Monday, January 10, 2011

A Boy's Transformation - XLI

This ends the story for now. There may be sequels.


"Time to rearrange your room, Brandy," Miss Katie declares with a smug smile.

Charged with supervision of the hermaphroditic household servant, Miss Katie takes Brandy by the hand. Sister Evelyn has prettified as on every afternoon. And Brandy will be given a reprieve from the exhausting hours of dance and stretching under sister Joan.

Climbing the stairs, the bells attached to Brandy’s boy pussy ring sonorously, bringing another smile from Miss Katie.

"You’ve got a lot of stuff in there you’ll no longer need. Have to make more room for stuff I think you’ll enjoy more."

The bedroom door yields to the key of the Medco lock. Brandy enters, alarmed to see the bed has been removed, further alarmed to note there has been some ‘redecoration’.

"You like the panorama?"

Brandy is both horrified and intrigued in gaping at new wall decorations. Someone has taken the time to unbind his many issues of ‘Girls in Distress’ magazine. Framed, the many full page photographs have been mounted on the walls. Much time, much effort, Brandy’s bedroom is now a gallery of smutty photos... girls... limited attire... all in bindings or about to be bound... many in suggestive poses... all hinting of, if not outright evidencing, sadomasochistic endeavors.

"We need to rid of much stuff, Brandy. Make more room. You see this girl here... straddling a horse, wrists and ankles bound to the legs, her little butt begging for attention?" Miss Katie leading to a lurid full page photo of a young girl about to undergo a paddling.

Brandy nods.

"Well I have acquired a padded horse just like it... to be placed here in your room."

Brandy quakes. Miss Katie smiles in noting the reaction... a quiver of dread... fear... or a quiver of excitement? Of arousal?

"And I’m sure this one has been particularly stimulating for you," Miss Katie taking Brandy’s hand and stepping to the right.

Within a frame of wood, a girl dangles. Donning the elaborate rope bindings of Shibari, hogtied, she helplessly hangs from a single thick cord, unseen feet and hands secured behind her back, appearing almost comfortable as the envisioned long and slow torment of suspension bondage begins.

"This one I am sure brought forth many furtive strokes of your little penis," Miss Katie mocks, pausing to let Brandy excogitate.

Ironically it did, a somber Brandy recalls. Miss Katie seems to be so much aware of the nature of his former sexuality.

"And this one...soooo nasty," stepping again to the right.

Brandy peers anew. A particularly buxom girl, wrists tightly secured behind her back, forcing a most prominent display of her breasts, has been garnished with clothes pins about her torso. Brandy knows it to be the ultimate picture in a montage, photos snapped one after another as an unseen hand slowly applied pin after pin, culminating with excruciating, judging from the girl’s face, clothes pins to the nipples...

"You’ll count thirty photos, Brandy. Spent lots of money getting them framed for you. Also spent lots for equipment. Every item of bondage depicted in these photos I have acquired and will be accessed here... in your former bedroom. So each day of the month, after you’re finished with the household chores, you’ll be placed in equivalent distress. Yes lots of rope, benches, wooden frames, chairs... the clothes pins were easy... and certainly not to be overlooked," Miss Katie reaching to tweak a pink ribboned breast.

Brandy squeals, the commanding touch bringing delight despite the introduction of such disquieting thoughts.

"Now let’s go empty that closet shall we? All those clothes! And pants! Cute little girls don’t wear pants. And whatever is a girly girl ever going to do with a baseball glove and bat? Hm? And all these horrid computer games? I don’t think little girls like playing with stuff like that..."


"It is time to move onward, Ms. Jensen."

The matriarch of the household is saddened but understanding.

"You do such wonderful work, Lu. Brandy is such a treasure... so eager to help... so eager to please."
Miss Lu beams with pride.

"Katie will continue the process. She is truly one of us. But she greatly appreciates the funds to purchase some things... for Brandy’s room. It will help with her... with Brandy’s continued subjugation. It is best for boys transformed to girls."

Ms. Jensen nods.

"A good investment I am sure."

"This boy Todd, the ‘entertainer’ at Joan’s party. Joan suggested that he call the house. He’s taken a liking to Brandy. I understand he enjoyed watching Brandy dance," Miss Lu informs.

Ms. Jensen smiles. Never involved in the sexual hijinks, there comes a look of Schadenfreude in ruminating over the bastard child, the fate of his conniving convict father, and now over the incongruence of a potential relationship with Todd. Though contrived, Brandy’s father will find consternation when indeed it is time for him to buy his son his first beer.

"And where will you be going, Lu?"

"To California. A family in great need. A son who has a penchant for setting things afire and masturbating to the flames."

"A pyromaniac?"

"So it would seem. But he’ll not long take pleasure in it... the proclivity for enjoying things which burn will end... when I emblazon my initials into his buttocks. Branding can be wonderfully traumatic... and
therapeutic... it sends a strong message... and one of permanency."

Ms. Jensen smiles warmly.

"You’ll not feminize?

"Too old. At that age branding along with a heavy and elaborate set of irons and shackles will disavow of any notion to play with matches."

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