Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Boy's Transformation - XI

Will be traveling over the next couple of days.

"How do you feel, Randy?"

"I’m soaked."

Miss Lu exits the bathroom after a long, leisurely shower, knowing that her defacto captive, imprisoned in his playpen, has lied in his bodily excretions while she brought herself great comfort.

"And the ache? Your balls still hurt?"

Randy arises from lying to gaze once again at a magnificent partially clad bronzed form. The white towel, disappointingly cloaking her charms, is joined by another wrapped about her hair.

"Yes, Miss Lu," his reply delayed by his gawking.

"Unfortunately it takes time for your body heat to deaden the nerves and for numbness to ensue. And your penis, have you tried to become stiff?"

Randy becomes bashful. Miss Lu, years of experience with boys... all turned into bashful little girls... understands.

"You can tell me Randy. It’s Ok. Your bracelet will just make it hurt and return it to limpness. I just need to know. I am your governess. There is nothing I cannot... will not... know about you... and your little man."

"Yes, it became a little stiff... and then... well it hurt."

"Good. Why do you think it tried to stiffen?"

Again, the bashfulness brings silence. And as the enchanting Miss Lu moves about the room, arranging her clothing, stepping into the closet to select a fresh uniform, Randy’s adoring gaze causes his penis to stir anew. He knows the answer, but cannot bring forth the words.

Miss Lu exits, a white uniform in one hand, a garment of thick black cloth in another.

"You’re bonding to me, Randy. All my little girls do. Curious is it not, to be so attracted to the woman who will forever end your masculinity?"

She places the uniform on the bed, presses a button on the remote control and approaches the playpen.

"The restraint system is off. I am going to change your diapers so you’ll be fresh for your sisters... coming home from school soon. But I’ll not befoul a fresh uniform and you’ll not be privileged viewing my charms... not yet."

With that Miss Lu reaches out and slips the black garment over Randy’s head. His last glimpse is of the towel falling to the floor, the movement of her arms leaving her naked... so frustrating as the entrancing mounds of femininity are fully exposed yet escape his visual inspection.

"Hands behind."

And obedient Randy complies and he hears the telling click as his pink wrist bracelets are connected. Then fingers work about the neck, connecting and tying cords to assure the hood will not inadvertently slip.

Hands reach forth, the powerful arms lift, no challenge for the impressive strength. The left arm supports the near naked youth under his diapered bottom. The fingers of the right hand tweak the nipples, bringing a satisfyingly girlish giggle. Then she draws forth to hug, fully pressing his naked torso against hers, drawing Randy into her massive bosom.

It feels wondrous after the hours of aching and the irritation of the wet diaper.

"To the changing table, Randy. And I hope your penis does not punish you for your indecent thoughts. Your Miss Lu is completely naked. And unlike those nasty magazines you peruse... I am up close, warm, soft where you’d like softness... but unfortunately for you... very much in charge."

Indeed, Randy’s nakedness fully abrades that of his governess as she carries him without strain to a waiting table. His penis betrays him, attempting to stiffen with zeal.

"Lie still, knees to your chest like a good girl," disappointed to be lowered to a broad padded massage table.

"I’m not a girl."

The words are the same, but Miss Lu is satisfied in hearing them uttered with reservation... not at all combative.

"When I change you, you are to lie with your feet well into the air and well parted. You’re to expose yourself completely. You’ll have nothing to hide from your governess."

The feet rise of course...and separate, Miss Lu pushing apart more than seemingly possible .

"Hold for me."

Fingers work, the demagnetizing device removes the locking knobs, the folds of the wet diaper are drawn down to unveil the tiny penis, teeth bracelet gleaming in the room light. The mass of wet cotton is pulled out from under, and indeed Randy is fully exposed, the leather strands of his emasculation harness and high heels offering the only covering.

"We’ll begin some special stretching exercises for you Randy... make you more supple so you can better pose for a woman."

Randy feels fingers inspect, Miss Lu taking particular interest in the empty ball bac, comically pressed between the two straps of his emasculating harness, his gonads pressed well into his viscera. Her palpation is caring... knowing... gently tugging at the loose flesh, marveling at the vulnerability of the male reproductive organs. Then the male appendage reacts as expected to the attentive touch, Randy grimaces.

Miss Lu is more than aware of the problem.

"You’ll not have trouble controlling it in a couple more days, Randy. Your little nuts are shrinking and it will become easier and easier for me to hide them away. Then the cremaster muscles will contract and in time the harness will not be needed, your own body keeping your balls from descending... and of course making you sterile. But I suspect you’ll still want to ride for me. All my girls like to ride in the saddle, the prostate gland so demanding of attention."

While she speaks, Miss Lu steps to the bathroom, retrieving a warm, wet wash cloth. She returns and cleanses, Randy so grateful to have the irritating traces of urine sponged away.

Clean at last!

"Such a good girl, lying so passively for her governess."

Task completed, Randy next feels tantalizing fingers diddle about his gluteal cleft, pushing aside the straps to brush the sensitive pink skin about the anus. The sensation is odd, but feels good. Then he feels tickling. Something tantalizes... and does so wickedly, spurring his penis to more fully tumefy, that which the penile bracelet denies.

"Once you’re completely emasculated... your balls dead and never to be seen, the inguinal canals never again to release your maleness... I’m going to transform this into a very sensitive erogenous zone for you. You’ll be feathered, awakening the nerve endings here... and at some point in your transformation you’ll thank me. After all, every girl enjoys having attention paid to her pussy. I would never deny you that."

Randy strains, trying to reach forth with his secured hands. The touch of his governess is so enticing, bringing forth a great need... desire... countered by the extreme pain of the penis bracelet.

"Please no more, Miss Lu."

She laughs. Well aware that despite the delight, the penis bracelet overrules, countering her teasing touch with painful swelling.

"Yes, when you’re good, fully transformed, I will remove the bracelet and play more here. And you’ll thank me."

Fully cleansed, Miss Lu powders her faux infant. Then with the command of ‘down’, the feet return so Randy lies supine. Next the giant goddess lifts him from the table, to return him to the cramped isolation of the playpen, Randy soaking up the intensity of her warmth.

"Just another large glass of water and then I will nap. No diaper for the moment. Do try to control yourself, Brandy."


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Very, very nice :)

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Very well done! Looking forward to randy's sisters arriving from school!

Chris Bellows said...

Thank you all. Glad you are enjoying.