Friday, December 3, 2010

A Boy's Transformation - V

"Where’s Randy?"

"He’s with his governess dear. I made a decision. Randy’s become a little feisty lately. I think it is best he got more personal attention," Ms. Jensen explains.

"About time, Mom. He’s been a pain in the ass."

"Now Evelyn, that language will stop in this household. I know it comes from Randy, and I know he will no longer speak like that. He is approaching a certain time in life... boys go through it differently than girls..."


"Ah, here comes, Joan," Ms. Jensen peering out the living room window.

"Miss Lu, Randy’s governess, would like to speak to you girls. Randy is now totally in her care... being acclimated. You may not see him for a few days."

"He has a governess? A little old isn’t he?"

"It is best, dear. I think you will be happy with the change."

Oldest daughter Joan enters. Ms. Jensen quickly explains and then moving to the stairs calls up to Miss Lu. Within moments her impressively massive form, dressed in crisp white cotton, descends the steps.

"Good afternoon ladies. I am Miss Lu. Can we speak? Perhaps in the dining room."

The trio move together. At Miss Lu’s request Ms. Jensen does not join, instead moving to the kitchen to prepare after school refreshments.

"As I am sure your mother explained. I am your brother Randy’s new governess."

The girls nod, sitting about the table.

"Randy will be completely under my charge... probably for many months as his attitude and outlook are transformed. I am instituting a protocol of complete dependence on the governing female. It is best for him, and I would ask your cooperation in reporting to me any belligerence or defiance. I want a very polite Randy for you. One who will very much respect and adore his sisters... as well as all women."

The girls look at each and smile devilishly. Miss Lu continues.

"There are certain elements of establishing dependence on me that you should be aware of... so that you are not shocked... and certainly do not attempt to offer sympathy. So when you next see Randy, you should be aware that his only covering will be a diaper. He’ll not again use the bathroom alone while I preside here. Initially only I will change him, as well as feed him, but in time, if you wish to help, I will show you what needs to be done when he soils himself. But for now, until we are further into his transformation, all care should come from me."

The girls giggle and nod, the rapscallion finally encountering his comeuppance.

"You are not to feed him... anything... ever. His special diet will be offered only by me. But do feel free to offer him water... lots and lots of water. He will soil himself. It will humble him and the diaper will be changed... eventually."

This brings wicked laughter, comforting to Miss Lu. Randy has been blessed with understanding siblings.

"As he transforms, he will come to enjoy a woman’s touch. Feel free to tweak a nipple, perhaps tenderly pat his bottom. You’ll find that initially he will protest... politely... but later caresses will cause him to blush... and in time he will very much enjoy any attention you care to offer."

The smiles broaden.

"And I can see you will find joy as well. Whereas I understand Randy has come to display rebellion of late, I am here to change that... and I will change that."

"What about school?"

"Randy’s days of public schooling are over, Joan. The things he needs to learn are not adequately taught there. Home service... cleaning... doing laundry... helping about the house... serving meals... even offering manicures and pedicures... are skills which will better serve Brandy... I mean Randy. And I am sure you girls will benefit. You’ll have more time to study... or be with friends."

"Talking about friends, Randy will be romping about diapered. What about having friends here?"

"I will let you decide, Joan. If you want to bring them here, I think you will find that it will benefit Randy’s transformation... it’s a mental and emotional process... and outside contact will assist in the thinking we wish to imbue. You will see that in time... as his new diet slowly has its effect."

Missing from the conversation, for now, is discussion of the ultra tight emasculation belt... currently under rushed fabrication... for express delivery to the Jensen home.

"For your feet, Randy."

"More pink... no!"

"Yes, the shade perfectly matches your wrist bands. You will wear what I want. When you move about the house I went you in heels. Girls feel good in heels."

"I’m not a girl!"

‘Not yet,’ she thinks, Miss Lu ignoring the outburst.

With wrists cuffed, Randy can offer little resistance as his feet are adorned. He notes the heels are of modest height, but any movement will still be awkward... initially. Then he spies rings similar to those on his wrist bands are at the heels. And as Ms. Lu entwines his calves with matching pink straps, he understands the footwear has more purpose then fashion.

"Now you’re going to ride for me. Many boys come to enjoy the emasculation saddle, Randy. I’ve added a nice little plug for you... to rub that male gland you boys so much enjoy having massaged. Come, it’s time to begin."

Miss Lu leads to the odd piece of furniture delivered the day before with his ‘playpen’. He spent much of the prior evening staring at the device, wondering of its purpose as he lied naked with wrists bound, the soft mattress covering the entire surface of the pen, Miss Lu downstairs speaking with his sisters.

