Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Boy's Transformation - XIII

The athletic sister Joan is found in the basement. An affinity for dance fosters the need for exercise and stretching and over the teen years, faithful commitment to a daily regimen has brought a lithe, strong and well sculpted form.

Miss Lu reaches the bottom of the steps, a diapered Randy in tow. On the far side of the basement, sister Joan works to stretch, standing feet well parted on a room-sized exercise mat, bending with knees straight to lay her full palms flat. Of late, Randy’s burgeoning hormones, the levels now plummeting, have impelled him to spy as his sister. Once thought of as a nuisance, with her nubile body blossoming into beauty, Joan has become sexually attractive.

Yes, with skin tight leotards her only covering, there is nothing else to veil her pulchritude. Randy has twice hidden himself while she showers, seeking to steal a glimpse as she exits the upstairs bathroom. On both occasions, an annoyed Joan, partially clad in hastily donning a bathrobe, caught him, verbally reprimanding to no affect.

And so as Miss Lu approaches Joan smiles in spotting her devious brother, naked but for diaper and gaudy pink high heels. She outright giggles when he stumbles and a large ebony hand reaches to deter a fall.

"Joan, this is your little sister, Brandy," Miss Lu’s hand tweaking a nipple, her gentle touch bringing forth a girlish squeal.

"How cute," Joan curtailing her stretching. "I like the way his little butt sticks out of the diaper. Now I can look at him instead of him spying on me."

Joan steps forth. Miss Lu explains the remote control and once again demonstrates the ease of the ‘D’ clip, handing both to another woman who will aid in supervising Randy’s transformation.

"I will salt other ‘D’ clips about the house so such will always be handy. But the concept is that Brandy constantly be under feminine authority. A woman must always be governing."

Joan nods in agreement, also reaching forth to likewise tweak a nipple.

"Will I get to change him? He’s been so eager to see me naked, I’d so much like to change the cards."

"In time, Joan. But I would like to have Brandy exercised. Perhaps you can teach her to dance? And I’d like her ligaments and muscles to be stretched. Every girl needs to be supple."

Sister Joan nods, her nose crinkling in reaction to odor.

"I think he’s wet himself."

"Yes, remember to keep him well watered. There’s nothing that can be more humbling than prancing about in wet diapers. And we want Brandy to be well humbled. In time he’s going to be very meek and docile and eager to please... to be of service... isn’t that right Brandy?

"But right now he’ll just need to endure the irritating wetness, won’t you Brandy?"

Miss Lu notes there are no words of objection, only a silent and disconsolate ‘Brandy’ looking to the floor.

"Guess we can start some stretching. But won’t the wet diaper chafe his skin?"

"That’s fine. She’ll be that much more grateful when I change her."

Joan nods, and takes Randy by the elbow.

"Come, we’ll begin practicing some splits. It will be uncomfortable at first, but you’ll soon be limber."

Miss Lu moves to the side to observe, marveling at how quickly the sisters have embraced their role in assisting with the overall dismantling of Randy’s male psyche.

He really must have been a handful for them to so facilely join her efforts.


A wet diapered Randy begins a stretching and exercise program, Miss Lu very much aware that with the dissipation of testosterone and the deluge of estrogen, Randy’s modified male metabolism will begin to much more quickly store fat. And though she fully intends to plumpen... another demonstration of her power and control... she’ll not tolerate outright obesity. Instead a degree of voluptuousness is desired. And Randy is to learn, what the governing woman desires... the governing woman shall have.

Thereafter Randy is taken to the kitchen, there to learn to prepare meals and otherwise assist Ms. Jensen in all matters domestic. Miss Lu also explains the remote control and easy use of the ‘D’ clip for any offered resistance to the matron of the household, so grateful even though Randy’s transformation is far from complete.

Finally, the long mentally wearing afternoon and evening end, Randy serving the evening meal, not permitted to touch a morsel. Instead, when others have finished partaking, Miss Lu steps to the kitchen and whips up a large bowl of mush, appearing as baby food, lacing it with estrogen and cyproterone acetate, to chemically castrate and augment the suppression of testosterone and ensure his little balls become even more tiny.

Then, before all the women of the household, Randy’s wrists are secured behind his back, and Miss Lu feeds, showing sisters Joan and Evelyn how a boy becoming a girl must learn to rely on his governess for everything, sustenance included.

Yes fed as a child, Miss Lu spoons the mush, Randy fully aware of the nature of the additives.

"You’ll soon be feeding your little sister, girls. I prefer to deny use of his hands. And if there is any reluctance, you just reach forth with your free hand and you’ll find these little pink nubs have wonderful purpose."

Randy blushes with the four pairs of feminine eyes watching as he’s fed. And when the thumb and forefinger close over a nipple and pinch, he comically lurches in his chair with the demonstration of such easily applied encouragement.

"Everything must come from us. Total dependance on those in control. It is important."

Meanwhile, the wet harness continues to tighten. Evelyn enthusiastically offers more water, and though the diaper irritates, the resulting fresh flow of warm urine oddly soothes.

When will he be changed? Romping about naked with Miss Lu seems to be so much preferred.


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