Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Boy's Transformation - X

"It’s too tight, Miss Lu. Please, the aching won’t stop."

"It will stop my precious little girlie boy... when your little balls are no longer functioning."

Randy finds that Miss Lu’s fiendish harness indeed tightens as the wetness makes the leather contract.

"And I need to be changed."

"I will change you if you drink lots of water for me."

Miss Lu speaks as, with her inordinate strength, she picks up Randy and places him in his playpen, a floor level wooden fenced area... large for an infant, restrictive for an adolescent.

"Play time is over. I’d like to shower and take a nap."

"But my diaper!"

"I’ll get you more water," Miss Lu ignores his plea as she picks up her remote.

"Please no, I have been good!" Randy quaking in fear of a painful jolt.

"Calm yourself. I am setting the monitor, Randy. The top railing of your playpen has electrical sensors. They trigger your anal insertion. Should you try to crawl out, the system will deliver some voltage... slight as a warning at first. But resulting in a debilitating charge if you continue to disobey and attempt to escape."

Button pressed, Miss Lu steps to a shelf.

"Something to keep you occupied. Borrowed it from Evelyn’s room."

Miss Lu tosses a large stuffed furry animal into the pen, the toy of his sister as a toddler. Then she steps into the bathroom leaving Randy to his thoughts. The urine soaked diaper begins to irritate even more, gratefully offering distraction from the constant dull ache. Randy is unfamiliar with the word ‘emasculate’, but he is beginning to understand governance... feminine governance... complete loss of power... the ceding of total control to a woman.

He cannot even move from his small enclosure, colorfully decorated for the amusement of young girls. His only diversion... a cuddly stuffed animal, again intended for children many years his junior.

He hears the running of water as Miss Lu prepares to shower. His bladder has again filled, before being diapered, the deluge of liquids vast. The sound brings another urge... not to be resisted. The cause is hopeless. Though he knows more fluid will bring added constriction to his emasculation harness, there is need, and his electrified playpen entraps.

He opens himself, again feeling the warmth, both soothing and depressing in knowing it rushes forth as a result of helplessness... all induced by a woman in control.

In midstream, Miss Lu steps from the bathroom, enshrouded on a large white towel, her massive breasts serving as an impressive ledge from which her sole covering hangs.

Nearing, she immediately notes the look of chagrin, the passiveness, the motionless stance as Randy lets his bladder wet himself.

She laughs, fully aware after so many transformations, extending her hand with another tall filled glass.

"It is best for boys like you, Randy. To be humbled... by a woman."

Humbled indeed, Randy takes the glass and drinks, psychosomatically feeling the harness further tighten.

"Many of my girls found comfort in the harness... after the nerve endings of the testicles dull and the ache subsides. They said that ‘it feels like the hand of Miss Lu is holding me... down there’."

Miss Lu takes the empty glass and turns to the bathroom. Randy gazes as more of her muscled body is exposed than ever, her uniform otherwise rather frumpy. Potent yet attractive, at least that is what Randy is coming to feel.

The bathroom door remains open and Miss Lu showers, Randy listening to the splashes of water, oddly fantasizing over the image of frothy white suds coating the ebony body of she who commands.

Then comes a new pain, his penis bracelet. Such thoughts bring attempted tumescence and the teeth dig into the supremely sensitive skin of his swelling penis tip, instantly taming the male organ, disavowing of what formerly brought curious delight when he stroked himself viewing sordid magazines.

Is his mother fully aware of Miss Lu’s methods... that beneath his diaper he is cruelly harnessed, his balls being forced to return to their vestigial state? That his penis is encircled with a horrifyingly small and restrictive cylinder of metal?

Perhaps, given the opportunity, he will remove his diaper and show her. But alas, it is locked in place... only the demagnetizing device can release the fiendishly clever posts and magnetized knobs which, in place of standard safety pins, secure the folds at left hip and right.

With the boredom, calmed after a long morning and early afternoon of trauma and emotional distress, Randy lies down, forced to rest in his own excretions.

When will he be changed?

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