Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Boy's Transformation - XIX

Randy is disappointed to be awakened by a robed Miss Lu, the hood whisked away. He blinks, adoring the woman he suckled until sleep overcame. He did not awaken when she arose and departed for the kitchen, the exhaustion, the pain juxtaposed with the pleasure of orally serving, finally bringing deep sleep.

Yes, sometime in the night, as Miss Lu prognosticated, the sharp pain not only dissipated, but all pain subsided, despite the tight harness and the rubber bumps which constantly press against the entrances to his inguinal canals.

"Time for your oatmeal, Brandy... lots of estrogen. Less cyproterone acetate."

Brandy smiles. Something is different. In initially knowing that the concoction served to alter, there was reservation... to the point where on occasion a nipple had to be painfully twisted to encourage obedience and timely consumption. But on this morning, a hungry Brandy smiles and nods.

"You be a good girl for me and Miss Lu will have a treat for you."

Spoonfuls are offered and greedily consumed. Miss Lu notes the change in attitude and knows of the cause... the limited level of testosterone remaining is probably unmeasurable. Belligerence is not to be observed. Meek... docile... Randy is now definitely Brandy.

The curious tasting mass consumed, Miss Lu leads Brandy to the bathroom. There his emasculation harness is removed with Brandy offering humble words of thanks.

"And I will need a sample."

"Please no, Miss Lu I’ve been a good girl."

The self reference is a telling moment which Miss Lu knows to let pass without comment, Brandy’s gender confusion... well, it is gone.

"I still need a sample Brandy. I have it tested for testosterone."

The jar is aligned, the remote control pressed, Brandy spasms, offering a girlish shriek as her loins involuntarily provide what Miss Lu demands. A dark hand holds the jar aloft, she smiles in noting that the contents are absolutely clear... not a spermatozoa to be produced. Yes, the only male gland remaining in operation is the prostate, forced to spurt its viscous fluid.

Next the wrist bracelets are freed, the teeth bracelet removed and it is into the tub where Brandy, buttocks up head down, works a trained rectum to offer the electrical probe and Miss Lu prepares the spritz enema which begins all morning ablutions.

"So, maybe this morning you’d prefer to be showered... like a big girl."

The baths, though demeaning as intended, have become unobjectionable. Miss Lu’s fingers and hands cleansing and exploring everywhere, her touch has come to exhilarate. Thus there comes mental conflict, the humiliation of being bathed like a toddler strangely acceptable.

"Hold for me," the hand squeezes, the enema brusquely squirts.

"A shower, Miss Lu?"

"Yes, you’ll not touch yourself. That will never change. But perhaps you’d like to touch me."

The thought brings stunned silence as the enema tube retreats and Brandy must clench the cute buttocks until the command comes.

"You are to be trained to please... women... all women... and I like the idea of an emasculated little girly boy helping me.

"Release," a governing hand twisting the water spigot to wash all excretions down the drain.

"Come... to the shower," Brandy’s heart leaping as Miss Lu slips away her robe.


As predicted by Miss Lu, having emasculated so many, Brandy has learned to enjoy riding his saddle.
With the latest laboratory report suggesting a testosterone level even below most females, the harness is needed no more. Still, the anal insertion, a nice stout plug remaining on the saddle, prongs removed as superfluous, beckons each morning and after ablutions Brandy is given to request a ride.

"No touching," Miss Lu unnecessarily forewarns as the wrists are clipped to together.

Yes, the prostate remains in need despite the hormonal assault which has terminated the normal male sex drive. And so Brandy is lifted into place and his rectum stuffed, the odd pleasure bringing a coy smile as she allows herself to be impaled.

So Brandy rides, bucking in a steady rhythm to pressure and knead the male gland. With teeth bracelet in place, Brandy must concentrate to remain flaccid, despite the pleasure. This is important, that Brandy feel joy but not attempt erection.

On this Saturday morning there comes a knock on the bedroom door, and Miss Lu immediately responds to invite entrance.

"No!" Brandy erupts, sitting astride in complete nakedness, his nude form only to be exposed to Miss Lu.

Despite the protest, the door opens. It is sister Joan, not before entering since her mother’s bedroom became a lair for governess Miss Lu and her ‘home schooled’ younger brother.

"Need to borrow..." the words stop as Joan stares in amazement at her nude brother, now sister, straddling the curious device which has so effectively abetted his emasculation.

With mouth remaining open, Miss Lu interjects for the speechless sister Joan.

"Brandy has certain male needs which have yet to be completely quashed," she explains in stepping forth.

The shock passes and Joan, becoming rather emboldened in teaching her diapered sister to dance on many, many afternoons, also steps forth for closer inspection. A horrified Brandy blushes, her flesh turning crimson... yet she cannot dismount and the bucking involuntarily continues.

"She’s leaking," Joan being quick to gaze at the once male organ. "And something’s missing!"

"Your new sister, Joan. Not a speck of testosterone in his... rather her... system. Once that is depleted, the induced estrogen can effect rapid change. Notice the puffy, overly sensitive nipples. Also, upon changing his diet to higher fat content, he plumps much better. We’ll be making Brandy into a very voluptuous little girl... a nicely rounded bottom."

Joan nods watching her sister squirm, the nipples crinkling in embarrassment. A hand extends and tenderly tweaks the aforementioned nubs of pink. Brandy squeals, more embarrassment, but very much enjoying the attention.

"What is that about his penis?"

"A teeth bracelet... to remind Brandy that erections are no longer his to nurture... not that much stiffness is possible. But it does serve as further symbol of my domain."

"And his balls?"

"Gone. Never to be seen again."

Joan continues to gawk in silence. Then she finally steps very close, leaning to whisper in Brandy’s ear as her hand lowers and toys with first the empty sac then rises to diddle the tiny penis tip.

"I want you dancing for me... naked..."

Yes, though the emasculation harness is no longer donned and needs not be veiled from the family, Brandy has remained diapered when outside the bedroom, not to be exposed to his mother and sisters. Will that change?

Miss Lu hears the soft ominous words and smiles in seeing Brandy’s reaction... there is apprehension... there is dread... but there is also a veiled level of joy with the thought.

"I’ll show you how to use the demagnitizer to remove the diapers..."


Suzanne said...

Even though I am biased to this genre of fiction and not something you've done before to this extent, I must say I find this effort remarkable! I am enjoying it thoroughly. I've added a link to your storefront on my blog, and plan to mention it in the coming weeks. Again, well done Chris.

Chris Bellows said...


Thank you for the boast.

Think your readers will enjoy my stuff.