Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Boy's Transformation - XXVII

Brandy’s only covering... pink high heels and the crisscrossing straps at the calves which secure the footwear in place. There are of course his/her ribbons, forcing the flesh gathered at the breasts to protrude, drawing an amused eye to the boy pussy... the empty scrotum.... and the penis bracelet encircling the overly sensitive tip. Otherwise there is nothing to cloak his effeminate form, slowly being softened and rounded by the devious special diet and hormones.

The anal probe is inserted. Then the set of thin cords which hold it in place encircle the waist and are strung through the gluteal cleft, under and up past the pubes left and right. Miss Lu refers to it as a ‘string harness’, similar in shape and design to the emasculation harness no longer required. Next comes the sample jar and an immediate cruel and calloused press of the controlling remote. Brandy cries out with the surge of electricity and Miss Lu smiles in noting the small amount of perfectly clear fluid extracted.

The jar is capped, the contents to be measured and evaluated.

"Let’s go help your mother," Miss Lu announces, noting Brandy calms as expected.

Out the bedroom door, Miss Lu grasps an earlobe, demonstrating her governance.

"You’ll not soil anything in the house, Brandy. You will need to ask permission to go to the bathroom. Never, ever touch your little thing... your new clitoris. That task is for your sisters, your mother or me. Understand? That little thing no longer belongs to you."

Brandy tries to nod, his head partially immobile due to Miss Lu’s firm grip. Though the diaper has been cast aside, Brandy has been well watered. At his own request, he will have a very challenging day, he now realizes. In reflection, the diaper was rather convenient when his overflowing bladder gave rise to great need.

To the laundry room, Ms. Jensen awaits. She smiles in seeing her new little girl completely nude.

"She asked not to be diapered?" mother Jensen inquires.

Miss Lu nods, releasing the ear.

"Well, you said the time would come," Ms. Jensen seeming to swell with pride.

Such ignominy, being paraded before her mother sans covering. Brandy blushes, his cherubic flesh turning pink as Miss Lu reviews the rules... bathroom privileges to be withheld, only offered at a woman’s whim. Oddly, Brandy feels her tiny penis slightly swell, the spikes of the bracelet suddenly bringing a prickly reminder that flaccidity is mandatory.

What is it that excites?

"Without the diaper in place, just be sure, if you must use the remote, to catch any fluid expelled. There won’t be much as I have forced the morning extraction. But even a little can be messy."

Ms. Jensen nods in understanding and takes Brandy by the hand.

"Come Brandy, lots of clothing to be washed, sorted and folded. Your sisters have some very fine panties that need your attention. And if you’re a good girl, I’ll let you rub your little nub on the silk... though I think that metal thing may be a little constricting..."

The thought brings a curiously pleasant reaction... clothing! Yes, as prognosticated, things smooth, soft and gaily colored seem to attract.

Miss Lu smiles, noting Brandy’s level of enthusiasm. A large hand lowers to playfully pinch her well exposed buttocks, eliciting a girlish giggle.

"And Ms. Jensen, I’m going to have company tonight. That occasional male visitor we discussed a few weeks back. I think it is time... and I need a change."

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