Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Boy's Transformation - XVII

"But I have to go bad, Miss Lu!"

"Then finish your morning meal. Lots of estrogen... lots of cyproterone acetate. Do you know what that is, Randy?"

"No," the filled bladder of Randy bringing comical fidgetiness.

"It is a strong antiandrogen which suppresses any testosterone in your body. With a twice daily dose, higher then recommended, it will end your male sex drive but more importantly cause your little testicles to shrivel. That means such will better stay in your inguinal canals where I have pushed them, and eventually your cremaster muscles will contract and keep those unwanted male organs permanently out of sight. Plus your penis, as small as it is, will continually shrink."

Heaping spoonfuls of laced oatmeal are offered with the explanation, most of which Randy does not understand. But the words ‘penis’ and ‘shrink’ register.

"But I don’t want it to be smaller."

Miss Lu smiles warmly, the reaction, observed so often. Her will shall prevail. Randy’s maleness will cede. It is inevitable.

"As my generous doses of estrogen become more effective, I think you will be very happy with that dangling little nub there. It will remain quite sensitive, perhaps become even more so, and there will be times when I will have you frottage it against my thighs, just like you did last night. Did you like that? When you’re fully transformed, you’ll not have the teeth bracelet, there will be no need. So you’ll very much enjoy rubbing me."

Randy masticates and swallows, eager for a morning trip to the bathroom. He contemplates the previous evening’s odd journey to his room, the joint viewing of graphic sadomasochistic pictures of girls well bound, once a very private and furtive endeavor, now shared with a woman... one who added newly found physical enjoyment to the joyful fantasy.

Miss Lu smiles, the eagerness with which Randy partakes of his chemically castrating meal quite ironic. He dares not pee in his playpen, yet he cannot visit the bathroom until he consumes all his transforming oatmeal... offered one spoonful at a time by a governing woman... never again to feed himself.

"It didn’t get hard like it used to," Randy laments.

"That’s the way I want it Randy. It will swell a little... when you get excited. But it will never stand again. That I want to end. And as you know, what Miss Lu wants Miss Lu gets."

Bowl finished, large hands reach under bound arms to lift Randy with ease, his wrists clipped together behind his back as he slept. There will be no unsupervised touching of his privates under Miss Lu’s tutelage. Even with the teeth bracelet in place, Randy sleeps bound and hooded with a simple length of rope tied about his waste, extending down about his pubes then up between his cheeks, assuring that during the night he cannot expel the electrical anal probe .

To the bathroom, Randy must crawl, his footwear not yet offered. He knows to proceed into the tub, and there to impatiently await Miss Lu to join and begin ablutions. Head down, knees well parted buttocks up, he needs relief.

"Go ahead, pee for me."

The words are pleasant but Randy knows such are a command, one which he will eagerly follow. As his bladder empties, Miss Lu unties the rope about his waste then prepares the spritz enema which begins his morning cleansing.

"Do you feel any aching, Randy?"

"No, Miss Lu."

Miss Lu is well aware of the process. His body is acclimating. And as she kneels next to the tub and inserts the short tube of the enema, her free hand slips between thighs to palpate the puff of once male flesh. Yes, the testicles have remained within the inguinal canals. The longer they reside inside the body the less likely they will ever again descend on their own merit, slowly shrinking, the muscles contracting to enshroud and continually pull until such become vestigial remnants of masculinity.

Caressing there, the most telling evidence of a boy becoming a girl, excites Miss Lu. She smiles warmly as her hand squeezes and the soapy enema rushes into her charge’s bowels.

"Hold for me," she commands, her fingers tenderly toying with the empty sac, adding sensuous touch to the humiliating process.

One moment, two, she slips out the tube and chuckles in watching the girlish buttocks clench in strict obedience. Then she turns on the tap, adjusts the water temperature and offers the command...

"Release for me."

It is important that she control the most basic of functions. And Randy complies, his bowel movement gushing forth to be whisked down the drain.

Next comes his morning bath, perhaps a depilatory if during the process Miss Lu encounters any annoying body hair. And then will come an added step. In addition to the scented soap, quite feminine of course, today Randy will be perfumed.... then will come the disciplining anal insertion, his diaper and the high heeled shoes which will remind him of his forced femininity with every step.

"You’re going to ride the saddle for me for a couple of hours. Longer prongs will press those unwanted peanuts much further inward. Then you’ll be harnessed and diapered so a good little girl can help her mother with the laundry."

Randy nods in agreement. His docile response brings a smile.

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