinder of rubber. Not having before seen a dildo, Brandy gawks... but quickly understands its intended use, having so often ridden the saddle.

"This part is for me, Brandy. It’s termed a double dildo," Miss Lu’s fingers rubbing over one end... bent at a curious angle and quite bulbous with ridges and bumps.

"And here I have added what most delights my little girly boys," a finger points.

At the top of the base of that which will penetrate, there is a collection of soft feather like attachments.

"For your boy pussy... that little scrotal sac I emptied."

Miss Lu leans forward.

"Lickey, lickey, lickey," she encourages in offering her end of the implement to Brandy’s mouth.

The long strengthened tongue extends on command. While dutifully licking, fully aware that his/her tight aperture will appreciate the lubrication, once again Brandy’s heart leaps... now in expectation. Miss Lu slips off her robe!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Boy's Transformation - XXIV

"So you enjoyed the afternoon visit?" Miss Lulu inquires in a smooth matronly voice.

"They made me dance. I had to show my... my stuff to a girl."

"You must have looked very pretty... naked... in pink ribbons... your cute little butt now so round and smooth," Miss Lu laughing.

On the changing table, once again knees to chest, feet high and parted, diaper removed, Miss Lu works away with the feather, forcing Brandy to relate the events of a most embarrassing afternoon as she awakens the nerves of the new erogenous zones... rectum and empty scrotal sac. She knows Brandy will so humbly beg to be finger fucked... and she wants him to feel the insertion and wriggling friction as he thinks about the long afternoon of clothed female, naked male interaction... dancing like a little princess.

"You just didn’t say ‘no’?"

"The girl... she used the remote."

"Oh my, with your diaper off?"

Brandy sheepishly nods.

"It hurt."

"And then what?"

"My stuff came out! My thing... it spurted!"

Yes adding to the afternoon’s entertainment was the use of the remote, more out of curiosity by ‘Miss Katie’, as Brandy was made to call her, than punishment for disobedience. And of course the surge caused the ejaculatory muscles to contract and Brandy’s working male parts disgorged that which remains being produced, prostatic fluid.

"How did the girls react?"

"They laughed."

Joan had not before used the remote while Brandy was sans diaper. It was therefore a revelation for both girls, learning that the remote brought forced ejaculation... a process which seemed to bring great delight.

"And then you danced. How nice."

"Miss Katie said she would use the remote again if I didn’t dance for her. Said it was best that I be rid of all the ickiness."

Miss Lu reaches up to feather the breasts. Brandy giggles. With her wrists bound behind, she can only lie and absorb the tantalizing offering... and of course request the satiation of Miss Lu’s penetrating finger.

When the feather returns to the scrotum, Brandy can take know more.

"Miss Lu would you finger fuck me... please?"


"I like that you stay flaccid, Brandy. That’s a good girl."

The ability to achieve erection stinted, Brandy as trained, as the teeth bracelet demands, remains limp despite the intense pleasure of Miss Lu’s penetrating finger.

"You’re having what is termed a dry orgasm. Pleasurable but no longer the reaction of a male. It’s more how a girl experiences sexual climax."

Brandy is not sure, but the delight does seem reminiscent of occasions in youth when he would rub his penis. Nothing would spurt, but the feeling in his loins offered a curious nirvana. It seems Miss Lu’s altering hands and concoctions have served to return the sensation of years before.

"Perhaps you’d like to have something other than my finger here, Brandy. Maybe something larger... would you like that?"

"I don’t know, Miss Lu."

"I think you would."

Miss Lu’s free hand toys with the flesh of the empty scrotum as she finger fucks. She closely watches the encumbered penis and attentively feels for oscillations... that which indeed signal the dry orgasm she intends to induce. She wants Brandy calmed... she wants Brandy’s energy level depleted... and what Miss Lu wants,
she gets.

Finally it comes, Miss Lu satisfied that the tiny penis has barely swelled despite the intense level of arousal. Next she retrieves the remote and cruelly presses, not permitting more than a few seconds of orgasmic glow. Brandy lurches in instant agony.

"Ow!" a surprised Brandy bellows.

"I want you drained, Brandy. I have to do something I promised."

Miss Lu notes the paucity of fluid, Katie having twice forced ejaculation, once before and once after the afternoon exhibition of dance.

"One more, pretty girl."

Brandy is horrified to watch the finger press again. He spasms anew.

"Ow! No more, please!"

"Now just settle back and let Miss Lu take care of you."

Miss Lu knows that the jolts not only deplete what little male hormones remain but also greatly tire, as intended. She smiles noting that Brandy does indeed lie in repose, his energy drained.

"Legs down. Stay."

Miss Lu moves to the bathroom than returns with various instruments.

"Just a little procedure that will help you please me. And I know you want to please."

She moves to stand adjacent Brandy’s head.

"Now open wide. Miss Lu is going to make a little snip. I’m going to loosen up that tongue for you."

"Please no."

"Be good, Brandy," the tone admonishing.

The mouth opens.

"Good girl."

The fingers of the left hand pinch the tongue and lift.

"There’s this strange fold of skin under the tongue which tends to restrict its range of motion. It’s called the frenum. Some people need to have it incised because it impedes speech. And for some, like you my little princess, it somewhat restricts good cunnilingus."

As she speaks, the right hand approaches with a scalpel. With a flick of the wrist, apparently having many times before performed the procedure, Brandy feels a cut under his tongue. The imposing Miss Lu has callously altered to improve oral satiation!

"Hold still, just a couple of sutures. Stop the bleeding and you’ll be healed and back to licking my love pot in two or three days."

Miss Lu smiles, so thrilled with her empowerment... to alter the once male form for no other reason than to heighten her pleasure.

"Good girl. And tomorrow we’ll begin some special exercises. Do you like oranges Brandy?"

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Boy's Transformation - XXIII

Brandy hears voices. Sister Joan has returned home from school. But with whom is she speaking!

Another young female voice, Brandy steps to the swinging kitchen door and gently pushes part way open to peer out into the dining room and adjoining living room.