"Now you’ll be riding for me every day... until... well until there is no more need."

Aptly named, the saddle resides atop a high stool. But as opposed to something upon which to ride, there are protrusions. One is a stout anal plug, two others jut from the front, at the left and right, rising from the otherwise smooth surface by a couple of inches.

"You’ll feel some discomfort, Randy ... a dull ache. But remember it is for me... and it is best for you as well. So today we’ll begin with an hour then switch to the harness when it arrives. Tomorrow a little longer. Then I will begin using longer protrusions."

As she speaks, Randy is amazed when the woman effortlessly picks up his partially bound form to place his nakedness straddling the saddle. The protrusions greet his groin, right and left of the scrotum. Fingers align the anal plug. Well lubricated, it slips past his tight purse string muscle with ease.

"So here we go. I’m going to push those little balls of yours back into the inguinal canals from where they descended. The prongs will press and your cremaster muscles will begin to contract... in time holding such in place without the prongs. Each and every day, pushing further and further, I’ll be encouraging the little muscles to permanently hold your testicles well into your body. In time, you won’t ever see them again."

Fingers work. Randy is amazed with the woman’s knowledge of the male anatomy. He squirms as she works to press, push upwards and indeed make the small gonads disappear. He senses the feeling of a pop as his right nut is returned to its biological home. Then she works the left.

"Your body heat will eventually make you sterile, Randy. We’ll work to lower that testosterone level which is beginning to make you into a nasty growing boy. And when it dissipates, the estrogen I will be feeding you will make you into a pleasant obedient little girl instead. You’ll please me... and your mother... your sister Evelyn... your sister Joan."

Randy shudders with the ominous words. As he feels the second pop, Miss Lu chuckles.

"Yes, you’re to be emasculated Randy... slowly... steadily... each and every day. Just think... at all times you’ll fully know that you’re slowly being transformed... into a girl... and at a woman’s behest. You’ll at first be frightened, alarmed. But as the estrogen works its magic... you’ll be one happy little girl for me."

Randy looks down. His tiny balls have indeed disappeared. And he is chagrined to note his reaction to the anal plug... his penis has firmed. Miss Lu is joyful.

"And look at your reaction, Randy. A nice little stiffey for me as I end your masculinity. So nice of you to amuse."

Miss Lu stoops and Randy learns one function of his ringed shoes. Hands work to connect his feet beneath the stool, forcing him to ride the saddle, the evil prongs pressing, forcing his balls into the inguinal canals. But the anal plug... that brings the odd pressure which causes his penis to celebrate his emasculation.

"Please no, Miss Lu. It aches."

"I know. But it is good for you. You would not want to be emasculated without feeling anything would you?

"Now Randy, I want you to ride your saddle as you have seen cowboys ride a horse. The anal plug will bring happiness as you buck. The emasculating protrusions will in turn work to make Miss Lu happy."

Yes, as Miss Lu is fully aware, the more Randy moves about, the more he will drive his own testicles well up into the sterilizing chambers of his inguinal canals. When she steps back, Miss Lu is pleased to observe that Randy is one happy cowboy... bucking away... pleasuring his prostate... ending his masculinity.


Suzanne said...

Miss Lulu is showing lots of ingenuity in how she is going about the emasculation of randy. The disappearance of his testicles, without surgery is particularly clever!

Chris Bellows said...

Yes, Suzanne.

Derived from an old trick utilized by transvestite dancers who don't want male tidbits flopping about in tight clothing. Returning the organs from where they originated during gestation.

For them, the testicles will descend and return. I fear not for Randy.


wistan said...

I'm liking it so far. I have a weird love/hate thing with feminisation, but I can't say I'm not turned on by the fact that a powerful woman is forcing it on him, whether he likes it or not. I hope you keep up with that aspect - the battle of wills and her gradual destruction of his ability to resist, as well as the feminisation aspects themselves.

Chris Bellows said...


Think the story will turn to your satisfaction.

Keep in mind I am writing a few chapters ahead, then editing and proofreading for many days before posting.

So it's not overly facile to change the plot and interaction.


Anonymous said...

Hmm . . . the posts shoving his testicles back up the canal seems a bit . . . passive. Maybe its just me, but I think it'd be me more impressive if Randy's more actively involved in his emasculation. Maybe put peddles on the side of the saddle, that (when peddled) stimulates his prostate/plug. But which also cause the posts to move up and down, pushing up his testicles. Makes him more an agent of his own emasculation.