Monday, May 23, 2011

Hand Jobs by Klixen/Comments requested

Perhaps because I find most pornographic videos to be sophomoric... poorly acted... childish dialogue... scripted for the priapic teenager... I surprised myself by finding and enjoying some videos splashed about the web offered by a woman calling herself Klixen. She has an amazing touch, offering mostly hand jobs as noted, but it is her calm cool demeanor and patient and knowing handling of the male organ that makes quite the impression.

The recipient of her caring hands and fingers is well bound to her 'jerking table' but in the videos I could find to view for free, little focus was offered to the bondage element of the scenes. No, the offerings are close ups of her handsome emotionless face and her hands as she 'torments' with amazing deliberation, expertly caressing and fondling the male organ.

I'm not sure the female gender would appreciate viewing the interaction, but guys will quickly conclude that the woman is quite experienced and most empathetic, if that is the correct term, when it comes to the male erogenous zone.

Here is one offering...

I hope I am not promoting copyright violation. So in deference to her need to make a living (and her advanced level of skill) her stuff can be purchased at ... (choose studio 7373. For some reason the word search on the site will not locate her work).

Any way, here is what I would like to have some comments on. I find her controlling hand jobs to be amazing stimulating to watch... and I do mean controlling. Under her tutelage you will ejaculate only when she wants. And perhaps, if one is lucky, she will allow full orgasm. There are many scenes of the so termed 'ruined orgasm' where she withdraws her hands and the male organ meekly drools its long awaited essence.

But for some reason, when she offers fellatio, mostly just some tongue teasing, never full deep throating, it turns me off. In my mind I find it is too condescending for a woman who is otherwise totally in charge. This dichotomy in the response of my libido, the difference in 'hand job' arousal vs. the fellatio turn off, I find to be curious.

I exchanged IM's with a woman of Dominance yesterday and she was not impressed with Ms. Klixen's work. It seems there was only male pleasure to be offered and she considered this of little interest, and indeed Ms. Klixen appears to get no overt gratification. But the woman must enjoy herself. Given that she's a professional, there are other ways to make a living... even within the D/s community. So, one tends even in the workplace to gravitate toward efforts which one finds enjoyable.

What little personal info I could find... Ms. Klixen is Austrian and her 'victim' is typically the same male... either her husband or full time time lover. Though there is little of his face ever shown, the penis being tormented by unending pleasure appears to be the same in all scenes.

Well, to sum up, this seems to be my 'brand' of governance. Perhaps I am reaching the age when the stimulation brought by pain and extreme torment is behind me. But I'd like to learn the thoughts of others.

So type something...

Another thought... what would the spread of such talent among the female populace do to stint the rise in undesired pregnancy?

Thursday, May 5, 2011

'Tagged' becomes a book

The story 'Tagged' has been completed and will be submitted to Pink Flamingo for consideration. If not deemed suitable I will publish it on Lulu. Will post more information upon publication.