Friday, December 17, 2010

A Boy's Transformation - XVIII

As the days of emasculation progress, sisters Evelyn and Joan gleefully assist. After school, Joan has Randy dancing, teaching a sultry girlish strip tease. Miss Lu observes, understanding that Randy’s reaction, his acceptance, is important. At first there is defiance, a press of the remote control necessary to involuntarily... and painfully... trigger the ejaculatory muscles, instantly draining him, what little male essence which can still be produced spurting into his diaper. Within days the defiance shifts to more of a vocal resistance... but it is in the form of that of a little girl... the stamping of a high heeled foot, and girlish cry of ‘No’. That attitude is easily modified with Joan waving the remote before quickly conceding eyes.

So... Brandy... as the girls have more and more come to call him... dances indeed.

Thereafter Evelyn takes charge, thrilling to place Randy in full make up... lipstick, eye shadow, rouge.

"You smell so sweet, Brandy," Evelyn compliments, smiling in seeing her new little sister blush.

Thankfully the perfume masks the many offerings soaked up by the thick absorbent diaper. The tightening harness continues to bring the dull ache, reminding Randy that his maleness is slowly dissipating.

Both Evelyn and Joan know to constantly mandate glasses of water. Plus to toy with nipples and assure that Brandy is well aware of his childlike exposure, patting and gently pinching his bottom, protruding from abbreviated diapers. Both are sure to make note when it becomes necessary for Brandy to pause from whatever activity in order to release and empty his bladder, Evelyn and Joan offering mild words of admonishment as Brandy finds herself unable to hold, performing the demeaning deed before them, standing in humble silence as nature mandates that he humiliate himself.

He pees, ignominiously relieving himself in his diaper before them.

Then Randy ends the day serving dinner to his family and Miss Lu, with many playful smacks to his exposed buttocks.

Evenings, time is spent with Miss Lu and Randy has learned that being stripped naked by the imposing woman can be quite the mirthful happening... a long day in the irritating diaper finally ending.

During diaper removal and cleansing, freed of the teeth bracelet, Miss Lu continuously tantalizes the gluteal cleft and rectum, feathering to bring forth a plea from her effeminate charge, closely observing the reaction of the male organ... the once male organ.

It swells... but stiffens no more!

"Please no more Miss Lu, I have to itch."

"Do you want me to finger you, Brandy? So many of my little girls have enjoyed being penetrated here."

Sheepishly... and politely... Brandy finds herself requesting the insertion of a tender finger.

"Yes, you all so much enjoy being finger fucked," Miss Lu chortles in ceding to the humble request.

In, out, wriggling, curling... Miss Lu knows exactly how to awaken the nerves, gleefully bringing joy to Brandy’s new erogenous zone.

And of course she also kneads the empty scrotum, reminding Brandy of her pending loss and also enhancing the pulpy flesh as another erogenous zone.

Then come new instructions, cleverly intended to bring more awareness... and compliance... to the degrading procedure.

"Now Brandy, when you feel my finger pull out, I want you to fully relax your sphincter. But you feel it return, begin to push inward, I want you to squeeze as hard as you can. In time, it will come natural to you, you’ll be able to pressure an impaling object without thought. But meanwhile, we’ll need much practice."

Miss Lu smiles in feeling the exacting obedience to her commands... the tight little purse string muscle gripping well as she thrusts anew.

After much time ‘practicing’, Brandy is anointed with a teeth bracelet of smaller size and placed in his electrified playpen while Miss Lu reads and relaxes, on occasion offering the briefest glimpse of her nakedness as she changes into her robe and before the hood immerses him in darkness.

Some ten days into Miss Lu’s close, strict and thorough governance Brandy is put to bed, reporting that the dull ache is nominally felt.

"Good, then you’ll stay in harness for the entire night," Miss Lu summarily announces.

This brings a sense of gloom, Brandy learning that in the bedroom he is normally merrily freed of the tight strands of leather, crawling about naked to amuse Miss Lu.

