Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Boy's Transformation - XXVI

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‘Full fanny fucking’... that is what Miss Lu terms the thorough repeated penetration of Brandy’s rectum.

Brandy’s high heeled feet are positioned over Miss Lu’s shoulders, more firmly pressing his thighs to his torso, sister Joan’s daily dance, exercise and stretching apparent as the awkward pose is facilely assumed by a most limber transformed boy. Large brown hands rise, tweaking left nipple and right, bringing forth an initial brisance of joy. Then such lower to position the dildo.

A mesmerized Brandy lies gazing at Miss Lu’s nakedness as the double dildo is aligned. When the tip greets the entrance to her portal Brandy knows to tighten. The many evenings of finger penetration have trained her aperture to close for she who finger fucks, now bearing the dildo, the tightness to greatly enhance Miss Lu’s pleasure. Yes, the female end will oscillate wildly as strong hips press forth to counter the resistance.

With the slow penetration, Miss Lu smiles... wickedly. There is not only physical delight, but the empowerment brings such a sense of fulfillment, months of training coming to satiating fruition. And of course, as the smooth round bulbous tip enters to abrade the prostate gland, Brandy’s sole functioning male sex gland, there comes equal delight from she being fucked.

Yes, she squeals indeed.

For Brandy there is also the visual joy. Cunnilingus during the morning showers, long and exacting, deprives Brandy of the opportunity to ogle the naked form of his/her idol. Thus Brandy’s gaze is riveted at the breasts, large and firm, perfectly rounded glands which bring adoration leading to envy.

With the first full thrust, the feathery attachments brush Brandy’s male pussy, the empty sac which Miss Lu spent months transforming to develop the sensitivity of a girl’s labia. This brings a giggle, and a wriggling of the hips attempting to enhance the ephemeral joy, motion which in turn enhances the pleasure offered by Miss Lu’s female end.

As Miss Lu slowly withdraws, Brandy relaxes her anus, not a gesture of farewell, but more of an invitation to return and thrust again... and again... and again.

And Miss Lu does.


"Miss Lu, must I always wear the diaper?" Brandy lying on the changing table in wait, undergoing morning inspection and massage.

"You’re naked when with me here in the bedroom. I think you like that."

Brandy nods, crawling about for Miss Lu, feeling her touch and caresses has come to not only thrill but is now more of a sexually addictive narcotic. And of course being permitted to taste her while showering... the pinnacle of delightful nirvana.

"But I mean about the house. It’s childish... and when I wet it hurts."


Brandy nods.

"Well, would you prefer to be naked? Prance about in only your high heels?"

Brandy, hoping to be anointed with clothing, pauses in thought. It seems complete deshabille is the only alternative to be offered. Still, with her constantly filled bladder emptying, forcing her to confront hours of itchiness and chafing, perhaps the embarrassment of nudity is not such an objectionable alternative. After all, sister Joan strips him daily for her dance and stretching exercises. Perhaps being equally displayed before sister Evelyn and mother is tolerable.

"I could wear some clothes," a coy Brandy proffers.

"You have to earn clothing, Brandy. And what will you wear? I will not return you to boy’s clothing, you’re a little girl now. And it will cause you to think bad things... lead to being nasty... like you used to be."

Miss Lu pauses, letting Brandy continue to lie on the changing table, knees to chest, feet parted above, the mandated position of full exposure when being cleaned and diapered.

The ‘full fanny fucking’ not only brought penetrating sexual satiation to Miss Lu, her end of the dildo perfectly shaped for feminine gratification, but Brandy joined her indeed, the prostate manipulation, the frictioning of the anus, eventually led to attaining the dry orgasm intended. Yes, an experienced Miss Lu, having transformed so many, knows... in feeling the twinges... noting the smile of satiation... observing the sudden pause... the glassy mesmerized look of joy... that for Brandy there is a form of climax not felt as a male when she is anally penetrated.

And such can only be achieved performing sexual acts as a female!

Mission accomplished... partially accomplished.

So in the glow of gratification Brandy becomes pensive, thinking about her status, diapered housemaid to the women of the house.

The breasts have been kneaded and massaged and tight pink ribbons force noted protrusion of the once male glands. In silence, an inspecting finger abrades the pubes at the entrance of the inguinal canals, right then left. The testicles are not to reappear, Miss Lu concludes. Now much smaller, sperm production and testosterone production curtailed, the cremaster muscles will forever keep the now useless once male organs out of sight.

The fingers next work the empty scrotum, gently pulling, slightly stretching, such fleshiness not permitted to shrink but instead to always be exhibited, evidencing Brandy’s former gender. Then a pink ribbon is tied about the base, to bring chortling laughter when sister Joan strips him naked for dance.

Finally, as Miss Lu steps away to retrieve the day’s large fluffy absorbent diaper, Brandy speaks up.

"I’ll go without it please, Miss Lu."

Another milestone. Brandy has concluded of his/her own volition that, in being feminine, displaying his/her nakedness to the women of the house is now acceptable protocol.

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