Monday, December 13, 2010

A Boy's Transformation - XIV

Finally returning to the bedroom, Randy expects quick relief. But it is not to be.

"Into your playpen, time for Miss Lu to relax."

Randy is chagrined to find himself not only penned, but his wrists are restrained behind his back and his heels are secured together as well, completely immobilizing. Miss Lu’s powerful hands prod and shove to lay him on his side facing the wall. In total frustration, he lies bound while listening to Miss Lu remove her clothing, so desirous to gaze at her charms.

"How do you feel Randy?"

"There’s the constant ache, and down there... I’m all wet and it’s beginning to itch and sting."

"Is the ache getting stronger?"

"No ma’am."

"Well, when the end comes, the ache will get very bad. It will be as if your little balls are offering a final cry for help. So you let me know."

Randy whimpers, his only response. And he does so quite meekly.

"So you’d like your governess to change you?"

"Yes, please, Miss Lu."

"Suppose I ask Evelyn and Joan to come in and watch. I think they’d like looking at your emasculation harness... how the tight straps ensure that little scrotum of yours remains empty."

"No please, Miss Lu. Don’t do that."

"Well they are going to be changing you at some time. But I suspect when that time comes you’ll more appreciate their touch... just as you’re learning to appreciate mine."

Miss Lu approaches as she speaks. The frustration heightens as her naked form leans over the playpen railing and, with only the briefest peek at her nudity, the hood returns, slipped over his head to again bring darkness. He would so much like to gawk, stare, assess every inch of her puissant femininity... she who controls all...

"Your magazines, Randy, such sordid material for a boy your age. And the manner in which you have tormented your sisters. How long have been fantasizing about girls in bondage?"

Randy is ashamed to learn that Miss Lu knows of his distraction, before alluding thereto, now bringing the subject out for open discussion.

"I don’t know... it’s just something that started."

"Genetics, Randy. Your mother tells me your father has a past. I assume you’re not aware of it, but we’re going to make sure you grow up and mature differently... quite differently."

Randy hears the rustle of clothing as Miss Lu dons a robe.

"Yes, you’ll soon prefer a different form of bondage... and many other things... cute stuffed animals... when permitted clothing you’ll want it soft, smooth... brightly colored... to make you look so pretty. I suspect sister Evelyn is quite anxious to spend time with you after school. Lots of make up... yes, some lip stick... and rouge. You’ll want to see what you look like in costume jewelry. We’ll let your hair grow nice and long. For you... pigtails. And sister Joan... I think she’ll soon have you dancing for us.... naked... before all the women of the house... and you’ll like it... because it will please us... and you’ll learn that pleasing us is the most important thing."

The words drive home the slow transformation. Randy’s whimpering turns to outright blubbering.

"Oh Randy, you’ll soon be squealing with laughter... just a few more days and when your balls finally surrender, your femininity will cascade like a water fall."

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