Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Boy's Transformation - XXXI

"I like having my little altered boys clean me like that. Did you enjoy Lance’s taste? He spends quite abundantly does he not?"

Added to the physically disgusting act, there follows Miss Lu’s psychological barrage over a breakfast of estrogen laced oatmeal. Her words drive home the dichotomy of the prior evening’s sexual feast... the deep manly penetration, performed under her exacting auspices... the humble oral service... Brandy’s strengthened and nimble tongue able to thrust well into her vagina and capture the spendings of Sir Lancelot’s sword.

It felt good to be once again welcomed to Miss Lu’s bed, Brandy’s plumped nakedness grazing against the soft yet firm warmth of Miss Lu’s amazing mass of flesh. But the circumstances!..

Another heaping spoonful and Miss Lu finds it necessary to elicit Brandy’s feelings.

"Your little clitoris swelled. I could feel it."

Brandy once again curses himself, his encapsulated penis revealing the demented joy experienced in orally serving she who had just engaged in such torrid copulation. Miss Lu was coated with sweat, partially dried, making her entire form sticky. After a third orgasm, spawned by a well trained and altered tongue, she pushed away his head, desiring stillness in absorbing the glow, immersed in the narcotic of deep satiation. But instead of humble retreat, he/she servilely began to lick her saltiness, knowing full well that much of the moisture of her body had been exchanged with Sir Lancelot, that he/she was once again partaking in his taste.

Brandy’s tongue laved her entire slumbering body, exhaustion finally finding her with face wedged between well cleansed and suckled breasts.

The morning realization brings thoughts... of disgust... but also of pride. He pleased.

"I liked being with you, Miss Lu," comes a lingering response.

"Yes, it’s such a curious bond, is it not? And all because you no longer have functioning balls," Miss Lu offers with a beaming smile.

"I’m going to water you well and I have told your mother to deny use of the basin. Joan’s friend Katie is coming later. She’s taken quite a turn for you, Brandy. Seems she enjoys the company of boys transformed to girls. And she wants to govern your bathroom needs."

Large and imposing, much like Miss Lu, Miss Katie’s irritating and mocking laugh replays. She watched him/her dance with particularly lustful glee. Brandy shudders with the thought of exhibiting herself once again.

"Can I lie on the table for you Miss Lu?"

"For me? Or for you. You want to be finger fucked?"

"I like it better the other way," Brandy smiling bashfully.

"You mean fanny fucked, Brandy. No. I will decide when you get that treat. I am tired this morning. I think I will just feather you and leave it at that."


A fidgety Brandy actually finds himself/herself looking forward to the visit of the annoying Miss Katie. Having been well watered, Ms. Jensen has denied both bathroom privileges and use of the basin for the entire day. And so Brandy’s concentration is distracted by the intense need and the demand he puts on himself to not heedlessly urinate, soil the floor and endure some unseemly punishment.

But the more he/she thinks about it, the more the need seems to grow.

Scrubbing the kitchen floor, Miss Lu steps into the kitchen to check. Normally she relaxes on afternoons when Brandy is placed under the supervision of first Ms. Jensen and later Joan and Evelyn.

She notes the pink ribbon of the boy pussy teasingly shifting about between the soft thighs as Brandy, on hands and knees, scrubs. She leans, not able to resist, the bright strip of color so alluring to she who has altered. Brandy lurches as fingers caress, gently tugging at the male remnants, draping beneath the perineum between the cords of the string harness.

It feels good! The touch so tender yet so soothingly commanding. Brandy giggles.

"Do you have to go potty?" the hand shifting to palpate the abdomen.

"Yes, please Miss Lu. I am filled."

"Good. It’s good for your concentration," two fingers pressing the tummy to advance the intense need.

"Don’t you wish you were diapered?"

He does.

"Katie will be here soon. School time is almost over."

With that, Miss Lu slaps the buttocks, noting the deep resounding tone of the splat and the resulting jiggle of fat layers, flesh she has also chosen to transform, chuckling as she steps away.


Suzanne said...


The Christmas holiday has kept me away from your story for several days. I am incredibly pleased to say that the same break has not dampened your ability to continue this true classic of a story. I for one am enjoying it immensely. Hope you had a great Christmas. Happy New Year!

Chris Bellows said...


Glad you are enjoying.

Keep in mind I am writing a few chapters ahead, proof reading endlessly then rewriting before posting.

So please don't think I was composing this nasty stuff while sitting on Santa's lap.