Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Boy's Transformation - XII

Randy hears stirring. He has lain in silence as his governess slept, fighting the urge to urinate as his bladder fills anew. From the sound he knows Miss Lu has arisen. As clothing ruffles, he supposes she dresses. Footsteps suggest she enters the bathroom. Water gushes. More footsteps and within a moment the hood is whisked from his head. Randy blinks with the sudden rush of light. He looks up into the handsome face of she who controls all, disheartened to see she is no longer naked, attired in a fresh white uniform.

"Another nice big glass of water. Then its time to get you diapered and to meet your sisters, little one."

"Please no, Miss Lu. Not while diapered."

"You want to be naked? Want them to see your emasculation harness?"

The alternative is even more humiliating, and Randy decides to put aside his protest and drink in silence. Miss Lu observes, smiling in confidence as she works to assure a full bladder.

The button on the remote is pressed to deactivate the electrical rail of the playpen. Miss Lu leans and picks up Randy from under his arms, effortlessly swinging him from his enclosure.

"To the changing table. You know how I want you."

He does. Randy glumly steps to the table, needing assistance to mount as his heels inhibit complete mobility, Miss Lu lifting with two large dark brown hands cupping his buttocks. He twists to lie supine then lifts his legs, knees to his chest, feet high and well parted. As Miss Lu demands... he assumes a humiliating pose of total exposure.

"In time, you’ll so pose yourself for your sisters and mother. I’ll not always be the woman to diaper you."

The thought horrifies, placing Randy in a state of consternation as Miss Lu lifts and slips a fresh expanse of thick white cotton under his hips and buttocks. Then the hands rapidly fold over and draw up the lower segment. Small metal posts are thrust through specially made holes, at right hip and left, magnetic knobs are slipped into place to assure Randy will never escape from a wet and irritating garment.

"Good girl. See how easy that is when you’re obedient."

Randy looks up into the smiling face. There is joy exhibited in diapering a girl... boy... he notes. The woman of size and strength is not only resolute in her desire to control... but her passion offers such delight.


To the bathroom. Water runs. Another glass. To be consumed. Apprehension grows as Randy does not want to greet his sisters diapered... particularly in one he has soiled. Yet he knows the result of massive quantities of liquid is inevitable. He capitulates and drinks, fully aware of the pending results.

"So compliant for me..."

The glass is put aside. Miss Lu assists, giving the command to lower his legs and dismount the table.

"Come, let’s say hello and introduce Evelyn and Joan to their new little sister."

No protest concerning the reference to his new gender, Miss Lu notes with satisfaction.


Descending the stairs, Randy feels the dire urge to urinate. Filled, he begins to fidget, trying his best to hold the contents of his bladder. Yet he knows the results are unavoidable. Such wickedness! Even if he were to dash off to the bathroom, somehow escaping the exacting tutelage of Miss Lu, he cannot remove his diaper to pee.

A hand lowers and playfully pinches his left cheek, highlighting the extreme exposure offered by the modified garment.

"You look so cute Brandy with your little heinie showing."

He must somehow find a toilet! But then he reminds himself of the electrified anal insert and the price of disobedience.

Miss Lu leads into the den. There Evelyn watches an afternoon talk show for teens.

"Evelyn, meet you new little sister, Brandy."

Evelyn turns her head. There comes a smile, gazing at the near nakedness of her half brother, he who has made such trouble... and was becoming so physically troublesome. She giggles. Randy blushes. Evelyn wriggles her index finger in a gesture of ‘come hither’.

A once boisterously obstreperous adolescent boy awkwardly steps forth... cursing his high heels, cursing his newly ingrained obeisance to women... to stand before his reclining sister.

"Hello, Brandy, nice shoes. Very pretty."

A hand extends. The right nipple is tweaked. Just as Miss Lu had suggested, Randy protests.


But deep within, the touch feels good, bringing forth a never before felt frisson of delight. The nipples crinkle, he blushes. The encounter diverts his concentration. He is horrified to feel his bladder open. He rapidly steps back, awkwardly crossing his feet, clenching his buttocks to stop the flow. With his cheeks so well exposed, Evelyn notes the reaction, giggling anew.

She knows!

"Miss Lu said you were to be watered... a lot... and often."

Such humiliation, soiling himself before his teenaged sister... a girl... one he has so often tormented with his childish antics.

"Remember how I told you to stay out of my room... after you messed up all my things in the dresser? Well Brandy, you can come into my room any time now... diapered... or naked if you want. I understand you’re being changed... into my little sister."

Randy turns crimson with the humiliation, now quite remorseful concerning his wicked prank, secretly switching all of Evelyn’s clothing with sister Joan.

Holding his bladder closed becomes a losing effort. His urine gushes as he stands in silence, the wet warmth floods the absorbent cotton. An experienced Miss Lu, having diapered and transformed so many, recognizes the symptoms of motionless silence.

"Go ahead and let it all flow, Brandy. Entertain your sister. It will not be the last time. And just remember what happens as certain straps of leather become wet."

The women just watch, finding the intensity of the humiliation both deep and divine. Finally Miss Lu addresses the subject matter at hand, retrieving a remote control device from her pocket.

"This will help you control Brandy. Should she be disobedient, just press this button here and it will deliver a painful but harmless shock. Thereafter you’ll find him to quite eagerly return to compliance. You have full authority over him, you and Joan... all the women of the household. It is best for the likes of Brandy... for boys being transformed into girls."

Is the emasculation harness tightening? Randy can feel the dull ache of his entrapped testicles. The pain is slight, somewhat tolerable, but in knowing it signals the slow end of his maleness, it is mentally horrifying.

"I have another remote for Joan. I won’t describe all the details, but do keep in mind that using the remote does no long term harm... and in fact the button should be pressed two or three times per day. It helps with his transformation, and makes him quite docile."

Yes, draining him of male essence as the deluge of estrogen begins to work its magic, Miss Lu thinks to herself. But those details are not yet to be shared with 15 year old sister Evelyn. For now, she is to know that the remote punishes... not only empowering but speeding the process of having Randy think and act more effeminately.

"Won’t he look prettier with some make up?" sister Evelyn devilishly inquires.

"And some jewelry as well, Evelyn. I think Randy would be very grateful if you were to help him. You’ll note the wrist bracelets."

"Yes, a very pretty pink, matches his shoes."

"Yes, and they are rather functional."

Miss Lu’s hand slips to her pocket.

"A ‘D’ clip. Cheap, quick to secure, quick to release, it immobilizes the wrists and therefore the arms and hands. Randy cannot release himself."

Miss Lu gestures and Randy knows to place his hands behind his back. With the sound of a click, Miss Lu demonstrates, connecting the rings attached to his pink wrist bracelets.

"So, if he is disobedient, resists whatever it is you wish to do with him, just clip his wrists and you’ll find he will become quite compliant."

Evelyn smiles, nodding eagerly, recalling all the contemptible pranks and interaction with the rascal Randy... soon to be the prettified Brandy.

For Miss Lu, it is comforting to know the sprite girl will so enthusiastically abet her task.

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