Monday, December 20, 2010

A Boy's Transformation - XXI

"Does that feel good?"

"Yes Miss Lu. Thank you."

Offering a full body massage, Miss Lu’s hands rubbing and caressing everywhere, not an inch of flesh escaping her tendance, continues the message of thorough governance, plus just as with the morning baths, ensures that no body hair escapes the depilating cream. On this evening before being placed in the playpen, the massage ends with extensive kneading at the chest. The flesh there is soft... girlishly soft, Miss Lu’s hormones and a modified diet, high in fat, bringing unmanly layers of plumpness where a woman craves curvature.

The hands work about the right mammary gland circling, gathering up a large tuft and then pulling outward in a milking motion. With Brandy’s new found sensitivity there, the action, firm yet caring, brings delight.

Miss Lu works to loosen the flesh, her hand action intensifying the circulation. Then, satisfied that her efforts have engendered an untoward level of loose flabbiness, she reaches to the pocket of her white uniform and retrieves a length of ribbon. Holding the gathering of male breast in her left hand she encircles with the ribbon and ties, forcing the mound of flesh to protrude most effeminately, the ribbon holding to form a breast... one in early development. The left mammary gland is then worked and within minutes a second ribbon is tied to hold in place a sizable matching mound.

Brandy peers as best she can. In her lower peripheral vision she sees the abundance of epidermis, held in place by ribbons... pink as she has come to expect... and matching her wrist bracelets... and hair ribbons... and finger nails.

Miss Lu smiles in observing Brandy’s look of wonderment. She is perplexed. Her mouth opens to object... but then, in thought, no words emit.

"We’ll do this every day Brandy. All skin stretches and can be molded. Do you want to have breasts like a big girl?"

The silence is telling. Miss Lu knows that the estrogen, with the absence of testosterone, is now able to work its magic. For the once male mind it brings confusion... and with it a need for guidance. And just as there is physical dependence on the women of the house, there will be even stronger emotional dependence.


With the emasculation harness no longer necessary, Brandy’s gonads forcibly held well within the inguinal canals by contracting cremaster muscles, each night the simple length of rope encircles his waste and threads between his thighs, serving to hold in place the anal probe.

Wrists bound, Brandy cannot untie and instead she is happy that the rope is not overly tight, it’s only purpose is to ensure during the night that the anal probe is not expelled, that which offers a painful punishing electrical charge to the anus and prostate. So with wrists secured behind him, Randy sleeps knowing that any attempt to escape from her playpen will bring a warning jolt... and possibly more.

During the day, a well supervised Brandy dares not push out the probe. Yes, it nestles quite snugly within, awaiting the press of a woman’s finger on the controlling remote. And despite Miss Lu’s triumph over his masculinity, Brandy is forced to discharge twice per day... samples to be measured... evaluated for sperm... and possibly more discharges if sisters Evelyn or Joan find his behavior unacceptable.

His breast ribbons remain in place, modifying the shape of his chest, altering the circulation to his nipples and making him quite aware of his/her new found femininity. And just as important is the attention the binding length of pink brings... not only from the women of the household, her sisters tittering in amusement, but from Brandy herself.

Yes, highlighting the transforming glands serves as a constant reminder... that Brandy is becoming voluptuous indeed.

"You look forward to showering, being naked with me?"

"Yes, Miss Lu," Brandy eagerly responds as, having consumed his morning concoction, Miss Lu turns off the electrified railing of the playpen, lifts to place Brandy on the floor and unclips her wrists bracelets.

"Well then hurry to the tub," her dark hand offering a telling smack to the left buttock as Brandy scrambles to crawl.

The epidermis there is thicker, Miss Lu notes, and the increase in fleshiness is not by way of muscling. Offering a diet liberally infused with dairy products, the induced hormones mandate that fat be stored... now in the most effeminately alluring parts of the anatomy... breasts and buttocks.

