Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Boy's Transformation - XXXVI

Ok. This segment of the story has been finished, to be posted over the next few days and leaving open some sequels.


"Please no, Miss Lu."

Having watched from the playpen in dire envy as Sir Lancelot lanced away, with Miss Lu once again demonstrating the athletic somewhat acrobatic roll, gaining top position and thereafter controlling all penetration, Brandy receives the command to lie on the changing table.

"Still so shy, Brandy," Miss Lu offering a full view of her nakedness as she approaches the playpen.

Her bronzed form is moist with perspiration, her fragrance reeking of steamy copulation as she lifts her bound charge from the enclosure, releasing the high heels. Brandy feels a brisance of joy as his nakedness abrades hers. She is hot!

"To the changing table. Be a good girl for Miss Lu."

"Not with him, please Miss Lu."

"Oh Brandy, I promised you a taste. And I think it’s a good challenge for that nimble tongue of yours. I can feel the seed all so deeply implanted. Lance, you hit my fornix again you big boy," Miss Lu complimenting as she assists Brandy to the table.

Placed supine, Brandy knows the position. So humiliating yet so ingrained... knees to chest, high heels to the ceiling... feet well parted.

"You’ve got some cleaning to do. Men like having their penises cleaned by a pair of docile obsequious lips. And you’ll have a little taste of me as well."

Lance knows to move to the head of the changing table. Miss Lu pushes, sliding her charge until Brandy’s head and face approach the edge. Lance offers his wet semi flaccid organ, well frictioned by Miss Lu’s love nest. It also reeks, the musty smell of intense and heated copulation even stronger.

"Lick, lick, lick. Be a good girl."

Miss Lu looks on with a degree of pride as her transformed, once troubled girly boy opens to invite the worn manhood. Lance looks down gloatingly, the tender wet warmth found to be quite soothing after enduring Miss Lu’s fervent riding of his joystick.

"Now take your time and get my knight nice and hard again, Brandy. Lance can perform for you as well."

Brandy can no longer offer words of protest, mouth filled, the Prince Albert ring pressed into the depths. In being orally penetrated upside down, the massive shaft seems to much more easily slide toward his gullet. Yes, lying supine with Lance standing over him facilitates the deep throating men are known to covet.

"No gagging Brandy. Control, control, control."

He/she does not indeed, Miss Lu so often invading his oral cavity with a long and stout dildo. Even Sir Lancelot is impressed. Brandy has acquired a knack for deep throating.

"You do wonderful work, Lu. And I do believe he’s enjoying," a laughing Lance observes.

"You mean she’s enjoying. Brandy is now more female than male... and more whore than lady."

The words annoy. But of more concern... Miss Lu removes the string harness holding in place the disciplining electrical probe.

"Push it out for me, Brandy... make room for Sir Lancelot," tenderly kneading the pink ribboned boy pussy to encourage.


"Lord, he’s tight as an alter boy," a heretical Sir Lancelot declares.

Cleansing completed, Miss Lu deems the shaft firm enough and lubricated enough for seconds... for her bisexual lover.

Just as when Miss Lu fanny fucks, Brandy’s calves press against Sir Lancelot’s shoulders, his/her high heels removed, feet remaining pointed to the ceiling. The ringed penis first smooths up and down the gluteal cleft bringing an unintended girlish giggle of joy. Then when it finds the puckered portal, the ringed tip begins to thrust in earnest.

"Remember how I taught you Brandy, tighten. Make your mate happy. You’re here to please."

Thus Sir Lancelot’s crass observation, pressing into a rectum trained ad infinitum to tighten with each inward thrust, then loosen for release to both welcome and challenge for another go and certainly more depth.

Initial impalement completed, Brandy learns first hand of the intent of the large ring Miss Lu had mounted on her stud lover’s cock. He/she feels it deeply, seeming to invade the viscera. And when Sir Lancelot withdraws completely, the muscling of the sphincter closes, tightening to again challenge. With a second thrust, the purse string muscle loses the joust of course, but in so doing maximizes the pleasure of the pistoning manhood, evidenced by the grunts and moans of delectation offered with each renewed thrust.

Miss Lu stands and observes, reveling in the glory of another conquest... another complete transformation. From juvenile delinquent to cute and cuddly harlot. She knows that any protestations merely veil the bizarre level of delight she has suffused.

In, out, in, out, the fucking is brisk, the virility impressive for the well muscled lover. Miss Lu has selected her bull stud well. Finally she feels her own concupiscence renewed.

"I promised you a share of his seed," Miss Lu proclaims.

Brandy’s sensory input becomes overwhelmed. In a most graceful move, his/her idol mounts the table, straddles his form and then lowers herself to sit facing the standing and anally copulating Sir Lancelot.

"Such divine decadence. But it’s the best form of menage a trois, wouldn’t you agree Brandy?"

There is no opportunity to reply as the fine love nest of Miss Lu smothers Brandy’s mouth, her fingers first removing the breast ribbons then beginning a most sensuous massage.

"Lance, do work her little boy pussy."

Brandy is surprised to feel the gentleness of his/her lover’s fingers where there has been developed new found sensitivity... the empty scrotum.

Yes, senses overwhelmed, Brandy’s lips purse about the labia, the tongue work begins by rote. He is orally servicing she who is adored. Once again Sir Lancelot’s seed is difficult to harvest, but Miss Lu’s daily lengthening and strengthening become apparent as every drop of spending is eventually consumed.

"And Brandy, your little clitoris is not swelling one bit. How telling."

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