Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Boy's Transformation - XVI

While Randy celebrates his freedom and relief from the constant dull ache, Miss Lu cleans the highly sophisticated anal probe, then opens and replaces the batteries. When the voltage is applied, the energy depletes rapidly, and it is imperative that Randy always be susceptible to the disciplining press of a woman’s finger.

Meanwhile, after a minute or two of limbering muscles held immobile for hours, Randy finds himself experiencing a not before felt modest thrill. As he shuffles about on the carpet, the flesh of his empty scrotum, though its size limited by youth, jostles and gently abrades his inner thighs. It is strange, having only weeks before become accustomed to the feel his small yet burgeoning, rapidly growing testicles dangling there.

He stops, moves to sit upright, and his free hands lower to feel and explore. He gazes downward... partly in amazement... partly in horror.

Miss Lu’s words return to his mind, not fully comprehended as he laid on the changing table preoccupied with wet irritated skin and constant dull ache.

‘Something missing here,’ the mirthful, ostensibly playful words repeat in his mind as a finger toys with his sac.

Miss Lu exits the bathroom, clean anal prob in hand. She notes that Randy, having initially ‘discovered’ his maleness only months before, somehow obtaining and then stroking himself to glossy bondage pulp, is discovering himself once again... but now as a... girl? Boy? Hermaphrodite?

Miss Lu smiles, understanding that his confusion over gender will be greatly enhanced by the deluge of estrogen she has induced, the reaction of the male mind initially one of disarray.

It is part of the process. It is expected. And it is important. And that is why he is to be immersed in all things feminine... particularly feminine governance... the ceding of everything to she who commands. He needs to be made dependent.

Yes, the extent of Miss Lu’s power dawns anew as the fingers of her charge smooth over the pulpy flesh of his empty scrotum.

"Feel good?" Miss Lu’s words startling, Randy not aware of her observation. "Do you like it that I am changing you there?"

"I don’t know Miss Lu... it’s funny. And I’m... I can’t think too well."

"It is expected, Randy."

Miss Lu returns to the dresser, opening the case containing the array of teeth bracelets. She selects the next smallest size. The bracelet she has removed has served its purpose. In order to offer proper tightness, Randy’s organ shrinking with the infusion of transforming chemicals, she must assess regularly and assure discomfort if he attempts to stiffen.

"Here we go. Can’t having you toying like a bad boy. You’re going to be a good girl instead."

With that, Miss Lu stoops and Randy once again dons the evil prickly device.

"Come, let’s take a little walk. I want you to show me something."

Miss Lu lowers her hand and grasps Randy’s lengthening hair, using it as a leash.

"Let’s take a look in your room shall we. And we’ll talk."

Miss Lu opens the bedroom door. Randy is aghast, totally naked, crawling, his once rebellious form now so compliant.

"My sisters! I don’t want them to see me like this."

"Long gone to bed, Randy. And in time, you’ll be thrilled to display yourself to them. It is part the transition. Your obeisant nakedness will please them... and you will want to please them."

The duo shuffle down the hall, Randy crawling, Miss Lu firmly guiding. The bedroom door is prevalently secured with the formidable steel bar. Miss Lu has the key ready, the Medco lock yields and Randy is led into his once male lair, now access denied.

"Show me your magazines Randy. I want to see them."

Closing the door and releasing his hair, Randy crawls to a closet. His lifts a segment of rug. Then beneath, likewise lifts a section of floor boarding. Pubescent hands retrieve a pile of pulp... his stash!
Why is he doing this?.. revealing his deepest darkest secret to this woman!

"Bring them here," Miss Lu moving to sit on his bed.

Randy obeys, shuffling forth on both knees, modest pile of glossy print in his hands. He knows to offer. Miss Lu places the magazines on the bed next to her.

"Come, up here. Let’s see if you still want to look."

Miss Lu invitingly opens the folds of her large fluffy robe to bare her massive but impressively shaped thighs. The smooth chocolate warmth beckons and as Randy rises, the powerful hands prod and guide until he lies face down over her lap, her flesh indeed feeling marvelous on the pink chafed and irritated privates of Randy.

"So, pictures of girls tied up. This one nearly naked, but quite well restrained. Such excites?"

Unfolding one issue of ‘Girls in Distress’, Miss Lu arranges such that Randy can fully gaze. The pictures are somewhat redundant. Typical male pornography, Miss Lu thinks to herself. But procured and treasured at such a young age!

"Is your penis firming, Randy? Go ahead and make yourself nice and hard for your governess. You need not be shy with Miss Lu. I have seen so many... tamed so many," the added words bringing a snort.

She pages, pausing to let Randy fully view each provocative shot... provocative for the demented male mind.

Randy indeed finds enjoyment. But something is different. Something about the way he thinks... about the fantasies such filth conjures. Then he feels a hand at his buttocks. His cleft is splayed, a finger glides in... where the wicked anal probe threateningly nestled throughout the day. The thumb of the same hand begins to press at the perineum finding then kneading the empty sac. It feels good, And when the penetrating finger begins to slide in and out, slowly, Randy senses a brisance of joy.

In inadvertently moaning in delight, the reaction brings a knowing smile from Miss Lu. Then his hips wriggle about, frottaging his tiny penis tip as best he can against the smooth warmth of Miss Lu’s inviting thighs.

"We can do this, Randy," Miss Lu proclaims, her free hand pausing, a finger pointing to one of the more graphic and extreme photos. "You can be this girl right here. I think my morning meals are having quite an effect. Am I right? What to you visualize when looking at this, a young naked girl wearing leather cuffs and bent over like that?"

Randy remains silent, soaking up the physical input... the sensual input. He has before very much enjoyed his pornography, the eidetic male mind lustfully soaking up image after image... fantasizing that it is his imaginary adult arms and hands which strip and bind some vixen, some deserving teenaged girl who has earned his revenge... on occasion picturing an older sister who has annoyed.

But now, he finds Miss Lu’s words bring thought. And with the influx of pleasurable sensations, anus manipulated, penis reveling within the warm folds of Miss Lu’s thighs, page after page of feminine nakedness unveiled to eager, once male eyes, there come oscillations in his loins... those that many times preceded the spurts from his erect penis.

Except he is not erect, and with Miss Lu having electrically drained him, he knows there is nothing to be offered, no essence to purge in climactic ecstasy. And he knows should he harden, the teeth bracelet will bring agony... and force a return to limpness.

"I like doing this to a boy... one I am emasculating.... a nice thorough finger fucking. Do you like it Brandy? Do you like submitting to a woman’s touch?"

The questions just linger... verbally unanswered. But both know the inner response. Randy is not the only one to feel the oscillations of ejaculatory muscles brought to complete submission. Miss Lu knows as well... that he would like to harden and erupt but cannot. That ultimate climax is denied... by the controlling hands and fingers of a woman. But she also knows that she is instilling a new form of pleasure... transforming the mind as well as the body.


wistan said...

Is it weird that I jerk off to this and then wish I had a Miss Lu to stop me?

Chris Bellows said...


i am shocked!