Joan has brought home a friend from school! Unlike the lithe Joan, she of accomplished dance, the friend is tall and broad shouldered. When she turns, Brandy spots her face, more handsome than pretty, even features framed by short dark hair. And the girl also spots Brandy! Naked... diapered!

"There he is now Joan, in the kitchen."

Brandy immediately steps back, letting the door swing closed. The gender reference disturbs. With the brevity of the glance, how could the girl conclude boy or girl? Pigtails, hair ribbons, there was not displayed much of her near nakedness. Not enough to lead to a conclusion that would suggest maleness.

"Brandy, come to the basement. It’s time to dance and I have a friend who wants to watch," sister Joan calls out.

No! A stranger! Brandy is still acclimating to his transition, to displaying himself diapered before mother and Sister Evelyn. In dancing for Joan, he is still learning to tolerate the forced display of his nakedness, the controlling remote nearby, a hand threatening regularly to ensure compliance.

Brandy needs to hide... but where? And what price to be exacted for disobedience?

Two other exits from the kitchen, out into the backyard... diapered, in high heels and adorned with pink ribbons... or down to the basement where, ironically, Joan wants him, but where there may be a place to hide.

"Come, Brandy, you probably need to be changed... and you need some exercise. I want you to dance for us. My friend Katie is here," Joan calls out again, the rustle of clothing suggesting the girls remove their coats.

To be changed, Brandy is chagrined to have to agree, Miss Lu’s morning watering finally leading to a gush of warm wetness. He has worked in the kitchen for hours, glad that he has been well perfumed to mask the smell. But his acidic excretions irritate and chafe. So in a way, Joan’s afternoon tendance has come to be welcomed... but not with another girl!

So in envisioning the intensity of the embarrassment, Brandy decides it’s to the basement. She quietly opens the door and steps down, her heeled foot inadvertently plunking in her rush, closing the door behind.

"Katie knows about you and wants to see you dance. Do I need to use the remote?" the voice is calm but threatening.

Stepping down, Brandy curses his footwear, hoping his evasion cannot be heard. But then he hears footsteps in the kitchen behind and above, before reaching the basement. The door above swings open. Startled to so quickly be discovered, he instantly stops and turns to peer above, once again his gaze greeting the handsome face.

"He’s already in the basement, Joan. Such an obedient little boy."

Friend Katie steps down, a mortified Brandy frozen at the bottom step.

"You look very cute Randy... Brandy... whatever you want to be called."

The large girl descends to the bottom step, reaches out and tweaks the right nipple, brought to prominent display by Miss Lu’s milking massage and subsequent ribbon. Brandy does not mean to smile and emit a girlish giggle, but the touch excites, and though really unappreciative, his reaction suggests approval.

"I’ve been reading about boys like you... boys who prefer to be girls. I like the idea. So Joan said I should visit. Said you’re learning real well... to please."

Brandy meekly smiles, remaining silent. For some reason he is unable to draw from his lexicon of vulgar abrasive words, those left behind in a prior life.

"I read somewhere that sissified boys are trained to curtsy. Do you know how to curtsy, Brandy? Can you do that for Miss Katie?"

Brandy shakes her head.

"Well I suppose you need to be in a frilly dress to do it properly," Miss Katie informs with a chortle.

Joan comes down the stairs. She has quickly changed into her skin tight leotard.

"Where’s mom?"

"Shopping," Brandy informs.

"Good. Miss Lu is reading so we have you all to ourselves, Brandy. I’m surprised you didn’t take a walk, show all the neighbors how you look in diapers and pink ribbons."

The image brings laughter. Brandy knows that since beginning his transformation, all his clothing has been kept under lock and key. Depart in diapers... or purloin some girls clothing from the laundry... those are the choices in planning some awkward escape. And where would he go?

Joan sniffs and wrinkles her nose.

"Yes, you do need to be changed. You’ve soiled yourself again."

In one hand is the demagnetizer for the diaper. In the other is the remote for the anal probe.

"Can you hold this, Katie?" offering the remote.

With that Joan reaches and grabs the right earlobe.

"Come to the mat. Get you out of that wet mess and then you can show Katie how my new little sister so much likes to show off and dance... naked... and with pink ribbons."

Is there a choice?

Frog marched to where Joan and Brandy dance and stretch, a smirking Katie follows.

"What’s this for, Joan?" examining the remote.

"If he’s bad, you press the button and he gets shocked. Harmless, but effective. You should see how he lurches and spasms... and then becomes so calm and obedient."

"Where does it shock him?"

"I don’t know. Never asked," Joan replies as she directs Brandy to lie supine on the mat.

Brandy finds anger with himself, so obeisantly being directed about by girls. Yet the remote threatens, and deep within, the hormonal change has brought a strange need... not fully understood. Still he lies and Joan uses the demagetizer. His knees go to his chest, his high heels reach to the basement ceiling and his feet part as the diaper is folded down and cooling air wafts over his moist pink parts.

"I see he is changed often..." Katie observes with a laugh, referencing the pose assumed.

"Can you get me a wet cloth from the laundry room, Katie. He’s really messy. Such a naughty girl... you need to be potty trained at some point," Joan mocks, tossing aside Brandy’s only garment.

Then the eyes come to see Miss Lu’s new addition, the pink ribbon tied about the scrotum. Just as with the breast ribbons it brings the empty fleshy bag to prominent display.

"Oh you have to see this, Katie. Brandy’s governess has ribboned what she calls his boy pussy."

Katie returns with a warm wet towel, eager to see the new girl of the house further degraded, forced to exhibit his transformed male bits. Lying supine, knees to chest, feet widely parted, nothing is to escape the examining eyes. And Brandy closes hers in shame as a gloating Katie stands above so authoritatively, handing the towel to a kneeling sister Joan.

"He’s blushing! Oh this is divine. Yet you can tell he enjoys," Katie giggling as she glares with telling curiosity.

