Monday, December 27, 2010

A Boy's Transformation - XXVIII

"No diaper today, Brandy. You’re getting to be a big girl," sister Joan sarcastically comments, tweaking Brandy’s right nipple.

Brandy smiles and sheepishly nods.

"So you’ve been all day with mom... completely naked. Lots of laundry to do."

Joan wears her tights, appearing as a thin coating of her fine form, leaving little to imagine. At the pubes, the thin stretchy nylon gathers to perfectly outline her vaginal lips. Firm crinkled nipples protrude at the torso. Brandy looks on with envy, his/her breasts, the flesh bunched by tight pink ribbons, are woefully underdeveloped.

"Let’s start with some stretching," Joan more commands than suggests.

Soft warm hands guide Brandy to the mat. Despite the physical and chemical alteration, there remain male attributes which are a source of trauma and torment, one of which is the inability to replicate Joan’s leg splits, the once male ligaments impeding what Joan insists be accomplished. And so Brandy must endure a long afternoon with Joan insisting that various humiliating poses, most revealing when totally naked, be assumed.

One is to sit upright, legs straight out to the front, then slowly part the feet until, for Joan, the limbs fully extend to the right and left. Brandy cannot achieve the demanded angle of 180 degrees. Yet, Joan works her and works her.

After friend Miss Katie demonstrated that a press of the remote offered more than pain, Joan is given to use it frequently to encourage Brandy’s best efforts, the eruption of prostatic fluid dispensed harmlessly to the rubber exercise mat.

"Wider, wider, push harder," a calloused Joan demands, threateningly waving the remote.

A thumb wriggles, ready to apply an encouraging jolt.

"No please Miss Joan, I am trying."

Legs extended to the maximum... for the once male gender... Joan commands that the pose be held, knowing full well of the slow burning sensation as ligaments are stressed. She then moves to the rear of the sitting Brandy, pulls the pink wrist bracelets behind and clips together.

"Miss Lu says you enjoy bondage... girls in bondage."

The sordid secrets of the sexually precocious Randy seems to be revealed to all! Brandy shyly lowers her head in shame as Joan’s hands smooth over her shoulders then lower to play with both nipples.

"Yes, Miss Lu told us about it. Why mom decided to have you changed."

Joan steps to Brandy’s front and sits most proximate, placing her bare legs over the top of Brandy’s stressed thighs. Her warmth, her smoothness feels good. Then her hands lower and her fingers begin to palpate the tiny penis. More fingers gather the well exposed, ribboned flesh of Brandy’s boy pussy. Brandy senses the familiar twinge, that brought by Miss Lu’s arousing touch.

"I’ve been dating, Brandy. Getting to know boys. This thing of yours is uselessly small. What ever are you going to do when you grow older?"

The fingers tenderly caress about the tip, teasingly working about the encircling metal of the teeth bracelet. Brandy feels more twinges, but the sharp points remind of his/her encapsulation. The torment is deliberate.

Yes, sister Joan indeed knows boys. Despite Miss Lu’s transforming hormones, the deluge of cyproterone acetate, there is arousal. But it is different than when Randy stroked himself viewing the ‘Girls in Distress’ porn.

"You’ve met Miss Katie, Brandy. She’s a little different you know. She very much enjoyed meeting you. Did not give a second thought to having you dance for her... completely naked... and pressing the remote. Said the humiliation of dancing naked for us was good for you... that you enjoyed it."

Brandy lowers her head in shame. It was a horrible afternoon, dancing about, listening to the large girl cackle as he was forced to assume the most revealing poses. But yes, deep within, there came odd satisfaction... he was pleasing... and as Miss Lu explained weeks before, he/she would come to enjoy pleasing others... women of governance.

The burn of the ligaments continues as Joan speaks and Brandy listens in solace. Finally, Joan’s internal timing suggests it is time for another pose... all limbs and as many muscles, tendons and ligaments as possible to endure the imposition of her commands and resulting stress.

"Ok, kneel, bring your legs beneath you," Joan assisting her partially bound sister.

Brandy is so positioned, kneeling upright.

"And down you go."

Hands guide, pressing backwards, pushing Brandy’s upper torso until the back of her head touches the mat. With legs folded beneath, the pose greatly strains the thigh muscles. The burn begins anew... different ligaments.

"Part you knees for me," the calmly uttered words known to be a command.

Joan kneels nearby, greatly amused, rather thrilled with her thorough control and Brandy’s obeisance. Fingers again work the nipples, playfully flicking the pink ribbons which daily serve to offer effeminate shape to the transforming male glands. Brandy can feel the loose flesh of her boy pussy dangling, the remnant of his maleness.

"So maybe you’d like to spend more time with Miss Katie. When I described to her the magazines you like, she seemed to be intrigued with the thought. She had a wicked little smile."

Again there comes a degree of horripilation. Not only do his sisters know of his deviant reading habits, but the imposing Miss Katie as well!

"Miss Joan, I have to go... go potty," a chagrined Brandy must finally announce, the need conveniently forcing a change of topics.

"Stay," Joan commands in rising.

She returns with a basin. Brandy senses a conspiracy, the receptacle seeming to be waiting so near.

"Miss Lu told me what to do," Joan pridefully proclaims, sliding the basin between the parted thighs.

Joan kneels, her hands reaching forth. Once again fingers grasp the tiny once male appendage. She aligns.

"Miss Lu said she may make it so you have to squat to pee. And I know she likes to alter boys. She suggested something about improving your tongue... that you would now be very good at licking Miss Katie’s feet..."

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Slowly bringing Brandy to new depths of humiliation, yet arousal is the result. Brillaint