Monday, December 6, 2010

A Boy's Transformation - VIII

"But I do not want any more water."

The words are tempestuous, but Ms. Lu notes that profanity has diminished.

"When harnessed and diapered you will drink for me... and Evelyn... and Joan... and your mother. It is best."

Another full glass is consumed and Ms. Lu refills.

"You have not been out of this room for more than two days. You want to see your mother. You want to help her with chores. And besides you need to practice walking in your heels. And then your sisters will be home from school."

"I don’t want them to see me like this!"

"Oh Randy, you’ll not be naked for them... not now. You’ll be wearing a nice fluffy diaper."

As Ms. Lu speaks, she opens the package and the third glass is reluctantly consumed.

"Now come here."

An increasingly obedient Randy steps to where Ms. Lu sits on the bed. She holds up for his inspection a collection of leather straps with firm rubber bumps attached. There is also a cylinder of smooth shiny metal.

"You are to be harnessed. All my girls have worn one similar. It’s been meticulously fabricated to the measurements I took. It will feel tight... but become tighter. And you’ll find it will offer you  a degree of comfort. It will feel as if your governess is always pressing your little parts. Come lie over my lap."

Ms. Lu hikes up the hem of her white uniform to expose massive thighs... smooth... warm... deep chocolate. Oddly, Randy finds the expanse inviting, the woman’s touch over the days has come to be welcomed. In being locked in the bedroom for so long, his only human contact with his giantess governess, fed and bathed, her hands palpating every inch of his flesh, laying his bare flesh over her warmth seems alluring.

"Come, be a good girl"

"I am not a girl," Randy pouts... but he complies.

He finds the flesh to be soft yet firm, a wondrous layer of epidermis covering perfectly toned muscling. He fidgets, rubbing himself gleefully under the guise of positioning his nakedness. Ms. Lu smiles, fully aware of the propensity of boys his age to frottage their newly discovered organs.

"Part your legs for me."

Randy feels his buttocks being splayed, fingers opening his gluteal cleft. Then the cylinder of metal is inserted into his anus. After two days of riding and the morning spritz enema, sensing Ms. Lu work there has become somewhat acceptable. The metal is pressed well within.

"And now your little balls are going to disappear again."

"Please no Ms. Lu, it aches when you do that."

"It must be done Randy. And you will learn to accept the ache for me. It will subside over time as your testicles wither in body heat."

As she speaks, hands labor to encircle the waist with a belt-like length of leather. It is buckled... tightly. From the front, just inside the hips, dangle two shorter lengths. Each have attached the lump of firm rubber which will return Randy’s balls to his inguinal canals, there to ache as when riding on his saddle.

"Goodbye little Mr. Gonad," Miss Lu mockingly offers in a childish voice.

Yes, once again her right hand works about the pubes, the knowing fingers isolating the right testicle to press it into the inguinal canal. There comes the feeling of a pop. The left hand adjusts the dangling strap, instantly moving to compress the right testicle and hold into its tight overly warm chamber. The utility of the attached lump of rubber becomes apparent. As the strap is lifted and attached to the waist belt at the back, it nestles perfectly against the opening of the inguinal canal where Ms. Lu has pushed the right testicle. The strap is threaded up between the buttocks. She tightens... tight... tighter. Randy is alarmed.

"No, it’s too tight."

"It is best Randy. You are to be emasculated and I want your little nut as deep into your body as it can go. Plus it will hold in place your anal insertion."

Miss Lu speaks as the left gonad undergoes a similar fate. The tiny organ is pressed into the canal, there comes the feeling of a slight pop, the rubber lump compresses, the strap is tightened... alarmingly.

"There, well harnessed. Except for riding for me, being bathed and sleeping you’ll will be wearing this at all times until it’s no longer needed. No one needs to know about it unless you want to tell them. It will be covered by your diaper."

Powerful hands slip Randy off her lap. He is disappointed to no longer feel her warmth, quite palliative as the ache returns, his balls constantly being squeezed by his own body

"Now, I have inserted something to help you become more obedient. It will bring instant pain when you are bad and then serve to calm you. Plus from time to time I will want a sample of your male discharge."

Miss Lu stands and moves to the recently received box. Her hand retrieves a set of small black devices.

"Remote controls, Randy, for your anal insertion. With a press of my finger I can offer an electrical shock to your anus by way of that insertion. Quite a clever little device. It will cause your ejaculatory muscles to contract, those that you’ve just begun to discover... and will no longer need. So right now I need a sample. Other times if you’re a bad girl, you will be zapped... by me... by Evelyn... by Joan... by your mother."

With her explanation, Miss Lu holds up remote control numbers one, two, three, and four. Every woman of the household offered the opportunity to discipline with the press of a finger.

"Another reason for the diaper. When you are disciplined you effectively will ejaculate... into your diaper. You will only feel the pain of the surging voltage... no pleasure. But with the change in hormones brought by the involuntary eruption, you will be made much meeker... just as we want you. Docile. Not thinking of male things. Over time it will become unnecessary as your psyche transitions to a more feminine state. But meanwhile, I think your sisters will have some great fun."

Miss Lu steps to the bathroom and returns with a small glass jar.

"Hold still, Randy. A quick sample and then I will diaper you."

Miss Lu is amused to see that though the sample jar is narrow, the tip of Randy’s little penis easily slips within. She then presses the remote, unleashing some forty volts, the metal cylinder inserted adjacent the prostate and small muscles which normally bring male ecstasy. As Randy lurches and cries out in shock and pain, his penis instantly discharges, involuntarily as noted... and most ignominiously. A splatter of discharge strikes the bottom of the jar and Miss Lu smiles, noting a degree of cloudiness which she recognizes as sperm. Her goal, over time, is to ensure his essence is only clear and viscous... that offered by the prostate and not joined by the fluid created by his soon to be shriveled testicles.

"Your mother engaged my services just in time, Randy. You are pubescent... it is why you have been demonstrating such belligerence. Male hormones... tsk, tsk. No longer to be tolerated in this household"

"Please don’t do that again.

"Be a good girl and I will only do it when I need a sample. How do you feel?"

"A little tired."

"Yes, you’ve just been drained... by a woman... your governess... and you have no say in the matter. And I can drain you many, many times. Just remember that Randy."

Randy sheepishly nods.

"Now for your diaper," Miss Lu triumphantly announces as she carefully seals the sample jar.


Suzanne said...

"...Every woman of the household offered the opportunity to discipline with the press of a finger." How sweet. The story is moving at a very nice pace...a joy to read!

Anonymous said...

"shriveled testicles" what a scary delightful thought.

I have just come to your blog from the magnificent All Mine.

But in wanting to comment find my account doesn't work, so now I have another thing to take care of.

Of dear, a maid's work is never done.

marcia bottomley

Chris Bellows said...

Glad you're all enjoying the story.