"You told me about his missing parts. What’s that about his little peepee?"

"His governess is very strict. I am told it’s lined with spikes. No more hard ons for little Brandy. They’re now only for us. The bracelet is removed only when we want him stiff... that’s what Miss Lu says."

"Wow, my little brother plays there all the time. Not yours!"

The girls laugh. Brandy squirms as his moistened skin is cleansed of his excretions, the warm and caring hands feeling so good despite the intense humiliation.

"Now Brandy, I want you to show Katie the dance I taught you. Your enticing little strip tease... she wants to see you perform... like a good girl... well... maybe more like a naughty girl."

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Boy's Transformation - XXII

"Do I have to wear a ribbon there as well?"

"You, my little princess, will wear what I want where I want."

Miss Lu gently reprimands as, in addition to kneading and massaging to gather and tie the flesh of the male breasts, her digits work to offer similar but more modest finger action to the empty scrotal sac. The massage feels good, a new erogenous zone bringing faint joy, but then a ribbon of pink is tied about the loose flesh at the base of the tiny penis.

"And you need to have a smaller teeth bracelet. My goodness, Brandy, there is only one smaller size available. Your little penis is really no longer... it’s more of a clitoris... like what you so much enjoy sucking."

Teeth bracelet in place, tightened with the special tool, Brandy’s sphincter welcomes the anal probe. Then she is diapered... ready to spend the middle of the day helping her mother with household chores.

"What about my hair?"

Miss Lu smiles, the need to be prettified, sister Evelyn daily primping and preening, has been girlishly ingrained. A comb parts the lengthening strands in the middle.

"Pig tails?"

Brandy smiles and nods. Miss Lu gathers, rolls into a braids and adds ribbons right and left.

"Now, Brandy you look very pretty for your mother. And later, when Joan has you dancing naked, I think she will like your new ribbon... the one under you diaper. It draws attention to your little boyish pussy. "

Shoes in place, Brandy is lifted from the changing table. Then comes another glass of water... large... number four... the humiliation of soiling himself/herself to continue despite the absence of the now unneeded emasculation harness.

"Why do I always have to be diapered?"

"Well, now that you’re a big girl, maybe it is no longer necessary. You can go naked. Would you like that? Just as when sister Joan has you dance for her. We’re all girls here now."
Brandy remains silent... in shock... in thought?

"Yes, you can wear nothing other than your shoes and pink ribbons and parade all about the house. Sister Evelyn and your mom will be just as pleased as Joan. And I know you like to please. But then, you’d need help if you have to go potty. You don’t ever use the bathroom unsupervised... those are the rules. Don’t want my girl playing with herself."

The thought well implanted, Miss Lu shows Brandy to the bedroom door, patting her buttocks to send her to the kitchen and some tedious hours of housework.

Monday, December 20, 2010

A Boy's Transformation - XXI

"Does that feel good?"

"Yes Miss Lu. Thank you."

Offering a full body massage, Miss Lu’s hands rubbing and caressing everywhere, not an inch of flesh escaping her tendance, continues the message of thorough governance, plus just as with the morning baths, ensures that no body hair escapes the depilating cream. On this evening before being placed in the playpen, the massage ends with extensive kneading at the chest. The flesh there is soft... girlishly soft, Miss Lu’s hormones and a modified diet, high in fat, bringing unmanly layers of plumpness where a woman craves curvature.

The hands work about the right mammary gland circling, gathering up a large tuft and then pulling outward in a milking motion. With Brandy’s new found sensitivity there, the action, firm yet caring, brings delight.

Miss Lu works to loosen the flesh, her hand action intensifying the circulation. Then, satisfied that her efforts have engendered an untoward level of loose flabbiness, she reaches to the pocket of her white uniform and retrieves a length of ribbon. Holding the gathering of male breast in her left hand she encircles with the ribbon and ties, forcing the mound of flesh to protrude most effeminately, the ribbon holding to form a breast... one in early development. The left mammary gland is then worked and within minutes a second ribbon is tied to hold in place a sizable matching mound.

Brandy peers as best she can. In her lower peripheral vision she sees the abundance of epidermis, held in place by ribbons... pink as she has come to expect... and matching her wrist bracelets... and hair ribbons... and finger nails.

Miss Lu smiles in observing Brandy’s look of wonderment. She is perplexed. Her mouth opens to object... but then, in thought, no words emit.

"We’ll do this every day Brandy. All skin stretches and can be molded. Do you want to have breasts like a big girl?"

The silence is telling. Miss Lu knows that the estrogen, with the absence of testosterone, is now able to work its magic. For the once male mind it brings confusion... and with it a need for guidance. And just as there is physical dependence on the women of the house, there will be even stronger emotional dependence.


With the emasculation harness no longer necessary, Brandy’s gonads forcibly held well within the inguinal canals by contracting cremaster muscles, each night the simple length of rope encircles his waste and threads between his thighs, serving to hold in place the anal probe.

Wrists bound, Brandy cannot untie and instead she is happy that the rope is not overly tight, it’s only purpose is to ensure during the night that the anal probe is not expelled, that which offers a painful punishing electrical charge to the anus and prostate. So with wrists secured behind him, Randy sleeps knowing that any attempt to escape from her playpen will bring a warning jolt... and possibly more.

During the day, a well supervised Brandy dares not push out the probe. Yes, it nestles quite snugly within, awaiting the press of a woman’s finger on the controlling remote. And despite Miss Lu’s triumph over his masculinity, Brandy is forced to discharge twice per day... samples to be measured... evaluated for sperm... and possibly more discharges if sisters Evelyn or Joan find his behavior unacceptable.

His breast ribbons remain in place, modifying the shape of his chest, altering the circulation to his nipples and making him quite aware of his/her new found femininity. And just as important is the attention the binding length of pink brings... not only from the women of the household, her sisters tittering in amusement, but from Brandy herself.

Yes, highlighting the transforming glands serves as a constant reminder... that Brandy is becoming voluptuous indeed.

