Friday, December 24, 2010

A Boy's Transformation - XXV

"My goodness, you’re so eager to ride this morning."

Tongue healed, Brandy and Miss Lu showered together, the governess demanding oral attention from the loosened tongue. Adequate, but Miss Lu knows there can be better oral servitude offered.

So as Brandy rides, bucking away, anal plug massaging, manipulating his male gland, Miss Lu prepares an orange, to be savored by her charge whose diet is so bland. She slices to open slits in the peel, four vertical cuts, about two inches long, not penetrating the entire circumference.

"So my little princess, an orange for you. I will feed you as always. And you will need to draw out the pulp and sweet juice through the cuts... utilizing that newly modified tongue."

Wrists restrained behind, the large dark hand must present the fruit, pressing such to Brandy’s lips. The tongue extends and thrusts pressing into the slit, the skin of the orange, the modest opening, offering a degree of resistance.

"Push harder and harder, Brandy. This is how you will eat oranges... each and every morning until that tongue is strong and sinewy... with much more range. Push inward and swish your tongue about to gather all the juicy pulp. This is how I want you to work that tongue... so I can feel you deep inside me..."

The slits are limited in length and Brandy must labor... but she does so with zeal. The sweet juice, the thought that she will better please, brings enthusiasm.


Many weeks pass under Miss Lu’s tutelage. Brandy is sexually reawakened, probably sexually rearranged a more apt term. Thoughts, the desire to stroke himself/herself, of normal male stimulation, attaining erection, spurting the male seed which Miss Lu and his sisters so ignominiously expunge with a press of the finger, are not to reoccur. Instead Brandy looks forward to his mornings of training... crawling about naked... enema followed by a shower with his idol... extensive oral servitude. Such degradation... but the deeds are not mentally encompassed as such.

Sexual arousal, stimulation, however limited, is attained by way of his anal penetration, gleefully riding on his saddle... and thereafter while lying on the changing table. Yes, before being diapered for the day, Miss Lu feathers and caresses his empty sac and rectum until he begs for the otherwise demeaning finger fucking... the ultimate satiation to be obtained.... the ultimate in humiliation... for the male.

Plus there is acquired great emotional joy in pleasing others... the governing women of the household.
Middays are spent cleaning, performing housework, helping in the kitchen, being a de facto maid for a very appreciative and favorably impressed mother.

After school, Joan strips him/her naked and has him/her dance, on many occasions pressing the controlling remote despite exemplary behavior, laughing as his exposed male remnant spurts the clear, viscous... and useless... fluid still produced by his prostate.

Later, a calmed and well exercised Brandy sits while sister Evelyn prettifies, no longer hearing words of objection as Brandy is turned into an alluring yet sultry tramp. Yes, full make up, gaudy red lipstick and cheap but noticeably coruscating jewelry serve to feminize.

Much mirror time is afforded and Miss Lu smiles knowingly in seeing Brandy adore his/her ravishing presentment, modeling herself before a full length reflection, her footwork long from the ungainly efforts when high heels were first worn.

And so Miss Lu patiently awaits the expected quest. There will come a time when Brandy’s now effeminate mind will find the diaper he/she is forced to wear to be indecorous, distracting from his otherwise pretty girl presentment.

Yes, Brandy is also deemed ready for another step in his transformation. Exiting the shower, the modified tongue having offered assiduous oral pleasure, vaginally and anally, Brandy expects to be dried... the hands of a completely naked Miss Lu coming to offer a thrill as a fluffed towel grazes over all parts pink... and then be placed in his saddle. There to ride while a smiling Miss Lu wickedly absorbs the exhibition of her sexual power.

Instead, Miss Lu dons her robe, quickly dries, picks him up, and carries him with seemingly little effort, directly to the changing table.

"But I want to ride Miss Lu!"

"I don’t think riding is for big girls like you, Brandy."

Supine, Brandy knows to obediently place knees to her chest, lift her ankles and part her feet. Miss Lu smiles in noting the complacent reaction despite the pouting, the many moments of self stimulation afforded by the saddle’s anal probe coming to be a most welcomed diversion.

Miss Lu examines, as on every morning. She massages the developing breasts, gathers huge tufts of flesh, drawing her hands and fingers outward toward the nipples, the milking motion bringing delight, the hormones very much awakening the once male nubs. She knows this to increase the circulation, promoting growth and development. Then her attention lowers. The empty sac receives similar but less aggressive finger work, assuring it continues to be well exposed, enhance the sensitivity and to divulge to all Brandy’s altered status.

Then Brandy smiles as there comes the feather.

Throughout the process, Miss Lu is very deliberate in observing the reaction of the tiny penis, now encircled in the smallest, tightest teeth bracelet, the sharp steel points instantly discouraging any engorgement beyond slight swelling.

And of course it hardens not!

Yes, Brandy demonstrates notable thrill and delight. But with no erection... not any hint of an attempt to achieve erection... his sexual transformation complete!

"I think a big girl like you would prefer something else. Something to make you smile and squeal," the words offered as the feather makes a most tantalizing encirclement of the sensitive pink of the puckered rectum.

"You enjoy penetration here," a teasing finger diddling the sphincter, "and you like having your boy pussy caressed," the thumb and forefinger raising to gently tug the empty sac.

A chagrined Brandy smiles. How can she disagree?

"So I have something... just for you."

Miss Lu briefly steps away, opens a drawer and returns.

"Specially desired for boys who I have turned into girls."

Miss Lu holds up an odd looking cylinder of rubber. Not having before seen a dildo, Brandy gawks... but quickly understands its intended use, having so often ridden the saddle.

"This part is for me, Brandy. It’s termed a double dildo," Miss Lu’s fingers rubbing over one end... bent at a curious angle and quite bulbous with ridges and bumps.

"And here I have added what most delights my little girly boys," a finger points.

At the top of the base of that which will penetrate, there is a collection of soft feather like attachments.

"For your boy pussy... that little scrotal sac I emptied."

Miss Lu leans forward.

"Lickey, lickey, lickey," she encourages in offering her end of the implement to Brandy’s mouth.

The long strengthened tongue extends on command. While dutifully licking, fully aware that his/her tight aperture will appreciate the lubrication, once again Brandy’s heart leaps... now in expectation. Miss Lu slips off her robe!


Anonymous said...

my heart also leaps in expectation. Great job. Thank You.

Chris Bellows said...

Thank you for the boast. Glad you are enjoying.