Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Boy's Transformation - XXIII

Brandy hears voices. Sister Joan has returned home from school. But with whom is she speaking!

Another young female voice, Brandy steps to the swinging kitchen door and gently pushes part way open to peer out into the dining room and adjoining living room.

Joan has brought home a friend from school! Unlike the lithe Joan, she of accomplished dance, the friend is tall and broad shouldered. When she turns, Brandy spots her face, more handsome than pretty, even features framed by short dark hair. And the girl also spots Brandy! Naked... diapered!

"There he is now Joan, in the kitchen."

Brandy immediately steps back, letting the door swing closed. The gender reference disturbs. With the brevity of the glance, how could the girl conclude boy or girl? Pigtails, hair ribbons, there was not displayed much of her near nakedness. Not enough to lead to a conclusion that would suggest maleness.

"Brandy, come to the basement. It’s time to dance and I have a friend who wants to watch," sister Joan calls out.

No! A stranger! Brandy is still acclimating to his transition, to displaying himself diapered before mother and Sister Evelyn. In dancing for Joan, he is still learning to tolerate the forced display of his nakedness, the controlling remote nearby, a hand threatening regularly to ensure compliance.

Brandy needs to hide... but where? And what price to be exacted for disobedience?

Two other exits from the kitchen, out into the backyard... diapered, in high heels and adorned with pink ribbons... or down to the basement where, ironically, Joan wants him, but where there may be a place to hide.

"Come, Brandy, you probably need to be changed... and you need some exercise. I want you to dance for us. My friend Katie is here," Joan calls out again, the rustle of clothing suggesting the girls remove their coats.

To be changed, Brandy is chagrined to have to agree, Miss Lu’s morning watering finally leading to a gush of warm wetness. He has worked in the kitchen for hours, glad that he has been well perfumed to mask the smell. But his acidic excretions irritate and chafe. So in a way, Joan’s afternoon tendance has come to be welcomed... but not with another girl!

So in envisioning the intensity of the embarrassment, Brandy decides it’s to the basement. She quietly opens the door and steps down, her heeled foot inadvertently plunking in her rush, closing the door behind.

"Katie knows about you and wants to see you dance. Do I need to use the remote?" the voice is calm but threatening.

Stepping down, Brandy curses his footwear, hoping his evasion cannot be heard. But then he hears footsteps in the kitchen behind and above, before reaching the basement. The door above swings open. Startled to so quickly be discovered, he instantly stops and turns to peer above, once again his gaze greeting the handsome face.

"He’s already in the basement, Joan. Such an obedient little boy."

Friend Katie steps down, a mortified Brandy frozen at the bottom step.

"You look very cute Randy... Brandy... whatever you want to be called."

The large girl descends to the bottom step, reaches out and tweaks the right nipple, brought to prominent display by Miss Lu’s milking massage and subsequent ribbon. Brandy does not mean to smile and emit a girlish giggle, but the touch excites, and though really unappreciative, his reaction suggests approval.

"I’ve been reading about boys like you... boys who prefer to be girls. I like the idea. So Joan said I should visit. Said you’re learning real well... to please."

Brandy meekly smiles, remaining silent. For some reason he is unable to draw from his lexicon of vulgar abrasive words, those left behind in a prior life.

"I read somewhere that sissified boys are trained to curtsy. Do you know how to curtsy, Brandy? Can you do that for Miss Katie?"

Brandy shakes her head.

"Well I suppose you need to be in a frilly dress to do it properly," Miss Katie informs with a chortle.

Joan comes down the stairs. She has quickly changed into her skin tight leotard.

"Where’s mom?"

"Shopping," Brandy informs.

"Good. Miss Lu is reading so we have you all to ourselves, Brandy. I’m surprised you didn’t take a walk, show all the neighbors how you look in diapers and pink ribbons."

The image brings laughter. Brandy knows that since beginning his transformation, all his clothing has been kept under lock and key. Depart in diapers... or purloin some girls clothing from the laundry... those are the choices in planning some awkward escape. And where would he go?

Joan sniffs and wrinkles her nose.

"Yes, you do need to be changed. You’ve soiled yourself again."

In one hand is the demagnetizer for the diaper. In the other is the remote for the anal probe.

"Can you hold this, Katie?" offering the remote.

With that Joan reaches and grabs the right earlobe.

"Come to the mat. Get you out of that wet mess and then you can show Katie how my new little sister so much likes to show off and dance... naked... and with pink ribbons."

Is there a choice?

Frog marched to where Joan and Brandy dance and stretch, a smirking Katie follows.

"What’s this for, Joan?" examining the remote.

"If he’s bad, you press the button and he gets shocked. Harmless, but effective. You should see how he lurches and spasms... and then becomes so calm and obedient."

"Where does it shock him?"

"I don’t know. Never asked," Joan replies as she directs Brandy to lie supine on the mat.

Brandy finds anger with himself, so obeisantly being directed about by girls. Yet the remote threatens, and deep within, the hormonal change has brought a strange need... not fully understood. Still he lies and Joan uses the demagetizer. His knees go to his chest, his high heels reach to the basement ceiling and his feet part as the diaper is folded down and cooling air wafts over his moist pink parts.

"I see he is changed often..." Katie observes with a laugh, referencing the pose assumed.

"Can you get me a wet cloth from the laundry room, Katie. He’s really messy. Such a naughty girl... you need to be potty trained at some point," Joan mocks, tossing aside Brandy’s only garment.

Then the eyes come to see Miss Lu’s new addition, the pink ribbon tied about the scrotum. Just as with the breast ribbons it brings the empty fleshy bag to prominent display.

"Oh you have to see this, Katie. Brandy’s governess has ribboned what she calls his boy pussy."

Katie returns with a warm wet towel, eager to see the new girl of the house further degraded, forced to exhibit his transformed male bits. Lying supine, knees to chest, feet widely parted, nothing is to escape the examining eyes. And Brandy closes hers in shame as a gloating Katie stands above so authoritatively, handing the towel to a kneeling sister Joan.

"He’s blushing! Oh this is divine. Yet you can tell he enjoys," Katie giggling as she glares with telling curiosity.

"You told me about his missing parts. What’s that about his little peepee?"

"His governess is very strict. I am told it’s lined with spikes. No more hard ons for little Brandy. They’re now only for us. The bracelet is removed only when we want him stiff... that’s what Miss Lu says."

"Wow, my little brother plays there all the time. Not yours!"

The girls laugh. Brandy squirms as his moistened skin is cleansed of his excretions, the warm and caring hands feeling so good despite the intense humiliation.

"Now Brandy, I want you to show Katie the dance I taught you. Your enticing little strip tease... she wants to see you perform... like a good girl... well... maybe more like a naughty girl."


Anonymous said...

I would keep the diapers and maybe and some pink plastic panties!!!!

Chris Bellows said...

Thank you for the note. But Brandy is in the process of being transformed to a girl. So she's going to grow up, but hopefully in a manner which will please.