Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Boy's Transformation - IV

“But they are pink. Boys don’t do things with pink stuff."

“That will change. You will come to like pink things... frilly things... soft things...”

Miss Lu smilingly explains as her hands work to encircle slim youthful wrists with foam lined strips of tightly woven nylon. Randy notes there are small holes, eyelets which reveal tufts of skin beneath. There is also on each strip a formidable ring of steel some one inch in diameter.

“These are never to be removed, Brandy... rather Randy. And I’m going add a little reminder for you.”

Adhered by a small patch of velcro, a mischievous Randy knows he’ll remove the hideous pink adornments in a minute. But then, as if reading his mind, powerful hands push his arms behind his back, then bring the wrists together. Randy hears the sound of a click and when Miss Lu releases, utilizing the rings he finds his wrists connected behind him.

“Now, just to assure a measure of obedience I am going to ensure that you don’t slip off my discipline bracelets.”

Miss Lu steps to the contents of her bag, now piled on the dresser. She returns, kneels on the bed and pins her charge to the mattress.

“Just some pin pricks, Randy. Stay calm, no real harm.”

In her hand, a curved needle, suturing thread. Randy indeed feels the stab of a pin prick as the needle is thrust through one of circular holes in the wrist band.

His new pink bracelets are to sutured to his skin!

He cries out, more in surprise than pain as the needle is pushed through the epidermis and exits through a second nearby opening. Miss Lu ties off the sinewy thread then quickly moves to a second set of openings where she thrusts the needle again.

“You’ll not too easily slip these off, my naked little ward. Yes, the sutures can be cut, but initially I doubt you’ll find anything sharp enough to complete the task... and eventually you will come to realize that I want you to wear these... and you’ll also come to very much respect the things I want.”

Left wrist and right, the foam lined bands of nylon are attached, the sutures penetrating the skin to make the bright pink nylon one with Randy’s anatomy.

“There now, that was not so bad.”

Miss Lu slides off the bed to stand.

“What’s this about?” a tearful Randy, now much more humble, beseeches.

“Just part of the process Randy. I want you obedient and I want you dependent. Everything now comes from me, your governess. You will eat when and what I want you to eat, move where when and how I want you to move. In your mind I will be omnipotent, Randy. It is important for you... important for your transformation.”

Will eroding, Randy futilely tries to bring his hands to his front. In watching the struggle, for the first time Miss Lu laughs.

“It will not be all bad little one. When here alone with me I will let you move about naked. Otherwise you are to be diapered.”

“I won’t need diapers!”

“I think you will. And in time the smooth soft comfort of thick cloth will be a source of enjoyment for you.”

As she speaks Miss Lu returns to her collection of items on the dresser. First she holds up indeed a thick white fold of absorbent cloth.

“For a large infant. I modify for my amusement, as you will soon find.”

Putting down the cloth she returns with a measuring tape.

“Now lie still, the measurements must be very precise. The emasculation harness must fit snugly, otherwise things we no longer wish to see will slip back into view.”

Not aware of the word ‘emasculation’ Randy lies as large dark hands measure first about the waist. Then the tape is strung from the lower abdomen down to the right of the scrotum, between the thighs and up to an imaginary place at the lower back. Lastly the penis is measured... length... and a most careful recording of the circumference.

“Your diaper will cloak the harness... so you can move about the house in front of your sisters.”

"I’ll not do it. I’ll not be diapered... and certainly not in front of Evelyn and Joan.”

The defiant words bring a smile... Miss Lu has so often heard them before. She silently measures the left side as well.

“Yes, I think you’re going to appear before whomever I decide. And if your sisters have friends you’ll be with them as well.”


A hand reaches forth and taps the boy’s nose.

“You say no now. But soon, romping about in your diapers will be second nature... even become fun. You will learn to enjoy. I will condition you.”

There comes a knock on the door.

“Everything ok Lu?”

“Fine, Ms. Jensen. Randy and I are getting acquainted.”

“Well there are some men here to deliver something. It is large.”

“Oh yes, the playpen and his saddle. Have them bring it up here please.”


addamms said...

Delicious hints of what awaits the young man. He cannot avoid what Miss Lu is doing to him now, and knows that she will accomplish what she has announced. Poor Brandy sees it coming and cannot stop it. I also love the way Miss Lu continually reminds Brandy of his nakedness. She doesn't let him forget that she has reduced unwillingly him to that condition and that he has no choice but to suffer whatever indignities Miss Lu chooses to visit upon him.

Love it.

Suzanne said...

I'm quite interested and eagerly awaiting the arrival of "the saddle" myself :)