"You look forward to showering, being naked with me?"

"Yes, Miss Lu," Brandy eagerly responds as, having consumed his morning concoction, Miss Lu turns off the electrified railing of the playpen, lifts to place Brandy on the floor and unclips her wrists bracelets.

"Well then hurry to the tub," her dark hand offering a telling smack to the left buttock as Brandy scrambles to crawl.

The epidermis there is thicker, Miss Lu notes, and the increase in fleshiness is not by way of muscling. Offering a diet liberally infused with dairy products, the induced hormones mandate that fat be stored... now in the most effeminately alluring parts of the anatomy... breasts and buttocks.

Yes, morning ablutions have become a most desired interval of recreation and in the bathroom Brandy arises with zeal to step into the tub. The rope is untied, and Brandy expels the electrical probe. He urinates as the spritz enema is prepared, feminine fingers working about her nakedness no longer of concern.

The tube inserts, the rubber reservoir is squeezed, there comes the command to hold.

As he waits for the command to expel the soapy contents, he looks up adoringly to his governess, robed in white. She is her idol... such power... such authority... such a wondrous display of feminine strength.

"Release for me."

Brandy’s bowels need no further encouragement. With a twist of the water spigot the excretions disappear.

"No teeth bracelet this morning, Brandy. I want to see if you’ll harden for me," Miss Lu stooping to unscrew the securing bolt and remove the devilishly effective metal tube.

Then comes the moment of Brandy’s nightly dreams. Miss Lu steps to turn on the shower and doffs her robe to present her finely honed puissance in all its glory.

Yes, with all maleness deemed obliterated, there are no longer offered only teasing glimpses of her feminine charms. ‘Brandy you’re one of us now’ Miss Lu suggested when guiding her into the shower for the first time.

Miss Lu turns back, smiles and wriggles her finger. Brandy stares... in envy... in adoration.


Not other words are necessary. Brandy slips out of the tub and crawls, Miss Lu very much enjoying the sight of her nakedness... her subservience... her new found obedience to feminine authority.

Rules for the shower... Brandy is to remain kneeling. As the warm water streams, bringing an enticing sheen to the deep mocha of her succubus, Miss Lu reaches down and removes the pink hair ribbons then the ribbons serving to shape Brandy’s male glands into breasts. The circulation rushes, within the nipples, bringing a squeal and frisson of delight. Adding to the joy is Brandy’s view. In kneeling her face is inches from the well trimmed mons, the meaty outer labia at which she has been privileged to glance are now offered for full adoration.

"Clean first, then you can taste me," Miss Lu chides.

Soap, tender yet powerful hands, Brandy feels like a leashed dog as she must patiently kneel while Miss Lu laves everywhere. It feels so good.

And yet, Brandy pines to offer her own care.

Finally the lengthening strands of hair are washed and as Miss Lu stows the shampoo bottle, she nods.

Brandy raises her arms. Hands extend to Miss Lu’s hips gliding back to playfully touch then gently grasp the amazingly powerful, well sculpted globes. Her knees shuffle forth. Adding to the visual delight, Miss Lu permits the tiny penis to frottage against her right calve. With teeth bracelet removed... a rare treat... Brandy’s emaciated, once male appendage revels, pressing the warm smoothness. Then Brandy’s face presses forward and Miss Lu looks down in both pride and amusement as the tongue extends and the inviting labia are swathed.

"Such a good girl, Brandy. It is so nice that you want to please me."

Miss Lu’s hands lower to the back of Brandy’s head. With the governess of the house, there is no teasing oral caress. Instead, Miss Lu demands full cunnilingus, turning down the flow of the shower so she can better listen and absorb the thrill of an alacritous and attentive tongue.

Meanwhile Brandy’s hips begin to buck, drawing as much penile pleasure as possible from the warm flesh of Miss Lu’s leg.

"Like a little doggy that needs to be fixed," Miss Lu mockingly observes, as Brandy humps away.

Yes, she enjoys watching, the ultimate degradation of the once rebellious male, masculinity obliterated by her hand. She notes that the penis, despite its freedom, despite rubbing fervently against her leg, hardens not. Such pleases, the limpness a symbol of feminine triumph over undesired male feistiness.

"You’re very eager this morning, Brandy. And your tongue is getting stronger and able to thrust deeper and deeper. But I think a little procedure and some practice will help. You do want to please, do you not?"

"Yes, Miss Lu."

"Good, I’m going to turn around now. You so much enjoy serving there as well... don’t you Brandy?"

She does not, but will obediently lick between the massive globes as well.

She needs to please.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Boy's Transformation - XX

"Calm yourself. I’ve already seen you naked, Brandy. Know what you have down there... or rather what you don’t have down there. And I’m the only one here."

Kneeling over a supine Brandy, Joan replies to her cute but vociferous objections as the demagnitizer loosens the cap at the left side of his diaper. She/he lies in the basement, on the large mat where sister Joan daily practices her dance and stretches... Brandy joining for an hour or so each day to ensure muscular development and nimbleness.

Brandy never thought he/she would ever feel better wearing the infantile garment rather than not. But with older sister Joan, donning her skin tight leotards, his discomfort arises... and he blushes.

As a precaution against physical resistance, Joan used the ‘D’ clip to secure his wrists behind his back. Initially he will need to dance for her with hands bound. It is Joan’s plan that as her new sister acclimates, Brandy will readily perform for her without need for restraint.

"But I don’t want to be naked," tears beginning to stream.

Joan is not completely heartless, but she knows to ignore the entreaties. Miss Lu explained the surge of emotional duress and mental confusion, the deluge of estrogen now much more effective with the surrender of the testicles and the complete depletion of testosterone. His mind is muddled.

And so she ignores, her hand moving to the right cap to remove that as well. Next the diaper is unfolded and by rote, Brandy, having been changed numerous times by Governess Miss Lu, brings his knees to his chest, thrusts his ankles in the air and obscenely parts his feet.