On this night he is put to bed, bound with wrists behind as always. He receives a treat as Miss Lu, who sleeps in the nude, approaches displaying her puissant femininity, offering more than a brief glance of her well sculpted form. Brandy has come to envy more than gaze in lust. The breasts are mammoth and incredibly firm nipples invite, her mons of meaty outer labia offering a peek of pink inner lips. She smiles knowing of Brandy’s thoughts, the bonding progressing. She pauses offering more, then leans, her breasts, in defiance of gravity, moving not. An index finger taps the nose, suggesting naughtiness, then the hood is slipped over Brandy’s head.

In darkness, Brandy’s sense of gloom swells, normally slumbering without the tight emasculation harness.

Still, he manages to sleep, having become accustomed to bound wrists, the harness eventually found acceptable.

One hour... two... he awakens with sharp stabbing pain... down there, where he has endured the constant dull ache. Yes, at the pubes, deep within, the throbbing has changed to unbearable sharpness.

"Please Miss Lu, it hurts. Miss Lu. I cannot wear it... the harness. Please wake up!"

He hears the rustling of the bed covers. His governess stirs. Then the powerful hands are felt, under his arms. She lifts, Randy aware of the irony... that the hands that torment are also the hands that can offer relief... mercy from that which slowly alters.

"Shush my little one. You’ll awaken the house."

She draws Randy’s form against hers. Once again the warmth, the well muscled, firm softness offer a brisance of delight. Miss Lu sleeps without covering and but for the wrists bracelets and leather emasculation harness, Randy is equally naked.

"Come to bed. You have more to learn... much to understand."

Her caring tendance staves, dulling the sharpness, more distraction then real relief. Still, Randy is carried like a doll to her large double bed, there to find himself drawn under the covers. Such wondrous comfort. Her arms encircle, her hands smoothing over his hairless nakedness. Randy can feel her fine breasts, cursing the hood and his blindness.

"The pain will subside soon, my little girl. Your nerves are sending a message... it is the last gasp of your little testicles. It is like a tooth ache, the nerves of your testicles sending out a desperate signal before they finally surrender to atrophy and die."

Yes, having emasculated so many, Miss Lu fully understands. It is why she has mandated the harness stay in place... summoning the death knell of maleness for her soon to be feminized charge.

A hand tenderly cups his left buttock. Another moves to his pubes. Between the tight straps there is found the empty scrotum and Miss Lu knows to knead and caress, bringing further comfort. Then the hand at the buttocks slips further into the gluteal cleft where the leather straps serve their dual purpose, holding in place the electrified anal probe. Having worked daily to enhance the sensitivity... promoting the awareness as an erogenous zone... her touch, the nearness of her fingers bring further delight.

"I suspect tomorrow morning you will feel no pain. Your testicles finally conceding, the heat of your body rendering such useless, my doses of cyproterone acetate causing your balls to shrink to the point where the muscles will forever keep them snugly tucked away. You’ll never see them again, Randy. It is best for you."

Randy sniffles, mourning the end of his maleness. Miss Lu takes pity. The hand moves from the buttocks and tweaks right nipple and left, Randy amazed with the newly acquired sensitivity there. It feels so good...

"Now, good girls know to please whenever they can Brandy," Miss Lu’s words soft and pedantic.

The hand moves from the nipples to the hood, grasping the hem at the neck. Will it be removed?

She instead rolls it upwards to the nose, exposing Randy’s mouth.

"So let’s treat each other, Brandy. In celebration... to the demise of your testicles... to the beginning of your new life."

The hand moves to the back of the head and guides. Greeting Brandy’s lips is one of the enticing nipples he has so often glimpsed. He parts his lips and his mouth engulfs... instinct?..

His tongue swirls bringing forth a sigh of delight. A knowing Miss Lu understands... it is not the oral caress of a lover... it is the need to be nurtured... to further delve into the role of the diapered girl Randy has become.

Miss Lu’s fingers return the favor, the empty scrotal sac... the nipples... kneading... caressing... knowing that such inspires further suckling... Randy must satiate a new found need... not only for maternal authority... but to seek the reward of maternal care as well.

They sleep... mother and child.


wistan said...

Wonderful. Gender alterations aren't my thing especially, but having such a powerful woman, so determined to have her way.... he's a lucky boy.

Chris Bellows said...

Glad you are enjoying.