Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Boy's Transformation - VI

"It is important that you understand exactly what it is I am doing to you, Randy. You are to become a little girl. It may horrify right now, but as we proceed, you will become happier and happier, and you’ll eventually have clothing... pink and frilly... and you will enjoy it."

"I don’t want to become a girl. And why do I have to take a shit like this?"

"Tsk, tsk. Such naughty talk. Basically you will empty your bowels for me every morning just like this. It’s demeaning for you, and I like to have you do demeaning things. It pleases me and you will learn that pleasing me will also make you feel good. Besides, you’re to be impaled with an electrified anal probe. Your colon needs to be empty."

Randy is on all fours in the bathtub. Head down buttocks up, Miss Lu has offered a spritz enema, slipping a short tube into the anus and squeezing a rubber bulb… just a few ounces of soapy water to induce a full bowel movement.

"Now be a good girl and hold it until I say release."

"I’m not a girl!"


A meaty hand lowers to rub his bare abdomen, Miss Lu knowing to make contact as the otherwise intimate function is performed. Randy is to no longer to have privacy, not even during his bodily functions.
Feeling a rumble, Miss Lu turns on the water spigot.

"Ok, release for me, let all that nasty stuff go down the drain."

Yes, the soap works just fine, Miss Lu notes.

Upon finishing, there comes more intimate contact as Miss Lu tenderly wipes him clean. Randy has not before been touched there by a woman, not since infancy. He is chagrined to find that the soft caring fingers feel good. He kneels in silence, soaking up the mild pleasure. Then Miss Lu’s fingers move to his scrotum, assessing the status of his two small but growing testicles. She smiles, knowing that soon she will make such disappear.

"And now I have some very special food for you and then you will ride for me."

"I don’t want to sit on that thing. It hurts."

"Oh Randy, in a couple of days that will stop. Your Miss Lu knows, so many boys have ridden for me, so many happy girls result. Now come, step out of the tub and Miss Lu will dry you."

Again there comes subtle delight as the naked form of Randy stands and the mammoth figure of his governess pats him dry with a large fully towel. Total nakedness before the fully clothed uniformed Miss Lu. Yes, there are so many subtle indications of the exchange of power.

"In time this will feel better and better to you… you’ll come to like soft things," Miss Lu noting the smile brought by the towel and her warming hands. "And you’ll also come to enjoy Miss Lu’s oatmeal. It is laced with hormones, estrogen and all the things that help a boy become a girl. As your little balls wither and your testosterone level drops, the estrogen will calm you… you’ll feel better and better wearing pink frilly things. And you’ll so much enjoy being with your sisters and helping them… obeying them."


"I can feed myself!"

"Yes, you can… but you will not. You must understand what is happening to you… what I am going to do to you. You will learn to become completely dependent on me… for everything. I will decide what you do and when… what you eat… what you drink… what you wear… how you will act. You will not only obey, but enjoy obeying. The result is termed bonding… and I want you to first bond to me and then to your sisters. Then you will have a different relationship with your mother... and want to bond with other women as well. The estrogen will bring a degree of confusion. You’ll feel the need for my governance and guidance and that of others as well. You will come to understand that you need them… their care... their attention."

Miss Lu offers another spoonful of oatmeal, the fingers of her left hand gently tweaking Randy’s right nipple as he sits and pouts. But in feeling fingers tighten, he opens to accept her offering. Randy quickly understands that the gentle touch can instantly become painful.

Miss Lu smiles inwardly knowing that as suggested, her concoction is overflowing with that which will help transform. Initially the ingredients will have limited effect, but as Randy’s little balls are stuffed into the inguinal canals for longer and longer periods, the heat of his body will begin to slow the production of male hormones. Eventually the cremaster muscles will contract and hold the tiny organs within. Such will shrink, stay longer in the canals, be subjected to body heat for longer intervals and the process will cascade.
She has supervised so many transitions… transforming belligerent young males into polite and obedient girls.
Such gratification!

"Yum, yum, lots of oatmeal for you… lots of estrogen."
Yes the mental side adds such amusement, all her boys cognizant, fully aware of what she is doing… that Miss Lu will make them into girls. It’s all part of breaking the resolve, having them understand her power… that she can announce her intentions and against their will… initially against their will… do exactly as she intends. And then, as the male hormones subside and the female hormones thrive, such wonderful things begin to happen.

Yes, in time there will come little squeals of happiness with her tutelage… such heartwarming changes will occur.

"Good girl," Miss Lu gushes as a particularly large helping is consumed.

"I’m not a girl!"

Miss Lu just smiles, understanding that in time, the response to her compliment will be a demure smile.

"When will I be allowed out of the this room?" Randy’s question quite understandable.

"I suspect your harness will arrive later today. Then I will strap you in, diaper you and you can greet your sisters."

"I’ll not wear a diaper, I will take it off! I don’t want them to see me like that."

"You will wear a diaper and I think you’ll find that it is not to be removed. Randy, I have changed so many nasty boys into pretty little girls. All have the same reaction… and all have worn my diapers. It is best for you. And as for your sisters, they will be helping care for you. It is best that you be with other girls. You have much to learn.

"Now come. Time to put on your shoes and then I want you to ride for me. I am going to push your little balls back into your tummy. It is good for you."

"No it hurts!"

"Yes, but it is best."


Nancy said...

Thanks for this story. I love the concept as I wish I was (B)Randy. Perhaps some day you'll spin a yarn about and adult male's transformation? "nancy"

Chris Bellows said...


Thank you for the input.

As written, this genre is a little difficult for me, but I am doing my best. There are others much more familiar with the 'nuts and bolts' (pardon my trope) of the transgendered and so I think my efforts will be limited.

I am sure you have read the classic in this genre, 'Miss High Heels'. If not, you may want to seek a copy.