Joan giggles in slipping away the wet absorbent cloth. Miss Lu has graciously supplied a fresh one... but that will wait.

Better exposed than when riding the saddle, Joan must inspect. There is no emasculation harness, Brandy forced to present his altered privates in full. And so Brandy’s only covering, diaper removed, are the pink bracelets securing his wrists.

"What happened here, Brandy?"

With the question a hand extends, fingers unfurl the fleshy scrotum, the emptiness apparent.

"Miss Lu... she wanted them inside me," Brandy not remembering all the terms used.

Joan must play, the pulpy flesh a source of feminine attraction. Her fingers knead and caress bringing a moan of delight from Brandy. Oddly grateful for the touch, her new erogenous zone offers waves of faint pleasure. But then Joan notes that the penis tip slightly swells, the organ pressing against the evil teeth bracelet.

In approaching age 18, Joan has some knowledge of the male anatomy and sexual functions... normal sexual functions. She smiles, knowing all too well from encounters on Friday night dates that her sister Brandy’s little thing seeks to be other than little. So her finger moves to diddle the exposed penis tip... so small... so vulnerable... so much under a woman’s control.

As she toys in wonderment... there comes a sense of exhilaration... and then an epiphany.

If Miss Lu can so abjectly control Brandy... change his thinking... his appearance... his maleness... what cannot I?

Sensing a degree of squirming, Joan realizes that her touch, intended to explore, is received as sensuous... and that such sensuous touch can bring desired enjoyment... but undesired swelling.

The teeth bracelet is incredibly tight and confining.

"This metal thing... it hurts?"

"Yes, Miss Joan. It’s lined with pointy metal things."


Brandy nods and Joan has new found admiration for Miss Lu. The pubescent Brandy will never achieve erection... not while his organ is so entrapped.

"Come. You’ll dance for me... completely naked. Otherwise I will play here until it gets very hard for me... and painful for you."


And so another threshold is crossed. Brandy not only presents herself naked before sister Joan, but dances for her.... a most sultry dance... designed by the mischievous sister Joan to highlight not only the girlish buttocks but fully offer enticing views of the charms naughty girls use to allure. Only with Brandy... it is not the pink lips of her love nest but instead the remnants of maleness... floppy scrotal sac...tiny entrapped penis.

"You look ravishing tonight, Brandy. Your sister Evelyn spent much time on your make up. I hope you appreciate her efforts."

Miss Lu compliments a blushing Brandy as she lies on the changing table, feet high and parted as trained.

"And you danced for sister, Joan. You’re wearing a new diaper so I know she changed you. Did you enjoy being naked with her... showing your altered parts?"

A sheepish Brandy replies not, the intensity of the humiliation bringing much circumspection. Miss Lu begins the nightly feathering, circling the tantalizing plume about the anus, perineum and empty scrotum, each day awakening the nerves and causing frustrating delight. The teasing joy brings Brandy from her thoughts, she giggles peering at Miss Lu in adoration. Finally after several moments she makes the expected entreaty.

"Please no more, Miss Lu."

"Do you want my finger? Does my little girl want to be finger fucked?"

Yes, part of the process is to make Brandy request the attention the feather exacts. Need... and the satiation thereof comes from Miss Lu and the women of the house.

A reluctant Brandy can withstand no more.

"Yes please, Miss Lu, your finger."

"You know how I want you to ask."

"Please fuck me with your finger, Miss Lu."

Miss Lu smiles... so obedient... so compliant... and so changed from the bratty boy of weeks ago.

"Ok, expel the anal probe for me. Push it out."

The stomach muscles contract and the probe glides forth into Miss Lu’s waiting hand. Then she steps away, puts aside the probe, retrieves a hand mirror and returns. Brandy has caught glimpses of herself in full make up, bearing the fruit of sister Evelyn’s hours of labor. Her hair is long enough to be styled... as a little girl, of course. And Evelyn has parted in the middle and gathered strands right and left to form pigtails. Pink ribbons, matching the wrist bracelets, hold the braids. And there is the de rigeur lip stick, rouge and much effort expended on eye make up and the plucking of the eye brows.

A manicure with pink nail polish completes the late afternoon of feminine primping. So as Miss Lu holds up the mirror and continues feathering, Brandy sees herself, for the first time peering at length. And in doing so while being sexually teased there comes an emotional connection... a message... looking pretty can be gratifying.

Miss Lu notes that the penis, teeth bracelet in place, has swollen about as much as the evil points permit. Thus, judging that it is time, her left hand continues to show Brandy her refection and the index finger of her right hand begins the slow satiating penetration of a rectum begging for attention.

Impaling slowly... Brandy sighs. Then comes a girlish little moan of delight. She must look at her own facial expression as her excited nerve endings transmit the signal of partial satiation. Then the finger exits and Miss Lu begins the mechanical process of bringing the only sexual gratification that remains, anal penetration leading to prostate manipulation. In, out, in, out, she wriggles, the digit curls to knead the prostate, bringing a soft squeal. Then it retracts and pauses. Brandy must beg for more, the fucking incomplete. And she must do so while gazing at the pretty face that is now hers.

"Please more, Miss Lu."

"More what Brandy?"

"More fucking... with your finger."

Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Boy's Transformation - XIX

Randy is disappointed to be awakened by a robed Miss Lu, the hood whisked away. He blinks, adoring the woman he suckled until sleep overcame. He did not awaken when she arose and departed for the kitchen, the exhaustion, the pain juxtaposed with the pleasure of orally serving, finally bringing deep sleep.

Yes, sometime in the night, as Miss Lu prognosticated, the sharp pain not only dissipated, but all pain subsided, despite the tight harness and the rubber bumps which constantly press against the entrances to his inguinal canals.

"Time for your oatmeal, Brandy... lots of estrogen. Less cyproterone acetate."

Brandy smiles. Something is different. In initially knowing that the concoction served to alter, there was reservation... to the point where on occasion a nipple had to be painfully twisted to encourage obedience and timely consumption. But on this morning, a hungry Brandy smiles and nods.