Yes, morning ablutions have become a most desired interval of recreation and in the bathroom Brandy arises with zeal to step into the tub. The rope is untied, and Brandy expels the electrical probe. He urinates as the spritz enema is prepared, feminine fingers working about her nakedness no longer of concern.

The tube inserts, the rubber reservoir is squeezed, there comes the command to hold.

As he waits for the command to expel the soapy contents, he looks up adoringly to his governess, robed in white. She is her idol... such power... such authority... such a wondrous display of feminine strength.

"Release for me."

Brandy’s bowels need no further encouragement. With a twist of the water spigot the excretions disappear.

"No teeth bracelet this morning, Brandy. I want to see if you’ll harden for me," Miss Lu stooping to unscrew the securing bolt and remove the devilishly effective metal tube.

Then comes the moment of Brandy’s nightly dreams. Miss Lu steps to turn on the shower and doffs her robe to present her finely honed puissance in all its glory.

Yes, with all maleness deemed obliterated, there are no longer offered only teasing glimpses of her feminine charms. ‘Brandy you’re one of us now’ Miss Lu suggested when guiding her into the shower for the first time.

Miss Lu turns back, smiles and wriggles her finger. Brandy stares... in envy... in adoration.


Not other words are necessary. Brandy slips out of the tub and crawls, Miss Lu very much enjoying the sight of her nakedness... her subservience... her new found obedience to feminine authority.

Rules for the shower... Brandy is to remain kneeling. As the warm water streams, bringing an enticing sheen to the deep mocha of her succubus, Miss Lu reaches down and removes the pink hair ribbons then the ribbons serving to shape Brandy’s male glands into breasts. The circulation rushes, within the nipples, bringing a squeal and frisson of delight. Adding to the joy is Brandy’s view. In kneeling her face is inches from the well trimmed mons, the meaty outer labia at which she has been privileged to glance are now offered for full adoration.

"Clean first, then you can taste me," Miss Lu chides.

Soap, tender yet powerful hands, Brandy feels like a leashed dog as she must patiently kneel while Miss Lu laves everywhere. It feels so good.

And yet, Brandy pines to offer her own care.

Finally the lengthening strands of hair are washed and as Miss Lu stows the shampoo bottle, she nods.

Brandy raises her arms. Hands extend to Miss Lu’s hips gliding back to playfully touch then gently grasp the amazingly powerful, well sculpted globes. Her knees shuffle forth. Adding to the visual delight, Miss Lu permits the tiny penis to frottage against her right calve. With teeth bracelet removed... a rare treat... Brandy’s emaciated, once male appendage revels, pressing the warm smoothness. Then Brandy’s face presses forward and Miss Lu looks down in both pride and amusement as the tongue extends and the inviting labia are swathed.

"Such a good girl, Brandy. It is so nice that you want to please me."

Miss Lu’s hands lower to the back of Brandy’s head. With the governess of the house, there is no teasing oral caress. Instead, Miss Lu demands full cunnilingus, turning down the flow of the shower so she can better listen and absorb the thrill of an alacritous and attentive tongue.

Meanwhile Brandy’s hips begin to buck, drawing as much penile pleasure as possible from the warm flesh of Miss Lu’s leg.

"Like a little doggy that needs to be fixed," Miss Lu mockingly observes, as Brandy humps away.

Yes, she enjoys watching, the ultimate degradation of the once rebellious male, masculinity obliterated by her hand. She notes that the penis, despite its freedom, despite rubbing fervently against her leg, hardens not. Such pleases, the limpness a symbol of feminine triumph over undesired male feistiness.

"You’re very eager this morning, Brandy. And your tongue is getting stronger and able to thrust deeper and deeper. But I think a little procedure and some practice will help. You do want to please, do you not?"

"Yes, Miss Lu."

"Good, I’m going to turn around now. You so much enjoy serving there as well... don’t you Brandy?"

She does not, but will obediently lick between the massive globes as well.

She needs to please.

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