Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Boy's Transformation - XXIV

"So you enjoyed the afternoon visit?" Miss Lulu inquires in a smooth matronly voice.

"They made me dance. I had to show my... my stuff to a girl."

"You must have looked very pretty... naked... in pink ribbons... your cute little butt now so round and smooth," Miss Lu laughing.

On the changing table, once again knees to chest, feet high and parted, diaper removed, Miss Lu works away with the feather, forcing Brandy to relate the events of a most embarrassing afternoon as she awakens the nerves of the new erogenous zones... rectum and empty scrotal sac. She knows Brandy will so humbly beg to be finger fucked... and she wants him to feel the insertion and wriggling friction as he thinks about the long afternoon of clothed female, naked male interaction... dancing like a little princess.

"You just didn’t say ‘no’?"

"The girl... she used the remote."

"Oh my, with your diaper off?"

Brandy sheepishly nods.

"It hurt."

"And then what?"

"My stuff came out! My thing... it spurted!"

Yes adding to the afternoon’s entertainment was the use of the remote, more out of curiosity by ‘Miss Katie’, as Brandy was made to call her, than punishment for disobedience. And of course the surge caused the ejaculatory muscles to contract and Brandy’s working male parts disgorged that which remains being produced, prostatic fluid.

"How did the girls react?"

"They laughed."

Joan had not before used the remote while Brandy was sans diaper. It was therefore a revelation for both girls, learning that the remote brought forced ejaculation... a process which seemed to bring great delight.

"And then you danced. How nice."

"Miss Katie said she would use the remote again if I didn’t dance for her. Said it was best that I be rid of all the ickiness."

Miss Lu reaches up to feather the breasts. Brandy giggles. With her wrists bound behind, she can only lie and absorb the tantalizing offering... and of course request the satiation of Miss Lu’s penetrating finger.

When the feather returns to the scrotum, Brandy can take know more.

"Miss Lu would you finger fuck me... please?"


"I like that you stay flaccid, Brandy. That’s a good girl."

The ability to achieve erection stinted, Brandy as trained, as the teeth bracelet demands, remains limp despite the intense pleasure of Miss Lu’s penetrating finger.

"You’re having what is termed a dry orgasm. Pleasurable but no longer the reaction of a male. It’s more how a girl experiences sexual climax."

Brandy is not sure, but the delight does seem reminiscent of occasions in youth when he would rub his penis. Nothing would spurt, but the feeling in his loins offered a curious nirvana. It seems Miss Lu’s altering hands and concoctions have served to return the sensation of years before.

"Perhaps you’d like to have something other than my finger here, Brandy. Maybe something larger... would you like that?"

"I don’t know, Miss Lu."

"I think you would."

Miss Lu’s free hand toys with the flesh of the empty scrotum as she finger fucks. She closely watches the encumbered penis and attentively feels for oscillations... that which indeed signal the dry orgasm she intends to induce. She wants Brandy calmed... she wants Brandy’s energy level depleted... and what Miss Lu wants,
she gets.

Finally it comes, Miss Lu satisfied that the tiny penis has barely swelled despite the intense level of arousal. Next she retrieves the remote and cruelly presses, not permitting more than a few seconds of orgasmic glow. Brandy lurches in instant agony.

"Ow!" a surprised Brandy bellows.

"I want you drained, Brandy. I have to do something I promised."

Miss Lu notes the paucity of fluid, Katie having twice forced ejaculation, once before and once after the afternoon exhibition of dance.

"One more, pretty girl."

Brandy is horrified to watch the finger press again. He spasms anew.

"Ow! No more, please!"

"Now just settle back and let Miss Lu take care of you."

Miss Lu knows that the jolts not only deplete what little male hormones remain but also greatly tire, as intended. She smiles noting that Brandy does indeed lie in repose, his energy drained.

"Legs down. Stay."

Miss Lu moves to the bathroom than returns with various instruments.

"Just a little procedure that will help you please me. And I know you want to please."

She moves to stand adjacent Brandy’s head.

"Now open wide. Miss Lu is going to make a little snip. I’m going to loosen up that tongue for you."

"Please no."

"Be good, Brandy," the tone admonishing.

The mouth opens.

"Good girl."

The fingers of the left hand pinch the tongue and lift.

"There’s this strange fold of skin under the tongue which tends to restrict its range of motion. It’s called the frenum. Some people need to have it incised because it impedes speech. And for some, like you my little princess, it somewhat restricts good cunnilingus."

As she speaks, the right hand approaches with a scalpel. With a flick of the wrist, apparently having many times before performed the procedure, Brandy feels a cut under his tongue. The imposing Miss Lu has callously altered to improve oral satiation!

"Hold still, just a couple of sutures. Stop the bleeding and you’ll be healed and back to licking my love pot in two or three days."

Miss Lu smiles, so thrilled with her empowerment... to alter the once male form for no other reason than to heighten her pleasure.

"Good girl. And tomorrow we’ll begin some special exercises. Do you like oranges Brandy?"


Suzanne said...


Thanks for sharing this story with all of your readers, and hopefully many of mine! It's a tribute to your talents and flexibility. Hope you have a great Christmas!

Chris Bellows said...

Have a great Christmas Suzanne.

And I might add, your Patriots are a better team, but we Jet fans are better entertained.

If psychosis was part of the competition, our coach beats yours.



Chris Bellows said...

But not by much.