Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Boy's Transformation - III

Great input from everyone. As you know, I try to work in many different genres, so those of you who enjoy nastier stuff, bear with me.


The parade ends in entering the large master bedroom. Lu closes the door and latches it, gazing about at the more than adequate space. Randy continues his protestation. His insulting words, referencing Lu as a beast, are ignored.

“Remove your clothes for me Randy. I will give you a bath, inspect, and then I want you to wear something for me.”

“You’re a girl, I’m not taking off my clothes in front of you.”

“I am your governess... and if I want you naked you will be naked. It will calm you. You’re very excitable... and very belligerent. Such nasty words you spout.”

“No, go fuck yourself.”

Randy is shocked to see the glare. More shocked as Ms. Lu steps forth, picks him up like a doll and in a somewhat playful manner, but still demonstrating her inordinate strength, tosses her charge onto the bed.

"You’ll remove your clothing or I will strip you. I have dealt with boys like you for a long time. Do you think you have something I have before not seen?”

With that, a hand reaches down and wrenches away the right shoe.

“You must wonder how this will feel on your bare buttocks,” the words ominously offered.

Randy is aghast. He has not before been so disciplined. But he has been privy to sordid photos from his stash of lewd magazines. He has not come to grips with his desire for arousing material tinged with bondage, does not yet understand his developing sexuality. But pain he does understand, and what he enjoys gazing at... and what Miss Lu threatens to offer... are two very different sides of a coin.

“Be a good boy for me, Brandy,” the name slips again.

“I’m not Brandy,” the tone emphatic.

“We will see. Take off your clothes. Now.”

Miss Lu removes her coat. Standing before Randy in a white cotton uniform, he is reminded of visits to the doctor.

“You’re a nurse?”

“I have much medical training. You’ll be well cared for, Randy. I will assure that you better come to understand yourself, your needs.”

Randy diverts his inner thoughts by talking, removing his other shoe and unbuckling his belt. Miss Lu smiles, offering a look of approval, then steps to the bathroom. The valves are turned. The tub begins to fill.

“How do you get along with your sisters, Randy?”

“They’re bitches. Always bugging me.”

“Yes, so it would seem for a boy of your age. Older sisters can annoy. Have you ever thought that perhaps they feel the same about you?”

Miss Lu returns, satisfied to see Randy bare to his undershorts.

“I suppose. But they are still bitches.”

“Well we will change that. Come now, take off your shorts.”

Little does Randy realize the relative gravity of the otherwise everyday act. He will never again feel male garments.

Finally naked, Miss Lu picks up all the clothing, shoes included. She unlocks the bag and begins removing items then replaces such with the collection of Randy’s garments. He quivers when the suitcase closes and Miss Lu makes a show of locking it.

“Done. You’ll not ever again need to worry about what you wear.”

Miss Lu sits on the bed next to the now naked Randy.

“This is now our room, Randy. When in here you will be naked for me... or wear whatever it is I choose. You’re going to very comfortable with your Miss Lu. As I said I am going to get to know you very, very well. And in time you will come to enjoy my company. I have many things to teach and you have many things to learn.”

A sheepish Randy quakes anew. Alone, naked in a locked room with this amazingly powerful woman, but there is also strange comfort, a sense of protection.

“Now tell me about this. It is so tiny, does it ever get big for you?”

With the question, Miss Lu reaches to fondle the youthful penis. A woman has never before touched Randy there, not within memory, contact in infancy not to be recalled. And he is chagrined to note that, despite the shock, her touch is knowing... and it feels good.


“See, a nice hot bath and you’re all calmed down.”

Randy is embarrassed but indeed soothed as he sits in the tub and as indicated, Miss Lu gets to know him very, very well, laving sweet smelling soap everywhere.

“Your testicles are perfect, Randy. Tiny. Your mother has brought me here at just the right time.”

Randy offers a look of perplexity.

“Oh you will see. As they ripen your behavior is affected and we will need to change that. I will care for you and you will change for me. But we have some rules. Obeying the rules will make Miss Lu happy. And you will come to want to make me happy... and your sister Evelyn... and your sister Joan... and your mother.”

A huge hand slips under the surface, Randy once again feels the finger palpate his phallus. With the soothing heat, Randy no longer feels apprehension as the woman gently kneads.

“So you say this has occasionally gotten big for you. Is it while you look at pictures... from magazines.”

A chagrined Randy nods, somehow this imposing woman knowing of his stash.

“And so you play with it... like this?”

No longer kneading, the fingers gently stroke in a nimble masturbating motion.


“Yes, what Randy?”

"Yes, Miss Lu.”

“Good. Not good that you play here but good that you are respectful of your governess.”

Randy cannot find words to protest. The woman’s touch is better than his own. Indeed she has been with many boys... and knows what they like.

“And when you play, does it leak? Does anything spurt?”

A prepubescent Randy shakes his head.

"Just a little gooey stuff comes out."

“Ah, that is good. Well Randy you will not play here any more... never again. I am going to change that.”

“But it feels good.”

“Yes, I know. But for boys like you it is best that you be denied the things you like... that which you most enjoy. Instead you will soon find joy in bringing joy to others... like me... and your sisters... and your mother.”

Despite the warmth of the water, Miss Lu brings her charge to a full stand, the surging hormones rewarding her efforts with a relatively firm erection limited in size due to age.

“Now I am going to dry and powder you and take some measurements. You will lie still on the bed. I also have something for you to wear. Some things for your wrists that you are never ever to remove. Do you understand?”

“But my thing... it’s...”

Veiled beneath the sudsy water, Randy becomes bashful in having to place is maleness on display before she who seems so knowing of his furtive habits.

“It wants to show off for me, Randy ... so we will let it show. I know boys, Randy. Come now. Stand up, display your thing for me. When we are together, you must not feel any shame... feel bashful before your governess. You will learn to enjoy my company.”

“Yes, Miss Lu.”


Suzanne said...

I like the style, as I usually do. I like the story's direction. Even to those not prone to enjoying the feminization aspect of the story, I believe they feel anticipation..."waiting for the other shoe to drop" so to speak!

Emma Kelly said...

Hi Chris,

Personally, I'm not drawn to feminization. The same as others who have commented here. But that's what, for me, makes it so titillating. I protest and yet I am aroused.

It's not what Randy wants either. But that's what he's going to get.

Having to do something that is humiliating and degrading to one's sense of self and identity is what I think much of your great work relies on. No matter how much we protest, the Imperious Female swamps us.


Mrs. Kelly's Playhouse

Chris Bellows said...

Thank you for the input.

Yes, some will definitely not find stimulation in this story.

But do try to enjoy.