Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Boy's Transformation - XV

Miss Lu reads. With her many years of working with troubled boys, those who cry out for attention... those who endure her custody and have their misspent energies converted to feminine care and desire to please, she knows to ignore the plaintive woeful sobbing. Fully aware that in time, Brandy will be skipping about the house, reveling in her nakedness, or perhaps effeminately attired, she calmly lets Randy stew in his urine soaked diaper.

Some of her charges have become maids, relieving overburdened mothers of household chores. Some just prance about, quite pretty, quite happy... and when allowed clothing, thrilled to be offered silk panties and flowery satin blouses.

Yes, happy little girls... or at least emasculated boys who think of themselves as girls. So Miss Lu understands that the long term results greatly outweigh the slow torment.

Years before, in her first transformation, she merely crushed the gonads, quickly but quite painfully, ending the wellspring of maleness between thumb and forefinger. Hormone treatment followed and the physical change was easily accomplished, but the bonding and emotional change... imbuing the deep need to please the female... was too time consuming. And so she learned that slow emasculation is best, better able to instill the bonding which ensures obedient and abject compliance to the governing woman’s desires.

Finished with her magazine, estimating that Randy’s diaper has withstood three bouts of urination, judging from the quantities of water forced into him, it is time he be changed and bedded. Not offered in mercy, but in providing relief, delivering comfort after many hours of wet irritation, there comes an affinity for Miss Lu as governess... leading to adoration. The immobility helps, enhancing the feeling of frustration... all part of the process.

"Time to get you out of that diaper, my stinky little one" Miss Lu announces with aloofness.

She presses the remote to turn off the electrified railing and arises from the bed. Randy’s heart leaps... finally to be relieved of the smelly paludal garment he has worn for many hours... and which has withstood many offerings of his bladder.

She leans, releasing the heels then lifting Randy from the playpen and standing him upright to balance on high heels. She slips away the hood, leaving the wrists secured.

"To the changing table, knees to chest."

Randy offers no resistance, instantly obeying, eager to be relieved of the foul mass of wet cotton.
As his eyes adjust, he notes that his governess dons a white robe, fluffy, warm, strangely inviting. To be permitted clothing, covering, yes, but for some reason the thought of something soft, gently caressing his nakedness, enthuses even more.

Are the hormones working?

On the table knees to chest, feet high and well parted, a smiling Miss Lu uses the demagnetizer to release the knobs and unfold the irritating expanse of white. The smell offers little distraction from the glorious feel of the room air wafting over sensitive pink flesh chafed by hours of contact with acidic urine. Randy smiles.

"Thank you, Miss Lu. Thank you."

The wet mess is tossed into a hamper. A cloth moistened with warm water is retrieved. Tender knowing hands begin to dab away the excretions of a long afternoon and evening. It is heavenly.

Then the empty ball sac is examined. Warm fingers palpate, seeming to search for that pressed into the inguinal canals many hours before. There comes a snicker. The vacant mass of soft male flesh, soon to be female, amuses.

"Something missing here, Randy," Miss Lu mockingly suggests.

As the examination continues, Randy’s revelry begins to turn as he feels his penis begin to react to the woman’s touch. Yes, it begins to swell, fighting its barbed entombment. Miss Lu notes and smiles.

"I think you need to be calmed... and you need to be completely naked for me. I like naked little girls crawling about. Would you like to be naked for me... remove the harness?"

A well cleansed Randy must agree. He nods with enthusiasm. No harness!

Miss Lu steps to the bathroom and returns with the small sample jar which before preceded the quick but intense pain of the electrical anal charge.

"No please Miss Lu, I’ve been good. I have obeyed."

"Yes you have, Randy, but I still need a sample. It will be quick. It always is."

Yes, quick and unbearably painful. Miss Lu aligns the jar, the tiny penis tip pressed well within, then presses the remote. Randy lurches with the voltage and of course his ejaculatory muscles spasm with vigor, forcefully giving up the male essence which Miss Lu demands.

And then he calms indeed, experiencing the curious afterglow of expending male seed... yet without an iota of pleasure, his male hormones depleted.

Quickly capping, Miss Lu examines the jarred effluent. Just a trace of white, evidencing a paucity of spermatozoa, the comparative abundance of clear fluid brings a knowing smile.

"Very good, Randy. You’re slowly being emasculated. Now let’s undo your harness and see if your balls want to pay us a visit."

