Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Boy's Transformation - VII

Randy rides on the emasculation saddle. Miss Lu watches in satisfaction, knowing of the conflicting sensations. The prongs wickedly hold his testicles in place, well up into the body where her knowing fingers pressed, bringing the dull ache as they heat and begin to slowly wither. But the anal plug brings pleasure… faint pleasure… but pleasure.

And so to counter the pain, Randy rocks, his anus greedily swallowing her plug. Miss Lu always thinks of the male reaction as riding, manipulating his prostate gland, innately spurring the flow of endorphins.

But what Randy does not realize is that his action abets the process, helping to press the entombed testicles deeper into his viscera.

There will come a day when, after a lengthy ride, such will not descend and Miss Lu’s fingers will not be needed. Three days… four… it cannot be predicted with accuracy… but they all succumb at some point… the male organs meekly surrendering, never again to be seen… instead to forever reside in the inguinal canals, there to slowly wither, the production of sperm… the production of testosterone to terminate.

"How much longer, Miss Lu?"

"Until I decide it’s enough. I think you’re enjoying it."

There comes a knock on the door.

"Lu, a package as arrived for you," Ms. Jensen calls out.

"Can you leave it at the door, Ms. Jensen? Randy and I are a little busy. It is his harness and in a little while he’ll be wearing it and we’ll come to see you."

"The girls are off to school I’ll be in the basement doing the laundry."

Ms. Lu returns her attention to Randy.

"It’s here. We can begin your daily emasculation program."

Ms. Lu glances down to spy the tiny erection. As Randy pleasures himself, rocking away to manipulate his anal insertion, the intense prostate stimulation has fostered that which will become most rare. The penis is only partially stiff, but even that is not desired. Yet inducing arousal by way of the rectum is. Ms. Lu reaches out and first kneads Randy’s right earlobe. Then her hand lowers to tweak the nipple, bringing a spontaneous squeal of delight, rewarding the fact that Randy is learning of a new erogenous zone. It is intentional, again adding to the delight of anal manipulation is part of the protocol.

"You see, Randy, you’re beginning to enjoy riding for me. But you’ll not become stiff... not unless I want you stiff."

With that Ms. Lu steps to her collection, the paraphernalia from her bag. She unzips a leather pouch appearing to be a collection of precision tools. Inside are a set of finely milled cylinders of metal, shaped identically, the diameters increasing in size as would a set of wrenches.

"You’re going to wear a teeth bracelet for me, Randy. But not to worry, all the jewelry you’ll wear will not be this insufferable."

Knowing Randy’s measurement, Miss Lu selects a very small tube. She opens it to show her charge. Lining the interior diameter are dozens of sharp points.

"Teeth," Miss Lu declares. "Aptly named, don’t you think?"

She steps to the emasculation saddle. Randy, wrists restrained secured behind his back, helplessly watches as the bracelet is placed just beneath at the penis tip, where he has learned his fingers can offer much joy. Hinged, the two halves close. It is tight, a very snug fit. Miss Lu has measured well and she smiles with the grimaced reaction. A tiny tool, bizarre in its shape, ensures that the bracelet will not be unwantedly opened.

"Yes, you’ll still ride for me and knead that prostate gland, but you’ll learn to do so while completely flaccid. Only the women of the house permit erections."


JHoltgym said... that's a part of this story to which i can relate.....nice touch Chris...

Anonymous said...

Very HOT story ;)