Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Boy's Transformation - XXII

"Do I have to wear a ribbon there as well?"

"You, my little princess, will wear what I want where I want."

Miss Lu gently reprimands as, in addition to kneading and massaging to gather and tie the flesh of the male breasts, her digits work to offer similar but more modest finger action to the empty scrotal sac. The massage feels good, a new erogenous zone bringing faint joy, but then a ribbon of pink is tied about the loose flesh at the base of the tiny penis.

"And you need to have a smaller teeth bracelet. My goodness, Brandy, there is only one smaller size available. Your little penis is really no longer... it’s more of a clitoris... like what you so much enjoy sucking."

Teeth bracelet in place, tightened with the special tool, Brandy’s sphincter welcomes the anal probe. Then she is diapered... ready to spend the middle of the day helping her mother with household chores.

"What about my hair?"

Miss Lu smiles, the need to be prettified, sister Evelyn daily primping and preening, has been girlishly ingrained. A comb parts the lengthening strands in the middle.

"Pig tails?"

Brandy smiles and nods. Miss Lu gathers, rolls into a braids and adds ribbons right and left.

"Now, Brandy you look very pretty for your mother. And later, when Joan has you dancing naked, I think she will like your new ribbon... the one under you diaper. It draws attention to your little boyish pussy. "

Shoes in place, Brandy is lifted from the changing table. Then comes another glass of water... large... number four... the humiliation of soiling himself/herself to continue despite the absence of the now unneeded emasculation harness.

"Why do I always have to be diapered?"

"Well, now that you’re a big girl, maybe it is no longer necessary. You can go naked. Would you like that? Just as when sister Joan has you dance for her. We’re all girls here now."
Brandy remains silent... in shock... in thought?

"Yes, you can wear nothing other than your shoes and pink ribbons and parade all about the house. Sister Evelyn and your mom will be just as pleased as Joan. And I know you like to please. But then, you’d need help if you have to go potty. You don’t ever use the bathroom unsupervised... those are the rules. Don’t want my girl playing with herself."

The thought well implanted, Miss Lu shows Brandy to the bedroom door, patting her buttocks to send her to the kitchen and some tedious hours of housework.

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