"You be a good girl for me and Miss Lu will have a treat for you."

Spoonfuls are offered and greedily consumed. Miss Lu notes the change in attitude and knows of the cause... the limited level of testosterone remaining is probably unmeasurable. Belligerence is not to be observed. Meek... docile... Randy is now definitely Brandy.

The curious tasting mass consumed, Miss Lu leads Brandy to the bathroom. There his emasculation harness is removed with Brandy offering humble words of thanks.

"And I will need a sample."

"Please no, Miss Lu I’ve been a good girl."

The self reference is a telling moment which Miss Lu knows to let pass without comment, Brandy’s gender confusion... well, it is gone.

"I still need a sample Brandy. I have it tested for testosterone."

The jar is aligned, the remote control pressed, Brandy spasms, offering a girlish shriek as her loins involuntarily provide what Miss Lu demands. A dark hand holds the jar aloft, she smiles in noting that the contents are absolutely clear... not a spermatozoa to be produced. Yes, the only male gland remaining in operation is the prostate, forced to spurt its viscous fluid.

Next the wrist bracelets are freed, the teeth bracelet removed and it is into the tub where Brandy, buttocks up head down, works a trained rectum to offer the electrical probe and Miss Lu prepares the spritz enema which begins all morning ablutions.

"So, maybe this morning you’d prefer to be showered... like a big girl."

The baths, though demeaning as intended, have become unobjectionable. Miss Lu’s fingers and hands cleansing and exploring everywhere, her touch has come to exhilarate. Thus there comes mental conflict, the humiliation of being bathed like a toddler strangely acceptable.

"Hold for me," the hand squeezes, the enema brusquely squirts.

"A shower, Miss Lu?"

"Yes, you’ll not touch yourself. That will never change. But perhaps you’d like to touch me."

The thought brings stunned silence as the enema tube retreats and Brandy must clench the cute buttocks until the command comes.

"You are to be trained to please... women... all women... and I like the idea of an emasculated little girly boy helping me.

"Release," a governing hand twisting the water spigot to wash all excretions down the drain.

"Come... to the shower," Brandy’s heart leaping as Miss Lu slips away her robe.


As predicted by Miss Lu, having emasculated so many, Brandy has learned to enjoy riding his saddle.
With the latest laboratory report suggesting a testosterone level even below most females, the harness is needed no more. Still, the anal insertion, a nice stout plug remaining on the saddle, prongs removed as superfluous, beckons each morning and after ablutions Brandy is given to request a ride.

"No touching," Miss Lu unnecessarily forewarns as the wrists are clipped to together.

Yes, the prostate remains in need despite the hormonal assault which has terminated the normal male sex drive. And so Brandy is lifted into place and his rectum stuffed, the odd pleasure bringing a coy smile as she allows herself to be impaled.

So Brandy rides, bucking in a steady rhythm to pressure and knead the male gland. With teeth bracelet in place, Brandy must concentrate to remain flaccid, despite the pleasure. This is important, that Brandy feel joy but not attempt erection.

On this Saturday morning there comes a knock on the bedroom door, and Miss Lu immediately responds to invite entrance.

"No!" Brandy erupts, sitting astride in complete nakedness, his nude form only to be exposed to Miss Lu.

Despite the protest, the door opens. It is sister Joan, not before entering since her mother’s bedroom became a lair for governess Miss Lu and her ‘home schooled’ younger brother.

"Need to borrow..." the words stop as Joan stares in amazement at her nude brother, now sister, straddling the curious device which has so effectively abetted his emasculation.

With mouth remaining open, Miss Lu interjects for the speechless sister Joan.

"Brandy has certain male needs which have yet to be completely quashed," she explains in stepping forth.

The shock passes and Joan, becoming rather emboldened in teaching her diapered sister to dance on many, many afternoons, also steps forth for closer inspection. A horrified Brandy blushes, her flesh turning crimson... yet she cannot dismount and the bucking involuntarily continues.

"She’s leaking," Joan being quick to gaze at the once male organ. "And something’s missing!"

"Your new sister, Joan. Not a speck of testosterone in his... rather her... system. Once that is depleted, the induced estrogen can effect rapid change. Notice the puffy, overly sensitive nipples. Also, upon changing his diet to higher fat content, he plumps much better. We’ll be making Brandy into a very voluptuous little girl... a nicely rounded bottom."

Joan nods watching her sister squirm, the nipples crinkling in embarrassment. A hand extends and tenderly tweaks the aforementioned nubs of pink. Brandy squeals, more embarrassment, but very much enjoying the attention.

"What is that about his penis?"

"A teeth bracelet... to remind Brandy that erections are no longer his to nurture... not that much stiffness is possible. But it does serve as further symbol of my domain."

"And his balls?"

"Gone. Never to be seen again."

Joan continues to gawk in silence. Then she finally steps very close, leaning to whisper in Brandy’s ear as her hand lowers and toys with first the empty sac then rises to diddle the tiny penis tip.

"I want you dancing for me... naked..."

Yes, though the emasculation harness is no longer donned and needs not be veiled from the family, Brandy has remained diapered when outside the bedroom, not to be exposed to his mother and sisters. Will that change?

Miss Lu hears the soft ominous words and smiles in seeing Brandy’s reaction... there is apprehension... there is dread... but there is also a veiled level of joy with the thought.

"I’ll show you how to use the demagnitizer to remove the diapers..."

Friday, December 17, 2010

A Boy's Transformation - XVIII

As the days of emasculation progress, sisters Evelyn and Joan gleefully assist. After school, Joan has Randy dancing, teaching a sultry girlish strip tease. Miss Lu observes, understanding that Randy’s reaction, his acceptance, is important. At first there is defiance, a press of the remote control necessary to involuntarily... and painfully... trigger the ejaculatory muscles, instantly draining him, what little male essence which can still be produced spurting into his diaper. Within days the defiance shifts to more of a vocal resistance... but it is in the form of that of a little girl... the stamping of a high heeled foot, and girlish cry of ‘No’. That attitude is easily modified with Joan waving the remote before quickly conceding eyes.

