Thursday, May 5, 2011

'Tagged' becomes a book

The story 'Tagged' has been completed and will be submitted to Pink Flamingo for consideration. If not deemed suitable I will publish it on Lulu. Will post more information upon publication.   


watson said...

Great! You finished that quickly! I can't wait to read it. I do understand why you chose to make it a book and I don't care as long as I get to see what happens. I love the premise!

Anonymous said...

Good news!

Say, where do you get the pictures for the front of your book? Some of them are pretty sexy! :)

Chris Bellows said...

The covers are derived from a number of sources.

The cover for Billie and Mary was done by YPVS using 'Poser' art. Subsequent to his fine effort I introduced him to Liz at Pink Flamingo and he's done covers for my books and other PF efforts.

For a time I had a friend (Lady Whipenrod) draw some covers, 'The Interogator' and 'Collared and Leashed', but she tired of the endeavor.

Currently Liz Dusseau arranges all the PF covers. I do not do any custom covers for the Lulu books. Publishing hard cover books on Lulu is time consuming. And I have convinced myself that for the ebooks there, especially short stories, covers are not a major selling point.

In general, when it comes time to publish, it is frustrating to have a book held up awaiting custom cover art. Therefore, most of the covers are selected from photos/artwork which are in hand.

For example, for one story I wrote involving the Segufix restraint system, I attempted to obtain real photos of the sub/husband of a dominant wife who keeps him thoroughly immobilized in the myriad of imposing straps, buckles and locks. Personal matters precluded a timely response and Liz had to publish the book using a more generic cover photo.

So, in summation, it's great to get story specific covers, but not if it requires too much time and coordination.



Anonymous said...

That's been my experience. I was recently contemplating putting some short stories on Amazon as an ebook and browsing around I find that a nice cover pic will often draw my eye, at least. But it's really hard to find free-to-use fetish type stuff. I have poser but I'm strictly a beginner amateur and I find it rather awkward and hard to use, I simply don't have anything like the skill to produce my own artwork with it. It's a real shame, but if I do go ahead it will have to be some generic pattern with a title on it.

Chris Bellows said...


Check out

YPVS did the cover for 'Billie and Mary' and I later introduced him to PF where he did the cover for 'Laura Davidson Keeper of Men'. He has since done other stuff for PF.

Drop me an email. I have an address for him, though it's a few years old.