Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Boy's Transformation - XXXIII

Happy New Year to all.


"So you danced for Miss Katie?" Miss Lu inquires making conversation as she lifts Brandy into her playpen.

"Yes, Miss Lu."

"And how did you feel, dancing for a stranger, without your sister Joan supervising?"

"It was... it was strange."

"Strange good... or strange bad?"

Having transformed so many, Miss Lu is well aware of the propensity, as acclimatization sets in, to develop exhibitionist tendencies. Brandy is pretty and cute... and she is beginning to not only enjoy being pretty and cute, but under certain circumstances to offer herself for display as well.

Though Brandy was initially quite shy with her visitor, Sir Lancelot, there came a telling level of comfort by evening’s end. And so Miss Lu needs to elicit Brandy’s thoughts concerning Miss Katie... being made to dance naked for her... to perform... for a woman outside the protective zone of comfort in which Brandy has been enveloped.

"I think she liked it... looking at me."

"That was not the question, Brandy. Girls like Katie always enjoy having control over altered, feminized boys like you, making them show off. How did you feel?"

As Miss Lu speaks she reaches into a dresser drawer, retrieving a moderate sized dildo. She then approaches with a cloth in hand.

"It was okay. It felt good after a while... I suppose."

Miss Lu nods.

"That’s because you were pleasing her... and you now enjoy pleasing a woman of authority."

Brandy nods in thought as Miss Lu wriggles her finger, gesturing to step to the railing. Brandy knows what is to come.

"Please no, Miss Lu, I’ve been good. I will obey."

Miss Lu just smiles, lowers the cloth to the penis then presses the button on the controlling remote. Brandy cries out with the sudden surge, momentarily lurching as once again the anal probe jolts and his penis involuntarily gives up an offering of fluid.

"Good girls don’t want any of this icky stuff inside them," Miss Lu flippantly proclaims capturing the limited resulting splatter with the cloth.

Calmness ensues, a drained Brandy becoming even more complacent.

"Now, whatever would you like me to do with this?" Miss Lu mockingly inquires in holding up the dildo.

An accustomed Brandy recovers from the second of his mandatory twice daily electrical jolt and draining. She smiles coyly. Then replies.

"I’d like to lick and suck it.... and then you can..."

Bashfulness inhibits the completion of the thought.

"And why is that Brandy?"

"Because it will please you, Miss Lu."

"Good girl," Miss Lu kindly offers as the long, specially strengthened tongue extends and begins to flutter at the underside of the faux penis tip.

"You altered boys make the very best cocksuckers. I never have to explain where the friction and warm wetness is most appreciated."

Yes, a long and meticulous evening of training in fellatio begins.

"Make it nice and moist, Brandy, and then maybe Miss Lu will fanny fuck you," the ultimate completion of Brandy’s thought bringing a giggle.


Miss Lu comes to understand that the physically and mentally imposing ‘Miss Katie’ is ‘one of us’. Not passive in her penchant for governing feminized boys as are, Evelyn, Joan and mother Jensen, but instead quite proactive, actively seeking to spend time with she in pigtails and pink ribbons... often joining Joan in entertaining afternoons of strenuous stretching and humiliating dance.

Knowing that her term as governess is to expire, that Brandy... not only looking and acting like a little girl, but so much enjoying looking and acting like a little girl... will no longer need the constant and intense governance which Ms. Jensen desired to imbue, Miss Lu engages Katie in an exchange of thoughts.

"You are here again Katie, So nice of you to stop by and visit. It is important for Brandy’s development that his new sexuality... er... her new sexuality... be fully unveiled to others."

Katie nods, Miss Lu noting that it is difficult for the large girl to take her eyes off Brandy as Joan has him/her stretching in a most obscene pose... the emaciated penis and tiny empty scrotal sac well offered for viewing.

"I’d like to show you something, Katie, if you can take a moment. Joan, don’t let Brandy go potty until we return," aware of Katie’s penchant of toilet control.

Sister Joan nods and smiles, knowing that Brandy’s full bladder adds a particularly challenging level of stress to the demanded exercises.

Miss Lu leads from the basement. Up to the kitchen and then up the main stairway to Brandy’s well secured room, the key to the Medco lock offering entry.

"We’ve alluded to ‘bad boy’ Randy and his stash, Katie. I think it is important for a girl such as you to delve into the details... to understand what motivates."

Randy’s pile of ‘Girls in Distress’, lurid cover photos spurring a clucking of the female tongue, remains lying on his bed.

"Motivates?" Katie innocently inquires.

"Hopefully what formerly motivates..."

Miss Lu smiles knowingly, picking up one issue. On the cover, a young damsel, barely clad, bends over a padded leather punishment bench. The arm and hand of roguish unseen male is portrayed as about to push aside the frilly undergarments covering her derriere.

"This is what in turn drives women like us, Katie. The need to correct behavior... modify insufferable male desire... such as this," Miss Lu politely smiling in gesturing at the girl’s plight.

"This augurs badly. Imagine if Ms. Jensen had not reached out to me... a young scamp like Randy growing up with sisters when he has this in his heart... his desires... his sexual needs. Imagine the balance of power in this household had I not altered his hormones... instead let male brawn develop. This hand could be Randy’s! And this girl in plight?... Joan... Evelyn?"

Katie nods in understanding.

"You do wonderful work, Miss Lu," the girl compliments.

"A woman must do what a woman can. But it is nearing time that I move onward. There are others needing the guiding hand of a firm woman... along with sizable helpings of estrogen and cyproterone acetate, of course," Miss Lu adds with a mischievous smile.

"I am going to give you the key to this room... once Randy’s domain. It is important that should he be rejoined with his male things... not only this filth, but boy stuff in general... that he/she be permitted to do so only under the auspices of a governing woman. That returning to this world... the male domain of a future sexual reprobate... is not to occur by his determination."

Katie nods in thought, picking up an issue of ‘Girls in Distress’.

"These magazines... such could be useful..."

"Yes, immersion. You’ve read my mind, Katie. You are definitely one of us," Miss Lu smiles wickedly in handing Katie the key to the Medco lock.

"And there are other things to discuss. It is apparent that I have transformed Brandy’s sexuality. I also need to make you aware of certain manifestations I have induced... of how he/she now derives sexual pleasure..."


Anonymous said...

Mr Bellows, it gets better and better. Please keep up the good work. Much thanks and happy new year.

Chris Bellows said...

Thank you Ginger.

Happy New year to you as well.