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Chapter Thirteen

Part Two

Brandy’s Story

Chapter Thirteen

With Melanie’s visit ‘The Anguished E’ not only had candidates but also our first customer.

That afternoon Miss Erma took Shorty to the former bomb shelter to begin his training. Dr. Ann had outlined an enlightening program of indoctrination which would serve to transform Shorty into a groveling plaything for the ravishing Melanie.

Erma wore her traditional uniform of tight halter and extremely short pleated skirt. The material above was thin enough to silhouette her nipples. The abbreviated length of the skirt below flashed her pudendum as she walked. Erma wore no undergarments.

Placed on a perversely comfortable whipping bench, Shorty’s separated thighs revealed two beautifully formed marble sized testicles hanging in his pre-pubescent scrotum. Melanie took great interest and took the time to knead the little organs as Shorty was strapped in a kneeling position over the short padded leather device.

“I hope they grow nice a big,” she gushed, as Erma stepped away to select the nastiest of canes.

Melanie was well briefed on her role and had taken the time the night before to read Dr. Ann Simpson’s treatise on the suggested protocol. When Erma returned to begin, Melanie took up position to the front, tenderly stroking the lad’s cheeks as Erma swished the cruelest of correction instruments through the air, creating a whoosh that young Shorty would so much come to fear.

I stood to the side and observed Erma apply a moderate stroke. The resulting howl was deafening. It was the first stage in a long process and Melanie stepped into her role magnificently.

“I’m going to have you caned until you develop the proper attitude, Shorty. I want a boy who wants to learn to serve, like an eager puppy.”

Melanie let her words sink in then nodded to Erma. Another stroke quickly followed. Shorty was learning who was ultimately in charge..., his new benefactress, Melanie.

“So perhaps you’d like to serve me? I have a very simple task for you...”

Melanie nodded. Another stroke followed. Another howl. Breaking hapless 11 year olds can be delightful to watch. Melanie gently dabbed away the free flowing tears as she encouraged his cooperation.

With the sixth stroke, Shorty was a babbling pile of hairless flesh. Melanie knew he was ready.

“So Erma and I are going to teach you a few things, OK. You’ll try very hard, I know.”

Released and led to what Erma termed the masturbation chair, Shorty was again strapped down. This time seated in a large chair with his gloved arms hung over the back. Shorty’s ankles were placed into stirrups. The chair reminded me of the examination tables in Mom’s office.

“Down you go.”

The chair tilted back, lowering Shorty’s head. Erma adjusted the stirrups, separating and pulling them higher. Shorty’s young genitals were obscenely exposed. Melanie watched in fascination as Erma reached for a large jar of lubricant.

“Good boys get a special reward here at ‘The Anguished E’,” a smiling Erma announced. “And Miss Melanie likes watching good boys receiving their reward.”

Erma began the slow, gratifying yet extremely humiliating process of masturbating Shorty before the eyes of three women. Fingers of her left hand applied lotion to his tight little rectum while the right simply caressed his scrotum and perineum. Despite his protestations, Shorty’s little penis arose again. The glans slowly but steadily slid out of the foreskin. His young four inches stood straight up without being touched. Erma knew all the male erogenous zones and she so much enjoyed the process of bringing an unwilling boy to full tumescence before a group of amused women.

The index finger of the left hand wormed its way into Shorty’s puckered anus. At his age, it was a sensation never before experienced and with Erma’s level of skill would probably not experience any where else.

“Over your stay here, you’ll become more and more accustomed to this Shorty. Just relax and let Miss Erma open you up..., enjoy.”

The boy had no choice. Erma’s hands were large, strong and unrelenting. Shorty could only surrender his unutilized sphincter to the whim of his new trainer.

Then she found the magical little male gland and Shorty’s penis spasmed. We laughed as his squirms of protest turned to wriggles of pleasure.

“Should I stop now?” Miss Erma facetiously inquired, pausing.

Shorty shook his head.

“Well to continue, Miss Melanie will need you to service her. I think you’d like that better than the cane, would you not”

I handed Melanie the blindfold. She teasingly blew on Shorty’s face then covered his eyes. His nose and mouth remained exposed.

