Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Boy's Transformation - XL

"You’re so eager to be fanny fucked this evening, Brandy."

Lying supine, Brandy did indeed prance to the changing table, lie back and assume the knees to chest position with notable enthusiasm. He/she patiently awaits as Miss Lu gathers her large feather and double dildo.

"Could it be because you have become stimulated in dancing for all those girls? Joan said you took off your thong... your only covering."

"Yes ma’am," an abashed Brandy responds.

"So you performed... totally naked... doing your dance..."

"Yes, Miss Lu."

"And how did you feel?" a smiling Miss Lu approaches.

Kind hands reach and untie the breast ribbons. Then the fingers work to remove the stretchy rubber cylinders of the tassels, firmly encasing right nipple and left. Brandy giggles, the rush of returning circulation bringing the once male nubs to tingle.

The breast massage begins, the intensity of relaxation brought by the surge of endorphins causing Brandy to lie in stupor. Table and Brandy become one.

"It felt funny."

"Good funny... or bad funny? Your little penis and its steel bracelet must have made quite the impression," Miss Lu softly laughing.

"It felt exciting."

"So you enjoyed dancing for the all the girls, your tassels swinging about... tickling your nipples... bet they got all hard."

Brandy smiles. The colorful feathery baubles proved to be more than decorative. As he/she libidinously performed, the well ingrained footwork of Joan’s choreography devised to project and exhibit all of Brandy’s new found feminine charms... buttocks rolling, breasts flopping, empty sac flinging about... Miss Lu’s devilish baubles brought a most tantalizing sensation. This seemed to incite more exaggerated motion, Brandy's tiny penis thrusting forth along with his/her boy pussy when he/she emulated Todd’s copulating

The girls cheered wildly, the laughter most boisterous, and Brandy found himself/herself even more eager to perform and please.

"Yes, Miss Lu," Brandy’s voice barely audible, the kneading hands so comforting.

"All Joan’s friends now know you have a little clitoris... which is kept well controlled. It must have been incredibly humiliating for you Brandy... dancing with your little thing flopping about."

As she forces the recollection, Miss Lu smiles in noting the reaction. Brandy blushes... a girlish blush... the reminiscence acceptable... pleasantly recalled.

"‘Lick," the command tendered as the double dildo is offered to the accomplished tongue and lips.

As Brandy prepares for penetration by the much sought faux phallus, the caressing hands move lower, bringing forth a muffled sigh as Miss Lu begins to work the boy pussy.

"You see how I do this, Brandy? First I work to increase the circulation by massaging all your new erogenous zones. Then I feather... endlessly... nipples... boy pussy... anus... awakening all your sensuous flesh. And then... if you beg me enough... I may fuck you. So you see... being a girl isn’t all bad. And being a bad girl can be fun."


sissy tammy said...

Mr. Bellows,

i just signed up as a follower yesterday although i have been following this story every day since it began. As Suzanne's "wife", i am sure you understand why i follow it so religiously. Thank you so much for sharing this work with us. It is remarkable in its eroticism.

Chris Bellows said...

Thank you for the kind words, sissy. Glad you are enjoying.

At the very least we're renewing our knowledge of Roman numerals.

Tomorrow will be the final segment, leaving open more when the inspiration comes.