Randy again experiences euphoria as he feels fingers loosen the straps of the devilish harness, greatly tightened with the wet of his urine. With the leather removed, Miss Lu’s fingers enshroud the empty scrotum, seemingly in wait. Embarrassing yes, but such wondrous touch.

Will his testicles descend?

Randy finds himself confused... does he want his little balls to slide forth... to return to his scrotum to be tormented another day. Or perhaps, if such remain snug in the canals, he’ll not again wear the wicked harness.

After a moment fingers work left and right of his pubes, finding the entrances of the inguinal canal then prodding to push and enter. Miss Lu assesses.

"I can feel your little nuts, Randy. Still there of course, but I want them higher in the canals. Tomorrow I’ll have you ride for me with extended prongs."

Disheartening, but for now Randy is free! And when Miss Lu uses a small special wrench to open and remove the teeth bracelet, he nearly swoons with joy.

"Just for a little while, Randy. I want to see if you can achieve a hard on for me. Keep your feet high and spread for me."

Miss Lu steps away and returns. The fingers resume. She works the scrotum, reaches to the nipples,
caressing, massaging, kneading. Then a feather begins tantalizing his rectum. It feels good... but it teases. He needs to scratch... to itch... needs to play there. The delight is incomplete. He needs more. He struggles to reach forth, pulling his arms against his wrist bindings.

"Lie still. I’ll take care of you Randy. Just bring yourself to erection for me. Come on, a nice big stiffey for Miss Lu."

Unaware, for the process does bring joy, the purpose is to awaken the nerve endings about the anus, bolstering the sensitive area as an erogenous zone as intended. Also she wants to gauge how, after several helpings of estrogen, his penis reacts to stimulation.

There comes more swelling but Miss Lu is satisfied in observing a degree of limpness, the process of emasculation is proceeding on course.

"I want you to push out the electrical probe, Randy. Make like you’re having a bowel movement for Miss Lu. Push, push, push."

Randy complies. Though it is shameful, to have to perform such an act before a woman... it is his governess, she who knows all, to whom he must show himself, must always obey. Besides he is happy not to have the tormenting device within him.

"Good boy. Does that feel good working your rectum for me? I do believe you’re beginning to enjoy the humiliation, Randy."

"Please Miss Lu, I need to itch there."

"Suppose I insert my finger instead. Will that make it feel better?" the inquiry coming as the anal probe is placed aside.

"Many of my girls come to enjoy penetration here, Brandy," the feather continuing to circle the puckered sphincter.

"Yes please, Miss Lu. It itches."

Yes, as part of the transformation, Randy will frequently have his anus finger fucked... by a woman... and he will learn to take joy in the process.

"Now, doesn’t that feel good? Isn’t it nice of Miss Lu to please you like this?"

A single finger slips into the tight aperture. With her question, it wriggles about to announce its presence. Then it curls knowing of the precise location of the prostate gland. Then the digit withdraws and impales again, the minor friction satiating the need to itch. In, out, in, out, some wriggling about then curling up for the prostate gland, Randy is amazed at the level of joy. He feels oscillations, those that normally come when he strokes his penis, those normally fostered in viewing the filthy magazines hidden away in his bedroom. But his penis remains neglected.

And Miss Lu’s question is answered when Randy blushes and moans. He wants her to continue yet he wants her to stop. His mind addled by hormones, he just lies and absorbs the pleasure after a long day of enduring aches and the irritation of his own bodily fluids.

Noting that full erection is not achieved despite the advanced level of sensuous caress, Miss Lu abruptly stops. She has learned what is needed. Normally the penis of a boy of Randy’s age snaps to attention with zeal. Randy’s manhood struggles to even achieve partial firmness.

"Ok, off the table, Randy. And I have a rule for boys I am emasculating. When not wearing heels you are to crawl. As I said I like crawling completely naked boys... not a scrap of covering for you... other than your pretty pink wrist bracelets"

Arms extend, hands slip under the supine form. Randy is lifted then lowered to the floor, there his wrists are freed of the ‘D’ clip.

He crawls, Miss Lu finds herself laughing with deviant delight.


Suzanne said...


This last entry of yours is of utmost delight. I wonder how many will appreciate its true artistry. Like the fictional Miss Lu, I also believe that slow, methodical and well-planned behavioral modifications work best, and can last a lifetime. Well done.

Chris Bellows said...


Glad you are enjoying the story.

I hope tammy does to overly suffer from any ideas I have spawned.