Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Boy's Transformation - XX

"Calm yourself. I’ve already seen you naked, Brandy. Know what you have down there... or rather what you don’t have down there. And I’m the only one here."

Kneeling over a supine Brandy, Joan replies to her cute but vociferous objections as the demagnitizer loosens the cap at the left side of his diaper. She/he lies in the basement, on the large mat where sister Joan daily practices her dance and stretches... Brandy joining for an hour or so each day to ensure muscular development and nimbleness.

Brandy never thought he/she would ever feel better wearing the infantile garment rather than not. But with older sister Joan, donning her skin tight leotards, his discomfort arises... and he blushes.

As a precaution against physical resistance, Joan used the ‘D’ clip to secure his wrists behind his back. Initially he will need to dance for her with hands bound. It is Joan’s plan that as her new sister acclimates, Brandy will readily perform for her without need for restraint.

"But I don’t want to be naked," tears beginning to stream.

Joan is not completely heartless, but she knows to ignore the entreaties. Miss Lu explained the surge of emotional duress and mental confusion, the deluge of estrogen now much more effective with the surrender of the testicles and the complete depletion of testosterone. His mind is muddled.

And so she ignores, her hand moving to the right cap to remove that as well. Next the diaper is unfolded and by rote, Brandy, having been changed numerous times by Governess Miss Lu, brings his knees to his chest, thrusts his ankles in the air and obscenely parts his feet.

Joan giggles in slipping away the wet absorbent cloth. Miss Lu has graciously supplied a fresh one... but that will wait.

Better exposed than when riding the saddle, Joan must inspect. There is no emasculation harness, Brandy forced to present his altered privates in full. And so Brandy’s only covering, diaper removed, are the pink bracelets securing his wrists.

"What happened here, Brandy?"

With the question a hand extends, fingers unfurl the fleshy scrotum, the emptiness apparent.

"Miss Lu... she wanted them inside me," Brandy not remembering all the terms used.

Joan must play, the pulpy flesh a source of feminine attraction. Her fingers knead and caress bringing a moan of delight from Brandy. Oddly grateful for the touch, her new erogenous zone offers waves of faint pleasure. But then Joan notes that the penis tip slightly swells, the organ pressing against the evil teeth bracelet.

In approaching age 18, Joan has some knowledge of the male anatomy and sexual functions... normal sexual functions. She smiles, knowing all too well from encounters on Friday night dates that her sister Brandy’s little thing seeks to be other than little. So her finger moves to diddle the exposed penis tip... so small... so vulnerable... so much under a woman’s control.

As she toys in wonderment... there comes a sense of exhilaration... and then an epiphany.

If Miss Lu can so abjectly control Brandy... change his thinking... his appearance... his maleness... what cannot I?

Sensing a degree of squirming, Joan realizes that her touch, intended to explore, is received as sensuous... and that such sensuous touch can bring desired enjoyment... but undesired swelling.

The teeth bracelet is incredibly tight and confining.

"This metal thing... it hurts?"

"Yes, Miss Joan. It’s lined with pointy metal things."


Brandy nods and Joan has new found admiration for Miss Lu. The pubescent Brandy will never achieve erection... not while his organ is so entrapped.

"Come. You’ll dance for me... completely naked. Otherwise I will play here until it gets very hard for me... and painful for you."


And so another threshold is crossed. Brandy not only presents herself naked before sister Joan, but dances for her.... a most sultry dance... designed by the mischievous sister Joan to highlight not only the girlish buttocks but fully offer enticing views of the charms naughty girls use to allure. Only with Brandy... it is not the pink lips of her love nest but instead the remnants of maleness... floppy scrotal sac...tiny entrapped penis.

"You look ravishing tonight, Brandy. Your sister Evelyn spent much time on your make up. I hope you appreciate her efforts."

Miss Lu compliments a blushing Brandy as she lies on the changing table, feet high and parted as trained.

"And you danced for sister, Joan. You’re wearing a new diaper so I know she changed you. Did you enjoy being naked with her... showing your altered parts?"

A sheepish Brandy replies not, the intensity of the humiliation bringing much circumspection. Miss Lu begins the nightly feathering, circling the tantalizing plume about the anus, perineum and empty scrotum, each day awakening the nerves and causing frustrating delight. The teasing joy brings Brandy from her thoughts, she giggles peering at Miss Lu in adoration. Finally after several moments she makes the expected entreaty.

"Please no more, Miss Lu."

"Do you want my finger? Does my little girl want to be finger fucked?"

Yes, part of the process is to make Brandy request the attention the feather exacts. Need... and the satiation thereof comes from Miss Lu and the women of the house.

A reluctant Brandy can withstand no more.

"Yes please, Miss Lu, your finger."

"You know how I want you to ask."

"Please fuck me with your finger, Miss Lu."

Miss Lu smiles... so obedient... so compliant... and so changed from the bratty boy of weeks ago.

"Ok, expel the anal probe for me. Push it out."

The stomach muscles contract and the probe glides forth into Miss Lu’s waiting hand. Then she steps away, puts aside the probe, retrieves a hand mirror and returns. Brandy has caught glimpses of herself in full make up, bearing the fruit of sister Evelyn’s hours of labor. Her hair is long enough to be styled... as a little girl, of course. And Evelyn has parted in the middle and gathered strands right and left to form pigtails. Pink ribbons, matching the wrist bracelets, hold the braids. And there is the de rigeur lip stick, rouge and much effort expended on eye make up and the plucking of the eye brows.

A manicure with pink nail polish completes the late afternoon of feminine primping. So as Miss Lu holds up the mirror and continues feathering, Brandy sees herself, for the first time peering at length. And in doing so while being sexually teased there comes an emotional connection... a message... looking pretty can be gratifying.

Miss Lu notes that the penis, teeth bracelet in place, has swollen about as much as the evil points permit. Thus, judging that it is time, her left hand continues to show Brandy her refection and the index finger of her right hand begins the slow satiating penetration of a rectum begging for attention.

Impaling slowly... Brandy sighs. Then comes a girlish little moan of delight. She must look at her own facial expression as her excited nerve endings transmit the signal of partial satiation. Then the finger exits and Miss Lu begins the mechanical process of bringing the only sexual gratification that remains, anal penetration leading to prostate manipulation. In, out, in, out, she wriggles, the digit curls to knead the prostate, bringing a soft squeal. Then it retracts and pauses. Brandy must beg for more, the fucking incomplete. And she must do so while gazing at the pretty face that is now hers.

"Please more, Miss Lu."

"More what Brandy?"

"More fucking... with your finger."

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