Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Boy's Transformation - XXXIX

Much laughter, the initial reaction of each arriving girl is to squeal in delight, particularly those few who remember the once troublesome Randy. Katie of course knows of the gender transformation and Brandy can hear whispered comments bringing him/her to blush as word of his alteration spreads. Finally Joan initiates some music and though the gossip continues Brandy’s comfort level rises as he/she prances on high heels from group to group, offering canapes, bowing and humbly dipping.

Having graduated high school after many years of academic drudgery, the girls are festive. As the group acclimates, comfort rising in being served by a nearly naked hermaphrodite, some reach to brazenly pinch the buttocks, Katie beginning with the gesture cascading to many others. At first Brandy is shocked but in having been fondled there so often, the touch of so many hands and fingers becomes oddly acceptable, a girlish giggle is offered in response.

Yes, the basement fills, Brandy dashes up and down the stairs with food, tassels flopping about to bring new found delight to glands brought to heightened sensitivity.

Well into the festivities, Brandy is in the kitchen when the door bell rings again. Emboldened in being accepted by the many girls, the tray is stowed and Brandy bolts to the front door expecting another guest. Opening, Brandy is alarmed to be greeted a tall youthful male!

"I’m Todd. Think I got the right address. A bachelorette party?" the words somewhat falter as the eyes take in the bizarre sight, a pubescent girl, underdeveloped breasts decorated to allure, nipples protruding and tasseled, naked but for the flimsiest of pink cloth patches.

Other than Sir Lancelot, a transformed Brandy as not before been exposed to a male. He/she does not understand her own reaction. She dips, the right foot drawing back, the knees bending, the head bowing in humbleness.

"Yes sir. In the basement. Please come this way."

Brandy curses her own truckling reaction. Todd is a guy! But he’s handsome, virile, young. Thin but muscular. Is there attraction?

What is happening?

Meanwhile Todd visually examines the plumped and uncovered buttocks as he follows to the basement stairs. Something attracts. Dancing for girls, removing his clothing before jeering women has become mundane, his sexual preference obviates any sense of arousal when so entertaining. It is a job... merely a source of income.

But Brandy? What is it that brings the stimulation he has not before felt?

"I’ll need to change. Is there a bathroom?"

"Yes sir, but it is locked and I am not permitted the key."

Entering the kitchen, Joan is present and overhears.

"Hi. I’m Joan, Brandy’s sister. We spoke on the phone. I’m the hostess here and I have the key. Brandy is not to use the bathroom without supervision."

Brandy blushes, his flesh reddening.

Joan leads to a door and unlocks.

"Discipline. It’s good for a girl like Brandy. He... rather she... has special needs. Please lock it behind you. We’re down in the basement when you’re ready to perform for us."

Somewhat bewildered... the denial of bathroom privileges, the verbal slip concerning gender.. Todd, gym bag in hand, steps into the small bathroom. Many months of stripping have not before brought real excitement, his interest in women feigned, the money more welcomed than any feminine attention.

But now there is Brandy...


Joan changes the music, a sultry jazz piece blares. She must speak loudly.

"Ok guys, the afternoon entertainment. Todd will dance for us!"

With that cue, Todd, stripped to nothing more than a jock strap, descends the basement stairs, high stepping to the rhythm of the music. Brandy glares. The form is masculine yet almost pubescent, not a strand of body hair. Smooth, remindful of Brandy’s depilated flesh, a lithe Todd has sinewy muscling... not overly bulging, but apparent. There is graceful masculinity, that denied by the cruel alteration of Miss Lu’s knowing fingers... her emasculation harness... her demanded diet of hormones... a sullen Brandy becomes envious.

All eyes, Brandy’s included, roam over Todd’s form and of course complete the visual inspection at the pubes, the male organs covered in a baby blue pouch of silk, the thin material leaving nothing to the imagination. Strings hold the sole garment in the place, much like Brandy’s limited attire, except the covering strains in veiling virility, sexual puissance... Brandy’s cloaks the feebleness induced by a woman’s whimsical transformation.

The girls become collectively giddy, their sexuality incited. An experienced Todd senses the rising concupiscence and begins suggestive movement, the body language more and more sexual, his hips mimicking forceful copulation. There come cries of ‘take it off’, the brevity of the blue pouch deemed too visually obstructive to that which arouses.

Brandy, tray in hand, feels fingers first pinch his/her right cheek then remain in place. Music loud, he cannot object. And when he feels a finger hook through the string of his thong, he dares not step away, any motion threatening to rip away the sole covering. The digit jostles his only attire and Brandy feels the folds of his boy pussy, neatly tucked under the brief pouch, slip out into view as he turns to view his/her molester.

A cute girl, Brandy vaguely recalls her from a sleepover at the Jensen household years before. The girl steps more proximate, whispering directly in Brandy’s ear to be heard over the music.

"You can take it off too, Brandy. We all know what’s under there... or what’s not under there," the girl sarcastically adds.

The hand, restraining so simply, slips down over the buttocks then between the thighs. There the fingers capture the pink flesh of the empty scrotum, teasingly diddle and gently pull downward to better reveal the remnants of Brandy’s former gender. Exposed!

Simultaneously, Todd responds to the numerous catcalls demanding his total nudity. In a balletic motion, hands roll the waist band down, his feet momentarily press together, and his thong drops to the floor... there to be kicked in the air. A prize for the most aroused attendee, a half dozen girls clamor.

Brandy gawks as does the entire gathering. A mischievously smiling Todd remains dancing, a long penis flopping about most enticingly, his pubes also devoid of hair and found to be most attractive by hormonal teens.

In the raucous milieu, Brandy manages to free himself from the one fingered grip on his thong. But in stepping away he feels the fleshy tufts of his boy pussy flopping about. Holding the tray, hands occupied, he curses the forced display his vestigial maleness. But there is nothing he can do... no place to put down the food and right himself.

Sister Joan notes his/her dilemma stepping to Brandy’s front as the music begins to wind down.

"You’re flashing, Brandy," Joan smiling wickedly.

A feminine hand once again lowers. The fingers first palm the fleshy mass then begin to knead and caress as Joan leans to also whisper in his/her ear.

"Why not just take it off, Brandy. Word is out. The girls know. And you can dance too... just like Todd... just like I taught you. Miss Lu says you are to become more and more of an exhibitionist... showing off for women. And you look so pretty in pink."

The stirring words, the knowing touch, Brandy’s flesh turns anserine with odd delight. The shocking thought, the potential for such humiliation, sexually stimulates. He/she does not want to dance... but something within beckons... there is something which arouses beyond the physically stimulating touch of sister Joan.

"But my thing, Miss Joan..." the steel encased penis of concern.

"It’s so small Brandy. Who’s going to notice?"

The question is answered when Brandy glances Todd’s way. In completing his show, the naked performer gawks, attention focused on where sister Joan toys. Joan follows Brandy’s eyes. She smiles, noting Todd’s interest and steps aside, her hand cupping to more fully expose the boy pussy.

Todd smiles... for the first time, a lascivious smile.

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