Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Boy's Transformation - IX

"Come Randy, let’s visit your mother."

"No, I don’t want her to see me like this."

"I suspect she has before seen you in diapers."

"But they’re silly looking."

"Specially made for me, Randy. I like it when a girl shows her little cheeks."

It is noted that Randy does not protest being referenced as a girl. ‘Progress,’ Miss Lu thinks to herself.

Yes, as opposed to most diapers, those adorning Randy have been modified such that much of his buttocks are displayed. And with her explanation, a large dark hand lowers and Miss Lu playfully pinches Randy’s right cheek... so exposed... so inviting... so vulnerable.

Miss Lu notes that Randy cutely teeters in reaction to her touch, almost falling from his perch atop his high heels, but he does not protest, curiously accepting of her touch, that his body is hers with which to toy, examine, palpate.
"But, Miss Lu, I can’t be seen like this. This sucks," recovering to resume comically standing on heels.

"Little girls don’t talk like that, Randy," Miss Lu ominously holding up the remote control. "It seems you need to be drained of more of that male essence that is much so affecting your behavior."

Not wishing to add immediate sharp and intense pain to the dull ache of the emasculation harness, Randy instantly quiets. He can also feel the teeth of his penis bracelet, so effectively encouraging flaccidity.

"Come, to the basement. I want to give your mother her remote control and explain the diaper locks."

Miss Lu smiles in noting the awkward walk, Randy needing to acclimate to his pink high heels. Also bringing a smile is the thought of Randy’s surprise when he found that the thick, fluffy expanse of white cloth covering his pubes... and his emasculation harness... is locked in place by clever magnetic posts... not by safety pins. As Miss Lu demonstrated, only she with the demagnetizing device can remove the diaper. And it is never to be Randy.. only the women of the house.

"I need to go to the toilet," Randy announces as the duo step past the bathroom door.

"Go ahead and go, Randy. That is why I have you are diapered. Just as you will become accustomed to the dull ache of your emasculation harness, you will also need to tolerate the feeling of wetness... and you’ll learn that urine can be quite irritating to your sensitive skin down there. In time I will change you. But meanwhile, the moisture and wetness will cause your harness to tighten... leather does that. When wet... it shrinks. It will serve to better press those little balls of yours into their hiding place."

How devious! Randy begins to realize the process of his slow emasculation will be abetted by his own excretions! All those glasses of water!

Miss Lu laughs with the look of horror.

"Yes, Randy, I think you will very much appreciate when a woman offers to change you. You’ll have new found esteem for the women who care for you... otherwise your harness will just get tighter... and tighter... and tighter."

Down the stairs, to the kitchen. There, Randy pauses, and Miss Lu recognizes the quiet behavior. She just stands and smiles.

"Go ahead, empty yourself. It is why I have diapered you."

Such a shameful thing to have to do, Randy thinks. But he can hold the many glasses of water no longer. He stands looking up into the sparkling eyes of his amused governess as his bladder opens and the warm wetness inundates the mass of absorbent cloth. Fortunately there is no sloppiness, no telling residue, but there
is a distantly familiar feeling, the days before potty training returning.

"Good boy. In time I will change you. But I think you now need more water."


"Why, hello Randy."

After a glance from afar, Ms. Jensen returns to the task at hand, folding laundry, as Randy completes descending the basement stairs.

Miss Lu follows catching a wobbly Randy as his heels once again betray him. She playfully tweaks a nipple, offering her tantalizing touch to restore a degree of resoluteness. The digits also threaten, Randy fully aware that his governess is equally capable of dispensing pain.

The duo approach.

"And how are we progressing, has Randy been a good boy."

"I am afraid he has already soiled himself, Ms. Jensen."

"Well there are certainly enough hands here to change him. The girls will be home soon as well."

"That will be my task for now, Ma’am."

Ms. Jensen places one last garment on a tall pile and finally turns to fully appraise, not having seen Randy since Ms Lu’s arrival days before.

"Oh Randy, you look so cute in pink heels... and pink wrist bracelets as well. When your hair grows out a little, we’ll get you some nice pink hair ribbons."

"Screw that. I’ll not wear them," Randy’s pugnacity returning, the change of atmosphere fostering the undesired male brashness.

Ms. Lu just smiles retrieving a control box from the pocket of her white uniform.

"It is one of the reasons for my visit. You’ll need this... a wireless remote control. With a press of a button you can deliver a very quick but painful shock to his rectum."

Miss Lu hands over the simple device as she speaks.

"In behavioral modification, quick and direct admonishment is best. The shock is harmless, but over time he will seek to avoid it through obedience. The electrical impulse will also cause his ejaculatory muscles to contract, emptying him of the male essence we are seeking to curtail. But not to worry, he’ll feel no pleasure and with the release of the undesired male hormones, he become more meek and docile. The fluids are absorbed into his diaper, so you can punish his behavior at any time... no mess... no fuss."

Randy is amazed with his mother’s reaction... a thoughtful smile.

"How many times could I have used something like this?"

"As his emasculation progresses, his release will diminish of course, as will his bellicose words and attitude. But meanwhile, he’s to be controlled, by all the women of the household. It is best for him."

Ms. Jensen nods.

"Evelyn and Joan have been the recipient of Randy’s nasty words as well."

Miss Lu’s smile broadens as she holds up the two extra remote control devices.

"He’ll need to be drained at least twice per day. It is important that ejaculation no longer be considered pleasurable... that instead, obedience to women and serving are the main sources of joy."

Ms. Jensen nods again.

"I also should give you one of these. You’ll notice his diapers are secured in place a little differently. No safety pins. In Randy’s case by posts which are capped by magnetic knobs, only to be removed by this clever demagnetizing device. It is best kept tucked away. We’ll not want Randy to remove his diaper and prance about naked... not yet any way."

The comment brings a knowing chuckle from Ms. Jensen.

"Now, if I may suggest, Ms. Jensen, Randy needs training in the laundry. He needs to be worked, then I will return him to his playpen."

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Suzanne said...

Remote controls in the hands randy's former targets of abuse does not bode well for him. You have my mind working, once again thinking of practical, day-to-day applications of several of your ideas. My thanks!