So... Brandy... as the girls have more and more come to call him... dances indeed.

Thereafter Evelyn takes charge, thrilling to place Randy in full make up... lipstick, eye shadow, rouge.

"You smell so sweet, Brandy," Evelyn compliments, smiling in seeing her new little sister blush.

Thankfully the perfume masks the many offerings soaked up by the thick absorbent diaper. The tightening harness continues to bring the dull ache, reminding Randy that his maleness is slowly dissipating.

Both Evelyn and Joan know to constantly mandate glasses of water. Plus to toy with nipples and assure that Brandy is well aware of his childlike exposure, patting and gently pinching his bottom, protruding from abbreviated diapers. Both are sure to make note when it becomes necessary for Brandy to pause from whatever activity in order to release and empty his bladder, Evelyn and Joan offering mild words of admonishment as Brandy finds herself unable to hold, performing the demeaning deed before them, standing in humble silence as nature mandates that he humiliate himself.

He pees, ignominiously relieving himself in his diaper before them.

Then Randy ends the day serving dinner to his family and Miss Lu, with many playful smacks to his exposed buttocks.

Evenings, time is spent with Miss Lu and Randy has learned that being stripped naked by the imposing woman can be quite the mirthful happening... a long day in the irritating diaper finally ending.

During diaper removal and cleansing, freed of the teeth bracelet, Miss Lu continuously tantalizes the gluteal cleft and rectum, feathering to bring forth a plea from her effeminate charge, closely observing the reaction of the male organ... the once male organ.

It swells... but stiffens no more!

"Please no more Miss Lu, I have to itch."

"Do you want me to finger you, Brandy? So many of my little girls have enjoyed being penetrated here."

Sheepishly... and politely... Brandy finds herself requesting the insertion of a tender finger.

"Yes, you all so much enjoy being finger fucked," Miss Lu chortles in ceding to the humble request.

In, out, wriggling, curling... Miss Lu knows exactly how to awaken the nerves, gleefully bringing joy to Brandy’s new erogenous zone.

And of course she also kneads the empty scrotum, reminding Brandy of her pending loss and also enhancing the pulpy flesh as another erogenous zone.

Then come new instructions, cleverly intended to bring more awareness... and compliance... to the degrading procedure.

"Now Brandy, when you feel my finger pull out, I want you to fully relax your sphincter. But you feel it return, begin to push inward, I want you to squeeze as hard as you can. In time, it will come natural to you, you’ll be able to pressure an impaling object without thought. But meanwhile, we’ll need much practice."

Miss Lu smiles in feeling the exacting obedience to her commands... the tight little purse string muscle gripping well as she thrusts anew.

After much time ‘practicing’, Brandy is anointed with a teeth bracelet of smaller size and placed in his electrified playpen while Miss Lu reads and relaxes, on occasion offering the briefest glimpse of her nakedness as she changes into her robe and before the hood immerses him in darkness.

Some ten days into Miss Lu’s close, strict and thorough governance Brandy is put to bed, reporting that the dull ache is nominally felt.

"Good, then you’ll stay in harness for the entire night," Miss Lu summarily announces.

This brings a sense of gloom, Brandy learning that in the bedroom he is normally merrily freed of the tight strands of leather, crawling about naked to amuse Miss Lu.

On this night he is put to bed, bound with wrists behind as always. He receives a treat as Miss Lu, who sleeps in the nude, approaches displaying her puissant femininity, offering more than a brief glance of her well sculpted form. Brandy has come to envy more than gaze in lust. The breasts are mammoth and incredibly firm nipples invite, her mons of meaty outer labia offering a peek of pink inner lips. She smiles knowing of Brandy’s thoughts, the bonding progressing. She pauses offering more, then leans, her breasts, in defiance of gravity, moving not. An index finger taps the nose, suggesting naughtiness, then the hood is slipped over Brandy’s head.

In darkness, Brandy’s sense of gloom swells, normally slumbering without the tight emasculation harness.

Still, he manages to sleep, having become accustomed to bound wrists, the harness eventually found acceptable.

One hour... two... he awakens with sharp stabbing pain... down there, where he has endured the constant dull ache. Yes, at the pubes, deep within, the throbbing has changed to unbearable sharpness.

"Please Miss Lu, it hurts. Miss Lu. I cannot wear it... the harness. Please wake up!"

He hears the rustling of the bed covers. His governess stirs. Then the powerful hands are felt, under his arms. She lifts, Randy aware of the irony... that the hands that torment are also the hands that can offer relief... mercy from that which slowly alters.

"Shush my little one. You’ll awaken the house."

She draws Randy’s form against hers. Once again the warmth, the well muscled, firm softness offer a brisance of delight. Miss Lu sleeps without covering and but for the wrists bracelets and leather emasculation harness, Randy is equally naked.

"Come to bed. You have more to learn... much to understand."

Her caring tendance staves, dulling the sharpness, more distraction then real relief. Still, Randy is carried like a doll to her large double bed, there to find himself drawn under the covers. Such wondrous comfort. Her arms encircle, her hands smoothing over his hairless nakedness. Randy can feel her fine breasts, cursing the hood and his blindness.

"The pain will subside soon, my little girl. Your nerves are sending a message... it is the last gasp of your little testicles. It is like a tooth ache, the nerves of your testicles sending out a desperate signal before they finally surrender to atrophy and die."

Yes, having emasculated so many, Miss Lu fully understands. It is why she has mandated the harness stay in place... summoning the death knell of maleness for her soon to be feminized charge.

A hand tenderly cups his left buttock. Another moves to his pubes. Between the tight straps there is found the empty scrotum and Miss Lu knows to knead and caress, bringing further comfort. Then the hand at the buttocks slips further into the gluteal cleft where the leather straps serve their dual purpose, holding in place the electrified anal probe. Having worked daily to enhance the sensitivity... promoting the awareness as an erogenous zone... her touch, the nearness of her fingers bring further delight.