If there is one thing a model learns over her career it’s how to undress quickly and to do so when a wandering male eye cannot be detected. Thus Melanie’s simple blouse and jeans were discarded in what seemed to be a single graceful move. She stood over her new acquisition naked. I marveled at her huge breasts which were out of proportion to perfectly shaped but modest legs and buttocks.

She stepped over Shorty’s head as if mounting a bicycle. Shorty was then introduced to the delights, perhaps for him the rigors, of oral service. Melanie lowered herself until her labia completely covered his mouth.

“Your tongue please, Shorty. Thrust it between my lips. Learn well and Miss Erma will continue. Or you can amuse me with more of the cane.”

Shorty had a long afternoon ahead.

Though Shorty’s age precluded ejaculation, Erma knew not only how to bring about the dry orgasm of a pre-pubescent boy but also how to extend the tantalizing pleasure until she was ready to allow the strange ultimate climax which simulated the orgasm of the mature male. Her penetrating finger detected exactly where his young organs were in the process of achieving the dry orgasm. I could not help thinking that Shorty would never truly experience a wet one. Mom’s scalpel awaited. Meanwhile over the next few months of his stay he would meticulously learn the art of cunnilingus.

That Saturday, Shorty had his first lesson in female control of the male organs. He learned that working the female genitalia with lips and tongue earned him the exquisite pleasure afforded by Miss Erma’s hands. With zealous licks of his tongue his prostate gland, scrotum and perineum received the most sensuous of caresses. With indolent efforts Miss Erma’s hands stopped. Refusal to apply lips and tongue found Miss Erma’s large and powerful fingers painfully squeezing what even a boy of 11 finds precious. Continued resistance would earn a trip to the whipping bench.

Shorty quickly learned to lick, choosing to avail himself of Miss Erma’s skills and avoid her wrath.

Meanwhile Melanie gave very specific instructions as to where his tongue could do the most good. Shorty listened well, seeming to beg for the attention of Miss Erma’s hands.

“Take it all, Shorty. Be a good boy. You’re going to learn to savor my juices. Within a few weeks it will become like nourishment for you. You’ll come to relish my scent.”

Yes, he would. While watching Melanie take her pleasure I thought about the training program developed by Dr. Ann. It was filled with specific rewards and punishments. Over the ensuing months, psychologically Shorty would come to associate cunnilingus with his own pleasure. Only when inhaling Melanie’s scent would his organs receive the skilled massage of Miss Erma’s hands. The only time he would be masturbated would be when Melanie’s fine sex covered his mouth. Other times, in Melanie’s absence, her soiled panties would be used as a catalyst for tumescence, the fragrance of her genitalia causing Shorty to become aroused.

The program called for initial immersion to Melanie’s presence, with ample opportunities for Shorty to earn a dry orgasm. Then would come denial, with Miss Erma offering only soiled panties and a trip to the deep shelter as consolation. By then he would begin to comprehend his need to serve...., that humbly lying blindfolded with head between the soft warm thighs of one of the world’s most beautiful women was a fine substitute for a long morning strapped to oddly comfortable device awaiting the searing pain of Miss Erma’s cane.

He would begin to pine for Melanie’s return. He would find his young penis standing with each recollection of servicing her charms. Even the soiled panties would be relished.

And then in month three the time would come for Melanie to return and allow him a chance to earn a position of permanent servility.

“I’d like to have you altered, Shorty. With just a simple operation you’ll no longer have to wear the blindfold. We’ll be together much more often. Maybe you’ll even help me with my bath.”

By then Shorty’s phallus would be standing just from the sound of her voice and he would nod with enthusiasm, little realizing that he would become at ‘The Angished E’ the first of many boys to be altered at the whim of a dominant female.

At considerable expense, Mom had a fairly well equipped operating room installed at the ranch. Shorty would find himself to be aptly named.

Melanie moaned bringing my mind back to the shelter. Her thighs squeezed paroxysmally. She moaned and pinched the boy’s nipples.


My own clitoris hardened with the realization that Shorty’s lips were firmly wrapped about her bud. A small cry signaled her final climax. Erma mercifully finished Shorty, finally stroking the firm but tiny shaft, the penetrating finger of her left hand feeling his little glands emulate the ejaculation he was not old enough to yet achieve.

Melanie sat in complete satiation, finally arising to allow Shorty to breathe. She donned her clothing with a coy smile.

“I cannot wait until he’s better trained.”

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