"I suspect tomorrow morning you will feel no pain. Your testicles finally conceding, the heat of your body rendering such useless, my doses of cyproterone acetate causing your balls to shrink to the point where the muscles will forever keep them snugly tucked away. You’ll never see them again, Randy. It is best for you."

Randy sniffles, mourning the end of his maleness. Miss Lu takes pity. The hand moves from the buttocks and tweaks right nipple and left, Randy amazed with the newly acquired sensitivity there. It feels so good...

"Now, good girls know to please whenever they can Brandy," Miss Lu’s words soft and pedantic.

The hand moves from the nipples to the hood, grasping the hem at the neck. Will it be removed?

She instead rolls it upwards to the nose, exposing Randy’s mouth.

"So let’s treat each other, Brandy. In celebration... to the demise of your testicles... to the beginning of your new life."

The hand moves to the back of the head and guides. Greeting Brandy’s lips is one of the enticing nipples he has so often glimpsed. He parts his lips and his mouth engulfs... instinct?..

His tongue swirls bringing forth a sigh of delight. A knowing Miss Lu understands... it is not the oral caress of a lover... it is the need to be nurtured... to further delve into the role of the diapered girl Randy has become.

Miss Lu’s fingers return the favor, the empty scrotal sac... the nipples... kneading... caressing... knowing that such inspires further suckling... Randy must satiate a new found need... not only for maternal authority... but to seek the reward of maternal care as well.

They sleep... mother and child.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Boy's Transformation - XVII

"But I have to go bad, Miss Lu!"

"Then finish your morning meal. Lots of estrogen... lots of cyproterone acetate. Do you know what that is, Randy?"

"No," the filled bladder of Randy bringing comical fidgetiness.

"It is a strong antiandrogen which suppresses any testosterone in your body. With a twice daily dose, higher then recommended, it will end your male sex drive but more importantly cause your little testicles to shrivel. That means such will better stay in your inguinal canals where I have pushed them, and eventually your cremaster muscles will contract and keep those unwanted male organs permanently out of sight. Plus your penis, as small as it is, will continually shrink."

Heaping spoonfuls of laced oatmeal are offered with the explanation, most of which Randy does not understand. But the words ‘penis’ and ‘shrink’ register.

"But I don’t want it to be smaller."

Miss Lu smiles warmly, the reaction, observed so often. Her will shall prevail. Randy’s maleness will cede. It is inevitable.

"As my generous doses of estrogen become more effective, I think you will be very happy with that dangling little nub there. It will remain quite sensitive, perhaps become even more so, and there will be times when I will have you frottage it against my thighs, just like you did last night. Did you like that? When you’re fully transformed, you’ll not have the teeth bracelet, there will be no need. So you’ll very much enjoy rubbing me."

Randy masticates and swallows, eager for a morning trip to the bathroom. He contemplates the previous evening’s odd journey to his room, the joint viewing of graphic sadomasochistic pictures of girls well bound, once a very private and furtive endeavor, now shared with a woman... one who added newly found physical enjoyment to the joyful fantasy.

Miss Lu smiles, the eagerness with which Randy partakes of his chemically castrating meal quite ironic. He dares not pee in his playpen, yet he cannot visit the bathroom until he consumes all his transforming oatmeal... offered one spoonful at a time by a governing woman... never again to feed himself.

"It didn’t get hard like it used to," Randy laments.

"That’s the way I want it Randy. It will swell a little... when you get excited. But it will never stand again. That I want to end. And as you know, what Miss Lu wants Miss Lu gets."

Bowl finished, large hands reach under bound arms to lift Randy with ease, his wrists clipped together behind his back as he slept. There will be no unsupervised touching of his privates under Miss Lu’s tutelage. Even with the teeth bracelet in place, Randy sleeps bound and hooded with a simple length of rope tied about his waste, extending down about his pubes then up between his cheeks, assuring that during the night he cannot expel the electrical anal probe .

To the bathroom, Randy must crawl, his footwear not yet offered. He knows to proceed into the tub, and there to impatiently await Miss Lu to join and begin ablutions. Head down, knees well parted buttocks up, he needs relief.

"Go ahead, pee for me."

The words are pleasant but Randy knows such are a command, one which he will eagerly follow. As his bladder empties, Miss Lu unties the rope about his waste then prepares the spritz enema which begins his morning cleansing.

"Do you feel any aching, Randy?"

"No, Miss Lu."

Miss Lu is well aware of the process. His body is acclimating. And as she kneels next to the tub and inserts the short tube of the enema, her free hand slips between thighs to palpate the puff of once male flesh. Yes, the testicles have remained within the inguinal canals. The longer they reside inside the body the less likely they will ever again descend on their own merit, slowly shrinking, the muscles contracting to enshroud and continually pull until such become vestigial remnants of masculinity.

Caressing there, the most telling evidence of a boy becoming a girl, excites Miss Lu. She smiles warmly as her hand squeezes and the soapy enema rushes into her charge’s bowels.

"Hold for me," she commands, her fingers tenderly toying with the empty sac, adding sensuous touch to the humiliating process.

One moment, two, she slips out the tube and chuckles in watching the girlish buttocks clench in strict obedience. Then she turns on the tap, adjusts the water temperature and offers the command...

"Release for me."

It is important that she control the most basic of functions. And Randy complies, his bowel movement gushing forth to be whisked down the drain.

Next comes his morning bath, perhaps a depilatory if during the process Miss Lu encounters any annoying body hair. And then will come an added step. In addition to the scented soap, quite feminine of course, today Randy will be perfumed.... then will come the disciplining anal insertion, his diaper and the high heeled shoes which will remind him of his forced femininity with every step.

"You’re going to ride the saddle for me for a couple of hours. Longer prongs will press those unwanted peanuts much further inward. Then you’ll be harnessed and diapered so a good little girl can help her mother with the laundry."

Randy nods in agreement. His docile response brings a smile.